Working Hard or Hardly Working: A Day in the Life of an Office Dog 

Here’s a glimpse at a very demanding day in the life of an office dog featuring a bona fide banquet delivered by Butternut Box!

This article is in partnership with Butternut Box

They say do a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life and when you take one look at this typical 9-5 day in the life of an office pup, you’ll realise these dogs have got it sussed. 

The grind? They don’t know it. The work-life balance? They’ve completed it. A so-called working day centred around food, tasty snacks and power naps, yep these lot are truly living the dream. If you have never looked at a dog and wished you had their life with every fibre of your being, prepare for that to change in the next 2-3 minutes…

Here’s a glimpse at a very demanding day in the life of an office dog (there’s not a violin small enough).

9am – Arrive at Zoella HQ

The so-called working day begins, and it’s off to a strong start with Milo and Nala in charge. They hotfoot it into Zoella HQ via the VIP entrance – aka the puppy gate – and much like humans and their ever-complicated relationship with revolving doors, seeing them try to navigate it never gets old.  

10am – Creative Meeting 

10 am is reserved for impawtant pupdates and key takeaways from the previous week. Nala leads on the creative, whilst Milo the esteemed grey bear chimes in with a couple of invaluable tips on how to work a room like a Frenchie. A Zoella exclusive: It’s all in the side-eye but a bandana helps. 

11am – Water Cooler Chat 

A quick break to socialise, procrastinate and chew each other’s ears off about the increasing number of sausage dogs in the city.
-XOXO Gossip Girl. 

12pm – Lunch Break 

Grub’s up at the office, and today, Milo and Nala dine like kings and queens. 

With the help of Pip the pug, the lovely people at Butternut Box have delivered a bona fide banquet and rumour has it, tender Beef It Up is on the menu. Woof, woof. 

Lovingly cooked with care using human-quality ingredients, Butternut Box is changing the way you feed your four-legged friends by creating fresh, tasty recipes tailored to suit them and delivered straight to your door – with healthy treats too if you choose. Easy for you, delicious for them!

As the UK’s first fresh dog food subscription service, they’re on a mission to deliver health and happiness to dogs and their humans all over the world. In fact, the ingredients they use are of such high quality that you can get stuck in too (literally). To ensure their recipes are up to scratch, they’re taste tested by humans for optimum quality assurance, so you can trust that what your doggo’s eating is good enough for human consumption. When it comes to their products, they’ll only ever make things that taste good and contain the right balance of vitamins and nutrients to nourish your dog from the inside out, whatever their age. 

With a wide range of tasty recipes, fuss pups couldn’t possibly turn their noses up once they get a sniff of what’s on the fine dining menu here, whilst farty Mcfarty dogs can enjoy balanced nutritious meals to help curb the afternoon trumps. Whether you’ve got a pup with flatulence issues (we’re looking at you, boxers, bulldogs and pugs) or a fussy eater on your hands, Butternut Box can put your pooch on a meal plan that’s tailored just for them. 

Choose from 10 fresh recipes including aromatic lamb with green beans to plant-based feasts and sustainably sourced white fish and kale. The carefully curated recipes make mealtimes as tasty as they should be for your pet, ensuring that they’re well fed and supported throughout every stage of their life. 

They use only the best quality sourced ingredients, gently cooked at 90 degrees to make them easier for your dog to digest and then frozen to lock in the natural goodness without relying on any nasty preservatives. For any dogs who prefer a warm meal in their bellies, all the recipes can be heated in the microwave making the at-home dining experience even better. 

With 65% of dogs in the UK falling into the overweight category, Butternut Box’s perfectly portioned pouches also take the guesswork out of feeding your dog, providing them with the right amount of sustenance to suit their needs. It’s the *chef’s kiss* food delivery service every dog parent needs to subscribe to. 

1pm – Walkies 

A quick screen break and a leg stretch past the pavilion, taking in the sights of Brighton. It’s a great place to be a dog, even if the seagulls are bigger than any broom, Hoover or cat they could ever come up against. They are the Great Danes of the skies and they rule them with an iron, doughnut-robbing beak. 

3pm – Afternoon Nap 

Too blessed to be stressed! Never one to pass up on the opportunity for a power nap, Milo rests his adorable weary chops and enjoys a well-deserved forty winks. This is usually a tense time for the humans in the vicinity, but miraculously, he doesn’t startle himself awake with his own farts today, so whatever’s in that gourmet beef is working. For the first time in a long time, the humans around here can inhale without fear. Praise be for Butternut Box, protecting nostrils since 2016. 

4pm – Pick Me Up Treat

A little something to fuel the afternoon slump. This is pawfect. Pawfect, pawfect, pawfect *TikTok voice*

5pm – Home Time 

The school bell sounds, and the pups shut their laptop lids at 5pm on the dot. They’ve got people to see, balls to seize and butts to sniff. Emails? Meh, that’s a Monday problem. 

We don’t deserve dogs and that’s a fact. They enrich our lives no end with their unconditional love and emotional support, so it’s only right that we enrich theirs right back, starting with the basics: their food. Switching up their meals has never been easier with Butternut Box on speed dial. In three easy steps, you can ensure your pup is eating clean and thriving from head to tail:

1. Introduce your pooch

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This article is in partnership with Butternut Box.