20 Ways to Spend the Month of November

With Halloween done and dusted and Michael Buble defrosting as we speak, the month of November will soon be slipping through our fingers like a silky smooth gift wrap ribbon...

Anyone else feel a little bit unnerved that the final month of 2022 is upon us, meaning Christmas is quite literally around the corner? Gulp.

With Halloween done and dusted and Michael Buble defrosting as we speak, the month of November will soon be slipping through our fingers like a silky smooth gift wrap ribbon, as 2022 nears its chaotic end. If maximising the magic of the month of November is top of your priority list, consider this list of top tier autumnal activities the peak of how you can spend the penultimate month of the year… 

  1. Scrooges of the world, get back in your box. Christmas listening starts now and we won’t hear another word about it. 
  1. Swap out Pumpkin Spice for a Baileys hot chocolate because it is literally 5pm somewhere and we must hold onto the small joys where we can.
  1. Order an electric blanket and immediately feel your life improve tenfold.
  1. Eat dinners that are described as winter warmers only! ‘Tis the season!
  1. Alternatively eat exclusively jacket potatoes and rotate your toppings of choice because 1) affordable and 2) delicious. 
  1. Wonder how early is too early to buy a box of Celebrations and give in as soon as you see them in Tesco during your weekly shop.
  1. Crack open a bottle of red as soon as the clock strikes 5pm on a Friday because what else would one drink to see in a dark November weekend? 
  1. Listen to Midnights by Taylor Swift on repeat because if anything can save our mental health it will be this album and our one true love, Ms Swift. Alexa, play Karma on repeat!
  1. Wrap up warm for a wholesome instalment of firework night and head down to a display near you, whilst simultaneously worrying about the welfare of dogs and cats up and down the country. 
  1. WFHIB aka work from home in bed for the foreseeable because the forecast is the definition of uninspiring and being forced to leave the comfort of those warm, soft layers is simply not conducive to getting sh*t done.
  1. Watch My Policeman as soon as it drops on Prime Video and find yourself dreaming of long, sun-soaked days on Brighton beach. Ugh. 
  1. Devour It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover in one sitting and immediately regret not savouring every inevitably heartbreaking chapter.  
  1. Get an autumn inspired mani and soak up the opportunity to match your outfits to the tones of the season. Life may be chaotic but at least your nails will be slaying the game. 
  1. Listen to ‘Sad Girl Autumn Bops’ as soon as the inevitable rainy days roll in and let yourself wallow in your feels for a little bit. Permission to have a dramatic main character moment, granted. 
  1. Plan a Friendsgiving and use it as the perfect excuse for an indulgent meal and 6 courses of picky bits.
  1. Head to Primark and pick up one of *the* Acne Studios scarf dupes. 
  1. Have a delightful, autumnal candle lit constantly. Firehazard, we don’t know her. 
  1. Book in your Christmas activities (we’re talking wreath making, ice skating, Christmas tree shopping and market dates) ASAP and nail down your December socialising, stat. Organised fun is very much still fun! 
  1. Watch Little Women in the ultimate pre Christmas preparation and immediately fall down a Florence and Timothée TikTok hole. 
  1.  Continue to add Campari and Sbagliato Prosecco to your Ocado order because being a basic b*tch is nothing to be ashamed of.