This Is What It’s Really Like to Go to An Ann Summers Sisterhood Party In 2022…

What does an Ann Summers Sisterhood event really entail in 2022, we hear you ask? Allow us to break it down…

This article is part of a paid partnership with Ann Summers.

Here at Zoella, sexual empowerment is kind of (read: definitely) our jam. Whether it be normalising female pleasure through reviewing the latest, most talked about sex toys, or curating edits of lingerie sets destined to turn up the heat, we’re passionate about being part of a conversation that knows the importance of, and prioritises pleasure. 

If there was ever a high-street brand that aligned with these values, it would surely be Ann Summers. Run by women for women, the business was founded nearly 50 years ago, and with 86 stores, a strong online presence and over 7,000 enthusiastic ambassadors, it is thriving more than ever. 

With such a rich history on the British highstreet, Ann Summers parties have been sparking conversations and creating memories that last for the past 50 years. In 2022, the brand’s Sisterhood parties continue to create empowering and safe spaces for women and their best girlfriends, creating the perfect occassion to discuss, buy and learn about their best-selling sex toys, lingerie, dress up and more!

Team Zoella are a close-knit group, discussing everything from what we’re having for dinner to our dating highs and lows, which means hosting an Ann Summers Sisterhood Party as colleagues felt as normal as asking if anyone fancies a 3pm cuppa- there was no chance of a hump day slump with this scheduled in our calendar.

But what does an Ann Summers Sisterhood event really entail in 2022, we hear you ask? Allow us to break it down…

Our wonderful Ann Summers ambassador, Jules, arrived ahead of our scheduled party time, adorned with AS bags and with a palpable, infectious excitement before setting up a beautiful display of products- we’re talking lingerie, toys, lube and everything in between- and handing out glasses of prosecco and Nozeco into our appreciative hands. The next 2 hours were filled with giggles and gossip (there’s nothing quite like a sex toy demonstration amongst friends to prompt conversation), along with a healthy dose of education and discussion surrounding pleasure that was nothing short of 10/10 empowering. 

Tempted? Here are 10 things to expect from attending or hosting your own Ann Summers party:

  1. You’ll find yourself getting very comfortable talking about your clitoris. We’re all friends here, right?
  2. Testing the vibrational pattern of sex toys on the tip of your nose will suddenly feel quite normal.
  3. You will immediately feel drawn to trying on a sexy air hostess outfit even if the desire has never previously crossed your mind.
  4. The question of ‘how many toys is too many toys’ will most definitely crop up, and the answer is: the limit does not exist. 
  5. If *that* toy is meant to emulate oral sex we’ve definitely been the recipients of terrible oral sex.
  6. The ‘one in, one out’ rule doesn’t apply to roleplay outfits, right?
  7. The temptation to wear sheer tops for the foreseeable future to show off the beauty that is a new Ann Summers bra will most definitely arise as the party progresses.
  8. The most difficult decision of your evening will be; is wet look or lace lingerie sexier?
  9. … and settling on the idea of ordering both sets is surely the most sensible outcome in this conundrum. 
  10. You’ll come away feeling more comfortable, confident and empowered to ensure sexual pleasure and wellness is at the forefront of your priorities. What more could you ask for?! 
Prepare for some seriously sexy party games guaranteed to have you and your guests feeling ramped up and ready to go

Whether your friends live conveniently on the same tube line or your IRL time is few and far between, Ann Summers Sisterhood events bring alive the magic of feeling like your most empowered self, both in person and digitally. From hen-dos to Christmas parties, birthdays to ‘just because’ quality time with friends, an Ann Summers event is one that guarantees fun and connection with those closest to you. Prepare for some seriously sexy party games guaranteed to have you and your guests feeling ramped up and ready to go, and get your shopping lists poised as the time to place an order comes around. 

“Over the last 50 years, Ann Summers parties have evolved with the modern world and the introduction of technology,  enabling our ambassadors, hosts and customers to party and shop their way. This can be on and offline, from the comfort of their own homes with a glass of wine via zoom or in person at our party Hosts chosen location.” says Jacqueline Gold CBE, Exec Chair at Ann Summers.

“While the way we do business may have adapted, the passion we see for women wanting to get together to have fun in a safe space to discuss sex and exploring their pleasure preferences has not. We currently have over 7,000 independent brand ambassadors and are deeply proud as a business to have given financial independence to hundreds of thousands of female entrepreneurs.”

Fancy hosting your own party? There are benefits aplenty to becoming an Ann Summer ambassador, from earning up to 35% commission from every sale, to the opportunity for bonuses as you build your own team- the fun isn’t just for guests of the party!

Beyond this, many women stay with the brand because of the social impact it has on them – the ability to meet new people and to change peoples lives through product. It can empower women and really grow their confidence

 Jacqueline Gold CBE, Exec Chair at Ann Summers

To throw your own Ann Summers party, or to learn more about becoming an ambassador yourself, head to (find relevant landing page from the team) and bring a passion for pleasure into the homes of women across the country.  

This article is part of a paid partnership with Ann Summers.