Thoughts & Feelings We Had Whilst Watching The Bold Type Seasons 1 to 4

The Bold Type’s strength lies in its ability to walk the tightrope of heavy but essential conversations and feel-good soapy silliness. Here’s to one last toast in the fashion closet and unleashing holy hell!

[contains all the spoilers]

If you didn’t binge watch all four seasons of The Bold Type in lockdown after it landed on Netflix, allow us to bring you up to speed on the best thing that’s happened to us since The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City. We said what we said.

Originally released in 2017, The Bold Type is a tv series loosely based on the life of former Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles, who also happens to be the Executive Producer on the show.

It follows a trio of twenty-something best friends and co-workers Kat (Aisha Dee), Jane (Katie Stevens) and Sutton (Meghann Fahy), as they navigate relationships and climb the career ladder at the fictional women’s lifestyle magazine, Scarlet.

Whilst trying to excel in their careers and figure out who they are in their personal lives, their unwavering friendship is their one constant. Through breast cancer scares, estranged mothers, egg freezing, sexual awakenings, miscarriages and break ups, the crazy chemistry between Kat, Jane and Sutton does everything to dismantle the three’s a crowd adage so often used to divide women. Here it brings them together to form three parts of an unshakeable whole.

The Bold Type’s strength lies in its ability to walk the tightrope of heavy but essential conversations and feel-good soapy silliness. It’s far-fetched, wildly unrealistic and hilarious but it’s also comforting and empowering, and that’s all part of its humble, multi-hyphenate appeal.

Sisterhood is the show’s bread and butter, and despite the signature hokey rom-com tropes, love triangles and elevator meet-cutes, the real romance is between the Bold babes and their messy, unconditional bond.

With the fifth and final season about to drop (send help), we’re collecting some thoughts and feelings we had whilst watching the lives of the Scarlet women unfold.

Here’s to one last toast in the fashion closet and unleashing holy hell!

In episode one when Kat yells, “Excuse me my friend is having a moment” at the disgruntled guy behind her as Jane takes a group selfie is the moment we fell in love with her. A whole 154 seconds into the show.

Mentally, I work under Richard. Like, he’s heartbeat in your clitoris kinda territory.

Time to pitch vibrators and female pleasure in a boardroom full of white men. We’ve got a lot of time for Jacqueline, expertly played by Melora Hardin. Yee-haw.

“People tend to get uncomfortable when they cannot put you in a box”. I ship Kat & Adena.

Jacqueline turning down a phone call from Beyonce to comfort Jane. Is she the best boss or is she the best boss?

That yellow Scarlet Gala prosecco looks like it would put me in a grave.

Next time someone pisses me off, I’m getting the girls together in our evening gowns and screaming into the humid abyss of the central line.

Stating the obvious but the female friendships are chef’s kiss

“I deserve to be the girl you can’t stop thinking about”. Sutton is everything.

Want to start referring to every website as The Dot Com but also would quite like to keep some friends.

Name an underrated character: Andrew / Jacqueline Carmichael.

The soundtrack is SO good.

Carrie & Big have got nothing on Sutton and Richard. Don’t @ me.

Brb, off to find my erotic creature.

Found it and miraculously named it Pinstripe.

Why did I want to clap when Jane adds her byline to the orgasm article?

The worst Easter egg hunt scene will forever have my heart.

Shower thoughts include wondering who out of my friends would be committed to removing a Yoni egg from my vagina…

Do you know what’s bold? The fact that Kat went in glove-less. Not all BFFs are created equal.

The music montages get me every time. Genius.

Going to need Jane to write about all the times Pinstripe made me want elevator sex. It’s the leather jacket for me. Hello? The man breaks lamps!

The violin scene with Kadena lives in my head rent free.

Every social media manager had a physical reaction to Kat sending that tweet from the Scarlet account.

Sutton landed a job in fashion and suddenly, I’m arranging drinks for her to celebrate.

“I’m Nora Ephron, bitch” Marry me, Sutton Brady.

Must Adena be so flighty?!

“No more nipple postings” sounds like something I need to hear when I’m drunk and intent on being shrill and semi-naked.

Did Brendon the intern just get his nipple out in the middle of the office for a photo op and not even question it?

He’s right though. It HAS been a long summer.

Jane getting tested for the BRACA gene mutation, with her second and third by her side. My heart exploded a tiny bit.

Kind of want to organise a free the nipple day in a local park in a major way.

Let’s just agree, there is no good angle for shower sex.

Low key adore high tea Sutton.

