50 Summer Manicure Designs That Can Only Be Described As Works of Art

Be it ombre, rhinestones, French tips, or Bottega green everything, keep scrolling to see 50 of the hottest sets worthy of inspiring your summertime nail appointment in 2022…

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but do you know where it’s really at? Stepping out of the salon with a fresh mani- now that’s a top tier feeling. May has finally arrived after a long and somewhat average April, and with it comes a new month of fresh possibility as a summer without restrictions and outdoor dining feels within touching distance. There will be no substantial meals eaten with our drinks this season! Along with plans for a very social summer comes the joy of selecting a nail art design to match your 11/10 energy, but boy can it be hard to choose! Be it ombre, rhinestones, French tips, or Bottega green everything, keep scrolling to see 50 of the hottest sets worthy of inspiring your summertime nail appointment in 2022…

It’s giving ‘just hopped off the plane at LAX. 

Via Vexnails

A modern-day cottagecore dream.

Via Beautyspace_Charlotte

Flame emojis all day long for this set. 

Via Lucy_nails_beauty

For the girls who can’t decide between neutrals or colour, get you a mani that does both.

Via Smile__nails

Brighton Pride nails = completed it. 

Via nailsbyverokost

Imagine this set with a tan. Perfection. 

Via nailsfordais

Harry Styles Love on Tour anyone? 

Via missnancynails

Pink to make the boys (and girls) wink. 

Via nuka.nails

For the Gen Z amongst us. 

Via sophiadoesnails

Did someone say, Shroom Bloom?

Via nuka.nails

The colour of the season: Bottega green, everyone. 

Via bw.nails

Feeling stuck for wedding season? Sometimes classic slays for a reason! 

Via the_gelbottle_inc

This colour combo on repeat please.  

Via thehotblend

The subtlest sunset ombre. *Chefs kiss*

Via globeautysussex

It’s giving OJ on a French, sun-soaked balcony before breakfast. 


Fruit Ninja, eat your heart out. 

Via bmb_nails

Neon in the height of summer never misses. 

Via kinganailedit

When you remember festival season is BACK. 

Via millynails_

Almond + French tips = the dream combo. 

Via helluvie

Aperol inspired Yin and Yang.

Via dorta.nailart

Red hot.

Via fruzsonails

Because flower power never gets old. 

Via nailartbysig

Buzzing for beer garden Fridays, hbu? 

Via watermelonsugarnailbar

Sometimes you just have to add the rhinestones. 

Via nailsforthem

Geometric chic. 

Via morning.glory_nails

If Santorini were a nail design…

Via clawsxcollxtion

Pick N Mix all grown up. 

Via vwnails_

Glasto girlies, this one’s for you. 

Via zoemollienails

Let your inner child run wild.

Via beautycharms.n

Starry-eyed at the first sign of a heatwave. 

Via nailitmedia

UnbeLEAFable. We’ll see ourselves out…

Via rebekahxpritchard

Tesco Meal Deal picnic anyone? 

Via zoemollienails

Gold foil makes everything 11/10.

Via beautycharms.n

When Shrek met Barbie and it just…worked?

Via chloes.claws

The epitome of good vibes only.

Via corinadelagarza

A failsafe summer set, come rain (likely) or shine (praying). 

Via lubatris_

It must be love!

Via thehangedit

Sunset lovers unite. 

Via miki_nailco

Another one for the cottagecore dreamers. 

Via nailitmedia

When you can’t decide, do one of each colour…

Via glossygelnails

Alexa, play Delicate by Taylor Swift.

Via thebeauty_shed

Insert *sparkle* emoji. 

Via nylove_nail

Peak summer maximalism. 

Via earthwindandfile

Sunnyside up season.

Via sallyeasybusy

It’s giving *berry-licious.*

Via bylouise_nails

Tie-dye memories from summer ‘08. 


When you can’t decide, just ask for everything…

Via nelza_dun

The cutest accent nail we ever did see.

Via leannehaycock_

All the flame emojis after lighting the first BBQ of the season.  

Via themanilab_

‘Tis the season.

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