Good Vibes Only – The Best Sex Toys for 2022!

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls, guys and non-binary folk, we give you the best sex toys the year of the tiger has to offer. May genitals everywhere get the love and attention they deserve. 

New year, new sex toys. Vision boards at the ready pals! It’s time to manifest more orgasms – the only NY resolution we’re serious about in 2022, quite frankly. 

Maybe this is the year you want to elevate your sex life and try new things with your partner (hello vibrating butt plug), or perhaps starting afresh with a shiny set of bedside companions is the only way you can deal with January, whatever reason you’re in the market for something truly up-and-cumming, rest assured there is a toy for every goal and indeed, every hole. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls, guys and non-binary folk, we give you the best sex toys the year of the tiger has to offer. May genitals everywhere get the love and attention they deserve. 

1. Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simultor 

Love Honey | £19.99 | Shop it here

A 10-tongue wheel? What a time to be alive. The Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator might look a lot like a desk fan but that’s where the similarities end because keeping you cool is simply not in its wheelhouse (sorry). The flicker setting rocks the wheel back and forward, switching the direction of the tongues for maximum pleasure. Featuring three rotation speeds, you can tailor the intensity to suit your clit’s needs and likes. Dry January, who? 

2. Lennon Internal and External Vibrator

Knude Society Sex toy

Knude Society | £60 | Shop it here

Perfect for those who like to stimulate two areas at once this bend-in-half-able vibrator is slim with a bulbous head, making it wonderful for both clitoros and g-spot action. Featuring 10 speeds and vibration patterns the Lennon is also 100%

3. Womanizer Classic 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Womanizer | £119.99 | Shop it here

One of the best clitoral stimulators on the market has to be from cult brand Womanizer, so if you’re looking to update yours check out the lastest release of their classic. Rechargeable so you never have that ‘out of batts’ moment again, 100% water proof and fully equipt with the patented pleasure air technology that uses contactless stimulation to wow the sensitive clitoral nerve endings

4. Jewelled Butt Plug 

Love Honey | £12.49 | Shop it here

Anal play just got a glow up. Check out this jewelled butt plug topped with a glittery crystal, ideal for anyone new to bum fun and looking to add some glitz and glamour to the bedroom, either for solo play or coupled sex. If anal fulfillment is high on your list of 2022 hopes and dreams, then this bedazzling butt plug will grant all your horny wishes. 

5. Iridescent Anal Beads

Love Honey | £32.99 | Shop it here

A thing of iridescent beaded beauty. The arc makes for easy insertion and the graduation from smaller to bigger bulbs makes it the perfect toy for an intro to anal play. You’ll have no issue finding your P-Spot with this piece of kit and if the reviews are anything to go by, it’s vagina-inclusive too. A double threat, we love to see it! Note the flared base with the loop handle for total control of your toy at the point of orgasm, so you can fully relax into your pleasure land, reassured that it won’t go missing at any point. Nobody wants to deal with an A&E rescue mission. 

6. Enby 2

Wild Flowers | $74.99 | Shop it here

Round of applause for this game-changing genderless entry. The Enby is designed for all forms of pleasure and all bodies, however you identify. Whether you want to straddle it, ride it, tuck it in a harness or curl and flex it into a penis stroker, this non-phallic, non-penetrative toy lets you explore pleasure on your terms, your way. 

7. Com Wand Vibrator

Dame | $125 | Shop it here

Featuring Dame’s most powerful motor yet, exquisite broad rumbles for clit and vulva coverage (5 intensity levels, 5 pattern modes) and a flexible neck that contours to your body, the Com is a charming choice for newbies and experienced pleasure seekers alike. Easy to hold and whisper-quiet, external vibrations no longer have to cost you the use of your hand for the next 3-5 working days. Bye-bye, Repetitive Strain Injury. Bye-bye. 

8. Naked Grapefruit First Base

Naked Grapefruit | £25.99 | Shop it here

This female-run brand is a breath of fresh air in a male-dominated industry – any brand with the tagline, ‘We Cum In Peace, So Should You’ has our immediate backing. If you’re currently on a Google journey for a sex toy that’s right for you but feel slightly overwhelmed at the sheer volume of choice (and/or the shape of some of this innovative tech), First Base will make the experience infinitely less intimidating. Sometimes a simple 7 setting bullet vibrator is all you need to get to know yourself! We can’t wait to see what pleasure products they bless our anatomy with next. 

9. Satisfyer Top Secret Wearable Vibrator 

Satisfyer | £44.95 | Shop it here

The wearable bit piqued your interest, right? If sex toy trends exist, then let it be known that wearableZ are in this season. Thanks to the flat base and curved voluminous shaft on this one, it can be worn on the go for leg-buckling vibrations wherever you are. Have some fun with your lover by letting them take over the control systems via the Satisfyer app, or, if making a splash is more your vibe, take your pleasure power trip into the water. Waterproof and wearable? 2022 is already looking up. 

10. Duo Flicker Clit Stim

Ann Summers | £26.60 | Shop it here

The feminine urge to own 17 vibrators! The Duo Flicker Clit Stim bookends the head of your clitoris with the unique duo stimulating shape creating twice the pleasure. Whether you see a mermaid tale, a dolphin’s mouth or the leaves of a tulip is your call entirely. 

If you prefer, you can place it flat against the clitoris instead or either side, and reap the rewards of the flicking action. It’ll be the best £38 you’ll ever spend. 

11. Flip Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

Romp | £39.99 | Shop it here

If you prefer your pleasure to be wire-free and love how a wand feels this ROMP rechargeable vibrator is right up your erm, ally. Petite enough to go with you wherever and very reasonably priced this is the perfect toy for those looking to dip their toe into the waters of the wands.

12. The Ribbed One

Kandid | £59 | Shop it here

A ribbed G-Spot Vibrator? We’re all ears. Made with ribbed body-safe silicone for your pleasure and featuring a curved tip and ultra flexible external rabbit ears, the Wild One delivers 

seriously satisfying dual stimulation. G spot rumbles and clit stim, get you a toy that does both!

13. Hot Lover 

Satisfyer | £53.95 | Shop it here

They had us at ‘sensual warming function’. The Hot Lover combines clitoris and G spot stimulation with a heated shaft (up to 39 degrees) to emulate penetrative sex and a body-like expereince like no other. That’s one way to keep warm this winter. 

14. Date Night Set 

We Vibe | £179 | Shop it here

Because traipsing to a restaurant or ordering Deliveroo for date night gets boring real quick: consider this couple’s vibrator set from We Vibe, featuring their Pivot vibrating cock ring and Nova 2 rabbit vibrator. Orgasm for two, was it? 

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