Climbing into a bathtub with my chaotic friends and wine is literally all I want to do rn.

Not getting good vibes from Incite. Stay well away tiny Jane.

Why does Trump always find us? It’s all too real, we ordered escapism.

Jacqueline taking those weights was one of the most underrated moments of tv.

“It’s sexual harassment time…. The seminar” gotta love Oliver.

Mitzi is not a woman of Scarlet. She is serving big Regina George energy.

These three really drink wine every night and we stan.

Kat: “I’ve gotta go find Adena”
Sutton: “Or at least her vagina” Reason 1873817819 Sutton is our spirit animal.

Just want to drink scotch with Jacqueline.

Cunnilingus getting the airtime it deserves. We love to see it.

Guess what, we miss Richard sex too, Sutton.

Season 2… not coping with tiny Jane’s empty desk.

Fill in the blank, Cleo Williams is a__

Mama Jackie loves a chunky bangle. Noted.

Since when was Ben the hot Dr Australian?

If a Dr ever asks me to dance when I’m about to give birth, they will feel the full wrath of my grapevine, let’s just say that.

“You need to live in this failure” tough love from Jacqueline hits different.

One cannot be platonic with Pinstripe the novelist. Nope.

When tiny Jane cries, we all cry. We just don’t look as pretty as her.

Speaking of Jane, the girl just LOVES a hard copy.

Don’t like the way this Brooke influencer is taking our Sutton for a ride. Don’t like it at all.

Pretty sure you can’t expense narcotics but whatever.

Karaoke ABBA is not meant to sound this good.

Oof seeing Richard get in that taxi with another woman, a woman Sutton has to style? Gonna throw up.

Sutton in Paris over Emily in Paris. Always and forever.

The Dua Lipa road trip scene is all of us.

Nobody sings Torn like drunk tiny Jane. Nobody.

Need Jane to pitch that Dr Pinstripe throuple tbh.

‘No white after Labour Day and never walk away from love”. Oh, Paris Oliver is too much.

Season 3 is off to a strong start with Pinstripe’s peen-stripe.

I only tolerate Patrick because we know he exposed himself to achieve gender equality.

If Sasha Velour can’t save a lesbian bar, there’s really no hope.

Hell yes to Sutton masturbating when she can’t jump Richard’s bones. Self-pleasure waits for no one.

“It’s not about the pond it’s about what the duck pond represents”…

And what it represents is our thirst for Richard. The end.

You’ve been gone 5 minutes Ryan. How will Jinstripe bounce back from this? It was a book tour, not lads on tour for crying out loud RYAN. Jane did a terrible webcam dance for you and everything.

Kat was robbed in that election. We demand a recount in the least Trumpish way possible.

Oh, Pinstripe that speech. Even the leather jacket can’t save you now.

No, no, no, where is Mama Jackie?

Frat boy frittata, Pinestripe? More like fuck boy frittata.

Just how many parties can one magazine have?

Richard’s proposal to the tune of Taylor Swift Lover. Sutton in that satin dress. He asked for Kat and Jane’s blessing. What a guy. What a beautiful day.

“You can be alone and sexually satisfied” you tell ‘em Kat.

Jacqueline has more composure in her eyebrow than I have in my entire body.

Today on Zoella (aka The dot co dot UK), let’s talk pegging.

Yes, tiny Jane. Let’s normalise vaginas smelling like vaginas over baked cookies.

Pinstripe judging Evan for cheating, well that’s rich.

Really want Jacqueline to have the season 4 hot girl summer she deserves, alas Ian is back.

He SLEPT with book tour girl?! There’s no fixing this. A pinstripe never changes his pinstripes.

Ok Babs Brady is going to have to stop with this wedding day limo speech because eyes on fire here.

Can’t believe Richard’s stubble is this on point.

I can feel the feminism leaving my body. Stuff the stylist job, look at that distinguished gentleman and his perfectly styled face

They did it! The Brady-Hunters did IT.

“Nothing is bigger than us” omg these beautiful fucking WOMEN

Putting your boyfriend down for a nap. Can relate.

This miscarriage story is powerful.

Praying Andrew’s confidence finds me someday.

Jane’s dad driving miles to deliver a hug, a DVF wrap dress and take her stationery shopping. What a guy.

Big fat yes to the child free by choice conversation.

Freeform really want to ruin the one stable couple we had going for us, huh?

Well, this Keva romance is wild and unexpected on every level.

I don’t feel like dancing right now girls because I’m never going to be prepared for the lights in that emotionally-charged fashion cupboard to go out for the very last time. Hold. Me.