Our Festive Lush Picks

Can you smell it, can ya? Christmas is in the air and we are ready to bathe in jolly holiday scented waters asap. And who better to handle our bathtime business than the holy grail of all shower and tub-related pleasures, Lush Cosmetics.

This post contains gifted items

You see, one doesn’t simply just shop at Lush. One sniffs every bath bomb, every bubble bar, every bath oil in the vicinity before leaving in a puff of gold glitter, eager to get home and wallow in a spa-like ambience.

From affordable gifts-to-self to sweet-smelling stocking fillers for the nearest and dearest, here’s a run through of the Lush products floating our boats this Christmas.

Elf Bomb Bomb

Son of a nutcracker, it’s like Buddy the Elf in bath bomb form. This naughty but nice blend of cinnamon leaf, ginger and grapefruit is sure to give your bath a Christmassy spruce up.

Penguin Bomb Bomb

Banish the Winter blues and step into arctic blue

Banish the Winter blues and step into arctic blue waters with a candy popping penguin pal for company. Whether you add his top, his bottom or both, this fizzy fella and his happy feet will make your bath go off with a bang fo’ sure.

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly

Because why wouldn’t you want to shower with Santa’s belly, given the chance? If you’ve ever wondered what the merry man’s tum smells like, it’s a mix of star anise, uplifting nerolii, apple and grape. Whatdoyaknow, good ol’ St Nick likes his bath-time fruity and so do we, SO DO WE.

Santa Reusable Bubble Bar

Transform your bath into a Winter wonderland with this cheery reusable bubble bar. Simply dip it into your bath water, swirl it around and hop in. When you’re done, leave it out to dry and re-use again and again.

Retro Tree Bath Melt Tablet

Take your bath from boring to babbin’

Branch out this year and take your bath from boring to babbin’ with the silky soft Retro Tree bath melt – just as soon as you’re done adorning your Christmas tree with it that is. Break off a piece of the tablet to melt in the tub or give it a swish in the water before you dip your feet in.

If you’re in the market for a luxurious soak, then you just might be barking up the right tree on this one.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Plop this carefully-wrapped mini gift into your bath for an explosion of majestic colour and shimmer. Sit back, relax and celebrate the festivities with a jolly good soaking.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

This dotty orb is guaranteed to make you feel merry and bright. Enjoy the fresh and uplifting scent of bergamot oil and fruity blackcurrant absolute as this sweet creation washes away your worries and woes. When it comes to drawing your Christmas Eve bath, you won’t be able to resist this pink and playful pudd.

Snow Fairy Soap

Lather up with this candy-sweet rapeseed and coconut oil hand and body soap bar. Infused with the power of marshmallow root, it’ll have you smelling better than a confectionary aisle.

Yog Nog Naked Shower Gel

Who needs packaging when going naked feels this good?

Pudding lovers, here’s one you’ll love. Creamy and comforting, Yog Nog fills the room with the warming scent of clove and ylang ylang. Plastic-free and packed with softening soya yoghurt, who needs packaging when going naked feels this good?

What are your favourite products from the Lush Christmas collection?