All The Thoughts And Feelings We Had Watching Normal People

If you’ve seen it, then you’ll know what all the fuss is about, and why Connell’s silver chain is the only thing that matters anymore.

If you’ve made it this far into lockdown without watching Normal People, what could have been so urgent, please?

If you’ve seen it, then you’ll know what all the fuss is about, and why Connell’s silver chain is the only thing that matters anymore.

With sex scenes and full-frontal nudity, it’s… #NormalPeople and every single thought and emotion we had while watching it.

1. Huh, I never imagined Connell to be a silver chain wearer when I read the book

2. A moment of silence for everyone sitting down to watch this with their parents.

3. The playlist, I need the playlist. Give me those sad indie tunes immediately

4. Who knew Gaelic football could be this erotic

5. Not handling the cosmic sexual chemistry so well over here

6. She really wants to take her clothes off doesn’t she

7. Yep, that’s it then. I really fancy Connell

8. Even my armpits are aroused at this point

9. Is he… stopping to put a condom on

10. Yep, just casually rolling it on

11. Consent perfectly executed, followed by, “I think you’re really pretty by the way” – he is now officially my internet boyfriend

12. I know Marianne’s nipples better than I know my own

13. So pert, so poised

14. Why do I feel as though I could burst into tears at any moment

15. The acting, the cinematography, the music, the script. We are not worthy of such greatness

16. Imogen Heap and car sex. What a horny little recipe.

17. Why does Marianne’s mum remind me of Jenny Lind from The Greatest Showman?


19. Oh it hurts, it physically hurts

20. PULL IN HERE. Yes Lorraine, you legend

21. Never in this history of voicemails that don’t belong to me, have I been so personally traumatised

22. Yep, can confirm still fancy Connell in his BP garage uniform

23. I wonder if there will be a Normal People tour complete with GAA shorts signed by Connell available in the gift shop. If so, would visit, would buy

24. If 2020 were a person, it would look a lot like Jamie

25. I can’t wait for them to have glorious Trinity reunion sex

26. Marianne’s got a hip flask of gin on gin, she must mean business

27. She’s touching the chain, I repeat, she’s touching the chain

28. Googles various men in jewellery

29. But it’s not the same. Because they’re not Connell

30. I’m going to need to know where Marianne’s yellow bedding is from…

31. Oh, yep now she’s sucking his finger

32. Has he actually got his flaccid lad out on tv? High five BBC.

33. Look at it blissfully bobbing around the groin, living its best limp life and allowed to just catch its breath in a debrief for a second

34. I can’t decide if releasing this absolute filth in the middle of a pandemic where we’re largely forbidden from touching other people’s genitals was genius or savage

35. And I’ve landed on savage

36. Even the tea is sexy

37. Aw, look he kissed her on the shoulder in public. Progress!

38. Not again Connell ffs, my heart’s down to its last valve

39. No, what are you doing? Turn around. Ask her if you can stay with her for the Summer you eejit

40. Maybe I should cut myself a fringe

41. Ok, Marianne Italy suits you

42. Sweden… not so much

43. Episode 10 just chewed on my heart for fun and spat it back out again

44. When Connell cries, the nation cries with him

45. “We can keep Skype on. Carry me over to your bed” No YOU’RE crying again.


47. A Rocket ice cream? Controversial.

48. The car scene. Let that be it. Let them be happy and have loads of highly intelligent children for crying out loud.

49. I’m one more flashback from an emotional breakdown

50. That kiss was so wholesome

51. What a f*cking beautiful bit of tv

52. BEAUTIFUL I tell you

53. But also devastating

54. If there’s any justice in the world, there will be a season 2. You hear me? We’re owed a season 2 Hulu, and an explanation for THAT ending

55. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m still thinking about Connell Waldron’s chain

56. If I accomplish nothing else in these lockdown years, at least I can tell my grandchildren about the time I watched Normal People in one sitting and I was both horny and emotionally unstable throughout

57. “I’ll go”
“and I’ll stay…and we’ll be ok”

58. What a wild ride that was

59. I’m fully prepared to accept I’m never going to emotionally recover from this

60. Petition to get a Connell’s chain emoji