Easy Iced Easter Biscuits

Easter and sweet treats go hand in hand and we're not about to pass up on the opportunity to go ham on a foodie tradition.

Easter and sweet treats go hand in hand and we’re not about to pass up on the opportunity to go ham on a foodie tradition. Not when there are bunny-shaped biscuits to be had, for crying out loud.

Whether you’re hosting a family lunch and want fancy-schmancy homemade bakes for pudding, or you want something fun to do with the kids, these Easter-themed biscuits are a delicious alternative to traditional chocolate eggs. You can even hang them on your Easter tree for a pretty darn edible table centrepiece if your guests have enough willpower to sit and stare at them until dessert’s up, that is.

Taken from an original recipe featured in Cordially Invited, these decorative delights are bound to put a hop in your step. Let’s get cracking on the recipe!


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees / 170 fan oven / gas mark 5

Separate the egg white from the yolk and set aside for the icing. Cream the butter, icing sugar, vanilla and egg yolk together in a bowl or a stand mixer and add in the flour gradually until it’s all combined. Press the dough together, wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Line a baking try with non-stick baking paper and dust your work surface with flour, ready for the dough. Using a floured rolling pin, roll out half the dough until it’s approximately 5mm thick.

Using your Easter themed cookie cutters, cut out your biscuit shapes and carefully transfer them to the baking tray. If you’d like to use the biscuits as hanging decorations, take a drinking straw and punch a hole in the top of each biscuit, leaving enough space around the top so it can hold the weight of the decoration.

Bake the first batch for around 10-12 minutes until golden brown and leave to cool on the tray until firm. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Add another sheet of baking paper to the baking tray and use the remaining dough to make another batch, using up all the cut offs as you go. Bake as above.

In a bowl, mix together the icing sugar with the egg white and two teaspoons of cold water if the consistency is looking a little too thick.

Divide the icing into separate bowls adding food colouring of your choice to each one – we’ve gone for seasonal pastel colours. Stir vigorously and add in a few more drops if you want the colour to really pop.

Spoon the icing into separate piping bags fitted with thin nozzles / cut a tiny hole at the end and pipe onto your biscuits. If you don’t have any piping bags to hand, sandwich bags with the corner snipped off work just as well.

Finish decorating your Easter biscuits with sprinkles and whatever else your heart so desires!