All the Reasons You Need to Watch Netflix’s Wednesday, Like, Right Now

Your favourite snarky goth is the entire 2022 *moment* but if you need any further persuasion to watch the best spin-off series on TV, keep reading.

Tim Burton directs this deliciously dark, jauntily macabre series in which the kooky, spooky Wednesday Addams takes centre stage. And trust us when we say, you’ll be rooting for the smart, sarcastic, deadpan little storm cloud right from the beginning. 

Your favourite snarky goth is the entire 2022 *moment* but if you need any further persuasion to watch the best spin-off series on TV, keep reading.

1. It’s a bit like Riverdale, only good. If you like the monster on the loose in the forest trope. 

2. Catherine Deta-Jones is flawless as Morticia, flawless we say. The way she wafts around the school grounds is iconic. She is forever serving bad bitch energy and we love her for it. 

3. Just watch it for the plot. The plot being: ahem, Tyler. 

4. THING is the star of the show. Particularly when he’s in his tiny party hat. 

5. The school is called Nevermore. That’s it, that’s the tweet. 

6. Jenna Ortega (Jane the Virgin) is a queen and we won’t hear any different. 

7. You’ll wrongfully hope Wednesday and Tyler are end game. 

8. The Rave’N Dance scene in episode 4 will turn you into a teenage goo goo muck. 

9. PS you should know, Ortega choreographed that on her OWN. 

10. It’s worth watching just for Wednesday’s classic-example-of-female-objectification-for-the-male-gaze dress. Truly an 11/10 ‘fit. 

11. Wednesday is a little bit dead inside but that’s exactly what makes her so watchable. 

12. It’s full of iconic lines like, “Look at my favourite little death trap” (context: Gomez talking to his daughter, Wednesday)

13. It’s got that secret society mystery vibe. 

14. No one in the Addams family blinks and that’s pretty endearing, if a little creepy in an admirable way. 

15. The bespectacled redhead Ms Thornhill (aka dorm mum…) is played by the original Wednesday from The Addams Family in the 90s, Christina Ricci. How’s that for casting! 

16. It will make you want to get a fringe for Christmas…

17. And possibly learn to play the cello / oversized violin. 

18. Every single character is amazing. There’s no room for dead wood at Nevermore Academy. 

19. It’s got all the Halloween outfit inspo you could need for 2023. Grim Reaper Barbie, Hyde, Joseph Crackstone, here you come.

20. Wednesday’s reaction to watching Legally Blonde = priceless. 

21. “I’m not used to people engaging with me” not Wednesday summarising how everyone feels in a post-covid world. Iconic retorts are what she does best. 

22. It’s already one of the most-watched shows of 2022, surpassing Stranger Things Season 4 as ‘Most Watched English-Language Series In A Week.’ 

23. Bianca Barclay played by Joy Sunday is stunning in every scene. 

24. You’ll be ready to fight till the end for #Wenclair.

25. It’s the ultimate whodunit.

26. You’ll want to protect Eugene, Wednesday’s beekeeping pal, at all costs. Hummers stick together. 

27. Her novel? Would read. 

28. Wednesday does actually have friends. Really good friends. 

29. Reason 29: Enid in her wolf era. 

30. *That* hug. The final episode is nothing short of a tear jerking masterpiece. Next semester can’t come quick enough.