Every Casually Cruel Emotion We Had After Watching Taylor Swift’s All Too Well Short Film

Indisputably a masterpiece, the short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brian is a visual triumph that cements Taylor as a true lyrical, visual and emotive genius.

Dear Taylor, in our eyes you can do no wrong, and theAll Too Well short film released on 12th November as part of the re-recording (iconic) of 2012’s earlier (also iconic) Red album is unequivocal evidence of this.

With each moment beautifully constructed as if by someone who can see inside the minds of every heartbroken soul to mourn a toxic relationship, and every shot designed to make us fall deeper into the despair that comes from this loss, watching the All Too Well film is the type of heartbreak time could never mend.

Indisputably a masterpiece (’til you tore it all up), the short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brian is a visual triumph that cements Taylor as a true lyrical, visual and emotive genius. Here’s everything you probably also experienced in the 14 minute, 56 second rollercoaster that is the All Too Well short film… 

  • “Love is so short, forgetting is so long” It’s 00.01 seconds in- does Taylor want us to drown in our own tears because that’s the way it’s heading. 
  • Taylor Swift invented the colour red.
  • “Are you for reaI? […] I don’t know I just feel like maybe I made you up” me @ a past version of myself thinking I could ever exist without Ms Swift.
  • Autumn is the superior season for romance.
  • The 1989 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. *Insert side eye emoji*
  • Googles: ‘Easy way to dye hair red’.
  • I want to be Sadie Sink when I grow up.
  • IS the scarf a virginity metaphor? Will we ever know?
  • I should have put waterproof mascara on.
  • I know we don’t like him here, but Dylan O’Brien’s character is très cute …
  • THAT 360° SMOOCH
  • The black turtleneck and red lipstick duo was and always will be *chefs kiss*
  • Sadie’s full wine glass at dinner because she doesn’t drink red wine and is underage. He never cared, and I’m already sobbing. 
  • Sadie’s plaid shirt is giving me Evermore vibes and it’s too much for my tiny mind to handle.
  • Good day to everyone except Jake Gyllenhaal. There I said it.
  • The iPhone 4. The attention to detail never stops and I feel like I’m in a fever dream.
  • The kitchen scene. Full stop. “I don’t even remember the moment you’re talking about” WELL YOU SHOULD.
  • The Champagne Problems lyric crossover (“Because I dropped your hand while dancing / Left you out there standing / Crestfallen on the landing / Champagne problems.”) has me feeling personally attacked.
  • “I think you’re making yourself feel that way”- the gaslighting is astounding.
  • When I said I wanted to relate to a Taylor Swift song this wasn’t what I meant.
  • Hand them an Oscar right now. I will die on this hill.
  • Dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light IS beautiful, side note.
  • Is there significance to this newspaper? Did people still do crosswords in 2010?
  • ‘The Breaking Point’ title scene at 07.40, sir I reached my breaking point with you before the video even started.
  • Salty tears are overflowing.
  • Is anyone else’s chest tight watching this break up scene helplessly? 
  • I’m the only crumpled up piece of paper around here BC OF THIS VIDEO.
  • “Weeping in a party bathroom”: Future me after singing All Too Well at every karaoke party I’m ever invited to. 
  • *Runs to Swiftok to find out which actress comforted Taylor in the bathroom*
  • Has anyone ever had a birthday they don’t feel sad during, anyway?
  • I hope every birthday you’ve had since 21 has been filled with joy and cats, Taylor. You f*cking deserve it.
  • The Lover parallels here are enough to melt the coldest hearts. Thank GOD for Joe Alwyn.
  • The fairy lights turning on over Sadie’s bed as she wallows is simply poetry.
  • 19 and 30 really is a big age gap, huh.
  • “I get older but your lovers stay my age” SING IT BLONDIE.
  • Taylor. Has. Red. Hair.
  • The feminine urge to cancel all my plans for the rest of the year and watch this video on repeat is growing by the second. 
  • “And did the twin flame bruise paint you blue?”. Yes. My soul is split in two.
  • A BOOK?????
  • I swear if this woman has a debut novel coming I will never sleep again. 
  • When you realise the chapter titles throughout the film are Easter eggs for how she becomes an author at the end. Mind BLOWN.