The Corners of TikTok Worth Visiting for the Ultimate Dose of Relaxation

Meet the corners of the web ready to help you unwind, reset and put ‘pause’ on your brain's overthinking tendencies. You’re welcome!

Let’s face it, TikTok takes number one spot for the most addictive app out there, seeing us through the lockdowns of 2020 with its endless reams of content that you can simply never *quite* get enough of. With trends changing on a daily basis, it takes the crown as king of short term gratification, helping you to (rightly or wrongly) escape from reality. But what if your somewhat toxic Internet addiction could provide some much needed mental health relief? Meet the corners of the web ready to help you unwind, reset and put ‘pause’ on your brain’s overthinking tendencies. You’re welcome!

ASMR Addictiveness

The girls that get it, get it, and the girls that don’t, don’t. ASMR is about as Marmite as it gets in the way of Internet trends, but for the sceptics out there we say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Standing for autonomous sensory meridian response, according to Think by Google, ASMR is “a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Also known as “brain massage,” it’s triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles.” 

That feeling you get when someone plays with your hair or runs their fingernails over your skin? That’s ASMR. Ranging from whispering sounds, role plays, tapping, eating and more, finding the ASMR trigger that is most relaxing for you can be beneficial for a good night’s sleep, and even improve your mental health! The Sleep Foundation found that, “ASMR appears to activate regions of the brain associated with calming, sleep-inducing hormones like dopamine and oxytocin”, meaning your TikTok scrolling just got seriously more purposeful.

The Healing Power of Art

There’s something about arts and crafts that feels like the ultimate hug for your inner child, and thankfully, there’s a whole side of TikTok dedicated to it for all the moments when little ‘you’ feels like they need a squeeze. Whether you consider yourself a Bob Ross in the making or simply enjoy the hypnotic energy of watching someone else create a beautiful piece of art, ArtTok is the perfect spot for releasing mental strain and pulling your focus away from your daily stresses.

Nature Has Your Back

It’s no secret that a slice of outdoor energy can be transformative when your brain needs a moment to pause, but getting out and about to somewhere beautiful, peaceful, calm or in solitude isn’t always that easy. Thankfully the explorers of the Internet have you covered! Sharing magical moments amongst the wonders of the world, these mood-boosting clips  are sure to make your heart happy and mind calm.


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♬ sonido original – WILBER CUEVAS

The Magic of The Mukbang

If eating sounds aren’t your thing, consider this your fair warning to scroll on…

Another sensory trend ready to give you some ASMR style tingles, Mukbangs are an Internet trend originating from South Korea that consist of watching someone consume a large quantity of food on camera- sounds odd but it’s weirdly therapeutic. The Mukbang hashtag on TikTok has amassed over 73.9 billion views so far, and from sushi to noodles, burgers to seafood, there’s guaranteed to be a cuisine and creator to satisfy your unwinding needs.

The Season for Staying In

September is here and the season for hibernation is upon us. As autumn rolls in and beer garden drinks and Italian getaways come to a halt, spending quality time in the oasis that is your home may feel like exactly what your mind and soul are craving…

Comfortable conviviality is the aim, and a scroll through the simple comforts side of TikTok is about as wholesome as it gets. Think layers of dreamy bedspreads, hot chocolate with whipped cream for days, bubble baths so good your skin will turn wrinkly and knitwear collections that will have you running to your local vintage fair ASAP.  The season for comfortable solitude is here.


summer has begun 🫶🫶 @djerfavenue

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Only 39 days until September 🥹 Leaves may not be orange yet in September but I have a habit of gasping at every dry leaf, asking dramatically “Autumn is that you?!”. I’m so excited for Autumn 2022! 🤎#autumnaesthetic #fallaesthetic #fallvibes #autumnvibes #cottagecore #englishcountryside #cottagecorecommunity #cottagecoreaesthetic

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last few moments of summer 🤍

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Brown, White and Pink Noise

If you can’t stop scrolling before bed, head to the white/pink/black/brown noise side of TikTok and consider yourself ready for slumber in a matter of minutes. White noise in particular refers to a noise that contains all frequencies across the spectrum of audible sound in equal measure, with a study by The National Library of Medicine revealing that adults fell asleep 38% faster when listening to white noise. Given that sleep deprivation is such a big contributor to poor mental health, this is a side of TikTok worth bookmarking for future reference…


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♬ Pink Noise (moving 316 Hz bandpass) – Listening Territory