5 Hot Takes On Cold Weather Layering

Thin knits, gilets, turtlenecks, trench coats and hoodies, layering is an indecisive dresser's dream, with the option to mix, match and marry up your fave pieces to create a curated cocktail of a look that exudes cool-girl chic.

In the words of Shrek (a one-liner ICON if we ever did see one), ogres have layers, onions have layers, and as it turns out, so do we as soon as the month of October hits and the weather cools enough to warrant a PSL before work every day. It’s called self-care, look it up.

Thin knits, gilets, turtlenecks, trench coats and hoodies, layering is an indecisive dresser’s dream, with the option to mix, match and marry up your fave pieces to create a curated cocktail of a look that exudes cool-girl chic. We’re stepping it up this season as the first autumn since 2019 when socialising is properly on the cards. Embracing trends such as shackets, collared polos, leather trench coats, the humble grandad vest and knitted co-ords galore to really step up the style game, inspire stares in the street and ‘omg where did you get that?’ comments over bottomless brunch.

It’s hard being as much of an autumn style icon as the cast of Gilmore Girls, but someone has to do it!


When it comes to layering as the autumn months roll in, I love the transitional stage where you can still wear something typically “summery” but with a long sleeve t shirt or roll neck underneath and some chunky black boots to activate the autumn. I love a silk slip dress for this, and if you need some extra layering, throwing on a cropped oversized jumper always works well here too!

*ASOS, ASOS DESIGN ultimate turtle neck long sleeve top in white, £12 | *All Saints, HADLEY EPOTO SILK BLEND DRESS, £199 | *All Saints, BILLIE LEATHER BOOTS, £249 | *ASOS, ASOS DESIGN oversized sweatshirt in washed grey, £22


Now I have to say summer is my favourite season for dressing so I’m always a tinyyyy bit upset when the autumn rolls around, but as long as it’s still semi-warm enough for skirts without tights (aka the actual devil) then I can just about manage. I’m obsessed with everything Saturday by Megan Ellaby make and their amazing printed roll necks are a layering dream- if I could have one in every colour I seriously would.

Having said I don’t love cool weather dressing, I do have a bit of a thing for nice jackets and my coat collection is somewhat out of control, however, it doesn’t feature a trench so I feel like this needs to be my next purchase.

H&M, Faux shearling gilet, £19.99 | *I Saw It First, Khaki Maxi Trench Coat With Self Tie Belt, £75 | *ASOS, ASOS DESIGN knitted cami cropped jumper in black, £30 | Saturday, The Janey Blue Tiger Print High Neck Top, £40


I live for autumn dressing! Give me all the layers, coats, knitwear and gilets over summer clothes any day. For between-the-seasons styling, you can still get the wear out of your dresses by layering them up with an oversized blazer or a collarless jacket and boots, then when it starts to get a bit chillier dial up your winter warmers and introduce your belted wrap coats and woolly textures.

*Marks and Spencer, Padded Collarless Puffer Jacket, £55 | *Mango, Textured cotton-blend dress, £69.99 | *Cos, OVERSIZED-FIT BLAZER, £135


One of the best places to shop for layers that is often overlooked is Uniqlo. For me, they’re the OG basics brand and everything I’ve bought from there is always great quality and a really lovely shape. You can never go wrong with a mock neck long sleeve, which is like a turtle neck but not as restrictive and a bit more flattering. This can be worn over a vest and under a flannel or cardigan – which by the way, I think will be bigger than ever this winter.



I’m going for the ‘walking my dog in the countryside’ vibe today. I think a hoodie paired with a gilet is perfect for Autumn and the transition to cooler weather. Especially for someone like me who can be quite warm all the time, so a gilet is a perfect middle-man until the winter coats come out the wardrobe. This green gilet from ASOS is unreal, in my basket ASAP! I’ve paired it with some black leggings (I’m channelling muddy paws) and these chunky knee-high boots which look perfect for stomping around in and can definitely be worn with so many different Autumn/Winter looks.

*ASOS, ASOS DESIGN gilet puffer jacket in green, £38 | *Weekday, Oversized Hoodie, £30 | *Marks and Spencer, High Waisted Leggings, £9.50 | *ASOS, ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Carla chunky flat boots in black, £40

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How to Find The Perfect Job For You and Prepare Like a Pro

Whether you’re just starting out in your chosen career path or you’re upping the quest to find ‘the one’ in your professional life, don’t stand in the way of escaping the 60% of employees who are reportedly unhappy at work.

