Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Santorini | Part One

Skirt - ASOS - in black - similar

Ever since visiting Mykonos, I have also wanted to visit Santorini. There is something I really love about Greek Islands with their winding little towns with cobbled streets and beautiful white and blue buildings. I visited Santorini last week with my friends Tanya, Jim, Marcus & Niomi and my boyfriend Alfie and we stayed for a week. It was absolutely stunning. The view we had from the hotel was honestly breath taking every morning I woke up and sat and had breakfast. It was so lovely to get away and have some non-internet time (the wifi was terrible - but that turned out to be a good thing for me). On one of our first nights we visited a little restaurant called Kathros Lounge which was rated very highly on trip advisor and we watched the sunset whilst eating amazing tapas style food. This was probably one of my favourite restaurants of the stay. 

The night after this we all headed into Fira and wandered around, where we happened to stumble upon a shop called "kissing fish" and yes, the fish kissed our feet. I'd never had this done before but I really wanted to try it, it was just that everywhere I had seen this being done looked very unhygienic but this however, was completely lovely. We washed our feet beforehand and the place was very nice and clean. I handled this better than Alfie who struggled to keep his feet in the water as the fish nibbled away at his toes. It felt like little bubbles or pins and needles, very strange but would totally do this again as I did notice a difference in my feet afterwards. The boys also managed to find some frozen yoghurt and greek gelato (personally one of my favourite things about being away - the gelato is AMAZING). Fira was a very busy town, with small streets and lot's of people, but very beautiful all the same. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Santorini adventures

Monday, 25 August 2014

I Have A Secret

Coming Soon...