Sex Toys, Banana Bread Perfume & Bridgerton: We Present Our Most Memorable Articles From 2021!

Whether it be the sex toys you need in your life, everything you need to know about PCOS and Endo, period pant reviews, manicure ideas or the sex scenes to hit play on when porn fails you, here’s a look at the articles you’ve loved clicking on this year. 

PSA: 2019 is three whole whopping years ago and we are encouraging anyone who has any information on where those 36 months went to come forward immediately. 

Call it what you will – a distraction tactic or dissociation maybe – but we intend to hold onto 2021 for a tad longer by harking back at the top articles you have loved reading this year. 

Throughout lingering lockdowns, tier restrictions and parliamentary piss ups, we’ve loved bringing you content that matters and we hope Zoella will continue to be a welcoming digital home, stocked up with escapism, entertainment, empowerment and education through 2022 and beyond. 

Whether it be the sex toys you need in your life, everything you need to know about PCOS and Endo, period pant reviews, all the thoughts and feelings we had whilst watching Bridgerton, interviews with OnlyFans creators, manicure ideas or the sex scenes to hit play on when porn fails you, here’s a look at the articles you’ve loved clicking on this year. 

The Best Sex Toys To Spice Up Your Life in 2021

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And spice things up they did! Who could forget the viral sex toys article that made headline news? It shouldn’t have been a big deal but the fact that it was just confirmed exactly why the gaping orgasm gap exists in the first place. In the absence of widely available inclusive, safe and equal sex education, we hope we can continue to be a platform that empowers a generation to understand and embrace their sexual identity unapologetically. 

All The Thoughts & Feelings We Had Whilst Watching Bridgerton

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We hate to be dramatic, but the Duke of Hastings was the best thing to cum out of 2020, perhaps the best thing to happen to us ever. It was the talk of The Ton last Christmas! Naturally, in true Lady Whistledown style, we had some thoughts we had to unpack as a matter of urgency and after watching the series a grand total of five times (for research purposes), it’s safe to say we will never look at a spoon nor a ladder in the same way again. Make haste, season 2! 

Our April Fool’s Day Banana Bread & Loungewear Perfume 

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Gotcha! In third place was our April fool’s day prank when we literally took the lockdown mood of the nation and bottled it. For those of you who were genuinely upset this wasn’t a real scent you could swipe up on, well we’ll see what we can do… 

Let’s Talk About Clitoral Orgasms 

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The clitoris ranking at number four – we love to see it! 

This article was really an ode to the clitoris and every one of its 8,000 nerve endings. From the best positions for clitoral stimulation to myth busting and breaking down the anatomy (the clitoris is mega in more ways than one), it’s all in there. 

What is Ethical Porn And How to Change Your Watching Habits

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Klaxon: porn produced for the male gaze just ain’t cutting it. If mainstream porn leaves you feeling some type of way (read: anything but fulfilled) this is your cue to explore the wonderful world of guilt-free ethical porn and adult erotica. Think consent, an accurate representation of sex, intimacy coordinators, fair pay, different body types, sexualities and races, disabilities, fantasies by women written for women, directed by women, produced by women. Celebrate genuine pleasure and explore a world of porn that’s not rooted in exploitation and misogyny. Here. For. It. 

6 Celebrity Summer Salads You Need to Make Now

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Who knew so many of us were invested in the lettuce habits of Hollywood. From Emma Chamberlain’s Erewhon style kale, avo and white bean salad to Jennifer Anniston’s flavourful mid-week lunch creation, here’s 6 salads that you’ll be all too glad to put in your mouth. 

28 On-Screen Sex Scenes To Watch When Porn Fails You 

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We can’t say we’re surprised to see this one made it into our top 20, you randy betches #ProudOfYou.

Watching Sex/Life when you’re ovulating is officially god-tier self-care but in case you’ve been there, done that, watched the shower scene, there’s 27 more steamy on-screen moments to get you in the mood, from softcore cinematic steam to Regency romps and hot vampire shit. 

Spotlight On Chronic Illness – Learning About PCOS & Endometriosis 

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It is estimated that 1 in 10 people in the UK are currently living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis. Despite how common both these chronic health conditions are, there’s still a lot of misinformation and stigma surrounding their symptoms and causes. In this blog post, we shine a light on these under-discussed conditions, their symptoms, and the treatment options available.