Here at Team Zoella, we are proud to advocate and encourage living the most fulfilled and happiest version of your life, surrounding yourself with people that are good vibes only and spending your time in environments that help you to flourish and reach your full potential. And whilst meditation, spending time with friends and treating yourself to a Friday night takeaway all add up to creating a life you love, how you spend your 9-5 can ultimately change everything. Finding the soulmate equivalent of your dream job isn’t *quite* as easy as the other self-care activities you can happily slot into your day though, and working in a role that suits you to a tee ain’t no coincidence. So whether you’re just starting out in your chosen career path or you’re upping the quest to find ‘the one’ in your professional life, don’t stand in the way of escaping the 60% of employees who are reportedly unhappy at work.

Deciding on the career for you

Despite the understandable fear that working for 50+ years of your life (*gulp*) is destined to be a drag, this anxiety need not manifest! Ultimately paying the bills is the aim, but spoiler, your job can be something you love and are truly passionate about, too. If your true calling isn’t automatically clear, think about your values, interests and what makes your heart sing. Maybe you don’t want to monetise your main hobbies or work in a field that crosses over with your passions directly, but identifying your strengths and maximising your potential to work with numbers or in a group setting for example can help direct your big decisions. Take inspiration from those around you and make the most of your circle- be it your immediate family or the friend of a friend- and pick the brains of those who seem most fulfilled by what they do on the daily.

Your dream job might not be limited to a specific industry, but instead a lifestyle that inspires you and keeps you motivated for years to come.

Nurture the skills you have, expand on the areas you don’t feel as confident in and don’t be afraid to ask for help in the early stages of establishing what it is you want to do. And remember! Nothing is set in stone. Check out the article we shared earlier this month about those who are thriving after doing a career 180.

Get social media savvy

You’ve binged Sex Education and exhausted TikTok, it’s time to use social media for something that will serve you well for potentially years to come. You might think of Instagram as exclusively a destination for photo dumps and following the endeavours of Timothée Chalamet, but there is endless potential to further your professional opportunities and make real connections from the humble photo-sharing app. Not only can Instagram and Twitter be used to keep up with your favourite brands and companies and their current openings and updates, but it can also be a place to directly follow employees/representatives of such brands and gain a true insight into working for your dream company. Whilst avoiding requesting to follow or engaging with individuals who keep their social media separate from their work is wise, engaging with those who choose to be active in a professional capacity on these platforms can offer huge advantages and opportunities compared to those who haven’t taken the initiative to do so.

In the age of infographics and digestible graphics galore, Instagram in particular is host to a plethora of wonderful informative accounts in almost every industry imaginable

In the age of infographics and digestible graphics galore, Instagram in particular is host to a plethora of wonderful informative accounts in almost every industry imaginable, offering tips, tricks and advice on breaking down the barriers to achieve your ultimate career goals. For creative roles and internships, accounts like Find Your Intern (or FYI) have made it their mission to be a destination and tool for life for young creatives, providing tips on CV design, content, cover letter assessments and interview advice to prepare those looking to work in this industry with up to date knowledge and preparation tips that have been proven to secure dream roles!

Spend a few minutes finding social media accounts dedicated to sharing news and tips for your industry and you’re well on your way to securing opportunities that might have otherwise passed you by!

The early (and proactive) bird catches the worm

One of the most important things to know when seeking out your dream role is that the power is in your hands, even when it doesn’t feel like it (we promise!). Whilst it feels like many things are out of your control in the job application process, there are countless ways you can use your initiative to steer the process in the right direction and make your dreams come true (cue Disney music). One such way is proactively reaching out to companies, brands and individuals you aspire to work for, whether there are current job openings /advertised roles or not. Emailing companies prospectively puts you on their radar at a time when there are no other applicants, shows initiative, can put you at the front of the line when an opportunity becomes available or potentially inspires an employer to create a new job opening just for you. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding contact details of those you look to get in touch with, or again utilising social media to find the appropriate information is a method that rarely fails. An example of this might look like the following:

Hello [name],
I hope you’re well and having a great week so far!

I’m reaching out today as a newly graduated X student seeking creative opportunities in the fashion and beauty spheres. I love [brand name] and have a great affinity with all that you do- I loved your recent campaign with X (use specific examples) and felt super inspired by the social strategy you used alongside it.

I have attached my CV and a covering letter for you to get a glimpse into my existing experience within the industry and would be grateful for any feedback you have and the possibility of a role within your team in the future- I would love to be considered.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope to hear from you soon! [Your Name].

Your CV and Cover Letter: The Do’s and Don’ts

Long gone are the days of a basic Microsoft MS CV, it’s time to add a little bit of spice and elevate that sh*t to stand out amongst a crowd. Although first impressions aren’t everything, in the competitive world of job applications, how your CV and cover letter look at first glance can be pretty make or break, so it’s important to take the time in getting this right. If you’re not a creative by nature then thankfully websites such as Canva, Etsy and Creative Market offer pre-made templates from colourful to corporate that simply require you to add in your credentials and away you go. Jasmine from FYI is an advocate of creating a personal brand identity that can follow through all of your professional outreach, helping to create a smooth, confident and seamless image that is most appealing to employers. The design of your CV and cover letter can then be coordinated with your business cards, LinkedIn profile, email signature design and any online portfolio you have to convey ultimate boss bitch energy. Ultimately a personal brand is everything public-facing that an employer can see from you (even down to details such as the tone of voice of emails and your email address) so nailing this early on is guaranteed to improve your success rate during the application process.

