Team Zoella’s 30 Day Quarantine Playlist

Nothing unites us more than music at a time like this, so we thought we’d set about making a collaborative playlist full of the team’s favourite beats to help us stay connected during lockdown.

Nothing unites us more than music at a time like this, so we thought we’d set about making a collaborative playlist full of the team’s favourite beats to help us stay connected during lockdown. For each of the 30 days, we had a new prompt to inspire our song selection, from our ultimate road trip tracks to our trusty karaoke belters. We might not be able to shake our tail feathers in person for a while but when the going gets tough, the power of this playlist is certainly going to keep our spirits up and our toes tapping all the way through lockdown.

Fancy making your own bumper playlist? Share our 30-day song challenge template with your friends and family and start adding a song a day to your own collaborative playlist on Spotify. Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram stories so we can see what songs you’re social dis-dancing to!

“My music taste is certainly eclectic let’s say, having been heavily influenced by my dads favourite artists over the years my choices definitely diversified our playlist from an era point of view. I’m definitely not a chart hits kind of person, I like what I like and usually, that’s not what’s making the no1 spot which made this playlist selection perfect for me. It was also a chance to think about genres you don’t usually dip into ie the 90s or school disco songs (Mambo no5 was mine which is probably revealing my age as that will no doubt mean nothing to some people!) We’ve ended up with a corker of a playlist and it’s definitely one I won’t get bored of quickly.” Maddie

“I had so much fun adding music to this playlist daily! I absolutely love listening to music and have such a large number of genres that I listen too and it was really interesting to see what genres I’d go-to for what prompts. Songs can bring back so many memories as well, so it felt like my own little time machine every day taking me back to some time in my life when that certain song played a big part in my life. My favourite days were any that I could involve Lana Del Rey as she is one of my all-time faves. I found some prompts so hard too like “song you know every word to” and “favourite song from the 90’s” as I had so many choices, I spent a good 10 minutes every morning making my final song decision haha! Now I can’t wait to whack on this playlist daily, it’s so good!Darcey

I never consider myself a music person as I’ll always choose to listen to a podcast or audiobook over music but compiling this was SO much fun and really brought back a lot of joy! It’s crazy how much a certain song can bring back all the memories from a specific occasion. My favourites were a song from a band you wish were still together, luckily I was able to see The Maccabees before they split up for a final time but my heart aches knowing I won’t be able to see them again. I loved the song you know the words to as I could pretty much take my pick from any Kanye West song ha! My final favourite was the song that reminds you of summer. What a load of bangers! They suited the warm weather we’ve been having perfectly.Danielle

“I absolutely loved adding to the team playlist every day – it was so satisfying to pick a song to suit a theme and really made me think about the kind of music I’m into – the playlist has pretty much confirmed what I always knew, that I’m a sucker for the 70s and 80s. We all know music is profoundly linked to personal memories and hearing some of the songs the rest of the team popped in there was such a throwback! I’ll forever associate Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me and ABBA’s Dancing Queen with my nan, Cotton Eye Joe with the primary school disco and Panda Pops, Avril Lavigne’s Complicated with young love and Eva Cassidy’s Songbird with my mum. I just love the golden oldies!Lareese

“I LOVED contributing to this playlist. I really enjoyed revisiting albums or artists that I had got out of the habit of listening to, as well as finding new music through listening to the team’s picks too. I’m very dedicated to supporting certain artists so I don’t tend to have much variety in my playlists (I could honestly listen to only One Direction, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift and The 1975 for the rest of time and be quite happy about it) but this challenge really pushed me to think outside the box and reminded me of some old and forgotten favourite tunes. I’m going to think of some new prompts so I can add to other playlists with friends and family as the weeks go on! Charlotte

Having done one of these with my gal pals, I knew with a new month around the corner it would be the perfect thing to create and get others involved in and it was SO MUCH FUN. The one thing I loved about making a collaborative playlist with family/friends/colleagues was that you discover and remember songs you’d forgotten about and the range of tastes and music choices make for a really fabulous playlist! I also loved having it be a part of my daily routine and there always being something for us all to natter about. I actually think I’ll miss having a daily music prompt, at least we now have an epic playlist we can all listen to on repeat! I hope you enjoy the music we all put together through April!Zoe

Listen to the Team Zoella 30 day playlist here!