We Tried: Modibodi Period Underwear

Show anyone with a vagina a pair of period pants and watch them reclaim their cycle.

Show anyone with a vagina a pair of period pants and watch them reclaim their cycle.

The period, pee and perspiration proof Modibodi undies keep whatever’s happening in our pants firmly under wraps, so we can go about our day with confidence and dignity, all whilst sparing the planet of needless plastic disposables.

From bladder leaks, discharge and little sly wees that sneak out mid-meme – it happens to the best of us – to blood, sweat and tears (probably, if our vaginas could cry), Modibodi has your back.

Modbodi garments fit like regular underwear and are made with their Australian patented breathable Modifer Technology ™ – a slim (3mm), absorbent, stain-resistant, odour fighting liner.

What’s more, a small percentage of every purchase made by a customer goes towards providing products for menstruators in need, through their Give a Pair initiative. So that’s you, the planet and a person in need, all benefiting from the impact of this humble reusable underwear. That’s the kind of feel-good flow we want in our lives.

Let’s not sugarcoat it, periods can be lame and painful, we hear you, but one thing they’re not is gross, and something tells us that bleeding freely into our pants is as unapologetic, sustainable and convenient as menstruation can get. Hey, bodies leak but your pants don’t have to!

Naturally, as a team of proud menstruators and chronic oversharers, we couldn’t wait to put the Modibodi underwear to the test and write about it on the internet for our We Tried series.

Read on to find out how we got on.

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Lareese says…

I am here for period pants. Tell the world. Initially, I thought there’s absolutely no way anything is going to come close to my beloved menstrual cup but having tried them both and put each of them through their paces, I think they can’t really be pitted against each other like that. They both serve a purpose in my period arsenal.

I’ve got a bit of a rota going on with my reusable period wear. On day one, when I’m not quite f-l-o-w-i-n-g enough to fill my cup to the brim, the Light-Moderate Class Full Brief pants are first on the scene. They’re like an impeccably behaved toddler – so suspiciously quiet and sensible, I barely know they’re there. Then on days 5-7 (I’m a week-long period kinda gal, don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me) when I’m lighter again but don’t want to risk taking my eye off the ball only for my period to get a second wind, they’re ideal for waving off my cycle.

Overnight, I don’t tend to be all that heavy but the Heavy-Overnight Classic Boy Short gave me all the comfort and reassurance that, come morning, once I had ya know stood up, I was safe to carry on with my day without having to cup my vagina in a race to save my pyjamas. Always a precarious journey to the loo that.

As a die hard tampon fan (before I jumped ship to reusables) one thing I did have to get used to was ‘the feeling’. With the cup you don’t feel anything, you just go about your day and empty it when it’s been 8-10 hours or so, usually in the shower. With the pants, you feel it coming babe, and that takes some getting used to. It’s revolutionary though because here you are, bleeding into your pants and just remaining absolutely chill about it. It goes against everything we’ve been conditioned to fear and dread as women, and that’s incredibly liberating. For so long, bleeding straight into our pants was the code red situation we were always trying to avoid but here we are rewriting that rulebook and I’ve gotta say, I stan primal periods.

I also want to add that I had a day of working from my bed in the Maxi 24 Hour Sleep Shorts, candle on, Classic Fm blaring, eating sushi in my period pants and I felt like a real badass woman haha, so I would recommend doing THAT for the real Modibodi magic.

I wish these products were available when I started my period. Other than the obvious sustainability benefits, it also just feels pretty cool to be more connected to the inner workings of my body. There’s something so cloak and dagger about disposables, from shoving tampons up your sleeve to spare the red-cheeked patriarchy to ripping sanitary towels out your pants every 4 hours just to replace it with a clean white but ironically toxic plastic duvet, it’s all a load of BS.

Something about doing your body laundry really appeals to me. Rinsing my period pants under the shower or emptying & boiling my menstrual cup, is not the chore I thought it would be. It’s quite therapeutic in a witchy way. It’s made me more in tune with my body and its natural quirks.

I’d be keen to test the period pants when we’re not in a lockdown because despite wearing them all day at home and even running round the park and hiking in them, I’d like to see if I’m plucky enough to wear them dusk till dawn on day 2/3, preferably in a pub garden when I let my guard down. That’ll be the real test.

I would say the sizing is a bit on the snug side but I wonder if that’s to offer the best protection against leakage in which case, I’ll take slightly snug all day long over menstrual panic. The initial up-front cost can feel like an investment when compared to your average box of tampons but when you weigh up how much you’ll save over the course of your menstruating years, it’s a great swap to make, both financially and environmentally.

I’m going to carry on using period pants on my lighter days alongside my cup for the heavier days and one things for sure, I’ll never be getting back with disposables. Bleed on, bitches, bleed on.

Holly says…

I didn’t have high expectations for these period pants but I was so wrong! Honestly, I am BAFFLED. WHERE does the blood go? I’ve used a mooncup for a few years now and thought it was well suited to me, didn’t really see the point of switching it up but thank goodness I did.

I have the typical textbook period. Once a month for 7 days. I usually start off quite heavy and it gets lighter after about the fourth day. I wore them on the lead up to my period to prevent leakage because you never know exactly when it’s going to come. And they were super comfy and I actually didn’t even realise when I had come on. Very different to sanitary pads where I was always so self-conscious and worried I would leak.

On the second day of my period, because I absolutely breezed through the first day, I thought I’d try again, when I’m usually the heaviest. This time I tried the sleep short style in skin colour. Again, I was sceptical because if I leaked you’d definitely see it on a skin coloured pair. But nope, nothing again! Absolutely flabbergasted.

