50 Autumn Inspired Baby Names Perfect for Fall  

Whether you’re looking for something earthy, whimsical, modern, vintage or botanical, you’re bound to fall for at least one or two of these autumn-themed baby names.

If you’re expecting an autumn baby, or you just so happen to love the autumn aesthetic and want to copy and paste some contenders to your Iphone Notes for future reference (guilty), then these beautiful, fall-inspired baby names are a must-read. 

Whether you’re looking for something earthy, whimsical, modern, vintage or botanical, you’re bound to fall for at least one or two of these autumn-themed baby names. From the colours synonymous with the changing leaves to the monikers drawn from folklore and fairytales, here’s 50 baby names perfect for the season of pumpkin spice.  


A girl’s name of Hebrew origin, it means ‘a sheaf of grain at harvest’ making it perfectly apt for this time of year.  


An English name that calls to mind the beautiful warm orange tones of autumn. 


An Old English autumn-inspired name meaning ‘beautiful’. 


A part of the daisy family, this ancient pink and purple flower blooms from late summer to early fall, making it the perfect nature-inspired name for an early autumn baby. 


A name with Latin / Love Actually origins, meaning ‘the golden one’. It pairs beautifully with floral middle names, too. 


No name is more fitting for a fall baby than autumn itself.  


With its fairy tale origins (Briar Rose is Sleeping Beauty’s name), Briar is a beautiful name alluding to folktales and nature. 

Bronwyn (Also spent Bronwen)

From the Welsh name meaning fair white raven, this enchanting name inspires thoughts of crisp autumn days and early snowfall. 


A pretty Italian girl’s name meaning ‘brown’, reminiscent of piles of autumn leaves, conkers and coffee. 


A unique name referring to the cone-bearing evergreen cedar trees that transition into browns and rusts at this time of year. 


From the Greek word meaning ‘Laurel Tree’, Bridgerton fans will be fawning over this classic feminine name. 


An old English name meaning elder tree forest. 


Meaning ‘spark’ or ‘burning low’ it’s a beautiful name that captures that quintessential autumn feeling of being curled up in a log cabin on a rainy day. 


For fans of the letter ‘x’, Equinox offers something cool and unique. The autumn Equinox is an astronomical event that marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall, when day and night are of equal length thus symbolising balance. 


A whimsical name, inspired by stories with a moral lesson. It’s giving Taylor Swift. 


A beautiful first or middle name for October babies, referring to a young deer often spotted at this time of year. 


Inspired by autumnal woodland walks and crisp forest surroundings. It’s timeless! 


Refers to ‘a spark of light’ which is a particularly beautiful metaphor for those babies born just as the evenings are drawing in. 


Meaning ‘dweller among the woods’, if you enjoy a walk amongst nature, this could be the perfect name for your newborn bambino. 


All the retro Hollywood vibes a la Ginger Rogers – one half of the most iconic dancing duos in history. 


Reminiscent of the golden autumn light and glowing colours, this gorgeous vintage name has soared in popularity recently making it the ideal name for modern mums on the lookout for something with that old school charm.


Primarily a name of Welsh origin (from the word ‘Gruffudd’), Griffin means ‘strong lord’ or ‘red’, symbolising strength and leadership.  


Referring to the hazel tree with heart-shaped leaves and the greenish-gold colour, this botanical-inspired name is the perfect nod to nature.  

Jorah (also spelt Jora) 

This Hebrew unisex name means ‘autumn rain’, a lovely meaning for a little one born in the  fall months.


Another tree-inspired name perfect for a fall baby and easily abbreviated to the equally adorable ‘Juni’. 


Perfect for babies born under this zodiac sign (23 September – 22 October), the Libra archetype is one of harmony and balance. 


Fans of vibrant fall foliage, look no further for a name that captures the essence of autumn and the spectacular changing leaves. 


An English name referring to the golden flower that blooms in early fall. 


Earthy and stylish, Moss is seriously having a moment! Hop on it before everyone else does. 


Feeling bold? Rare but rising in popularity, October is a gorgeous seasonal option for babies born in the month of Halloween.  


Olive trees are harvested in late summer / early fall, making this the perfect pick for your autumn-born baby. The earthy olive colour also mimics the calming green tones found in nature at this time of year. 


Referring to the birthstone of those born in October, Opal is the girl’s name of Sanskrit origin meaning precious stone or gem. 


A name of Irish origin meaning ‘golden princess’, this would make for a beautiful name for your little one. 


A unique unisex name from the Chinese word for autumn. It also makes for a great middle name when paired with longer first names. 


Originally an English surname, Radley finds its roots in the pastoral landscape of Ancient Britain and means ‘red meadow’, which is suitably lovely for an autumn bubba. 


Meaning ‘an abundant blessing from above’ this weather-inspired name is all kinds of cool & endearing. 


The anglicised form of Ruairí meaning rust / red coloured and ‘red king’ in Irish Gaelic – a lovely option for autumn babies and redheads alike. 


Pronounced ‘Roo’, the name comes from the Latin meaning ‘russet’ which is brownish red in colour. 


A strong nature name of Irish origin, deriving from Ruadhán meaning ‘little redhead’. Adorable!


From the Latin name ‘rubinus’ meaning deep red precious stone, Ruby is a vintage name that has enjoyed quite the renaissance in recent years.  


Inspired by the colour rust, the name has grown in popularity since 2020. 


Earthy and gender-neutral, this would make for a lovely first or middle name for your autumn baby. 


Associated with the reddish-brown clay tones synonymous with autumn.


A name originating in France, derived from the reddish brown colour of the leaves in fall. 


With choices such as Lark, Raven and Phoenix on the rise, why not branch out with Sparrow a la Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. 


Meaning Twilight, the name evokes the enchanting and otherworldly energy often associated with October. 


A feminine whimsical name derived from the Old English ‘welig’ meaning willow tree. 


A short version of the more formal ‘Woodrow’. 


Referring to a small brown songbird, Wren is a great nature-themed alternative to Lark, Robin or Sparrow. In Celtic folklore, wrens were often associated with artists and poets and songwriters. Cute! 


Of old Greek origin, Xanthe means golden or yellow – the perfect nod to autumn’s tawny palette.