Monday, 29 September 2014

Beauty | Autumn Colours

ColourPop Eye Shadows in So Quiche, Lace and Krinkle
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Palette in 06 Currant Desire

One of my favourite things about Autumn is all of the beautiful seasonal colours and shades that start appearing in beauty products and new releases. I thought I'd share a few gorgeous shades I've spotted recently..

When the weather gets cooler I tend to move away from pastel nail shades and into deeper tones, and the new Autumn Collection from Barry M and the Hollywood collection from Leighton Denny are perfect for that. I absolutely love the deep blue LD shade 'No Pictures Please'.

I find myself wearing more shimmer in eyeshadows at this time of year too, these shades from ColourPop are so pretty and great for creating a more shimmery smokey eye. This palette from Estee Lauder is absolutely stunning too, the purple berry tones are stunning and the shades compliment each other beautifully.

For lips I again go for deeper, richer tones, and the new Matte Revolution collection by Charlotte Tilbury is perfect for this. Amazing Grace is a lovely vintage rose shade that would be lovely in the day time, and Glaston-Berry is much darker, and more vampy, so a great evening wear shade. I actually did a tutorial using this lipstick which you can watch below...

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Zoella Beauty | The Launch

I sort of think that with this post, the pictures speak louder than any words, and I'm also very unsure how I could possibly put into words just how amazing this night was for me (and hopefully others who attended). 
I don't want this post to be solely about the products even though that is what this night was all about, but I want to talk about why this was the best night of my life. I was surrounded by my family, my friends, fellow youtubers and bloggers, some who i've just met and others I've known through the joys of the internet for many years (and not had the chance to meet yet). I felt like there was so much support in that room and that everyone there was genuinely so happy for me and that was something I was so unprepared for. It was so overwhelming and I felt so happy to be with all these amazing people. I pinch myself every single day that this is my life, and that I have been so lucky to be given these amazing opportunities and to have so many friends who I feel like are standing right beside me the whole way, supporting the things I do with such genuinity. I felt so warm and fuzzy inside the entire evening and every time I caught sight of my products or my name on a giant tin bathtub or on the wall or the mirrors, I almost had to take a second glance to realise this was actually happening. In 2009, I attended my first launch event which was for Barry M, 5 years later, I had no idea I would be having my own beauty launch event with all my favourite people. 


Among the many friends, bloggers, family and other youtubers who I am wholeheartedly so grateful to have in my life supporting the things I do and the path I am on, I am also eternally grateful to you reading this, the viewers and readers who have been here since 2009, or yesterday. I love you and thank you for making my dreams come true. The happiness scale right now is through the roof, so I will leave you to enjoy this montage of photos from the evening.