Gift Guide: The Best Black Friday Buys

Whatever your strategy, Black Friday is a great opportunity to bag some discounted Christmas presents and finally tick off any big-ticket items you've been eyeing up lately.

Whether you love it or you hate it, there’s no denying that Black Friday is a shopping holiday that’s here to stay, and really who doesn’t want a little discount on a present to themselves or others, ESPECIALLY in 2020?!

Your personality traits likely determine what kind of Black Friday shopper you are (from cool, calm and collected to impulse and everything in between), but whatever your strategy, it’s a great opportunity to bag some discounted Christmas presents and finally tick off any big-ticket items you’ve been eyeing up lately.

It might feel like an odd time to be focused on material items during a year none of us feel like we need anything other than health and time with loved ones, but nevertheless it can be those indulgent picks that help to put a smile on the face of both you and the lucky recipient. Gift giving gives off good vibes!

Which items have been sat in your basket waiting for today to finally roll around?

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