What Is Yoni Mapping & How Do You Do It?

If you’ve never heard of it, or have heard of it but assumed it was some sort of bougie personalised horoscope subscription, you’d be forgiven because this sacred and sensual bodywork remains relatively underexplored.

What do you get if you combine self-pleasure with self-care? Yoni mapping – the compass of all compasses.

If you’ve never heard of it, or have heard of it but assumed it was some sort of bougie personalised horoscope subscription, you’d be forgiven because this sacred and sensual bodywork remains relatively underexplored. Much like periods, clitoral orgasms, perimenopause, endometriosis… we’ll wrap it up there for today before we burst into flames.

Perhaps the very mention of a ‘Yoni’ was enough to leave you fully flummoxed, in which case you’re about to be pleasantly surprised, enlightened and, if we’re doing our job right, sexually empowered. If you leave this tab feeling like your vagina is anything less than a temple full of intricate treasure trails and pathways to glory, then please do give us hell.

What is Yoni Mapping?

Simply put, Yoni mapping (also called Yoni therapy or Yoni massage) is a mindful vaginal massage – like a gentle guided tour of your pleasure-giving capital, specifically channelled through touch and pressure.

Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for the entire female genitalia and reproductive system and loosely translates as sacred space. As a principle, Yoni mapping goes way back and its main goal is to reconnect people with their vulvas, awaken pleasure through healing and release trauma. Like tantric therapy for your vulva, if you like.

Its purpose is centred around healing, self-awareness and honour, and although it can lead to orgasm, that’s never the primary intention. It’s like a very happy accident if it happens but in truth, you’re more likely to cry or laugh, maybe even fart, than experience a full body-shaking O.

Far greater than a steamy massage meant to puff up your clitoris like a frilled lizard, it explores a deeper connection between our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual self. Much like a full body massage relieves stress and tension in our muscles and soft tissue, the same applies to our yonis.

Women and vagina-having people need to nurture a healthier relationship with our vaginas; one steeped in love and care and without any shame, expectation or pressure of arousal or orgasm. We all know how disconnected we are from our own bodies and Yoni mapping is one golden Willy Wonka-esque ticket to help us reclaim our pleasure power and discover a better understanding of what feels good for us. Really, name a better way to love yourself. We’ll wait.

Our bodies are masters at storing unprocessed emotion and our Yonis? They could write a book about it. Heartbreak, guilt, fear, resentment and grief, you name it, the Yoni keeps score. This can then lead to a whole host of issues from muscle tension to numbness, pelvic sensitivity, penetration discomfort, dryness, lack of orgasms, chronic pain, disconnection and shame. Yoni mapping sets out to recalibrate that energy and reclaim our sacred space.

So, let’s get down to the question on everybody’s lips, how exactly do you map your Yoni?

How to map your yoni

FYI you can give yourself a Yoni massage, or it can be done by a partner or a professional therapist. Here, we’re going to be talking about self-Yoni mapping.

Yoni mapping starts in the mind, by opening the heart and letting go of any judgements and expectations you have of your body, or attachments to certain outcomes of self-pleasure.

Connect with your breath

Using your breath fully lets your body know that it’s ok to let go and become receptive. Deep, slow, belly breaths will help you to remain in your heart space, rather than your anxious head space.


You know what they say, never skip breakfast or a vagina warm up. You can’t cut corners when it comes to the vagina, she needs mood, a safe space, candles, relaxation and a preferably a playlist featuring Frank Ocean. Spend some time massaging your body before working down to your Yoni. Remember, this is not about blasting into orgasm, it’s about connecting with body beyond the sexual and tuning into self-awareness.

Set your intention for your session

Just like any other form of self-care, be it journaling, yoga or breathwork, go into it with a clear idea of what you want to get out of your practice. It then becomes more than just fingering with a fancy name, allowing you to move past the physical into mindfulness and the spiritual purpose of your Yoni time. Even if your intention is simply to show up for your sexuality, to allow yourself to be vulnerable in your own body or to reconnect with your vagina after childbirth.

Once the brain has entered the chat (and you’ve had a wee!), it’s onto the internal self-mapping part…


Once you’re comfortably lubricated (a good quality coconut oil seems to be a firm favourite), insert either your finger, a Yoni wand or dildo 2cms into your Yoni. Imagine your vagina is a clock face with the 12 o’clock being your pubic bone, the opening representing the centre and 6 o’clock being at the bottom, pointing towards the anus. Start at the 12 ‘o clock position, holding your finger or dildo in place for a few moments to see what comes up for you.

Continue to work around the yoni in a clockwise motion, taking the time to pause and breathe in the places that feel sensitive. You might want to give these areas a little gentle massage when you’re there. If emotions arise, let them come. Receive them and let them flow with the power of your breath, like you’re working out a knot in your shoulders with your exhale.

Listen to your body

This is a deep dive into you and a real integration of the mind, heart and vagina, therefore you might experience physical pain, pleasure, numbness and strong emotions throughout your practice. Notice the sensations, words, reactions or sounds that find you – if you begin to feel aroused or fearful, pause, breathe through it and tune into your intention to distribute that energy elsewhere.

Reflection & introspection

After your Yoni mapping session, you might feel like you’re in a good head and heart space to write down some thoughts. If that’s you, pick up your journal and your pen and get it down on paper. Much like any other massage, you’ll want to take the rest of the day slowly, sitting with the emotions and sensations that came up and granting yourself the permission to stay in the present. Your Yoni mapping session magic doesn’t end when the clock strikes 12. Use the rest of your me time to rest and channel self-love, whether that be reading a book, meditation or indulging in the art of doing nothing. Bathe in it.

Ready to explore the landscape of your vagina, reclaim your sacred space and discover your innate sexual magic? Go map it out!