Halloween Cocktail Ideas

You've got your costume sorted, there's a faux spider's web hanging from every corner and spooky snacks piled high in cauldrons. Now it's time to serve the sauce!

Halloween celebrations might look a bit different this year due to the one who shall not be named but these freakishly good cocktails will keep your spirits high, even if you’re taking part in witching happy hour from home.

You’ve got your costume sorted, there’s a faux spider’s web hanging from every corner and spooky snacks piled high in cauldrons. Now it’s time to serve the sauce!

Gather round ghoul-friends – abiding by the rule of six of course – it’s time to quench your thirst with these bewitching brews.

Witch, Please

A wintry spin on the classic Screwdriver cocktail. The blue curacao is what lends this zesty tipple its enchanting green hue, making it the perfect Halloween beverage to serve to your ghoul-sisters in high ball glasses.

You will need: 2 Shots Vodka, 1 Shot Blue Curacao, 2 cups of Orange juice, Edible shimmer and sugar to decorate rim of glass

• In a cocktail shaker, add ice and pour in all the liquid ingredients. Shake until combined.

• On a plate, spread out enough sugar to cover the surface, and sprinkle out the edible glitter. Using a lemon, take your serving glasses and coat the rim in the lemon juice. Turn the glass rim-side down on the plate and coat the edges in sugar.

• Pour and serve your cocktails!

Creep It Real

If prosecco is usually your party beverage of choice then this sparkling number might be your spirit animal in cocktail form. Vivid, eerie and irresistibly sweet, it’s the closest thing to sippin’ on witches brew IRL.

You will need: 2 Shots Apple Vodka, 1 Shot Chambord, 1 Shot Grenadine syrup, 1 Shot Blue Curaçao, Prosecco

• Mix all the ingredients minus the Prosecco in a shaker. Pour into your glasses and top up with Prosecco for a perfectly sparkly drink!

Break Up With Your Ghoulfriend

A very drinkable hot apple cider simmered with fragrant spices and packed with flavour. It’s the perfect winter warmer to welcome your cronies with. Less scary, more soothing on the soul and best enjoyed with a sheet mask and a movie marathon.

You Will Need: 1 ltr Dry Cider, 7 tbsp Calvados, Apple juice, 75g dark brown sugar, 1 Orange (zested and sliced), 4 whole cloves, 2 cinnamon sticks, broken in half

• Add all the ingredients to a pan. Bring it to the boil and then turn to a gentle simmer for 5 minutes to allow the spices and fruit to infuse with the liquid. Serve and enjoy whilst hot, in mugs garnished with fresh orange slices.

Will you be giving these festive cocktails a go? Let us know which is your favourite below!