8 Times Emma Chamberlain Convinced Us Low-Key Styling Is the Only Way to Dress

From micro-mini skirts to itty bitty crop tops, puffer coats and ironic graphic tees, keep scrolling for the ultimate rundown of Emma-approved wardrobe essentials.

Queen of the at-home vlog, lo-fi photo dump and getting a ‘love ya’ out of Jack Harlow at the top of the Met Steps (*faints*), Emma Chamberlain is Internet royalty at its finest. Transitioning from challenge videos and vlogs with friends to becoming synonymous with iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton, Emma has done a 180 in cementing herself as a style A-lister who can pull off a floor-length gown at the Oscars, or slay just as hard in a casual denim short and vest look. Combining Y2k aesthetics, dopamine dressing, and a mix of indie and high fashion brands, her style is eclectic, playful and effortlessly cool at its core.

From micro-mini skirts to itty bitty crop tops, puffer coats and ironic graphic tees, keep scrolling for the ultimate rundown of Emma-approved wardrobe essentials you need in your wardrobe if channelling Gen-Z cool is your aim…

The Rich Coastal Auntie Look

You’ve heard of the Coastal Grandma trend, but if Rich Coastal Auntie were a thing, you’d find this photo next to the dictionary definition. Channelling the ultimate French Riviera vibes, Emma makes a case for the 60s hair scarf and sunnies combo, and looks effortlessly cool whilst doing it. All that’s needed to complete the look is a red convertible Ford Mustang, a winding seaside road and a certain mysterious man at the wheel. We can dream, right? 

Justice for the Jort!

No one does denim like Emma. A staple in most of our wardrobes, there’s something about denim on Ms Chamberlain that just hits different. Styled simply for the summer months with white vests, bikini tops and minimal accessories, turns out Jorts aren’t an ick after all! Jorts might be synonymous with the early noughties and less-than lovely trends we’d rather not revisit, but with Emma’s expert guidance, they work perfectly styled with more form-fitting silhouettes and relaxed beachy looks. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! 

The Ironic Noughties Vest Top 

The backdrop is possibly the most beautiful view on earth but are we still just looking at Emma? Yes, yes we are. Slaying as hard in a thrift shop tee as she does in Louis Vuitton, graphic tees may have had their heyday in the 2000s, but once again we’re heading straight to Google to recreate this look, stat. The 2022 revival of ironic ‘meme’ worthy tops originally inspired by celebs like Britney Spears wearing the iconic “Dump Him” shirt, or Paris Hilton in her famous “STOP BEING DESPERATE” tank top is here to stay, and Etsy, Depop and thrift or vintage stores are the place to go in securing your own Internet approved version.

All Hail The Micro Mini Skirt

Micro skirt, maximum impact. Bare leg weather is here (if the British weather got the memo) and Emma certainly makes a case for the ultra mini-skirt trend. The Y2K aesthetic that has consistently been taking the fashion world by storm over the past 12 months is here to stay, with brands such as Miu Miu at the forefront of the mini-mission. Grab yourself a matching barely-there top and follow in Emma’s footsteps with a seriously leggy ‘fit that serves serious wow factor.

Dad Vest, But Make It Cool

Giving BDE (Big Dad Energy), have you ever seen a gilet and linen pants look cooler? Us neither. A more mature look for autumn in ‘Pah-ree’, the combination of the yellow tinted lenses and neutral garms is the ultimate in chic streetwear that’s both practical and looks divine. A different vibe for Emma who is more commonly seen sporting a playful vibe, it seems there’s simply nothing she can’t pull off. Dad dressers unite! 

The Ultimate In Loungewear Lovin’

Now whilst 2020 might feel like a (somewhat) distant memory, our love for loungewear is one part of lockdown living we have gladly carried over – what is the meaning of life if not to be comfy?  In the same way that Emma so effortlessly nails Met Gala and red carpet looks like a pro, it seems the off-duty model aesthetic is one that comes to her similarly easily. A white tank, grey joggers and classic Emma visor shades are giving COMFYchella in the best way. Proof once more that basics done right can look chic as ever. 

A Gen Z Love Story: Tucker + Emma + *The* Black Puffer

The internet imploded after Emma’s cameo in boyfriend Tucker Pillsbury’s (known professionally as Role Model) music video for neverletyougo, and the one-shot magic that showed the pair walking through city streets in matching black vinyl puffer coats- a work of art. Emma has long since loved a puffer jacket, from styling them with her classic ultra mini skirts or a laid-back pair of straight-leg jeans, the queen of layering strikes again providing all the inspiration for easy-breezy looks that are both stylish and practical. Get a girl who can do both!  

A 90s Itty Bitty Top Resurgence

Finally, it wouldn’t be an Emma Chamberlain style roundup without mention of her crop top collection and her less is more approach to styling. The 90s style influences are most evident when looking at Emma’s itty bitty tops- we’re talking Beyonce, Britney and Jennifer on the red carpet vibes-  and although we may have been reluctant to see low rise fashion make a comeback, Emma makes a strong case for its resurgence.