20 Ways To Celebrate Halloween This Spooky Season

If the thought of narrowing down your spooky plans for the one and only 31st of the year we care about is giving you the heebie-jeebies, look no further- we got you.

Somehow we’re in the final 3 months of 2021, and nope, we can’t believe it either. Arguably the best holiday seasons in the calendar are approaching -of course, being Halloween and Christmas- and we’re ramping up celebration plans and festivities like never before after the sh*t show that was Halloween 2020 (frightful enough without the Trick or Treaters tbh).

But if the thought of narrowing down your spooky plans for the one and only 31st of the year we care about is giving you the heebie-jeebies, look no further- we got you. Keep reading to get inspired with 20 perfectly petrifying ways to celebrate Halloween this year that are sure to impress your pals quicker than you can say ‘boo’…

  • Carve pumpkins with your housemate/sibling/significant other and get way too competitive about creating a modern work of art in vegetable form. Use the Instagram Story Poll feature to settle inevitable arguments.
  • Make a pumpkin pie with said leftovers and channel your inner Blair Waldorf in the process. Wear a headband for maximum impact.
  • Host an epic house party or pre-drinks with prizes for the best dressed guest. Extra points for anyone that doesn’t come as a cat.
  • Create a Halloween grazing board featuring the creme de la creme of spooky, seasonal snacks. We’re talking toffee apples, eyeball cake pops and devil’s finger sausage rolls. Who said the best snacks were just for trick or treaters?!
  • Organise a scary movie marathon and prepare to be afraid to go for a wee on your own for the foreseeable future.
  • Channel your inner child and play some classic throwback games- apple bobbing is highly encouraged.
  • Finally ghost the man who only ever makes you feel bad about yourself anyway.
  • Whip up some potions (cocktails) with your gal pals and get spookily tipsy after only eating Haribo Tangfastics for dinner.
  • Scour Airbnb for the perfect autumnal campsite and sleep under the stars after warming up by the campfire.
  • Find a local fright night and lose your voice being terrified by professional scarers.
  • Make a Halloween playlist to listen to on the daily, ft. bops such as Monster Mash and The Addams Family on repeat. Perfect for wicked workouts, spooky showers and terrifying tidying marathons.
  • Watch every season of Stranger Things and ship Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers’ relationship for the 13202919th time.
  • Make a ghoulish garland or wreath for your door or staircase and show up your neighbours for their serious lack of festive decor.
  • Play pin the spider on the web. More fun after a few of the aforementioned cocktails.
  • Head to the salon and make the most of the neon nail polish selection. It’s glow in the dark time, bitches.
  • Do some wholesome autumnal shit and jump in a pile of leaves. The best things in life are free!
  • Read a book by candlelight and feel like an autumn cliche whilst also saving on your electricity bill.
  • Organise a murder mystery night and watch as the accusations of IRL Cluedo go flying. We take no responsibility for the arguments that ensue.
  • Buy some Zener cards and test the telepathy amongst your besties.
  • Hardcore Halloween stan? Stay in a haunted house or hotel. We dare you.

How do you plan to spend Halloween in 2021?
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