How Team Zoella Are Spending Their Weekends

As we all continue to stay home during lockdown, our weekends look a little quieter than they once did but we’re still intent on making the most of this slow pace and simpler way of living.

We’re all finding little ways to eat up our time indoors – if you haven’t baked a banana loaf, done a family quiz on Zoom, panic-bought watercolour paint and lego and done a face mask, were you even in lockdown?

Some weekends we get our daily exercise in, clean the house top to bottom, learn how to macramé, cut our S.O’s hair and squeeze every last ounce of productivity out of our days off.

Other times, we sit for an unprecedented amount of time creating our own virtual paradise on Animal Crossing. We rebuild our social lives, furnish our homes, interact with cute animal villagers and spend Nook miles instead of air miles.

Before we know it, 9am becomes 9pm and all we have to show for it is a collection of bugs, fish, fossils and paintings. And you know what? We’re not even mad about it. Life is hard, sometimes you just need to escape and hang out with cartoon animals for a while to get by. Ya know?

From lazy days on the sofa to finally completing that 1000 piece puzzle, here’s what our weekends on lockdown look like right now!

Lareese says…

Apart from cleaning absolutely anything and everything in sight, I’ve found reading to be the best form of escapism right now, so I’m making a dent in my reading pile and packing in as many books as I can at the weekends and in the evenings. Since we don’t have a garden, I’ve also taken to sitting on my doorstep soaking up the sun with a glass of rose like the little old lady that I am!

I’m usually terrible at sitting still and using the weekends to recharge, so spending all this time at home has actually made me slow down for once and embrace the jomo! I’ve also been taking loads of photos in my makeshift bedroom studio, doing face masks, overdoing it on the banana bread and running every evening. The weather in Brighton has been bloody lovely which has made getting out for that daily exercise even more of a treat!

Darcey says…

I’ve found my weekends in lockdown have been a mix of Netflix bingeing and staying busy doing activities. I’ve enjoyed doing some crafty bits I normally wouldn’t have made the time for, like bleaching half of my jeans (jumping on the TikTok trend). I also repotted some of my house plants which were needing some new homes! Lots of baking too of course. I have been drinking a LOT of iced coffees and matcha lattes, sitting in my garden in the sun, which has been really nice. Going for dog walks in this weather has been lovely too!

Me and my friends have been doing a quiz every Saturday evening on Zoom which is now probably the highlight of my week, we are so lucky we have all this technology! Lots of face masks have occurred, even foot peeling masks (so satisfying if you like that kinda thing), new skincare routines etc. I’ve been trying to keep up with at home workouts, Joe Wicks and MadFit on Youtube are so good! Also loving Sinead Trains lives on Instagram. But, of course, I am also spending hours watching Netflix. I have nearly finished Friends, that’s right, all 10 series. Next up is Tiger King!

Charlotte Says…

I’ve got into the swing of weekends at home quite nicely so far- they’ve not been nearly as intimidating as I first thought the expanse of time without work would feel like! I’ve been mixing it up with a variety of online and offline activities, namely: doing a walking tour of my village via as many routes as possible, reading in the sunshine, baking and learning some TikTok dances with my sister, all interspersed with (virtual) catch up with friends, Netlix watching and puzzles.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting and I feel like my priorities and passions are clearer now more than ever, and I really can’t wait to get back to normal and fulfil all of my daydreams of late. For now though, my weekends are happily passing by, and I’m grateful for the quiet moments at home that keep me and my loved ones healthy.

Zoe Says…

My weekends are often spent putting a lot more effort into breakfast to emulate “going out for breakfast” which I miss so much. The other weekend, I set up the table outside and cooked up a veggie breakfast as a surprise for Alfie. It was nice for us to both make a bit more effort! When we take Nala out for her daily walk, I’m making sure to try and take in all the signs of Spring that we’re not seeing on the regular. The bluebells made me so happy when I spotted them the other day. We’re also doing ALL the cooking and ALL the baking.

It’s absolutely no secret that Alfie and I love a takeaway, so with that as a very minimal option, we’ve found so much joy in cooking meals together which has been so nice. We’re also sitting out in the garden as much as we can whilst the weather is nice and face-timing friends on the regular. One thing I’ve loved doing at the weekends and evenings is playing animal crossing (sometimes in the bath not going to lie…haha). Alfie got me into it and I’m absolutely loving it, which I actually didn’t think I would at all. There’s a group of us all playing it and checking in with each other, yes, we even made a WhatsApp group to chat about it. haha!

Danielle says…

I’d love to tell you that I’ve cracked weekends in lockdown and have hugely exciting tips to pass the time but I’m pretty sure I’m a walking quarantine cliche! From Friday night quizzes to banana bread and whipped coffee I’ve tried everything I’ve seen on the gram and I’m quickly running out of trends to try. Over the Easter weekend, we managed to sort out our garden which was a beast of a task and also made pretty good exercise! Hopefully, it’s hot enough to sunbathe in the coming weekends and I can head back to normality with a tan.

I’ve been playing lots of games, our fave being monopoly deal and Uno as well as building the Friends lego set which is SO fun. MY top tip would be put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ this was it doesn’t flash up every time you get a notification and it’s been SO GOOD for trying to spend more time concentrating on what I’m doing and not mindlessly scrolling.

Maddie says…

My weekends in lockdown have been pretty much identical since week one. On Saturdays, my husband Joel and I go and see progress on our house build. We’re fortunate enough that despite everything that’s going on there are small things the builders are able to carry on doing in a safe way which has really kept our spirits up. Where our house is there are miles of fields and woodlands all around so we always combine it with a massive dog walk with Captain Bear. It was so nice to see the bluebells out last week. On Sundays we tend to do jobs around the house, any cleaning that’s been neglected in the week and I try and get on top of my laundry. We’ve being doing a few DIY jobs that needed doing and if i’ve got time i do some baking and binge watch something on netflix. Oh and of course some kind of group chat with friends that tends to involve a quiz of some sort!

How are you spending your weekends?