Jewellery We’re Obsessing Over

This week the team are running through the classic and contemporary jewellery pieces on our current wish list, showcasing the best of the best from indie and small online businesses that nail this market so well.

The creme de la creme of any outfit: jewellery. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist or somewhere in between dresser, the final touches of a sentimental ring or fun statement earring never go amiss in finishing off an outfit with some added extra flame emojis. Brands such as Gucci have championed a ‘more is more’ approach to styling jewellery in recent years, and piling on the rings, beaded bracelets and layering necklaces has never been cooler.

The pandemic and earlier lockdowns were partly responsible for this shift towards trends such as resin rings and kitsch, colourful styles, with everyone and their mum ordering beads and thread galore via Amazon Prime to pass the time and create something totally unique. Y2K nostalgia is truly alive and well!

This week the team are running through the classic and contemporary jewellery pieces on our current wish list, showcasing the best of the best from indie and small online businesses that nail this market so well. If you’re in need of an injection of fun to be added into your styling repertoire, look no further.


I am a lazy jewellery wearer but LOVE jewellery! It’s one of those things that is always a last minute decision when getting ready in the mornings and I definitely don’t put in the time to properly think about which pieces of jewellery compliment an outfit/which should I wear that day. So once I’ve put something on, it usually stays on or is repeatedly worn for weeks or months on end before I get bored or realise I have other lovely jewellery I could wear or layer together. I like a lot of classic bits and some of my favourite pieces have definitely been from Carrie Elizabeth, Missoma & Estee Lalonde Gold Goddess Collection with Daisy London!

*Missoma, Short Beaded Necklace, £129 | *Missoma, Flat Snake Chain Necklace, £198 | Carrie Elizabeth, Simple Star Set Diamond Band In Gold Vermeil, £90 | Carrie Elizabeth, Dainty White Topaz Star Chain In Gold Vermeil, £100 | *Daisy Jewellery, Estée Lalonde Wavy Snake Chain Necklace 18ct Gold Plate, £109 | *Daisy Jewellery, Estée Lalonde Goddess Glow Hoop Earrings 18Ct Gold Plate, £119


I love myself some beaded jewellery, just find it’s super nostalgic and I like that really playful jewellery has made a comeback, very 2000’s! I recently bought these beaded necklaces from a lovely Etsy shop called Jessie’s Happy Wave, her pieces are so bloody cute and customisable as well! Also, is anyone else obsessed with Millie’s Sagittarius necklace? Cause same, so best believe I’ve ordered myself a Gemini one. Lastly, I am obsessed with large gold hoops and I wear these ones from Missoma nearly every day as they go with so many outfits.

*Etsy, Custom Y2K Beaded Necklace Personalised Necklace, £13.50 | *Etsy, Smiley Pearl Necklace | Choker, £11 | *Etsy, Zodiac Necklace for Astrology Lovers Pendant, £24.38 | *Missoma, Medium Molten Hoop Earrings, £115


When it comes to my relationship with jewellery the phrase “buy cheap, buy twice” has never been more true. I’ve gone through countless multi-packs of earrings and rings and I’m pretty sure I lost or broke them all within a matter of months. I now try and spend a bit more on good quality jewellery that won’t stain my skin, pieces I love so much I could never lose them. I’ve picked out a few things I like from my favourite brands, Carrie Elizabeth has beautiful rings, I can’t stop thinking about this rose quartz one! Astrid and Miyu offer lovely dainty bits and this necklace is perfect if you’re wanting to buy into the colourful jewellery trend but keep it classic this is perfect. In the Frow’s collaboration with Edge of Ember is lovely especially the pearl pieces. I recently came across Junk Jewels on Instagram and love their colourful stones embedded in gold.

Junk Jewels, Kaleidoscope Disco Hoop Earrings, £26 | *Edge of Ember, Inthefrow Tahiti Pearl Bracelet, £155 | *Astrid & Miyu, Spectrum Necklace in Gold, £79 | Carrie Elizabeth, Georgia Rose Quartz & White Topaz Ring In Gold Vermeil, £80


I’m loving all the resin 90s sweetshop style rings making a comeback at the moment, they looks so good stacked up with nail art. I’m also a huge fan of classics like Wolf & Badger, Merjuri and Daphne for elevated jewellery you can wear with anything.

*Etsy, Retro Chunky Daisy Rings, £13.50 | La Manso, Supernova, £49.99 | *Wolf & Badger, Unlucky Horseshoe Ring, £160 | Mejuri, Dôme Ring, £60 | Daphine, THIN OLI RING, £60


I’m so bad at remembering to put on jewellery and also I lose it after 3 wears, but I’m trying to be better. I’ve brought a few nice bits recently and I’m just trying to wear the same ones every day until I get into the swing of it. My absolutely favourites are my ring I made with the CAST experience guys and a necklace my best friend brought me of hands pinky promising. They are both mean so much to me so I know I’ll take care of them.

*Etsy, Hand Gestures Necklace £35.22 | Cast, Bespoke Jewellery Making Kit, £29 | *Missoma, Mini Helical Hoop Earrings, £39 | Carrie Elizabeth, Hexagon Opal Ring In Gold Vermeil, £90


I’m SUCH a big jewellery person so I never have any issue finding jewellery I like- if anything there’s too many pieces I want to add to my collection because I have dreams of being as extra and blinged up as Mr Styles himself. A Gucci king I think we all aspire to be a bit more like. Mejuri is a brand I come back to time and time again for high quality pieces that don’t break the bank, and their Charlotte collection is chef’s kiss if I do say so myself. I’m very much a gold jewellery person, hence the theme of these picks- I think it’s just so classy and grown up! Junk Jewels is a more affordable brand that does gorgeousssss pieces too and is great for building up your collection.

Mejuri, Large Croissant Dôme Hoops, £140 | Marah Cotta, the smiley pearl ring, £24 | Seol + Gold, Compass Star Signet Ring, £29.95 | Junk Jewels, Moonstone Heart Hoop Earrings, £26 | Junk Jewels, Kaleidoscope Disco Chain Bracelet, £28

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