15 Ways to Get Your Camembert Fix This Christmas 

If you’re looking for a way to reinvent the camembert wheel this Christmas, then you’ve landed in the right place because CheeseTok has been good to us this year, inspiring creative recipes aplenty.

Christmas won’t be Christmas without any camembert, or so the famous first line in Little Women goes…

This gorgeously gooey baked cheese is a dinner party classic, and for good reason! Whether it’s served as a mini-fondue on a grazing board ready for guests to tuck in with hunks of toasted sourdough, an elite starter flavoured with fresh rosemary and garlic, or the star in show of a picky bits tea, this humble cheese can take the most vanilla of dinner plans and transform them into a festive feast. 

If you’re looking for a way to reinvent the camembert wheel this Christmas, then you’ve landed in the right place because CheeseTok has been good to us this year, inspiring creative recipes aplenty. From truffle-flavoured creations to pigs in blankets pasta wheels and cranberry and camembert pastry twists, consider this the only inspo you need to make sure you take the crown for hostess with the mostest this Christmas. 

Baked Camembert With Honey & Chilli

A classic throw-in-the-oven, minimal effort dish is a busy hostess’s best friend, and this chilli and honey baked camembert is as 10/10 delicious as it is easy. Simply score your camembert, add some sprigs of rosemary and drizzle with honey and chilli flakes before baking, and prepare to wow. Serve with toasted sourdough, crackers or a slice of fluffy focaccia and enjoy the most moreish starter you’ll be thinking about for days afterwards. Find the recipe on Lindsey’s website here.

Camembert Sandwich

The sandwich of all sandwiches, consider this the most elite lunch choice you can make throughout the festive season. Melted between a toasted crusty loaf or bagel, this summery take on a Christmas classic features strawberries, blueberries and a generous drizzle of balsamic glaze that’s sure to have your tastebuds dancing. 

Caramelised Camembert Potato Fondue

If there were two things in this world that we simply never tire of, let it be known it’s cheese and potatoes. This god tier recipe is one that combines the best bits of both, with a base of caramelised onions and creamy mash, topped with half a camembert, sprigs of rosemary, cloves of garlic and a drizzle of honey for the perfect mix of sweetness and tanginess. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, make sure it’s placed at your end of the table at dinner…


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Truffle Baked Camembert Cheese

Elevate your camembert with a shaved truffle finish (*chef’s kiss*) and the most elite means of taking a traditional Christmas starter from predictable to perfection. Made all the better by the addition of a generous portion of confit garlic, this dish is one of few ingredients but guaranteed to have your guests requesting it time and time again. 

Camembert Spaghetti

Two words. Camembert Spaghetti- we’re sold. Once again made all the more delicious by the addition of copious amounts of garlic, this creamy spaghetti dish is comfort food central and one that’s perfect for December when your fridge is packed with an eclectic mix of ingredients that don’t exactly make a cohesive meal. With minimal ingredients, this pasta dish feels like a step up from your go-to pesto pasta with all the same comforting qualities. Midweek dinners just got all the more delicious. 


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Camembert Croissant Sandwich

Sweet and savoury marry perfectly in this croissant sandwich, stepping up from the classic cheddar and ham filling with a combination that’s sure to become a staple of your festive brunch menus. With a generous jam base, melted camembert middle and chopped walnut topping, the mix of textures and flavours elevate this breakfast choice and make it the perfect Christmas morning combination that’s guaranteed to impress the in-laws. 

Pesto Baked Camembert

Speaking of pesto, this baked camembert with twisted pesto pastry is a tear and share dream, creating the perfect centrepiece for Boxing Day ‘picky bits’ in a way that wows. To make it even easier, purchase pre-rolled pastry and simply cut and twist in an impressive but surprisingly easy to replicate design, and hey presto (or should we say pesto?), you’ve created a God tier recipe in less than 10 minutes. Experiment with sundried tomato or spiced pestos for a warming kick and enjoy in front of your seventh re-run of The Holiday of the festive season. 

Chipotle Honey Baked Camembert

Realistically cheese goes well with most things, but add a little chipotle sauce, fresh spring onions and a generous dose of honey and you may well have just created food heaven. With the perfect warming kick for a cold and crisp winter’s day, pair this spiced and saucy camembert with an equally delicious crusty loaf and prepare to welcome in your new foodie obsession. 

Rosemary and Garlic Camembert with Fluffy Bread Balls 

If your dreams are often consumed by Pizza Express’ dreamy dough balls (same), look no further than this recipe for an at-home version of their doughy dynamic but bigger and better. With a honey and rosemary roasted camembert at the centre of this delicious sharing showstopper, take a dreamy December afternoon to prepare a batch of these fluffy and moreish bread rolls (it’s easier than you think) and enjoy them with a delightfully cheesy centrepiece or with a leftover Turkey and stuffing filling too. Bellissimo!  


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Super Easy Garlic Camembert Boat

Christmas calls for cheese and carbs on the hour every hour, and what better way to honour that tradition than with a camembert baked tiger bloomer? Stuffed with not one but two baked camembert rounds for double the joy and drizzled in oozy garlic rosemary butter, it’s a yuletide delicacy sure to please the crowds. And there’s no danger of any vampires coming anywhere near you – it’s a win win.

Camembert & Cranberry Twists

Want a bit of crunch with your camembert? Enter camembert and cranberry twists, baked to perfection and ready to share ‘n’ tear in 20 minutes flat. To make, simply roll out your Jus-Rol pastry and cut into two circles. Spread your first circle with a generous layer of spicy cranberry sauce, place your camembert wheel in the middle and then place your second layer of pastry over the top. Seal the edges with a fork to secure the layers and cut slices into the pastry ready to make your twists. Beat one egg and egg wash the whole pastry. Once complete, twist each of your sections into place and bake for 20 minutes until golden. 

Cut the top off the top ready for dipping and dig in! Praise be, PastryTok. If you fancy adding a side of ‘health’, serve alongside a portion of crunchy crudités for a fresh palate cleanser between the puff pastry. 

Camembert Baked Potato

If there’s one woman who never fails to come *through* with those convenient 10/10 recipes, it’s Poppy. Take your week-night Jacky P dinner and make it festive with this cheesy, caramelised red onion dreamboat, studded with garlic and seasoned to perfection. Yes. Please.


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Pigs In Blankets Camembert Pasta Wheels

Meet the holiday hybrid we didn’t know we needed. Pigs in blankets are a firm favourite at Christmas time so combining them with cheese and carbs is nothing short of culinary genius. Plate it up and shovel it into your merry mouth at your earliest convenience.  Merry dirty dinner December, one and all. 


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Honey & Camembert On Ciabatta 

For all the times you’re craving a Pret-level Christmas sarnie but cba to venture outside, consider this honey and cam ciabatta your lazy work-from-home lunch of dreams. Winter warmer? Completed it pal. 


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Camembert Wagyu Burger

For a holly, jolly Christmas look no further than this deep fried camembert wheel. This mammoth C-Bert creation is not for the faint of heart as it calls for an entire wheel of cheese, sandwiched between layers of caramelised onion and a wagyu burger. Admittedly, there’s a lot going on but if you’re B-I-G on cheese, then this maximalist meat feast is as God-tier as it gets. Note to self: there’s no way to eat this gracefully, so prepare to have a cheese-coated soul at the end of this . Villain mode: activated. 


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