Most employers prefer a CV limited to one page both for ease in going through potentially hundreds of applications and also to give yourself the opportunity to display your shiniest achievements and proudest moments at a glance.

So we’ve covered the aesthetics, now it’s time to get down to the meat of these documents- the beef patty of your application if you will. Most employers prefer a CV limited to one page both for ease in going through potentially hundreds of applications and also to give yourself the opportunity to display your shiniest achievements and proudest moments at a glance. It may also serve you well to tailor your CV to different industries and job roles, especially for those with experience in opposing industries such as hospitality and more corporate roles, again giving you the best possible chance of success!

Cover letters are sometimes considered optional and not all applications mark them as mandatory, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of deciding upon who to interview, a strong cover letter can be the difference between one applicant and another. Cover letters are also most fitting on a one-page format and can follow a basic structure that communicates all the necessary deets succinctly:

1. Salutation and hello

Always use a name where possible. LinkedIn can usually help you with this if you’re emailing about a prospective role!

2. Introduction

Indicate whether you’re applying for a specific, advertised role or are emailing speculatively to see if there are any available opportunities. If advertised, it can be useful to include where you found the ad i.e. as advertised on Indeed or if a specific person put you in touch.

3. Your strengths

It’s time to sell yourself, people! Let loose and tell the employer what an amazing/enthusiastic/dedicated/punctual and all-around badass worker you are. Emphasise your best skills and expand on impressive achievements you might not have had space to go into on your CV. Give examples of times when you’ve put your skills into practice either in previous roles or during education to give context to your claims and show how you could apply this to the role in question.

4. Express your knowledge of the job

Showcase your knowledge of the company and make this explicit to the role in question. Generic cover letters don’t serve anyone, so making this section as specific as possible to the company and role you’re applying for will not only impress the employer but show you’re genuine and keen.

5. Positive ending

Restate your interest and suitability and express that you hope to hear from them soon!

Where to start:

You’ve got the knowledge, you’re prepped, confident and ready to make your dreams come true, but where do you look first? | Simply Hired | Career Builder | | | The Guardian Jobs | | | | | | |

Further reading & resources to bookmark asap read our article: 13 Questions with Shoshana AKA The Fairy Job Mother!


13 Questions With Harriet Stokes

We caught up with hair stylist Harriet after she took the plunge to go freelance and also start a new business helping to educate others in the industry post lockdown!

First off, how are you and how is your 2021 going?

I’m good thank you, my 2021 is going well so far, different to what I thought but that’s not a bad thing. The last 6 months I have worked much less and made more time for myself which has been awesome. Now I’m throwing myself back into work for the rest of the year but still with a good balance!

Can tell us about your hair journey, and how you got into the industry?

Sure, I’ve been hairdressing for the last 12 years, I started out when I was 14 years old when my school opened a hair salon so students could have an insight into other industries while doing their GCSE’s. I totally fell in love with it and coming from a family of many hairdressers I was kind of always going to end up being a hairdresser too.

I worked my way up in my first salon from the Saturday girl to the senior colourist then upped and moved to London when I was 20 years old where I studied to become a colour specialist and over time learnt how to become an educator. Throughout the last 12 years I have been on many different hair teams, entered lots of competitions and taken part in anything and everything so I could continue learning, meet like-minded people and build my profile. In May last year, I took the plunge into being my own boss and have since opened 3 small businesses.

Your Instagram is packed full of tips and tricks, when did you start creating content online?

I have been posting my work on Instagram since August 2013, at the time I had just qualified and was looking to build a clientele so I started sharing my salon work and very quickly I built up a strong base. I started treating Instagram more like a business when I moved to London over 5 years ago, again sharing my work to attract clients and to show brands what I was up to and eventually changing the direction of my page slightly to attract students for the education I was teaching. In the last 18 months, I would say I have become more focused on creating content to grow my businesses as the online world has very much gone that way. Social media has played a huge part in my career, I’ve made friends and connected with people from all over the world and it’s helped to open many doors.

The beauty industry has a reputation for having long days and few days off, how do you work hard whilst still keeping your mental health in check?

At the start of this year I decided this year was the year that I was going to focus more on myself and for the first time ever start actually looking after myself by creating healthier routines, learning to cook and being kinder to myself….. I’ve always wondered when I would become a yoga person haha. In my previous job that I was in for 4.5 years I worked 6/7 days a week for most of the time I was there and I don’t regret doing so because of the experience and growth I gained career-wise but my mind and body massively suffered.