They’re also quite pretty. The thought of period pants makes me think of the gross old pair at the back of your knicker draw, that you only grab when you’re really heavy, but these were actually really nice! I always feel like shit on my period but these were such a nice fit with a nice bit of lace detail, I felt substantially less gross than normal.

I do wonder how long they’ll last, as even after one wash they aren’t as comfy. They are also a higher price point than I would usually go for, so would hope they last a while. I can imagine you’d want new ones after about a year and in the interest of being eco friendly, you can keep the moon cup for literally years, so that’s worth considering.

I think going forward I’ll definitely be using a combination of the cup and the pants. Especially towards the end when you’re not super heavy, they’re just a lot more comfortable. I would recommend everyone trying them out for themselves!

Darcey says…

Well, well, well, when you think you can’t be swayed by another period product, here comes Modibodi! I honestly didn’t think I would get on with the period pants after using the cup for a while and overall enjoying the experience of using one. Before I start my review, I must add that I had started to face a couple of minor issues with the cup. I realised I actually have quite a low cervix, so this meant my cup would suction to it quite easily, which was fine as I could grab it, but not that comfortable to remove. I also started to find that on lighter days using a cup wasn’t ideal, so I was using sanitary towels again for those lighter last days of my period, which kind of went against being more sustainable by using a cup. But saying this, I still overall enjoy very much the experience of using a cup.

So let’s get into the Modibodi review! My period is bog-standard, I’m usually on for about 5 days, the first day is pretty light/medium, followed by a couple of days of heavy flow, then gradually it lessens as the next 2-3 days go by. I wore the period pants for a couple of days leading up to my period as I’m never 100% certain when I’ll come on, it’s not quite like clockwork yet after coming off the pill. When I did start my period, I was pretty surprised about how much these pants could hold! I had the shorts which are designed for a heavy flow and nightly use, they said they can be worn for 24 hours, so I put them to the test. On my heaviest day, I whacked those bad boys on in the morning and I left them on till the next morning when I showered and changed my underwear for a different pair. There was no leakage, no sense of sitting in your own period blood either, the blood just disappears?!

The shorts and the classic briefs are super comfy, I got a size 16 but actually think I could have gone up a size as they do seem to shrink ever so slightly in the wash, nothing major but something to keep in mind if ordering a pair. I have ordered some more of the lacy pairs to try out, but I expect they’ll be just as comfy! The amount of blood these pants can hold is extraordinary too, I would feel no fear wearing them all day out the house. My periods are medium/heavy, so wearing the heavy pants for the day worked perfectly for me. They are easy to wash and dry pretty quick as well considering how much liquid they can absorb. I really wish I had something like this as a teen as I think these are so great for someone who is just starting their periods too.

For me now, I’m in a pretty good routine of wearing my Modibodi pants for the most part of my period, especially while I’m still WFH. I use the cup for days I want to wear an outfit that requires smaller and seamless underwear and the cup will be great for Summer and getting in the sea etc. But actually, I’ve found myself a bit converted to the period pants, they are just really fabulous and super comfy, all-round great product for a more sustainable period!

Danielle says…

Up until last year, my period products were pretty limited, it’s something I didn’t think could get any better so I just kind of stuck with what I knew (tampons) occasionally leaking, running out, and generally hating my time of the month.

All of that changed when I started using a period cup, I couldn’t believe how much more it would hold and how it was so much less… messy for lack of a better word. I started to come round to the idea that all these products created for menstruation might ACTUALLY have been created to help me.

I know after the cup revelations that I wanted to try period underwear and that was for a few reasons. I haven’t ‘bled freely’ since I was a teenager so I was interested to see what that was like (spoiler alert, empowering but gross), I wanted to stop using something on the days at the start and the end of my period, and I wanted to have an extra layer of safety on heavy days when using the cup.

I was sent a classic brief shape and the night shorts and for my first trial period, I washed them both once after a day of wear to get the most use out of them and try them on every day of my period. The first day was fantastic as this is usually the day I’m fairly light but I’d still have to use something so it was so nice to just chuck them on and not worry about changing a product or ruining a pair of my knickers, I also kept them on through my first night knowing day 2 would be a lot heavier.

For day 2 I switched to the shorts and BOY do they soak up pretty much everything and anything. Where does it all go? They are basically magic. This is usually my heaviest day and it was so interesting to not have anything ‘inside me’ as it were. It was quite empowering, just feeling it all and understanding how often I was bleeding but it got to a point in the afternoon where I was over the feeling and wanted my precious cup back in.

I wore the shorts that night and had absolutely zero worries about leakage, I’ve seriously never worried less, blood getting out of that situation would be like escaping from Alkatraz, the combo is full-fucking-proof.

I decided to carry on the next day with my cup and briefs and it was heaven for pretty much the same reasons. It just feels so great to not have to worry I honestly would have been happy blasting out the house in white jeans. 13 year old me was rejoicing at the lack of fear my period held over me.

The final day I went back to just shorts and this may be one of the BEST times to wear period underwear. The final day where you have to wear something but you’re so over shoving something inside you and simply don’t want to carry on doing it. You can’t feel anything coming out of you and you don’t have to worry about making a mess. I’m so pleased I’ve got a routine with my period that I’m truly happy with and I urge you to break out of your comfort zone and invest in finding something other than the standard tampons because I guarantee you there are products out there you’ll love and will make your time of the month so much more enjoyable.

If your thinking about trying out period underwear go for it, grab one pair and experiment with wearing them on different days of your cycle to find out what you like and what you don’t. Consider this inspiration to head out the nest on your menstruation journey, fly my beauties!

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*This article is not part of a paid promotion however we have worked with Modibodi previously and the products reviewed were AD – Gifted