13 Questions with Kate Spiers

Kate Spiers formerly known as Kate Lavie is a beautiful blogger who's been going since 'back in the day!' She currently resides in Glasgow with her husband Jordan and works on BAFTA-nominated television show Scotland's Home of The Year. Find out what she's been up to during the pandemic and what she's working on next...

First of all, how are you and how are you finding 2021 so far?

I’m doing good, better than expected! I’m a summer baby so winter always has me feeling like I want to hibernate, but I’ve actually been keeping busy with lots of fun projects and just generally trying to make this a good year, regardless of all the uncertainty! I keep reminding myself that every day is a step closer to lighter days and better weather.

Can you talk us through your career online and how it’s evolved?

I’ve been blogging for over a decade now, first starting just after I left university. I was feeling a bit lost, I knew I didn’t want to pursue a career in my degree subject so blogging gave me a creative outlet while I figured out what I wanted to do. Eventually, I found the beauty blogging community (including Zoe!) and it all started to take shape. We had our own corner of the internet to share reviews, outfits and snippets of our life.

Eventually, I started gaining a following and as I’ve grown, my audience has grown with me – some of my followers have been with me since the very beginning! I love that I’ve created this positive space with a really loyal audience, I feel incredibly lucky.

What are your top tips for staying motivated during the pandemic?

My daily walk keeps me on track, I put on a playlist and take a coffee and head out for an hour or so every single day. It helps me to gather my thoughts first thing, and I think it’s a great way to start the day.

I also love making a to-do list every day, getting my goals down on paper really motivates me and I love ticking off my tasks throughout the day. If I feel like I need it, I’ll take an hour or the afternoon off and read – I don’t feel guilty for having time off if I need it.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to create content online?

Keep at it! Persistence is key, so start small and set yourself a goal to upload a few times a week and go from there. If you’re creating original, fun and creative content, you’ll soon build an audience – and over time you’ll find your niche too, that unique selling point what sets you apart from the rest!

We LOVE Scotland’s Home of The Year, what is it like to work on the show?

It’s hard work, but I love it! We get to travel the country and see parts of Scotland I wouldn’t usually see, and after doing it for three years we’ve all become really close so it’s always good fun. At first, I found doing TV tricky because I was used to being in control like I am with my own content – I film, edit and upload everything myself, so it was strange not being in charge but I’ve learned to enjoy it. The show is a massive part of my life and I’m so pleased it’s been so well received!

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

We just renovated our new flat during the pandemic which was near impossible but we did it! It took a while for this place to feel like home (we loved our old flat so much but we had outgrown it), but now we’ve really settled in.

The property needed everything completely overhauled, so we ripped out the entire flat and started again – keeping all the beautiful period features. It was hard work, and there were so many big decisions to make (why is picking tiles SO DIFFICULT?!), but we managed it!

What are you currently working on?

We’re still doing some renovations on the flat, those last-minute little snags that finish off a room, so I’m finally getting around to sharing more of the renovation project on my blog and Instagram.

I’ve also been in the process of writing a book, a selection of essays on heartbreak, loss and healing – it’s been so cathartic to write, so I’m hoping something comes of it. I’ve always dreamed of writing a book, and I’ve uploaded to my blog for well over ten years, so I feel like it’s a good time to put my time into something more physical, and more personal. Fingers crossed!

Who are some of your favourite follows online?

Oh I have so many!

  • Janea (@jnaydaily) for her interiors, food & lifestyle content, I love everything she posts and she is hilarious too!
  • Carrie (@wishwishwish) is another OG blogger who I’ve known for years, her content is incredible. So many beautiful photographs!
  • Yrsa Daley-Ward (@yrsadaleyward) is an author who shares poems daily, they are magical! I’ve recently purchased one of her books and I can’t wait to read it!
  • Elsa Bowman (@elsabowman) has such a beautifully curated feed, I’m obsessed with everything she uploads!

If you weren’t an online content creator what do you think you’d be doing for a living?

I think I’d be working in a similar career, maybe marketing or writing in some way. I think I was meant to be on this path so I don’t think I would have strayed too far from it!

What do you always carry with you?

My phone, AirPods, lip balm, keys, face covering and purse. I travel light!

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Saturday is for big walks, housework, errands, coffee with a friend, and then a nice dinner with a glass of wine with my husband, Jordan.
Sunday is my lazy day – I get up late, read my book and have a pamper afternoon. I put on a hair and face mask, fake tan and relax. Dreamy!

If you could only eat one meal again what would it be?

Ooh I think a really good Mexican feast! Fish tacos, all the guacamole and Pico de Gallo, and margaritas too, of course!

If you could give one positive message to our followers what would it be?

Have faith in yourself! We spend too much time thinking we’re not enough, that we don’t deserve to go after what we want, and all it does is hold us back. A positive attitude does wonders, so believe in yourself and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

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