The hair industry can be bad for that, young stylists thinking they have to work every hour under the sun to get somewhere. Well, I believe that things have changed and especially since covid-19, everyone’s starting to appreciate and respect self-care more and wanting a better work-life balance. Throwing myself into work had always been my survival mode which I now realise since taking time out, I also started seeing a therapist at the start of this year and it’s the best thing I have ever done. I’m finally looking after myself properly, eating the right things, exercising, not overworking and now in turn I’m performing better in my work life. Mental health should be spoken more openly about online and when I’m ready I will share more about my journey and what I’ve learnt on my platform to hopefully help towards taking that sigma away in the hair and beauty industry.

How did you take the leap to go freelance as a hairstylist and what tips would you give someone looking to do the same?

Last year I had originally planned to take a complete timeout from the salon life, to travel on the way to Australia and then settle there for a year or two. I wanted to work for a salon that potentially specialised in cutting and take things in a new direction; yes, I love colour, I really love colour. But my cutting had taken a backseat in London, and I wanted to refocus on that again. Covid-19 was a complete curveball, as it was for everyone, but I had to change all my plans – change literally everything. I hadn’t yet reached my final day in my old salon, and actually went into lockdown employed. This gave me space, and obviously financial security being furloughed, which meant I was able to spend time really thinking about where I wanted to go next now that everything had changed. If I’m honest, I was actually completely burnt out going into the first lockdown. Having that downtime, for the first time in 10 or 11 years of being in the industry, forced me to pause and really acknowledge the effect that working so hard had had on my mental and physical health.

Having that downtime, for the first time in 10 or 11 years of being in the industry, forced me to pause and really acknowledge the effect that working so hard had had on my mental and physical health. Harriet

It gave me time to think about moving forward, but also about how I could continue at a pace that was good for me. That’s how the decision to go freelance came around; I realised that I need to be more in control of my own life. I already knew that I wanted a big change, having planning to move countries, so the scariness of going freelance probably didn’t hit quite so hard. My advice to anyone considering going freelance would be to really do your research into everything involved, not everyone is ready for freelance life and it’s definitely not as easy as you think. Firstly, you need to be a well-established hairdresser at the top of your game with a clientele and secondly, there is soooo much admin involved, but I must say there are more pro’s than con’s and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. My friend has actually just written a book all about freelance life and everything you need to know, it will be released soon so keep an eye on her Instagram @freelancer_beauty_book_ to find out more!

Obviously, the last 18 months had been really tough on the industry, how did you manage not seeing clients for so long, and what kept you going?

What a crazy crazy time the last 18 months has been, I still don’t think it has actually sunk in what we are living through. Our industry has taken a real hit and in the first lockdown, it kind of felt like a break for everyone for the first couple of weeks before we realised that our industry wouldn’t be opening for a really long time. As I’ve just previously mentioned I went into the first lockdown employed and came out self-employed so that time for me to plan my new business was what kept me going, knowing I was working towards something exciting and towards seeing my clients again!! Then in October 2020 myself and my business partner Anneliese Hesse started our own hair academy – Humankind Hair which kept us insanely busy over the following months and lockdowns!

Can you tell us about the Humankind Hair Academy?

We have a mission:

For humans in our industry to be treated equally, with kindness,

consideration and respect. We adapt everything we teach to suit all

hair types for all humans. Our courses are for kind humans.

Be human. Be kind. Be both.

Myself and Anneliese Hesse have been friends for years, have worked together previously and both love education, we are literally the opposite of each other but that’s exactly why we work so well. The real idea behind Humankind for both of us was creating something really special, and offering the kind of education that we have both always believed in. We launched in October 2020 and within 36 hours, our courses were completely sold out. Crazy, I know. Sadly for us, lockdown intervened and restrictions meant that we had to rethink our whole business plan, and make the terrifying decision to take Humankind Hair online into total alien territory.

The real idea behind Humankind for both of us was creating something really special, and offering the kind of education that we have both always believed in.Harriet

We invested what money we had into studio lighting, webcams, Zoom accounts and all the equipment we needed to make it as good as we wanted it to be – the phrase ‘all the gear, no idea’ springs to mind! But jokes aside, this in itself was a massive risk, as a new freelancer I fell through the gaps of government funding, so I had to give this absolutely everything I had. We spent hours getting techy and learning about online education, as well as practising the colour too, so we could offer a higher level of education.

Now we are back to running our education in person, online and in salons around the UK which is a dream. Myself and Anneliese are huge fans of travelling and once the world opens back up again properly we plan on taking Humankind Hair Academy overseas to anywhere that wants to host our education and at the same time we plan on taking time out on those trips to explore ourselves, experience different countries and cultures. 

