The One Where We Dressed Like Friends Characters

Could we be any more obsessed with Friends? It’s been 25 years since the sitcom first graced our screens, but the legacy of Central Perk’s most fashionable frequenters lives on in our wardrobes.

The gang are still very much influencing our outfit choices some quarter of a century later. Slip dresses continue to reign supreme, athleisure is ALL we’re wearing right now and 90s denim is never off the table.

Rachel mastered just about every trend in the book

Rachel mastered just about every trend in the book, Monica wasn’t as mad about her #ootd as she was about her marigolds but she still knew how to pull together an absolute lewwwk and Phoebe was one cool (not at all smelly) cat with her kooky boho garb that was just so undeniably, well, Phoebs.

And then there were the boys. Ross with his unbuttoned shirts and infamous leather pants, Chandler with his waistcoat combinations and heartbreak sweatpants and Joey with his many, many layers. They’re just too good not to recreate for ourselves!

Who knows, maybe we’ll source a wedding dress on eBay and join our pals on Zoom with a bottle of beer and a veil to boot. Nothing is too extra during lockdown.

Here’s how the team are styling the signature Friends outfits!

Zoe as Rachel Green

I’m not going to lie, I had FAR too much fun channelling my inner Rachel from Friends 90’s edition. I generally think I could replicate the majority of her outfits as I love an oversized retro jumper and own a good amount of denim (although realised I have a thin denim sh-acket missing from my wardrobe which I now feel is a staple).

Rachel’s style always inspired me as a teen, I loved almost everything she wore. There were certainly a couple of questionable outfit choices in the 00’s (anyone remember that off the shoulder shirt with the tie attached and tucked in? Haha), but as far as her 90’s outfits go, there was a real comfy/cosy vibe which I loved.

Her more formal outfits were all fabulous too and some of her dresses had me crushing on her style SO HARD. Honestly, if you ever find yourself lacking inspiration in your wardrobe, look to your friends fave and see what you come up with. I’d definitely wear these out and about!

Charlotte as Janice

I’m actually not really a Friends lover (I know, unpopular opinion alert) so some serious research went into nailing my Janice ‘look’. As a big fan of animal print myself, it wasn’t too hard to find items in my wardrobe that mimicked her love for all things leopard, which I have to say is probably my fave print of them all. I’m rarely seen in black, so adding in a bright top to match her signature colourful style was an easy choice too, and I love how both statement pieces look together. All I needed was some big, unruly curls and an oversized necklace and the look would be complete!

Lareese as Monica Gellar

True, Rachel was always considered the style icon of the group but Monica Geller’s outfits were all kinds of understated cool. With her signature denim, camis and baggy shirts, she was the poster girl for laid-back 90s cool. No pressure!

I think early to mid Friends Monica was peak Monica. She lived in sneakers, classic blue jeans, sweaters, clean white shirts tied at the front and boyish separates. It’s basically everything we would wear today, just with a vintage, girl-next-door edge.

She always kept things pretty easy going and I appreciate that, it makes the job of dressing like her slightly easier.

I didn’t know how much my boyfriend dressed like Monica Geller until I raided his wardrobe for shirts and basics. Who knew! Our little harmonica was the OG trailblazer for poking around in bae’s wardrobe.

I’ve gone for a classic denim on denim look similar to one that Monica wore in Season 3, The One At The Beach. Jeans – check. Baggy shirt tucked in – check. Sneakers and socks on show – check. Could I be any more Monica? Excuse my wild hair, it’s the humidity.

One of my favourite looks of hers was when she wore classic vintage jeans paired with a black buckled belt, a plain white shirt and boots. I had all these items in my wardrobe which is testament to how timeless Mon’s wardrobe really is. Twenty five years on, it’s still relevant.

Then there’s the red cami and light denim outfit which is so easy to throw on for Summer. Monica didn’t have the most colourful palette, preferring to opt for neutrals and minimal pieces that would go with anything, but she sure knew how to work a splash of red here and there by paring it back with denim basics and minimal hair and makeup.

They say fashion comes in 20 year cycles but I’m pretty sure Friends outfits are perennial.

Off to purchase some knee high boots and dungarees…

Darcey as Chandler Bing

As Chandler is one of my favourites from Friends, it was only right that I tried to recreate some of his looks and put a modern twist on them!

I am a big fan of Chandler’s more casual looks, especially in the earlier seasons, his style has always been iconic and he was a true trendsetter. Unfortunately I don’t own any big grandad style jumpers, which we all know are one of his biggest wardrobe staples! But, I have always appreciated his simple looks with white tee’s, jeans and a pair of trainers.

At first I struggled to find suitable clothing in my own wardrobe, but I think after some rummaging I ended up putting together some simple, but still Chandler Bing inspired looks!

One of my favourite Chandler looks is when he wore jeans, with a white tee tucked in with a black belt. I feel like this is a look that has never, and will never, go out of fashion! I paired the outfit with some black converse, but I think any trainers will do with this look.

Second outfit I trialed out was touching on the classic beige trousers Chandler wears a lot throughout the seasons. Closest I had was some beige jeans, but paired with a grey hoodie I feel like I got the casual, laid-back Chandler vibe! With some matching sports socks and trainers, I’m going for a ‘eating pizza and watching TV’ Chandler look!

Friends outfits are truly iconic, I want to try and style more of my outfits around Chandler and other characters, of course Rachel and Monica are first on my list!

Who was your Friends style icon?