We’ve Joined Depop! Shop the Zoella Team’s Wardrobe

With the start of a new season, the team were looking for ways to declutter our wardrobes responsibly and part with the items that no longer spark joy - come through, Depop!

AD in partnership with Depop

No doubt you’re already familiar with the wonderful world of Depop – the Instagram-meets-eBay fashion app changing the way we shop for the better.

Carrying fashion behemoths like Balenciaga and Gucci to the cool-girl brands and faithful high-street names, you can peruse the virtual Depop rails and discover second-hand, vintage and designer gems at the click of a button, and from the comfort of your own couch. Huzzah!

Not only is it considerably more convenient than battling your way through the infamous Zara queues of a weekend, it’s also a more conscious way to get your hands on the labels you love to wear, giving items that are destined for landfill a second lease of life.

Having a clear out no longer requires multiple sweaty trips to the charity shop or organising a car boot at 7am on a Sunday. Whether it’s too big, too small or never worn before with the labels still intact to prove it, selling your once-loved items on Depop is a great hassle-free way to recycle your outfits and give the clothes that already exist in the world their due wear.

Shop the Team Zoella Wardrobe here!

As a platform, Depop operates in much the same way as Instagram, with an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes scrolling for outfits outrageously easy – sleep, eat, Depop, repeat, kinda easy. You can follow your favourite sellers and view their wares in a feed, much like Instagram, with hashtags to help filter your search. Not sure what you’re looking for? You can browse by category, check out the trending ‘what’s hot on Depop’ items and utilise the My DNA function to see personalised recommendations based on your style to save you the legwork.

Alongside its commitment to circular fashion, Depop champions entrepreneurial spirit and has given smaller, independent creators a platform to launch their very own fashion brands, so if you’re in the market for a dress no one else will be wearing, Depop’s got the scoop on one of a kind wares, as well as the up-and-coming names and trends to watch out for.

To set up shop and start selling your garms, all you need is a mobile number, an account name and a PayPal account and you’re good to start listing your lewks. Simply upload your snaps, write an appropriate description to go with your product (you can go as catchy and clickable or as product focused as you like) name your price and build your empire.

With the start of a new season, the team were looking for ways to declutter our wardrobes responsibly and part with the items that no longer spark joy – come through, Depop!

Featuring brands from All Saints to H&M, Zara and Nobody’s Child, you can browse the Team Zoella page and get snapping up some pre-loved ‘fits that didn’t quite get the wear they deserve with us (lockdown really did that).

Click through the gallery below and come and join us over on the app. Got a question about any of our items? Feel free to drop us a PM by clicking the envelope on our shop page. Happy thrifting, fellas!

Charlotte’s Wardrobe

My online shopping habits have been a little intense since socialising became a thing again in 2021 so being able to find on-trend and new clothes at a cheaper price on Depop has been such a lifesaver! I love following my favourite influencers to be one of the first to see when they upload the clothes they no longer wear anymore and have managed to get some absolute steals in the past from doing so. Depop shops and small businesses thriving on the app also have a special place in my heart for helping me find super unique and special items that no one else has, and I love the individuality Depop encourages. 

I’m normally a bit of a hoarder when it comes to selling my own clothes and keep a lot of items ‘just in case’ but I actually feel incredibly free when I finally let something go and leave space in my wardrobe for something new and more ‘me’. It can be hard to part with items that have a sentimental value, but it feels really fulfilling being able to give them a new lease of life with someone new and helps me feel like I’m doing my part in helping clothes have a longer lifespan. 

Lareese’s Wardrobe

I’ve recently rediscovered the magic of Depop after signing up for a personal account years ago. I’m excited to clear some space in the wardrobe, safe in the knowledge that these items will continue on with their journey, passing from person to person just as it should be. 

I’ve still got a lot of love for these clothes, some of which I’ve barely had the chance to wear but in the interest of streamlining the wardrobe for an autumn spruce up, I’m begrudgingly rehoming them, so they’re guaranteed to get the wear they deserve. The leopard print dress from Zara is such an easy dress to throw on with Converse for workwear and layer up with tights, a leather jacket and boots in winter. The H&M check shacket is also a firm fave for in-between-the seasons dressing but with various lookalike prints in my possession (when I like something, I tend to really overdo it), I need to part ways with at least one of them. Depop to the rescue! It feels incredibly satisfying to upload your bits and bobs knowing it’s going to land straight in the hands of someone who will love and enjoy it all over again. Landfill: 0, Planet: 1.

Darcey’s Wardrobe

I’ve been using Depop for a really long time and have always loved it for selling clothes I no longer wear/can fit in! I’m selling a handful of bits which range in price, mainly all of it doesn’t fit me anymore but is such great quality still so deserves a loving home. I find dresses are my worst offenders for wearing once and never again, so I thought I’d list a few of those on here and see if it takes anybody’s fancy!

Danielle’s Wardrobe

I’m a complete Depop novice so I’m really excited to see how the platform operates and start a new secondhand journey with my wardrobe! I’ve always found vintage shopping harder as a size 20, but I’ve already found tons of garments that look great on the app already

I’m selling a few bits I’ve bought new and never worn because they just didn’t suit me, a brand new leopard print peplum top I love and keep thinking it might fit me one day, spoiler alert: it won’t! A light pink silk shirt I’ve loved for a while that I think deserves a new home, and a dress I’ve worn so many times for Christmas and New Year parties that I’m hoping will fund this year’s dress of the season!

Shop the Team Zoella Wardrobe here!