30 Ways to Excel at Self-Care That Aren’t Champagne & Bubble Baths

We’re officially prescribing boring but necessary habits that improve your mental and physical wellbeing tenfold. Hot girl summer, more like self-care summer. 

As much as an excessively bubbly bubble bath and face mask can be all you need to solve the minor hiccups in your week, it’s worth remembering that self-care, at its core, is far more than a glass of wine on a Wednesday to keep you ticking over. Self-care is the boring, menial, adult things you don’t want to do but that actually make the biggest difference to your wellbeing and mental clarity. It’s keeping yourself afloat so you don’t reach the feeling of drowning nearly as often. It’s taking things back to basics and treating yourself like you would a five-year-old version of yourself. It’s difficult, and at times it can feel relentless to have to constantly show up for yourself when you’ve perhaps spent a lifetime pushing your needs to the bottom of the pile, but in the year 2022, we’re here to remind you that being your own number 1 priority is cool, and should never be overlooked.

So as much as spending £20 in Lush and hoping your problems will drain down the plughole, along with the remnants of a glittery bath bomb might be your traditional MO, we’re officially prescribing boring but necessary habits that improve your mental and physical wellbeing tenfold. Hot girl summer, more like self-care summer. 

  1. Make sure to drink enough water- imagine yourself as a plant that is deserving of care and attention.
  2. Take your medication on time.
  3. Set limits on your social media use (especially first thing at night and last thing before bed) and actually stick to it.
  4. Keep your cupboards and freezer stocked to a minimum with long-life food in case of hunger or hungover emergencies. A can of Heinz tomato soup is a pantry essential you will forever be grateful for.
  5. Wash your bedsheets in time for Sunday evening.
  6. Curate your Instagram feed to serve positive vibes only.
  7. Make doctor’s appointments when you need them. You deserve medical care!
  8. Do the dishes before your baked beans cement to the plate.
  9. Avoid alcohol on the days you know it won’t serve you.
  10. Get fresh air every day- even if that just means sticking your head out the window.
  11. Get changed out of your pyjamas even if you’re staying at home- this can include fresh loungewear or comfy clothes!
  12. Remember a sprinkling of veg in your week helps keep your brain ticking.
  13. Shake off nervous energy to your favourite tunes.
  14. Go to bed when you’re tired, not when you’ve run out of things to look at on the Internet.
  15. Soak up the sun on the few and far occasions in which it shows itself. Vitamin D is so healing!
  16. Going for your smear test when the reminder comes through.
  17. Set a 10-minute timer and complete as many small jobs as you can in times of overwhelm.
  18. Pick up the phone and ask for help when you need it.
  19. Make double portions and freeze your favourite meals so you always have a stash.
  20. Don’t spend beyond your means, especially when you’re feeling emotional.
  21. Empty the bins on time for the weekly collection.
  22. Show yourself compassion when you’re feeling low- treat yourself like you would a friend.
  23. Have breakfast. 
  24. Understand when you are self-sabotaging or getting in your own way and holding yourself accountable.
  25. Complete boring, life admin tasks on time- don’t make things harder for your future self and pay that council tax girlfriend!
  26. Reach for a book instead of your phone in times of high anxiety.
  27. Take your make-up off at the end of the day.
  28. High-five yourself in the mirror and recognise that you’re doing your best.
  29. Buy the reduced flowers.
  30. Learn how to stop ruminating and rein in catastrophic thinking.