It’s National Soulmate Day! So, Here’s 30 People On How They Knew They’d Found *The One*

From knowing you can lean on them through thick and thin to feeling instantly comfortable in their presence, keep reading for 30 ‘awww’ worthy responses from those who know they’ve found their one.

A soulmate. Your other half. The yin to your yang. Finding a loving, supportive and caring partner that you adore is akin to Disney IRL, and for those lucky enough to have scored their Prince or Princess Charming, life likely feels all the better for it.

Whilst some may see life as more fulfilling when living it purely on your own terms, a relationship with the right person can propel you forward, offer a constant source of support and compassion and bring out your best qualities, even when you can’t see them in yourself. 

But how do you know if you’ve found your other half for life? If your partner is ‘it’? If Tinder can be deleted for good? Some relationships may be great for ‘right now’, but knowing you’ve found ‘The One’ can be a life-changing realisation. Well as it turns out, the saying “when you know you know” is pretty apt on this occasion, as according to 30 lovebirds sure they’ve found their soulmate, you simply won’t find yourself questioning if they’re the one for you.

From knowing you can lean on them through thick and thin to feeling instantly comfortable in their presence, keep reading for 30 ‘awww’ worthy responses from those who know they’ve found their one. Happy National Soulmate Day, lovers!

  • I feel calm when around him.
  • I didn’t question anything. No doubts, I just knew immediately that it felt right.
  • Because he’s my friend first.
  • I knew pretty quickly after a few dates- I’d been picturing this man for years, manifesting him so I knew exactly who he was when I met him and I’m SO happy I waited and didn’t settle for the first guy who came along. I think your heart tells you when someone is right for you. When you can’t picture doing life without them, they’re probably the one.
  • He feels like home. Wherever he is I feel safe, valued and protected. 
  • Our energies match and being around him feels easy.
  • I knew he was the one when it started to make sense as to why my previous relationships never worked out.
  • In all of my previous relationships, I always had a feeling of forcing it to be something it wasn’t – because I was desperate to find ‘the one’. When I met and got to know my boyfriend, it felt right and I’ve never questioned our relationship or my love for him! That’s when and how I knew that he was my person!
  • We are basically the same person.
  • Friendship and love. I am inspired to be better every day.
  • There wasn’t a moment but realising you can love someone more every day even after 8 years sums it up.
  • I know he’s the one because he feels like home. He’s the calm to my chaos. The dolce to my vita. He’s unflappable when I’m… the mad unhinged artist with bull-in-a-china-shop energy (most of the time). 
  • He’s the exact male version of me!
  • You just know, cliche, but you really just know they’re the one, you won’t even have to ask.
  • We clicked immediately and on every level, it’s an intense love even though we’re both laid back.
  • When we first moved in together we quickly realised that we do not go to bed/sleep at the same time! But everytime I go up to bed he makes me a cup of tea and a hot water bottle then brings it up to me with the dog. I think it’s just something I sometimes take for granted, but it’s so kind and thoughtful and shows me exactly what kind of person he is.
  • We spent 8 hours chatting in the car on our first date- everything felt so natural and comfortable.
  • Sharing everything feels like the most natural thing in the world. 
  • I feel like her first priority and she is mine. 
  • We’re a perfect addition to each other’s lives. My single friend said the other day that being single is great, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and I said I can do that now! We respect each other’s wants and needs and never said to each other ‘no you can’t do that’. 
  • I never had to question their feelings- there was no doubt in my mind that we were equals and loved and prioritised each other the same amount.
  •  I know that sometimes I am not the most patient, calm or optimistic about life, but he shows me I can be.
  • I find it incredible that he still looks at me and smiles the same way he did when we were teens, because we are almost 30 now and woah….
  • He’s my number one cheerleader and supporter- no one has my back like him!
  • Gut feeling- trust it! My body and intuition knew before I did. 
  • When love just suddenly felt so simple and easy. The films always portrays love as a massive hurdle to get through and hard work (don’t get me wrong no relationship is perfect) but being with ‘the one’ never feels like a struggle.
  • Your shortcomings or mistakes aren’t going to give them the ick- you know you’ve found your person when you can be 100% vulnerable and it only helps you get closer.
  • When even years down the line there still aren’t enough hours in the day to hang out- I never get bored of spending time together. 
  • I knew my partner was the one because he made me feel safe and wanted from our first date. Three years later and that hasn’t changed, I’ve never felt more safe and wanted by someone.
  • Despite the distance and us both being from completely different cultures, we instantly clicked and I found a best friend from thousands of miles away. I knew if we could feel so connected when our lives were so different that it was meant to be.