Congratulations on your recent win for the ‘IT Girl’ award at the creative head mag most wanted awards, what would your top tips be for the other stylists wanting to get their name out there and network?

Aww thank you so much, winning ‘IT Girl’ was 4 years in the making and a lot of hard work went into not only writing my entries but also into every aspect of my career to have something to write about. My biggest advice would be to throw yourself into everything you can, take up every opportunity you can, enter competitions, audition to be on teams and just surround yourself with like-minded people. Lastly, remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, you do need to work really hard but at the same time make sure you enjoy the journey!

What are you currently working on or whats next for you??

I’ve got a really busy couple of months ahead with education, which feels like life is getting back to normal as we’ve been limited to teaching online for so long. We have just launched a new course with Humankind Hair called ’The Science Of Curls And Coils’ in collaboration with expert and trichologist Tatlyn Grant, which we are really excited about, it’s going to be amazing. I’ve also got some really exciting education dates coming up teaching for L’Oréal Professional up and down the country, as well as lots of projects with BaByliss and BaByliss PRO. The plan is to keep splitting my time between looking after my gorgeous clients in the salon, educating and having time out for myself.

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Well, my favourite day of the week is most definitely Sunday so it needs to be done right. Starting with a lazy morning in bed, followed by spending time with friends or family exploring somewhere new. If I’m in London then I do love visiting Brick Lane market and Columbia Road flower market, which is such a typical East London Sunday. Then I’d be ending my weekend with a face mask in the bath for the ultimate chill, you just can’t beat it!

What do you always carry with you?

I’m totally guilty of styling my hair on the go, especially on long train journeys so I always have my BaByliss cordless straightener with me!

What would your last ever meal be?

A roast dinner with a huge Yorkshire pudding and lots of extra gravy. I’m actually allergic to gluten… it makes me fall asleep so I would happily have anything gluten for my last meal!

What Is one positive piece of advice you could give to our audience?

There is nothing more powerful than believing in yourself, go out there and do whatever makes you happy!


A Beginner’s Guide to Seasonal Eating

By being mindful with your food choices, you’ll also be reaping the benefits of a varied diet and getting a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals that you’d otherwise be missing out on, free of the pesticides and fertilisers used to force the produce to grow all year round. 

Doing our bit for the planet doesn’t always have to mean a complete lifestyle overhaul. It can be as simple as going meat-free twice a week or cultivating mindful shopping habits such as making an effort to buy home-grown produce. 

By eating with the seasons as nature intended, you can support your local economy and reduce your carbon emissions by almost a tonne a year, that’s equivalent to a return flight from London to Boston. And the climate isn’t the only one to benefit from eating seasonally. Syncing up with mother nature’s calendar is also kinder to your gut health and your wallet – it’s a win-win.

When fruit and veg in season, it’s abundant which drives the cost down. So, whilst you might fancy eating blueberries with your porridge in the colder months, you’ll have to fork out to enjoy those out-of-season antioxidants. Eating with the seasons *saves* money. Fact. 

Only 23% of the fruit and veg eaten in Britain is grown here meaning the rest is imported, and flying our five a day overseas is unsurprisingly a spenny business. Fruit and veg shipped from the other side of the world can lose vitamins and minerals in transportation and storage so by eating fresh produce picked at its peak, you’ll be getting the most out of your fruit and veg and reducing your environmental impact whilst you’re at it since the food hasn’t had to travel as far to get to you. 

By being mindful with your food choices, you’ll also be reaping the benefits of a varied diet and getting a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals that you’d otherwise be missing out on, free of the pesticides and fertilisers used to force the produce to grow all year round. 

What is eating seasonally and how do you do it?

The concept of eating seasonally involves reconnecting with nature’s rhythms and only eating what’s readily available to harvest locally right now. This means you’ll be benefiting from fresh produce grown in natural conditions and packed full of flavour: no artificial hothouses and fewer carbon emissions, just maximum taste with minimal environmental impact! 

While it’s easy to grab whatever you fancy from the 24-hour supermarket all year round – blackberries in spring, asparagus in autumn, strawbs in winter – it means we’ve got used to having whatever food we want at any time, causing a disconnect with what’s in season and what’s not. Eating seasonally and locally is a great way to get back in touch with our intuitive hunter gatherer roots. 

Tips for eating seasonally 

Look at the labels 

When shopping in-store, check supermarket labels for the country of origin to help make informed choices about what you’re buying. 

Visit your local farmer’s market

Shopping at your local farmer’s market not only means you’re doing your bit for the local economy and the climate but you’ll be getting produce that’s been picked at its very best. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and find out what processes have been used to grow and harvest your food, cultivating a better connection with what we’re eating. 

Mooching around the farmer’s market just so happens to coincide rather nicely with hopping between independent food stalls, grazing *all day* and falling into a nearby country pub for dessert. Here. For. It.  

