13 Questions With Simone Powderly

Simone is a self-described model with purpose and passion and we couldn't agree more! Find out why she's one of our favourites to follow right now.

First of all, how are you and how are you coping in lockdown?

It was a little bit of struggle at first and I needed some time to process and adapt! So I spent most of my days having a cry, snacking and watching Netflix! Now, I have got myself a routine and I have reduced amount of news and social media I take in because that was really causing a lot of anxiety for me, 

Describe your channel in 3 words!

Empowering, Fun & Inspiring! 

What does wellness mean to you?

It means to be kind of myself especially on those hard days and exploring ways I can take care of myself. I have my own little selfcare kit that I always retrieve to when in need! I suggest everyone to create one especially right now! 

Tell us about The Teen Experience.

The teen experience is essentially a safe space for teen girls and we offer personal development workshops that explore relationships, beauty, mental health, finance, business, health and more! 

The teen experience was co-founded with my friend Jamelia Donaldson who is about creating experiences in the community and we joint together with my passion for mental health and working with young people we been running for 3 years! It’s so beautiful to see the journey of the girls over the years who have attended. 

What are some of the best things to come from The Teen Experience?

The best things are the friendships and bonds that form! You see a teen girl who attends by herself then following months she has a whole girl gang it’s beautiful to see.  The open and honest conversations we have and the trust and feedback we get from the parents and carers. 

How can our readers get involved?

You can get involved by following @theteenexperience due to the Corona our events are on hold but there is lots to see there of what we get up to! 

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career  right now would be that Instagram and Cosmopolitan has named me as a  positive game-changer for 2020! That truly feels like a testimony to the work that I have done I feel seen and most importantly heard. 

What are you currently working on?

Always working on something, so I am working on a project that I will be sharing about how I took the journey of healing from my sexual trauma and a podcast! Yes I’m one of those who in isolation has decided to kick start a solo podcast so that’s what I’ll be busy working on!  

Who are your current favourite follows on the gram?

I am all about the BALANCE! So you’ve got to follow various people, someone who can educate you, make you laugh and inspire! So my favourites right now are:

@ciaralondon she is keeping me on my fitness and working out! She’s doing some insane workouts on IG she plays great music!

@willsmith he educates me and makes me laugh at the same time! 

@upworthy they post some positive news and I love it! It’s really uplifting 

What do you always carry with you?

My mood fix spray! Just refreshes me throughout the day smells so good! 

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Skincare, hair mask and watching Disney films! I have a very overactive brain and need to switch off so comforting my inner child is always the best! 

If you could only eat one meal again what would it be? 

Home-cooked meal from my mama! 

If you could give one positive message to our followers what would it be? 

In this current climate don’t forget to breathe, don’t forget your power and we all have a purpose to discover!