From Styles To Swifties: A Gift Guide For The Stans Of The World

Always think of a HS mad friend when Watermelon Sugar comes on? Or maybe the 10 minute version of All Too Well has been ingrained in your mind by a diehard Swiftie sister, whatever their passion, there's a gift to match...

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Whether your bus journey daydreams are occupied by Timothée Chalamet’s French accent or you watch Bake Off purely to simp over Noel Fielding (an actual debate of ‘who’s hotter’ that ensued in the Zoella office recently), we all have a celebrity crush or platonic love for certain A-listers that influence our lives and purchases. And when it comes to shopping for friends and family, those with a distinct aesthetic or passion for said personalities can make securing the perfect Christmas gift all the more easy. Always think of an HS mad friend when Watermelon Sugar comes on? Or maybe the 10-minute version of All Too Well has been ingrained in your mind by a diehard Swiftie sister, whatever their passion, there’s a gift to match…

Harry Styles

Mr Gucci himself, the apple of our eye, the man who can do no wrong (apart from not bringing Love on Tour to the U.K, cough cough), Mr Styles occupies a special place in the hearts of so many, and rightly so- did you see that leather Grammy’s ‘fit?! From his new beauty and lifestyle line, Pleasing, to his classic Tobacco Vanille scent (iykyk) there are endless gifts to surprise your Harry lovin’ pals with this festive season. Head to Etsy for the unofficial merch of dreams in the form of tote bags, artwork and hoodies, or help your fangirl friend replicate Mr Styles’ signature look itself with a boujie pressie from Gucci itself- ’tis the season of giving after all. Think maximalist, eclectic and colourful and you can’t go far wrong in pleasing a Styles simp…

Taylor Swift

For the pals that turn your world from black and white into screaming colour, nailing the perfect Swiftie approved gift this Christmas might just spark a reaction as dramatic as watching the ATW film for the first time … Taylor’s world is vast, and the gift options are truly endless when it comes to making a Swiftie’s heart sing, from subtle nods to her discography like a classic oatmeal cardigan, to items like Red (Taylor’s Version) on vinyl that will surely see some happy tears shed and an IRL ‘you need to calm down’ moment. Taylor is queen of a productive time at home, even when she claims there’s ‘nothing much going on right now’, making the gift of some UGG Tasman Slippers the perfect pressie for a pal who plans to bop around the house to Christmas Tree Farm all month long.


For the party people in your life, give a gift as good as hell this Christmas with these Lizzo inspired presents sure to get the good times rolling. The infectiously positive Bop Star™ has many loves in life, from vegan fast food to Chris Evans (rogue), learning to do the splits and bopping along to Harry Styles at every opportunity (same girl), gifts inspired by the queen of hip hop are perfect for your high energy pals that always bring the party. From shot glasses to sex toys, gel nails to an iconic Chris Evans candle (because would this even be a Lizzo inspired gift guide without one), it turns out you’re 100% THAT friend when it comes to gifting these failsafe presents.

Idris Elba

Got a dad or uncle who’s imposs to buy for? Look no further than gifts worthy of the king of cool himself, Mr Elba. Actor, producer and DJ no less, this slick gentleman has a notoriously suave look that means gifts that tick the functional, stylish and effortlessly cool boxes are sure to be a winner. Think posh pjs, whisky glasses a certain Mr Bond would look right at home with and a leather AirPods case to whip out on the daily commute and you’ll gain the title of smoothest gift giver in the land. 

Kim Kardashian

For the Kardashian Stan amongst your friendship group, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, wrapping up a gift Kimberly K would be only too happy to receive this Christmas is sure to send you straight to the top of Santa’s ‘nice’ list. For those as house proud as Kris Jenner on a public holiday, enjoy lounging in some classic UGG Fluff Yeah Logo Slides and put your feet up with an LED light therapy mask ahead of a poppin’ party season.

Emma Thompson

Since we enjoyed an hour of her bopping along to Adele’s One Night Only in London last month, Emma Thomspon has gone up even higher in our estimations and cemented herself as one of the most wholesome women around. For the mums, stepmums, aunties, work colleagues you ‘kinda know but not really’ and Secret Santa gifts that will never fail you, look no further than this selection of grown up gifts certain to earn you an extra-large serving of cauliflower cheese at the dinner table.

Olivia Rodrigo

Got a Gen Z family member that only speaks in TikTok audios? We got you. For the hip and happening gift recipient in your life, the queen of styling out a break up, Olivia Rodrigo, is the ultimate inspo for the cool cat that’s more sweet than sour. Treat the pal that’s had a brutal year with an & Other Stories fur trim jacket and spice up their room with a star sign print too manifest a magical 2022 alongside. It’s a good (4 u) time to be celebrating this festive season!

This post is part of a paid collaboration with UGG