Consider giving wonky fruit & veg a good home

No doubt you’ve heard of rescuing dogs but have you ever heard of rescuing a wonky parsnip and a curvy cucumber? 

Unfortunately, our food system prizes good looks over taste and sustainability, meaning a lot of perfectly nutritious food goes to waste because it isn’t pretty enough for supermarket beauty standards. In the UK alone, 3 million tonnes of fruit and veg goes to waste before it even leaves the farm. 

By rescuing a box of unwanted fruit and veg, you can make a positive impact on the environment, reduce waste and enjoy an abundance of fresh ‘n’ tasty produce while you’re at it. 

Oddbox is one such business fighting the battle against food waste and unnecessary retailer cosmetic requirements. They work directly with farmers and growers to see what they’ve got going spare and deliver them straight to your home or office overnight (less traffic on the road = lower carbon emissions, they’ve thought of everything). You can choose from low waste small, medium and large fruit and veg boxes, all made from minimal packaging. 

For build-your-own boxes and 100% organic or sustainably wild produce, try Abel & Cole. From sustainable fish, organic meat and household staples, they’re committed to putting the planet first and supporting independent growers. 

Grow your own 

You don’t need to be the next Monty Don to have a go at growing your own balcony herb garden or windowsill veg plots. 

From watercress to kale, garlic, chillies, radishes, toms, carrots, chives, micro greens and edible flowers, you can’t get more local than your own windowsill. 

What to eat and when

This handy list of food by the seasons is a great point of reference if ever you’re wondering what to eat when. 

The Deliciously Ella app is also a great resource for seasonal recipes and ideas on what to make with your greengrocer haul. 


Asparagus | Carrots | Cauliflowers | Cucumbers | Curly Kale | Savoy Cabbage | Spinach | Spring Onion | Watercress | Wild nettles | Purple sprouting broccoli | Gooseberries | Rhubarb | Lamb

Crab | Lobster | Mackerel | Prawns | Sea bass | Trout | Haddock 


Beetroot | Broad beans | Carrots | Cauliflowers | Courgettes | Cucumber | Fennel | Peas | Garlic | Green beans | New potatoes | Lettuce & salad leaves | Radishes | Sage | Runner beans | Salad onions | Squash | Tomatoes | Watercress | Blueberries | Currants  | Elderflower berries | Figs | Plums | Raspberries | Strawberries

Crab | Wild salmon | Pilchards


Field mushrooms | Lettuce | Marrow | Potatoes | Pumpkin | Rocket | Sweetcorn | Watercress | Apples | Blackberries | Damsons | Elderberries | Pears | Plums | Sloes

Grouse | Venison | Oysters | Skate | Brill | Dover Sole 


Brussels sprouts | Cabbage | Carrots | Cauliflower | Celeriac | Curly kale | Fennel | Leeks | Parsnips | Potatoes | Red cabbage | Swede | Turnips | Apples | Pears | Quince

Venison | Goose | Partridge | Pheasant | Wild duck | Turkey | Mussels | Scallops 


26 Cute AF Autumn Jackets To Layer Like a Boss

We may have shed a tiny tear when saying au revoir to the summer that never was, but if there's one thing we can get excited about as October hits it's the prospect of jackets and layering GALORE.

We may have shed a tiny tear when saying au revoir to the summer that never was, but if there’s one thing we can get excited about as October hits it’s the prospect of jackets and layering GALORE. It’s one of life’s tiny pleasures- along with taking your bra off at the end of the day or sinking into a hot bath. Putting a jacket on for the first crisp morning of the year really does signify the change of seasons, a fresh start and all the back to school vibes we’re craving as very (very) mature students (of the world).

Shackets had a big moment in 2020 and we’re thrilled to share that the obsession continues this season as the perfect interim style staple for both Autumn and Spring when an extra layer is needed for your hot girl walk and coffee run requirements. With the best offerings from Topshop, Zara, Arket, Skinnydip and more, keep scrolling to get seriously inspired ahead of your next haul.

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Digital Detox Series: Painting with Louise Mulgrew Designs

Keep reading to see how the team discovered their inner artist, got to grips with colour wheels and unleashed their creativity with the wonderful Louise Mulgrew.

In the final part of this month’s Digital Detox series, we’re swapping wifi for watercolours and picking up our paintbrushes with Brighton-based illustrator and card publisher, Louise Mulgrew.

Louise started painting animals for the first time after a trip to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi. She continued to grow her portfolio and develop her hand-drawn characterful style, selling her animal illustrations at local markets and fairs. In 2016, she showed her first collection of greeting cards at Spring Fair and five years on, her very first Furry Friends collection is still her best-selling range.

Now stocked in Waitrose, John Lewis, Waterstones, Fenwick and Paperchase, Louise Mulgrew Designs is an award-winning eco-friendly paper empire, supplying over 400 independent shops in the UK.

