12 of The Best Drinking Games & Apps To Get For Your Next Pre Drinks

Whilst a banging playlist is guaranteed to get everyone in the party mood, when hosting a bigger 'pres' or on the nights when you want to add a little bit of spice, a fun, flirty, and fiery game or two can be exactly what's needed to make the night a memorable one.

Did someone order 4x tequila and limes every Friday night for the rest of the year? Hell yes! Social distancing restrictions are a thing of the past, 90s, noughties, and generally naughty (oi oi) nights out are back on, and finally, our favourite part of the night, pre-drinks, can resume- nature is healing!

Whilst a banging playlist is guaranteed to get everyone in the party mood, when hosting a bigger ‘pres’ or on the nights when you want to add a little bit of spice, a fun, flirty, and fiery game or two can be exactly what’s needed to make the night a memorable one. Keep reading for the must-have card and board games to add to your shelf before your next big night out, and get ready for secrets to be spilled and dignity to be lost.

Let’s Drink To That ‘Better Together’

Let’s Drink To That ‘Better Together’

One for the couples who love a tipple together before date night, the Let’s Drink To That card game blew up on Tiktok last year and has since extended their original design to include 4 new different decks for every occasion. The 100 pack of cards includes categories Let’s Drink to, Risky Business, and Tipsy Trivia and is one guaranteed to lead to some serious sexual tension and playful secrets being revealed. Couples who drink together stay together!

The Confessions Game

The Confessions Game

With the help of a dice and 5 categories of cards, The Confessions Game is one that lays it all out on the table and leaves nothing to the imagination. Perfect for bigger groups getting to know each other for the first time or in more intimate friend circles when delving deeper is the aim, The Confessions Game allows you to reveal all via the categories of career, sex, money, relationships and family, sparking daring conversations and true honesty. Although the game isn’t designed with alcohol in mind, baring all to those closest to you is always easier with a drink in hand, and so finding ways to weave in shots, sips, and downing your drink won’t be a challenging one!


Psych! Outwit your friends!

Turned up at a spontaneous party without cards or a game in tow? We got you! Mobile app PSYCH! (designed by Ellen DeGeneres FYI) has been described as where trivia meets Cards Against Humanity and encourages you to anonymously answer questions about your friends, with the funniest or most accurate answer winning. Prompts such as “What’s the last thing Savannah googled?”, “What does Leo spend too much time thinking about?” or “What’s Meredith’s hidden talent?” are to be expected here, and the tipsier you are, the funnier the outcome…

For The Girls Adult Party Game

For The Girls Adult Party Game

One for your next ladies night, For The Girls is designed to get your night off to a messy and hilarious start from the get go, be it for pre drinks, hen parties or birthdays galore. Whoever has the most Instagram followers will be the first to roll the dice and up for the challenge of performing the initial task without hesitation. The game is made by the creators of What Do You Meme, another at-home party classic, so you know it’s one that will bring energy, fun and hilarious Instagram Story content you’ll be watching back for weeks. The pack includes 100x ‘I Have Never’ Cards, 100x ‘Rapid Fire’ Cards 100x, ‘Best of the Best’ Cards and 100x ‘ Most Likely’ Cards meaning the fun will last for hours.

The Girls Bathroom: The Card Game

The Girls Bathroom: The Card Game

Designed by our favourite Instagram besties and podcast pros Sophia and Cinzia, The Girls Bathroom: The Card Game is the ultimate in night out fun for your closest and wildest girlfriends. Including 250 playing cards divided into Most Likely To, Drink or Dare and Say it or Shot it, it’s sure to get pulses racing and leave nothing unsaid. Examples include, ‘Drink or Dare: Ask the last person you slept with if they’re out tonight’ and ‘Say It or Shot It: Of those in the group, whose ex are you the most attracted to’ … spicy!

The gorgeous pink box design makes the perfect addition for your bar cart or drinks shelf and is a guaranteed ‘must remember’ item to pack for your girl’s staycations this summer.

Drink If Game Cards

Drink If Game Cards – £4.99 – 1 In Stock – Last Night of Freedom

Need something simple to kick your night off right? Look no further. For those who can never remember the rules to Ring of Fire and are forever asking “What’s the difference between spades and clubs again?” then the Drink If game is for you. The deck contains over 50 ‘Drink if’ options, ranging from PG to 18+, such as “Drink if you have a cat” and “Drink if you have ever taken revenge on an ex…”

The playful twist on Never Have I Ever comes in the pastel pink packaging of dreams and is one of the most affordable drinking games around!

You Laugh, You Drink

You Laugh, You Drink | Board Games | Zatu Games UK

Get the drinks and good vibes flowing with this 150 deck card game designed to make you laugh, then keep you tipsy. When the game works its way around to you, simply act out the card’s instructions without holding back and watch as those around you try to keep a straight face, or inevitably sip their drink as the giggles start and don’t stop. A playful and harmless game, it’s perfect for when in a new group of people if sharing your darkest secrets isn’t your style, and is one you’ll be forever reaching for on Christmas and Boxing Day too.

Drinking Tower Game

Drinking Tower Game

DIY drinking Jenja did the rounds on TikTok during 2020’s main lockdown, but if you don’t have the time or creativity to make your own now that your social calendar is fully booked, then Typo has you covered. Featuring prompts such as ‘Take a shot without using your hands’ and ‘Everyone touch their nose. Last person drinks’, this innocent but surefire way to get tipsy (if not a little more) is one for all the upcoming BBQs and birthdays in your diary.


Picolo · Party game

If you’ve not heard of Picolo then seriously, where have you been?! This party game drinking app is another that encourages individual involvement from all your pals, as you answer questions, follow rules and leave the direction of the game in the fate of the app. Spoiler: good times guaranteed. It’s simple, fun and most versions of the game are free! What’s not to love?!


Incohearent Party Game

No you’re not already drunk, you’re just two rounds into the Incohearent party game in which everything sounds like Gibberish no matter how many drinks you’ve necked. Whilst written down the words on the cards make zero sense, when read aloud they are in fact commonly known phrases that your teammates need to guess before time runs out. Containing over 500 cards, you’ll be screaming at your besties all night long as your competitive side is guaranteed to be activated.

Snakes And Bladdered

Snakes And Bladdered

A tipsy twist on the childhood classic we know and love, Snakes And Bladdered is a surefire win for anyone that’s partial to a shot (or 5) ahead of the big event. Using the shot glasses provided as counters, make your way around the board with the aim of avoiding (or aiming towards depending on your game plan for the night) snakes and slipping into drunkenness. Suitable for 2-4 players, it’s the perfect quick and easy game for housemates before heading to the club.

Name 5

Name 5 | Board Games | Zatu Games UK

When you’re a few vodkas down, everything around you slows, making Name 5 a must for earlier in your night as quick thinking is the name of the game here. With prompts such as name five famous rivers, five British Kings or queens, or five high-end designers, teams must complete their task before time runs out or drinking is obliged …

Although not strictly a game that involves alcohol, adding a forfeit of alcohol to those who lose always makes it that little bit more fun, and who doesn’t love dishing out a losing tequila to your defeated opponents?!