31 Days of Wholesome: Everything To Tick Off in The Month of Mini Eggs and Mother’s Day

From fixing fence panels Eunice destroyed to binging Bridgerton season 2, here's everything we'll be doing in the first month of Spring!

  • Lap up the joys of the best national holiday of the year (obvs Pancake Day) on the 1st of the month and know that it will sadly be all downhill from here.  
  • Decide one day isn’t enough and book a trip to Brighton purely to try the crème de la crème of pancake destinations courtesy of our Best Pancakes in Brighton & Hove article.
  • Marvel at how light it is at 5pm on a daily basis and continue to bore your colleagues by saying it aloud at every opportunity. 
  • Continually put off fixing the dodgy fence panel that Eunice had her way with. Sorry, neighbour.
  • Wear only corsets, puff sleeves and scooped necklines in celebration of Bridgerton season 2 finally hitting screens, whilst also mourning the loss of the Duke. Gone but never forgotten.  
  • Wonder why everyone and their mum is in Mexico and check Airbnb daily in the hopes of grabbing a bargain.
  • Enjoy dramatically tossing a bag of Mini Eggs into your basket every time you have to go to the shops, making this whole ‘adulting’ thing marginally less painful. 
  • Ensure there is a fresh bunch of tulips in the house at all times. It’s called self-care, look it up.
  • Get a bit teary scrolling your feed on 8th March for International Women’s Day and feel an overwhelming sense of solidarity with your sisters from others misters.
  • Spend your weekends Marie Kondo-ing the sh*t out of your place because Spring means that lingering pile of recycling has gotta go, stat.
  • Give up for Lent. That’s it, that’s the tweet.
  • While away an afternoon devouring Breathless by Amy McCulloch- our March book club pick FYI- and realise a good book is sometimes all the company you need.
  • Rewatch *that* Love is Blind season finale before finding all the contestants on Instagram and becoming deeply invested in who follows who back. Side eye emojis galore.
  • Revisit our 12 Spa Breaks That Won’t Break the Bank post and wonder why your New Year’s Resolution wasn’t ticking off one per month in 2022. Weekend staycay anyone?
  • Shudder every time you open Tinder because Simon Leviev is still haunting your nightmares. 
  • Realise it’s officially been 2 years since lockdown numero uno and admit that banana bread hasn’t hit the same since.
  • Take the mumma figure in your life out for a well deserved afternoon tea for Mother’s Day and argue about whose order of jam and cream is bible. 
  • Add face gems to your Amazon order because the Euphoria era isn’t over until we say it is.
  • Tick off all the National Trust properties in your area and exclaim at how bloomin’ lovely the U.K is in Spring.
  • Wonder on a daily basis if today is the day you achieve your Wordle personal best and if you can add ‘excellent problem solver’ to your CV because of it.