Keep reading to see how the team discovered their inner artist, got to grips with colour wheels and unleashed their creativity with the wonderful Louise Mulgrew.

To see more of Louise’s animal-loving work, you can find her over on Instagram at @louisemulgrew or visit her website here.

Lareese says…

After the questionable masterpiece I created with Sophie Tea Art earlier this year – it was meant to be a heart, looked suspiciously like a butternut squash – I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in myself, ha. Alas, true to form, I fluffed up my colour wheel approximately 0.4 seconds into Louise’s class by drawing one too many segments. We needed 12, I had 14. Where do I go from here if not downhill? Poor, poor Louise, trying to teach me must have been a real career-low for her. My technical ability (or lack thereof) aside, I love the sense of calm that ensues when you’re playing with paint and working on paper. It’s such a treat to be screen-free which is what this activity is all about, after all!

For this workshop, we were using gouache which is an opaque watercolour paint. Starting with the colour wheel, Louise taught us how the primary, secondary and tertiary colours work together. Once we’d cracked that, some of us better than others (woe is me), we had a go at
painting some leaves and flowers, experimenting with various brushwork techniques, creating a colour wash for backgrounds, using dry brushes to build texture, blotting and using extra water to push the colour around the page to create a mottled effect. At this point, I wish I could redeem myself and tell you that I smashed this part of the class but I think we all know that foliage requires significantly more skill than colouring in a wheel. Louise made it look truly effortless, even painting petals upside down like the pro that she is. I’m in awe.

To bring this self-deprecating tale to its close, I love painting, it just doesn’t love me back and I’m quite gutted about it because I would like nothing more than for this to be a reciprocal romance. I kept looking over at Holly’s beautifully neat berry branch creations and wishing I could have such control over the way my hands behave when holding a paintbrush. I have to say though, from a digital detox perspective, dipping into your watercolours is the ideal activity to drag you away from your phones and laptops, especially with Louise at the helm. I dread to think how much more damage I would have done if I had digital distractions to contend with as well, haha. I’m forever grateful she didn’t task us with hedgehogs or elephants for our first go. Big thank you to Louise for having the patience of a saint to teach us (read: me) and for sharing her expertise with us. What a babe!

Charlotte says…

I was a little apprehensive going into this workshop as my art skills certainly leave a lot to be desired, (quickly realised after our workshop with Sophie Tea earlier this year) but I was pleasantly surprised both by how smoothly Louise guided us through the session and my final leafy results! I’ve never worked with gouache before but follow a few illustrators and designers who do and so was super intrigued to be giving it a whirl as a newbie. To my delight, I found it far more workable than either watercolour or acrylic and it seemed to hit a happy medium of buildable and opaque when used dry and more glossy and with the ability to create a light wash when adding water. First, we created a colour wheel to learn the basics of colour theory and how to create a range of shades from the main primary colours, and although this whole experience was supposed to be relaxing I found myself oddly stressed about making my wheel ‘perfect’ or as neat as possible. I had to take a step back and remind myself that you cannot dictate the outcome of creative and mindful tasks and that the aim of these activities is the detox from our screens and do something different with our minds! I think once I was able to let go of expectations and just enjoy the process a bit more I eased into it and really appreciated the challenge of trying something new.

Louise is so knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher who was extremely patient given the fact I apparently cannot follow simple instructions and messed up my colour wheel approximately 200 times, and learning from her was a real privilege! Her work is so gorgeous and even picking up a few tips, tricks and techniques that she uses in her daily practice was so insightful and left me feeling far more confident about picking up a paintbrush in the future.

Although I initially found the workshop a bit overwhelming (perfectionist tendencies alert), the time totally flew by and I left feeling like my brain really had an opportunity to time out and totally focus on the task at hand. As much as I love yoga and find it can really chill out my brain, I find my mind can still wander, whereas the concentration required in learning something new and focusing on something tangible was a real tonic.

Danielle says…

I’m often left feeling a bit deflated post craft session as I’m simply terrible at most arty things but I really enjoy the actual doing part and taking my mind off the stresses of the world! The last time I painted was when we had Sophie Tea give us a tutorial for one of her infamous hearts and I was actually pretty proud of what I produced, so I went into this one with a bit more of an open mind!

Instead of just going straight into the deep end with attempting to paint a bunch of flowers Louise let us play with the paints and try making a colour wheel. This was such an interesting process as she really taught us how to make so many colours by just using primary red, blue, yellow and white. I know that probably sounds obvious and something we learnt at school but I really enjoyed learning about making so much with so little! The paints we used were Gouache and they felt like a combination between watercolour and acrylic, this meant if it started to ‘run out’ or dry up we could just add a bit of water and it would start flowing nicely again. There were so many effects you could use that looked so pretty when dry, I always think watercolours are really hard to get them where you want them whilst still keeping that lovely translucent effect but with Gouache you can manipulate them much more easily.

