The Little Miss Guide to Managing your Money, with Revolut

Keep reading for our definitive guide to all things Revolut and how this super-app can help you get to grips with your money. Sinking fund, here you come...

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What is Revolut?

Revolut is the free financial super-app used by 20M+ people around the world. You’re probably already familiar with their top-tier currency exchange services (truly a chef’s kiss feature when you’re abroad) but we’re here to enlighten you on all the other benefits of the App, of which, dear reader, there are many!

In addition to being the one-stop app for all your travel money needs, Revolut is your way into all things money from everyday spending to saving and investing. It helps you make the most of every aspect of your finances, not just your holiday fund.

So, what can Revolut do for you on a day-to-day basis to make managing your finances a breeze? You’ll see. From everyday spending, saving and exclusive rewards, the app integrates seamlessly into your daily life, offering a feature that appeals to every type of person.

Keep reading for our definitive guide to all things Revolut and how this super-app can help you get to grips with your money. Sinking fund, here you come…

Little Miss Kris Jenner

You’re the CEO of group fun aren’t you? Forever in charge of organising Christmas dos, bottomless brunches and gigs, you are the chosen one, charged with rounding up the troops and working out the dreaded bill. Well, now you won’t have to keep track of who owes what since Revolut makes it easy to split the bill and request money from your friends (even the most conveniently forgetful ones). Eradicate that awkward ‘btw, you still owe me £20’ text by sending a reminder straight from Revolut instead. In the unlikely event that you owe them, you can send and receive money hassle-free with no pesky hidden fees, leaving you to concentrate 100% of your energy on party planning. Kris Jenner, who?

Hassle free – There’s no rates involved in sending money to friends. Fine to keep ‘no pesky hidden fees’

Little Miss Rainy Day Fund

If your love language is gifts (cough, to self, cough), Vaults were made for you! Whether you’re hoping to make a start on home renovations, get away on that dream holiday or invest in a new car, you can stash the cash in 30+ currencies, making it easier than ever to save towards your financial goals. Start small by scheduling spare change round-ups for your Revolut purchases and make your daily coffee habit go further. You can also open a Group Vault with family and friends, making it easy for multiple people to contribute towards a shared goal, put money aside effortlessly and reach your goals faster. You can then earn up to 1.4% annual interest paid daily and withdraw instantly whenever you want with the Premium Plan

{Earn up to 1.4% AER on GBP with the Premium Plan Up to 1.67% AER on GBP with the Metal Plan. Terms & conditions apply}.

Little Miss Shopaholic

Black Friday will not be wasted on you, ASOS queen, but wouldn’t it be better if you could *save* as you spend? With up to 30% off your favourite brands including ASOS, Adidas and Nike, you can get more from the brands you love with insider offers, discounts and cashback with your Revolut card. Savvy, huh!

Little Miss Spreadsheet

If you dream in rows and columns, count Excel as a hobby and love a good stat, you’ll thoroughly enjoy taking a deep dive into your spending with Revolut’s weekly insights. You can get a clear view of your spending habits with the use of smart analytics, categorised by merchants, countries and more, meaning you can see exactly where your wages are going (Starbucks and Love Honey have us in a chokehold). Set limits to help you stick to your budget and get all your money ducks in a row.

Little Miss Globetrotter

One thing everyone needs to know about you is that you holiday five times a year and have a meticulous in-flight skincare routine. You have been known to unashamedly sit on a plane in your LED mask, causing innocent passengers to choke on their Pringles. Well, Revolut must have extraordinary psychic powers because when you see what glorious amenities they have to offer, it’s as if they already knew you were onboard!

Why pay bank fees when you don’t have to? With your Revolut Visa card, you can spend abroad without any hidden fees, exchange currency in the App at the real exchange rate or simply use your Revolut Visa card and Revolut will automatically convert it to the appropriate currency (oioi duty-free), with no fees and at the best possible exchange rate. You can also make full use of free international ATM withdrawals (within your plan allowance).

Switch between currencies at the click of a button – a very handy feature for sending any money you owe to your besties back home in the UK when you’re OOO sunning it up in California – and make and receive instant free payments to other Revolut accounts across the UK, Europe, the US, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

{Currency exchange in 30+ currencies with no fees Monday-Friday, within plan allowance. For best rates, only exchange currencies on weekdays}.

With Revolut Rewards, you can also earn money as you hit the road with discounts and cash-back offers with brands such as Avis and Omio. Happy jet setting!

Little Miss Subscription

Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Audible, you’ve got them all, but with so many subscriptions to your name, it can be hard to keep tabs on your outgoings. Enter Revolut, making everyday spending a breeze with all things money in one place. You can organise all your scheduled payments, track your spending and even see where you can save. If you’ve signed up for a free trial, Revolut will detect when this is due to end and alert you ahead of time so you can decide if you’d like to cancel. What’s more, Revolut also offers disposable virtual cards you can only use once, after which the card number changes! Great for signing up to free trials or one-month subscriptions without the fear of forgetting to cancel. No more unnecessary charges – praise be. Little Miss Subscription can sleep soundly tonight.

Little Miss Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

If you thought your oven wasn’t getting much use before, consider it officially in its early retirement era now that you can save up to 30% off your fave restaurants with Revolut. What can we say, Gourmet Burger Kitchen – it’s a genre. And that’s not all, with Revolut Rewards, you can get juicy insider discounts on everything from Grind Coffee (forever getting the Zoella office through the afternoon slump) to Tinder Gold. How’s that for a pick me up?

Little Miss Fomo

So, you’re yet to turn 18 but you want to learn to budget and start taking responsibility for your money right now. You go Glen Coco! Oh, and you just so happen to take your personal brand very seriously. We don’t mean to be dramatic but the Revolut < 18 account will be your bff.

Designed for everyone between the ages of 6-17, and downloadable for free with parent or guardian approval, you can design your card your way with text of your choice and even your favourite emojis, track your money and save towards your goals. Keep the money you can spend separate from your savings so there’s no danger of dipping into your uni fund accidentally. See ya, fomo!

Little Miss Upgrade

You’re always thinking about your next move and more is always more where your finances are concerned. If you’re a sucker for an upgrade, check out the Revolut Premium Plan to access even more daily benefits, including refund protection, theft & accident coverage on your purchases, ticket & event protection and 1.4% annual interest paid daily on your savings.

With Premium Plan, you’ll also enjoy FREE travel insurance including overseas medical insurance, lost baggage & delayed flight insurance and free airport lounge access with SmartDelay. And we’re not done yet! You can also earn 5% cashback on accommodation bookings through Revolut’s in-app feature, Stays. Little Miss Globetrotter has entered the chat…

{Insurance T&Cs apply}

*Valid until 28/11/2022, Terms and conditions apply
AD this article is part of a paid partnership with Revolut.