5 Of Our Favourite Stories From Last Week

Another round of fresh news stories from last week to put a smile on your face!

Reni Eddo-Lodge Tops Chart

For the first time in history Reni is the first and only Black woman to top Britain’s non-fictions book bestseller chart. The Zoella Book Club along with so many others have recently purchased the book to read this month to further their education with racism and white privilege.

Queen to Carers

The Queen joined us all in the virtual world and hoped on a video call to care workers via the carers trust charity to mark the beginning of carers week. Apparently formal protocol was still in place as The Queen was the last to enter the call and the first to leave. Participants said she was quite formal in the way she speaks but were struck by how warm she was.

Deep Ocean Deep Space

Astronaut and oceanographer Kathy Sullivan became the first person to reach both the deepest part of the ocean as well as visiting space! Kathy joined the ‘Ring of Fire’ Expedition to travel to Challenger Deep which is a whopping 10,902 to 10,929 metres deep.

Chelsea Donation

The Chelsea Women’s football team are donating their prize of £100,000 for winning the Women’s Super League title to domestic abuse charity Refuge. The donation will go towards women and children experiencing abuse during the Coronavirus pandemic as the team are proud to support those in need during this hard time.

Over £1M for BLM

Black Lives Matter UK has been flooded with donations over the past few weeks leading to over £1M. This also includes charities that are supporting mental health like Black Minds Matter. The funds will go towards a number of aims including advocacy to effect changes in the law, developing and distributing educational resources, healing practices in black communities, police monitoring, strategies for the abolition of the police and supporting the United Family and Friends Campaign to help friends and loved ones of people killed by British police to access justice.