We Spoke To 4 People About OnlyFans 

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From the quick-cash myths to maintaining healthy relationships and the reality of creating sex content as your full-time job, we spoke to 4 women about their experience on OnlyFans and got the juicy details you’ve always wanted to know…

We Spoke to 5 People About Coming Off the Pill 

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Whether you’re curious about connecting with your natural period again, trying to conceive or just plain sick of gobbling down a pill every day (yawn) but concerned about the side effects of quitting birth control, these personal experiences  will help answer all your questions. 

10 Escapist Book To Take Your Mind Off The Madness

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These books were a great source of comfort when we were stuck in the throes of tier 4 restrictions back in January ‘21, and as we see the return of masks and work from home orders once more this Christmas, we’ll likely be curling up with them all over again. Featuring mistress of feel-good fiction Beth O’Leary and the ever-relatable Dolly Alderton, put your feet up, pour yourself a hot choc and forget the horrors of the outside world for a while. 

What Is Yoni Mapping & How Do You Do It?

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Yoni Mapping? We’ll be honest, we’d never heard of it either which was why we had to go on a bit of a vaginal treasure-cum-pleasure hunt to find out more about this mindful massage technique. If you leave this article feeling like your vagina is anything less than a temple full of intricate treasure trails and pathways to glory, then please do give us hell.

50 Autumn Manicure Ideas To Add To Your Saves This Season 

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We know the panic of sitting in that salon chair without a library of manicure inspo all too well, which is where these save-worthy ideas come in. Praise be. 

Snog Marry Avoid! The Zoella Team’s Best & Worst Buys 

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If there’s one thing we know our readers appreciate it’s *honesty*, especially when it comes to holy grail and holy fail beauty products, which is why this Snog, Marry, Avoid format proved to be pretty popular.  

When it comes to beauty products, we want the kind of results that show up on Zoom and nothing less. Give us the bewitching head of hair that leaves our work pals in a trance and the kind of cult fragrance that permeates the screen and interferes with your wifi.

In the event that you might be dabbling with new make-up or skincare this Christmas or hitting pan on your desert island must-haves and wondering what beauty detour to take next, these are the products to snap up in a heartbeat and swerve like an ex you’ve clocked down the confectionery aisle in Sainsbury’s.

15 Legendary Movies That Are Already Classics 

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Sweatpants on, popcorn within reach (but strategically closer to you than anyone else), here’s our list of the modern classics everyone should watch, so that next time someone says, “I carried a watermelon” the pop-culture reference will not be wasted on you.

We Spoke to 8 People Who Identify As Asexual Ace Or Grey Ace

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In this blog post, we have an honest and open discussion with 8 people who identify as asexual to raise awareness and dismantle some of the assumptions surrounding this often-misunderstood orientation.

We Spoke to 10 Women Who are Childfree by Choice

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“When are you going to pop one out?” It’s an unsolicited question no woman should have to deal with but sadly, one that’s all too familiar for most of us, whether it be from a well-meaning relative or a total stranger. 

There are many reasons why someone might decide having children isn’t for them and whether it’s overpopulation, mental health, freedom, finances or – here’s a radical idea – they just don’t want children, what we chose to do with our own bodies should never be up for discussion. 

In this Q&A, we hear from 10 childfree-by-choice women on everything from societal expectations, the perks of being DINK (double income, no kids) and why they think the decision not to have children is still so hard for society to accept, even in 2021.

We Planned The Perfect Weekend In Brighton So You Don’t Have To 

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You asked, we delivered. Here you’ll find an insider’s guide to Brighton, featuring all the coffee shops, bakeries, pubs, restaurants, independent shops and hidden gems this beautiful seaside city has to offer. If you’re planning a trip to B Town anytime soon, may we suggest you bookmark this beauty asap.

We Tried Modibodi Period Underwear 

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Enter: the only period pant review you need in your life. Naturally, as a team of proud menstruators and chronic oversharers, we couldn’t wait to put the Modibodi period undies to the test and share our thoughts on the internet. Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding *Leona Lewis voice*  

The Team’s TikTok Made Me Buy It List 

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From the best and worst of TikTok beauty to *those* iconic Amazon leggings, here’s hard evidence of all the times TikTok made us buy it. Spoiler alert: this article may feature buyer’s regret…