Summer Must-Reads Coming in Hot! What We’re Reading for Book Club July to September 

Consider yourself fully booked! Here’s to being beach-bound with your snout in a novel all summer long. 

From Akwaeke Emezi’s immersive romance (*the* book of hot girl summer), Lizzy Dent’s laugh-out-loud, heartwarming story about one woman’s impulsive fib and Asha Bromfield’s stunning coming of age novel exploring the deep complexities of the journey into womanhood, don’t be surprised if your friends don’t see or hear from you for the next three months. 

Consider yourself fully booked! Here’s to being beach-bound with your snout in a novel all summer long. 

July – You Made A Fool of Death With Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi 

Set your summer well and truly ablaze with Akwaeke Emezi’s unforgettable romance You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty. It had us at the title – a nod to Florence + the Machine’s song, “Hunger”. 

Feyi is about to be given the chance to escape the City’s blistering heat for a dream island holiday: poolside cocktails, beach sunsets, and elaborate meals. And as the sun goes down on her old life our heroine also might just be ready to open her heart to someone new…

The only problem is, she’s falling for the one man she absolutely can’t have.

August – The Setup by Lizzy Dent

From the author of The Summer Job comes a funny, sexy and feel-good summertime rom-com, perfect for balmy afternoons by the pool with a cold Fanta Lemon or Aperol in hand. 

The Setup is about Mara – a woman who’s desperately clinging on to fate, the stars and the idea of a true destiny in order to arrange her life into the perfect picture she grew up hoping for. On a lone trip to Budapest, whilst searching for answers to her life’s problems (and of course checking her horoscope every day), she’s forced into impersonating a fortune teller and suddenly meets Joe, a gorgeous Austrian cellist. She finally has the chance to set up her own destiny, giving him a date and time that he’ll meet his own true love – her – at the end of the summer in her seaside town of Broadgate. But back home, life is more complicated, as the crumbling lido where Mara works is under threat. And so begins ‘Project Mara’ – three months to turn herself into the stylish, confident woman she’s always hoped to be, before meeting Joe at the end of August. But while Mara is getting ready for the one, the universe intervenes. Her new flatmate Ash is funny, and kind, and sexy as hell…

This is a book for anyone who’s imagined life to be more romantic and whimsical than it turns out to be. 

September – Hurricane Summer by Asha Bromfield 

In this sweeping debut, Riverdale and Locke and Key star Asha Bromfield takes readers to the heart of Jamaica, and into the soul of a girl coming to terms with her family, and herself, set against the backdrop of a hurricane. 

Tilla has spent her entire life trying to make her father love her. But every six months, he leaves their family and returns to his true home: the island of Jamaica. 

When Tilla’s mother tells her she’ll be spending the summer on the island, Tilla dreads the idea of seeing him again, but longs to discover what life in Jamaica has always held for him. In an unexpected turn of events, Tilla is forced to face the storm that unravels in her own life as she learns about the dark secrets that lie beyond the veil of paradise – all in the midst of an impending hurricane.