13 Questions With The Bag Life Of Beck

We caught up with The Bag Life of Beck to talk about her online presence, how she helps so many others with their body hangups and more.

First off, how are you and how have you been coping in 2020? 

I’m really good thank you!! 2020 has been a strange one hasn’t it but I’m used to isolation from being so poorly so it’s not a huge surprise for me and I’ve adapted quite well to the new world at the moment. 

Tell us about yourself and your presence online! 

So I’m 29 years old and I’m a mum to an incredible little boy. I would describe myself as an introvert however, some would think otherwise because of my Instagram!! I’m a huge animal lover and if I could I’d own my own rescue sanctuary. I’m a very positive person and I like to emit my posi energy via my Instagram. I’m also a very normal human being so again I just try and stay real, raw and relatable. [Follow Becks on Instagram here.]

Why do you think it’s so important to normalise all bodies? 

Growing up I saw the same desire able bodies I also saw magazines pick them apart for having cellulite or rolls or for them having a bad hair day. It added so much pressure to my teenage self and what I thought I had to look like to be accepted. So as you can imagine being 20 and being told I needed an ileostomy was terrifying because who’s going to accept me now I’m broken!? It was a very tough and lonely time for me and I just don’t want anyone else to feel the way I did. So I share my story and share how my body looks in hope to change what society deems as normal. Because let’s face it ‘normal’ is different for all of us so therefore we should all be accepted just the way we are. 

You’ve been an Ostomate since 2011, can you tell us more about what that means? 

So I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2009 which is a form of Inflammatory Bowel disease. This is when we get ulcers and long-lasting inflammation in our colon and rectum. Symptoms can be bleeding, bloating and pain. It got to a point where I was going to the toilet 25+ times a day and losing so much blood and weight that a surgeon decided to remove my colon. Which means that I’d need to have a stoma, so my small intestine pokes out of my tummy and I now poo into a bag called. This is called and Ileostomy however you can have a Colostomy as well. So we call ourselves Ostomates. 

If you could any advice to someone about to become an ostomate what would it be? 

It’ll be ok, we are very resilient and being Chronically is teaches us strength that we never knew we ever had. You’ve overcome so much already and withstood the storm, you can take this on as well. Having an Ostomy doesn’t make you any less of a human nor does it reduce your worth. Life for me started again when I had my bag fitted and I’ve never looked back. 

What are some of the best things about being online? 

The community. The community is wonderful and connecting with other amazing and incredible people too. Learning other’s stories and learning from them too. Seeing a whole new world open up in regards to self-love and body acceptance has been really blissful. Especially since I’ve been advocated for years now it’s wonderful to see the world become more open to different. 

What are your top tips for switching off and relaxing?

I love to have a bath with a Gin, candles and an audiobook. It helps me switch off from the real world and just have some me time! As I don’t get it often with the mini human!! 

Who are some of your favourite follows online? 

Some of my favourite follows are @danaemercer, @ceejherrington, @meganroselane, @nicknacklou, @georgieeswallow

What are you currently working on? 

In terms of myself, I need to take my own advice more. I’m always helping others and giving amazing advice, however, when it comes to me I’m terrible. So I’m learning to listen to myself more. 

What does your perfect weekend look like? 

A weekend away with a hot tub!! My family and just the sound of the sea or the countryside. Somewhere away from the madness of the world.

What do you always carry with you? 

I always carry a little perfume with me, my favourite smell is Armani because it’s you. It’s so fresh and I love freshening up with it. 

What would your last ever meal be? 

Nachos. Honestly, I absolutely adore them and all the cheese you can fit on it. Especially the orange runny cheese. Just delicious. 

What is one positive piece of advice you could give to our audience?

Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool 💙

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