Black Friday Coming In Hot: The Unmissable Beauty Deals from CurrentBody

As the go-to destination for premium, home-use health and beauty tech, CurrentBody makes keeping up with your beauty admin a truly effortless experience by delivering salon-worthy results without so much as having to leave your living room.

This article is part of a paid partnership with CurrentBody.

Beauty device experts CurrentBody are not playing around with their Black Friday sale this year, with juicy discounts of up to 20% across their best-selling cult favourite products and up to 60% off other brands such as Foreo, Cloud Nine and Braun.

As the go-to destination for premium, home-use health and beauty tech, CurrentBody makes keeping up with your beauty admin a truly effortless experience by delivering salon-worthy results without so much as having to leave your living room. No last-minute appointments required. 

From the iconic LED Mask you’ve seen glowing up all over Instagram (it’s not a want, it’s a need) to the stand-out IPL device on everyone’s beauty wishlist ahead of party season, here’s a look at the best Black Friday beauty deals CurrentBody has to offer for ‘22… 

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask 

Was £279, now £223.20 with code ZOELLACB

Are you even serious about your skincare routine if you don’t have an LED mask in your repertoire? This iconic anti-ageing light therapy mask uses two combinations of light therapy to rejuvenate your complexion and improve the appearance of your skin in just 4 weeks. 

Alongside its anti-ageing benefits, it targets a variety of skin concerns including breakouts, pigmentation, rosacea and scarring. The red LED light stimulates cell renewal, which boosts the production of new collagen, whilst Near-Infrared light stimulates the wound healing cells in the skin, causing new, fresh skin to form. Penetrating deep into the skin’s surface, it boosts circulation, improves blood flow, and increases oxygen to the skin’s cells, resulting in healthier, radiant looking skin all round. 

Unlike alternative hard plastic masks, this one’s made from flexible, wipe-clean silicone, meaning it wraps perfectly around your face for ultimate comfort. Simply charge the power pack, secure the mask with the velcro straps and relax. 

Use 3 – 5 times per week for 10 minutes on cleansed, exfoliated skin et voila! Smoother, brighter, more energised skin in a flash. 

SmoothSkin Pure Fit 

Was £279, now £179 with code SSZOELLA

If you’re in the market for painless, fuss-free hair removal, look no further than SmoothSkin Pure Fit from the world’s #1 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal brand. It has all the power and speed of the original device, now with a handy detachable precision head for use on smaller areas like the lip, bikini line, toes and more. 

With 3 different settings including power mode for the highest energy output, speed mode for larger areas and top ups, and gentle mode for those sensitive areas, the device makes it easy to personalise your hair removal experience. It also boasts an Intelligent Smart Skin sensor that automatically selects the light intensity best suited to your skin tone, taking the guesswork out of your at-home treatment. 

Across 3,000 clinical treatments, 86% saw less hair in under a month – with stats like that, you’ll be smooth as a Sphynx come Christmas. Shaving? We don’t know her.

Use once a week for 12 weeks, then top up every 1-2 months. 

LED Eye Perfector

Was £199, now £159.20 with code ZOELLACB

There’s nothing wrong with characterful crow’s feet but if you want a helping hand to rejuvenate tired-looking eyes in time for party season, then the LED Eye Perfector is just the thing. 

This magical gadget combines 4 LED wavelengths – amber, red, deep red and near-infrared – to stimulate collagen production, triggering skin cells to regenerate and repair. Focusing on the delicate area around your eyes, it diminishes dark circles, eye bags, crow’s feet, brow furrows and 11 lines aka frown lines. Top tip: pop on a Hydrogel Face Mask under the device to enhance light penetration and supercharge your results. 

To use, clean the skin and pat dry. Apply a pea-sized amount of the CurrentBody Green Tea Eye Cream around your eyes (also included), pop the LED Eye Protector over the eyes and switch on. Run for 3 minutes at which point it’ll turn off automatically. Follow up with another application of the Green Tea Eye Cream and you’re done. 

For best results, repeat 6 times a week. 

LED Lip Perfector 

Was £299, now £269.10 with code ZOELLA10

Once again harnessing the power of LED light therapy, the Lip Perfector targets fine lines, thinness, smile lines, faded lips and nasal-labial lines, delivering a plumper, fuller pout that’s guaranteed to elevate your makeup looks for mistletoe and wine season. 

