13 Questions With Simone Stevens

We caught up with Tarot card reader Sim to understand what it takes to be able to read cards, different decks and how it feels after helping a client.

First off, how has your 2021 been so far?

It’s been an interesting year, but all good so far. I have been working on so many small magic projects this year, all of which will be leading to some much bigger things in 2022. Some really exciting things to come!

Can you tell us about your interest in Tarot Card reading and how you decided to get into the practice?

I loved the idea that all the cards have meanings, symbols and can be interrupted in many ways, and when placed together can help tell a story. Simone Stevens

My connection with Tarot cards started when I was about 10 years old, and I received my first deck as a Christmas present. I was fascinated with magic and the idea of witches from a young age, so it seemed to be a natural step to pick up the tarot and start to play with the craft, right through my teens. I loved the idea that all the cards have meanings, symbols and can be interrupted in many ways, and when placed together can help tell a story. I then decided back at the beginning of lockdown 2020 to pick the tarot back up. It almost was a calling to get back into it, have fun with it, and offer something to people to really take their minds off what was happening in the world. It can be a real escapism, and the fact I could connect over Zoom brought a whole new dynamic to readings.

What is the process like for reading someone’s cards?

It is magic! There is an energy exchange, you, as the reader, are acting as the channel for the messages. You can tune into their energy by asking the cards to read for them. Or some tarot readers allow people to touch the cards themselves. You will agree on what type of reading you will be performing, so what questions or areas you will cover and how many cards will be pulled etc. Once the cards are pulled and laid out, you go through each card explaining the meaning and intuitively what messages there may be coming through for them. It is such an honour to be able to have this gift and do readings for people. I get such a buzz from it.

Do you share both positive and negative information regarding someone’s cards?

For me, the idea of working with the cards is not about seeing negative, or strictly only positive meaning, but it’s about tapping into your intuition, it’s often bringing to the surface what you already might ‘have a feeling’ about, that gut feeling, so it’s more about clarity. Or just that little needed nudge in the right direction, and how you might navigate things. 

How often do you read your own cards?

I try to pull at least one card for myself each day, a quick insight, nudge or reminder. Simone Stevens

I try to pull at least one card for myself each day. This is a focus card of the day, a quick insight, nudge or reminder, or in some cases maybe a reminder of something I should watch out for. I like to work with the moon phases and the Wheel of the Year to create more detailed and in-depth readings for myself.

What do you hope are the main takeaways for someone after having their cards read?

To come to a reading open-minded and leave with clarity, direction, and some positive actions to take forward. I always go back over the reading and summarise what’s come up, how the cards are connected and what might be the key standout takeaway or message. I follow up my readings with a written explanation and image of the cards. Some clients find that readings make more sense a few hours, days or even weeks later.  So, they have this to refer to whenever they would like.

What are some common misconceptions people have around Tarot Card reading?

There are actually quite a few myths around the practice of tarot. Firstly, that tarot is about predicting the future. This is not how I practice, I believe we do not have a set future, decisions we make each day will alter and shape the path we’re on, so the cards cannot then tell us what will happen to us.  Other myths include you’re not meant to buy your own tarot decks. I mean this is a very ancient tradition, and you CAN absolutely buy your own cards, and there are so many beautiful decks out there! Also, that you need to be a witch or psychic to read cards. This is also not true; anyone can read cards. It is learning about intuition, opening your mind, and having fun with it.

What’s next for you in terms of tarot, are there other levels to get to or other decks to explore?

For me it’s always about going deeper into intuition, working, and connecting with my gifts. I do this through tarot and my other witch practices. I also love to work with a couple of decks at a time. I find they have their own personalities and then have their own way of presenting readings. I love to experiment with the decks and their ‘attitudes’.

What’s the best experience you remember giving someone after reading their cards?

Some of my favourite readings are people’s first ones. People can be nervous about their first reading but when they feel into it and see how positive and illuminating it can be, it’s so wonderful to see how they open up over the reading.  I have had some people have quite strong realisations in readings, and to be part of that process is amazing.

What does your perfect weekend look like?

My perfect weekend would include a long walk in nature or along the coast, blasting away the cobwebs. I love this time of year for that. Having time to make up some products with essential oils and herbs, I can get totally lost in making products. Also, spell work, this is a real passion for me. Meditation, reading, popping out for coffee, and seeing friends and family is all the lovely things I like to enjoy at the weekend. This all keeps me grounded, and when you’re working with intuition this is really important.

What do you always carry with you?

I always have a crystal with me. It might be in my bag, in my pocket or my purse. I work with crystals in many ways and when I am working with one in particular than I like to have it close for its energy.

What would your last ever meal be?

Oh wow, that’s hard. But if it had to be one meal, I think it would be a roast dinner, followed by apple crumble and ice cream. Has to be ice cream, not custard.

What is one positive piece of advice you could give to our audience?

Trust your gut feelings. Your instinct, your intuition, will not lie.

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