Virtual Palentine’s Day Ideas to Remedy a Year of Missing Out

Until we can celebrate friendship IRL, here are a few ideas for bringing the squad together in spirit this Palentine’s Day.

There’s only so much you can do with your friends when you’re holed up at home but if you’re missing the days when competing for breath around a brunch table with your prosecco-filled chums was the merry norm, then a virtual Palentine’s date will work wonders to remedy the yomo – (year of missing out).

Until we can celebrate friendship IRL, here are a few ideas for bringing the squad together in spirit this Palentine’s Day.

Do a DIY wine and cheese tasting night

Let’s be honest, you’re not here to scrutinise the wine profile, oh no, no, no. You just want to sip the stuff and slope off into a fuzzy, brie-fuelled rhapsody, surrounded by your bezzie pals and their fickle WiFi.

Have a Spotify Date

Using Spotify’s group session feature, listen to all the nostalgic tracks that have seen your squad through life over the years. We’re talking mascara-robbing f**k boy anthems, the soundtrack to your teenhood and the songs you would listen to ON REPEAT on your iPod Nano. Prize for the lyrical genius who can still spit those Jojo Leave (Get Out) rhymes like it’s 2004.

Host a book club

This one requires a little bit of prep but picking a book with a strong friendship theme and hopping on Zoom to discuss it is a great way to bring the group together. Some favourites we’ve read as part of our book club include Olive, Such A Fun Age and Queenie and G.O.A.T reads worthy of a Palentine’s Day plug include Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Swing Time, A Little Life and Sula.

Learn a TikTok dance

Bored in the house doesn’t even come close but at the very least we have TikTok dances to show for our tragic productivity levels. Ladies, fellas – get in formation.

Games Night

Are we all gamed out? Possibly. But one more for good measure won’t hurt. Bottomless bingo and Droopy Drawers sound about right.

BYO feast

Order a takeaway and sit there and eat it together. That’s it. That’s the idea. This is a sacred space to chat sh*t in your worst pjs and bust a grub and quite frankly, it doesn’t get more wholesome than that.

Get your Ghost on

Channel your inner Demi Moore and get hands on with your P Day fun. Friendship bracelets, clay penises, vulva trinket dishes, whatever your heart desires. Blue Peter the F out of February.

Tarot card reading

Yeah, it’s a bit witchy but maybe getting witchy is exactly what we need in 2021 and really, how much spookier can our card pull get? We’re prepared for anything to come to light at this point. If you want to go really woo-woo, book a virtual tarot card session with a reader, or each buy a tarot deck and pull your own – you can always look up the interpretations online and mediate on their meanings with your favourite Sanderson sisters.

Pamper session

You know those Instagram lives you think you’ll have the willpower to abandon after a few mins but half an hour later, you’re in DEEP watching a stranger on the internet knead her jaw with a Gua Sha? Well, we would absolutely like to emulate that kind of inexplicably mesmerising content, please. Grab your jade rollers and your sheet masks and make a night of it – home spas are OPEN.

Throw a Bridgerton themed tea party

Complete with all the SPOONS, because why the hell not! Who needs a Duke when you’ve got pink cake and this season’s incomparable crockery. Live your best Regency life, people.

How are you and your gang planning to celebrate Palentine’s Day, this year?