As the first ever wearable LED treatment of its kind, it provides a painless and innovative way to enhance your pout without injectables, combining 4 unique LED light wavelengths in just the right amount to give the biggest impact in just 3 minutes. If you have lip filler, this is also the perfect at-home treatment to enhance your results.

Use the LED Lip Perfector for 3 minutes per day, for full results in 8 weeks. Mwah!

Nira Laser

Was £299, now £269.10 with code ZOELLA10

They say beauty is pain but with the Nira Laser on your side, pain, redness and downtime are a thing of the past. 

As we age, the body’s natural collagen production begins to slow, causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. Enter the Nira. A favourite amongst dermatologists, the precision laser visibly reverses the impact of ageing in just 60 days. Using non-fractional (on the entire surface area) laser technology, it gently heats the dermis of the skin, kick-starting the natural production of collagen without damaging the upper layers and rejuvenating your complexion from the inside out. It’s safe to use all over your face but it’s particularly effective at targeting the eye and mouth area. 

With the treatment taking up just 2 minutes of your day, it’s easy to fit in a cheeky lunch hour laser session, all from the comfort of your own living room. What a time to be alive. 

NuFace Mini Facial Toner

Was £175, now £99 with code ZOELLA5

Petite, portable and powerful, this mini facial toning gadget will supercharge your skincare routine with as little as 5 minutes use per day. 

Dubbed the five-minute workout for your face, the NuFace Mini Facial Toner harnesses gentle microcurrent technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and repair skin. By mimicking your body’s natural current, it encourages your muscles to contract and release, helping to tone, lift and contour. As we age, the body’s natural current slows down, leading to sagging skin, muscle laxity, loss of contour and increased wrinkles. The NuFace Mini improves muscle tone, decreases skin wrinkling and increases the skin’s microcirculation to boost skin radiance and promote a more toned and lifted complexion. 

To use, simply cleanse the skin with an oil-free cleanser to remove any makeup and impurities. Then apply the Hydrating Aqua Gel primer in a good mask-like layer – this is needed in order for the current to penetrate the skin effectively. Turn on the device and select the intensity. Working from the front to the back of the neck, glide it onto the skin until the device beeps. Repeat 3 times. Repeat the process across the jawline, cheek and forehead, being sure to add the primer to each area before treatment. Et voila! Pain-free results within 2 months. 

Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer

Was £329, now £296.10 with code ZOELLA10

Say ta-ta to split ends, frizz and breakage! Drying your hair needn’t be damaging with the infrared light and cool air-powered Zuvi. Dry your hair naturally at lower temperatures thanks to the patented LightCare technology that dries the surface of your hair whilst protecting its internal moisture for shinier, softer and healthier locks. As for anyone with colour-treated hair, you can enjoy your fresh colour for longer since the Zuvi’s lower temps help to prevent colour fading. It’s also 5 X more energy efficient than the average hair dryer, so you can rest assured you’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Hair wash day with the Zuvi > hair wash day with an average hair dryer. 

Clarisonic Mia Prima 

Was £89, now £74 with code ZOELLACLARI

Love the clean girl aesthetic but simply not cut out for the maintenance? Because same. Enter the fuss-free Clarisonic Mia, aka a lazy girl’s bestie. Designed for simple cleansing, the Mia Prima works with the skin’s natural elasticity to effectively remove dirt, oil, impurities, sunscreen and even long-wear makeup – the perfect companion for the season of glitz and glamour. The sonic cleansing brush is 6 X more effective than hands alone, improving skin’s radiance while refining pores and allowing products to absorb deeper in the skin dermis. Spa-level cleansing from the comfort of your own home, in 60 seconds? The flannel will quite literally never be seen again. 

Dermaflash Luxe Facial Exfoliation and Peach Fuzz Removal Device 

Was £180, now £162 with code ZOELLA10

For superior exfoliation and a painless peach fuzz removal experience, look no further than the Dermaflash Luxe. Recommended by leading dermatologists, this handy device enables your skincare to work harder for you by removing the top layer of dull skin and peach fuzz, taking away the barrier to product penetration. Contrary to popular myth, your peach fuzz won’t return with a vengeance, get darker or thicker. In fact, it is clinically proven that it will not grow back any differently than it did prior to using the Dermaflash. Radiant, smooth, glowing skin for Black Friday? We’re sold.