Smile-Worthy Stories We Loved Last Week

Another five stories fresh from last week that put a smile on our faces!

School meal success

Marcus Rashford’s campaign to the government to continue providing free school meal vouchers throughout the summer holidays has been achieved! This means around 1.3M children in England will not go hungry this summer after the government had planned to stop the initiative when term time finished. Rashford spoke to the PM Boris Johnson on the phone and was praised for using his voice in such a positive way.

Open for business

Shops and businesses throughout the country opened their doors last week. Stores have had to adjust to social distancing guidelines and adapt to the current way of life. Some of even went above and beyond like Selfridges, who set up live entertainment for those queuing. It has given the population a sense of normality back and is a step in a new direction

Graduation day

The 22-year-old activist and youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai has graduated from Oxford! Malala finished her Philosophy, Politics and Economy degree on Friday after beginning her course is 2017. We can’t wait to see the amazing Malala is going to achieve in the future, and love that her Instagram caption states that for now she’ll be reading, sleeping and Netflixing!

A date with Keanu

Movie Star Keanu Reeves is auctioning off a Zoom date with himself for charity! The internet’s favourite celebrity is selling “15 Minutes of Fame with Keanu Reeves” for the children’s cancer charity Camp Rainbow Gold. The current bid is at £75,000 with the auction ending at midnight tonight!

Supreme Court protects LGBT rights

On Monday 15th June the Supreme Court ruled that gay and transgender workers will be protected by federal civil rights laws. The 6-3 ruling means that Gay and Transgender people cannot be fired because of those characteristics as the 1964 Civil Rights Act now applies to them. This is a fantastic step forward for the US.