The Happiest Things We Saw Last Week

Our brand-new weekly edit of happy news delivered straight to you every Monday morning!

Proud of our NHS

Last week the UK came together to clap for our carers at 8pm on Thursday night. Here in Brighton, we gave it our all and cheers could be heard all over the city as well as fireworks getting in on the action too. We loved this video of George, Charlotte and Louis clapping away that Kensington Royal posted on Instagram. The night itself was definitely emotional and reminded us that even though we’re all feeling lonely we are not alone. An unprecedented amount of people have signed up to become volunteers for the NHS, helping vulnerable people stay safe at home by picking up prescriptions, driving patients to appointments or the hospital and even making phone calls to check on people isolating at home.

Celebrity School

Parents across the country are turning into teachers as schools shut their doors but it seems they’re getting by with a little help from celebrities! Jolly Joe Wicks kicked things off with morning P.E lessons (adults can get a workout too) spurring on some experts to follow suit. Now you can have music lessons from Myleene Klass, and food tech from the one and only Jamie Oliver. If school was this exciting, we’d be heading in a heartbeat! We’re giving a gold star to everyone on social media lending talents for the greater good during the lockdown. Find the full article on Kidadl.

News we need

Despite this being a very odd time life goes on, we can’t get enough of lovely life announcements that bring a little bit of business as usual back into our lives! A huge congratulations to Em Clarkson on her latest engagement and Melanie Murphy on her pregnancy! We also loved this tweet from Iceland congratulating a man for proposing in their store as he couldn’t do it in Iceland (the country) as planned, round of applause for the creativity. Even though we can’t be there in person to congratulate our friends and family in their happiest moments we’re gearing up for all the celebrations to come when we’re out of self-isolation.

Castaway faves

We can’t get enough of this Meet My Wilson account set up for people to send in pictures of their “Wilson”. Referencing Tom Hanks and his beloved volleyball in the movie Castaway, people are dressing up their own little friend to keep them company. If you fancy creating your own Wilson give them a follow for the best inspiration, even if you’re just looking for a distraction for an hour!

Virtual Birthdays

Being an Aries baby has never looked so lonely but birthdays in isolation aren’t so bad! Our favourite new trend on Twitter is people sending well wishes to people who are a bit lonely on their big day and kids going to see their grandparents, waving from their cars through the windows. Of course, it was Zoe’s birthday this weekend and all though she wasn’t sunning herself in the Maldives as planned she was still able to hang out with her loved ones thanks to the power of technology!

What’s the best piece of news you saw last week?