The Best Topical Halloween Costumes for 2020

We’ve compiled a list of topical costumes inspired by light-hearted entertainment and quarantine life to make sure your Halloween is a holiday to remember.

All things considered, it’s been one scary, hellish year but we are not prepared to let 2020 cock its leg all over our Halloween costume, too.

With all the doom and gloom, it’s easy to forget that the good times did exist.

With all the doom and gloom, it’s easy to forget that the good times did exist. S/o to Connell’s chain, Carole Baskin and Bake Off – thank F for pop culture. It has been the one constant keeping us all going.

We’ve compiled a list of topical costumes inspired by light-hearted entertainment and quarantine life to make sure your Halloween is a holiday to remember, even if you are celebrating from the comfort and warmth of your humble abode this year.

Carole Baskin from Tiger King

We know, that time we were all heavily invested in the big cat activist riding her boho bicycle seems like a lifetime ago but our Carole has got serious Halloween potential. Grab a signature flower crown, some animal print and level up your black cat garb.

Connell & Marianne from Normal People

Aka, the best tv couple to come out of this year and a welcome distraction / obsession during lockdown. All you need is a silver chain with cult-status, bookish bangs and some fire chemistry and you’re good to go.

Black Panther

This year we lost the incredible Chadwick Boseman who played the incredible Black Panther. It was only in his passing that we found out how much of a real-life hero he was. We predict a lot of people will dress up as his fictional counterpart as a tribute to his memory.

Nurse Ratched

Dressing up as a sinister notoriously-hated nurse for Halloween – it just makes sense. Plus, if you’re heading out, your mask is the perfect accessory. Infamous villains don’t get much better than Mildred Ratched.

Noel Fielding & Matt Lucas

If you’re going in on the trick or treat theme, there’s no sweeter pair than Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas. For this recipe, you will need: Goth jokes, cheeky one liners, a shaggy black wig, a rolling pin, an iconic shirt or 10 and a couple of glittering personalities. Get baking your banter.

Black Widow

The highly anticipated superheroine film was originally set for release this year but has been delayed until next year due to coronavirus. Naturally, channelling Natasha Romanoff for Halloween is what every serious Marvel fan would do.

A Cheerleader from Cheer

So, the rule of six is still in place but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween with huge mat energy. Go team!

Moira Rose

A washed-up soap star with a wig for every occasion, Moira Rose is a Schitt’s Creek legend and a bona fide Halloween queen. We’re thinking Season 5, the low budget mutant crow. Brb, off to sew feathers onto a lab jacket.

Selling Sunset

Much like real estate, pop culture never sleeps. If you want your Halloween lewk to serve major drama, leave it to these cutthroat realtors to inspire you.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

What better duo to represent this Halloween then the unstoppable ladies who brought us WAP. Perfect for those looking for an outfit where less is more, and the greatest opportunity to throw yourself on the ground and do the dance you’ve been practicing for so long.

Boris Johnson

A sandy wig, an ill-fitting suit and a sign asking everyone to download the ‘contact tasting’ app… yum.

Donald Trump

Remember the time he handed out candy at the White House on Halloween and it looked like it was the first time he’d ever conversed with a child? Ever.

He put the chocolate bar on a child’s head instead of placing it in their perfectly suitable candy basket like a normal person, for crying out loud. It was petrifying stuff and he only gets more haunting by the day.

Banana bread

It’s been a hectic year for bananas. Let this be our token of respect and appreciation.

Taylor Swift’s Folklore inspired Cardigan

Whilst the rest of the world could barely get dressed, Tay Tay casually dropped her Folklore album in lockdown and we all lost our sh*t. Whilst strapping yourself to a grand piano and bobbing about in a lake might be a tad ambitious, a floaty white dress, a messy bun and a grandad cardigan should do it.

Enola Holmes

If you haven’t watched this Netflix fourth-wall breaking GEM yet, are you even doing Autumn right? Millie Bobby Brown can do no wrong.

Animal Crossing

It’s the peaceful island fantasy game that saw us planting flowers, decorating our homes and dedicating our lockdown lives to an evil capitalist villain raccoon known as Tom Nook. This is 2020, stranger things have happened.

Before and after 2020 – couples’ outfit

It’s funny until it’s too real. And then it’s scary. Because you haven’t really got dressed since March. You’ve been ‘dressed to chill’ for 8 long months and you’ve been able to deny it until now but Halloween has a way of revealing the truth and now, under the light of the full moon, look at what you’ve become.

Sex Education Teens

Weird and wonderful clothing combos from a decade quite frankly none of us can guess. The perfect choice if you need to spend £10 at a charity shop for your costume this year.

Zoom call

Could be funny…could also definitely be impossible to go to the loo but hey, all things considered, pissing ourselves in our Halloween costume wouldn’t be that bad. And we have 2020 to thank for that warped perspective.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year and what costumes have you got up your sleeve?