A Little Bit Of Good News

Our weekly edit of sunshine through the trees. Find four stories that cheered us up last week.

SpaceX Reaches ISS

On Saturday 30th May SpaceX Nasa launched 2 US astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken into space. The journey marked the first time a private company has sent humans into space and nearly a decade since the US have sent humans to space. They have now docked and entered the International Space Station, however they didn’t travel alone, bringing a sequined dinosaur with them!

UK hotels host to host ICU workers

A brand new initiative launched by four travel industry professionals across the UK has united to offer two-night stays to all ICU frontline workers called Nights on Us. In an act of gratitude and appreciation to our NHS heroes, Tom Harding, James Wales, Jacob Pickering and Greg Früchtenicht are hoping to band together with the UK hotel industry to thank workers for their heroic efforts during coronavirus pandemic.

JK Rowling releasing new children’s book

One of the most successful authors of our time, JK Rowling has delighted fans with the announcement of a new children’s book. This will be her first non-Harry Potter that is aimed at children and is called The Ickabog. The story is coming in daily instalments on her website for free and will also have an illustration competition attached to it. Having written the story a decade ago she feels like now is the right time to release it.

Drive through Hellos

A care home in Devon has created a way to have loved ones see their residents in a drive-through restaurant set up with separate stations and PPE. After weeks of isolation people, we’re finally able to see their family. Watch the Video over on the BBC.