Painting is such a good DDD activity because you have something tangible to work on that you can see come to life is the best distraction to the digital world. Plus now I know I only need to buy 4 colours, it’s much cheaper than expected!

Darcey says…

It felt so good to be getting arty again as it’s something I did quite often in education as I did textiles at A-Level and then a fashion degree, and although I love art it’s one of those things I don’t make the time for (terrible I know). I’m no Picasso, but art is fun and it’s nice to create something with your own hands which is one of a kind!

Louise was so lovely and creates such beautiful artwork, so I was really excited to get such an intimate masterclass with her. We started off by creating a colour wheel, apparently not as easy as one would think. I was missing a segment (maths wasn’t my strong point), it started off looking like a real mess, not the best circle I’ve ever seen. This was such an interesting process though, I have never learnt almost the art of creating so many different colours and the science behind it. By the end my lopsided circle didn’t look too shabby, I was actually quite impressed with my colour wheel ha!

We used a paint throughout called Gouache, firstly does anyone else just love the sound of that? I have a feeling I like it so much because it sounds like ganache hahaha. This paint had such an interesting texture, it was gooey and thick, but add a touch of water and you have a watercolour, super cool and versatile! We practiced our leafy strokes and Louise taught us all these different techniques to create our own masterpieces. We all had a good go at making some floral designs and the whole team made lovely art. I really enjoyed this DDD activity, art is such a brilliant way to distract your mind and take you away from screens, even for 30 mins. I have felt so lucky to do this Digital Detox Series and absolutely will be implementing this into my daily life, I think taking time every weekend to step away from it all, even for an hour, is my goal moving forward!


We’ve Joined Depop! Shop the Zoella Team’s Wardrobe

With the start of a new season, the team were looking for ways to declutter our wardrobes responsibly and part with the items that no longer spark joy - come through, Depop!

AD in partnership with Depop

No doubt you’re already familiar with the wonderful world of Depop – the Instagram-meets-eBay fashion app changing the way we shop for the better.

Carrying fashion behemoths like Balenciaga and Gucci to the cool-girl brands and faithful high-street names, you can peruse the virtual Depop rails and discover second-hand, vintage and designer gems at the click of a button, and from the comfort of your own couch. Huzzah!

Not only is it considerably more convenient than battling your way through the infamous Zara queues of a weekend, it’s also a more conscious way to get your hands on the labels you love to wear, giving items that are destined for landfill a second lease of life.

Having a clear out no longer requires multiple sweaty trips to the charity shop or organising a car boot at 7am on a Sunday. Whether it’s too big, too small or never worn before with the labels still intact to prove it, selling your once-loved items on Depop is a great hassle-free way to recycle your outfits and give the clothes that already exist in the world their due wear.

Shop the Team Zoella Wardrobe here!

As a platform, Depop operates in much the same way as Instagram, with an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes scrolling for outfits outrageously easy – sleep, eat, Depop, repeat, kinda easy. You can follow your favourite sellers and view their wares in a feed, much like Instagram, with hashtags to help filter your search. Not sure what you’re looking for? You can browse by category, check out the trending ‘what’s hot on Depop’ items and utilise the My DNA function to see personalised recommendations based on your style to save you the legwork.

Alongside its commitment to circular fashion, Depop champions entrepreneurial spirit and has given smaller, independent creators a platform to launch their very own fashion brands, so if you’re in the market for a dress no one else will be wearing, Depop’s got the scoop on one of a kind wares, as well as the up-and-coming names and trends to watch out for.

To set up shop and start selling your garms, all you need is a mobile number, an account name and a PayPal account and you’re good to start listing your lewks. Simply upload your snaps, write an appropriate description to go with your product (you can go as catchy and clickable or as product focused as you like) name your price and build your empire.

With the start of a new season, the team were looking for ways to declutter our wardrobes responsibly and part with the items that no longer spark joy – come through, Depop!

Featuring brands from All Saints to H&M, Zara and Nobody’s Child, you can browse the Team Zoella page and get snapping up some pre-loved ‘fits that didn’t quite get the wear they deserve with us (lockdown really did that).

Click through the gallery below and come and join us over on the app. Got a question about any of our items? Feel free to drop us a PM by clicking the envelope on our shop page. Happy thrifting, fellas!

Charlotte’s Wardrobe

My online shopping habits have been a little intense since socialising became a thing again in 2021 so being able to find on-trend and new clothes at a cheaper price on Depop has been such a lifesaver! I love following my favourite influencers to be one of the first to see when they upload the clothes they no longer wear anymore and have managed to get some absolute steals in the past from doing so. Depop shops and small businesses thriving on the app also have a special place in my heart for helping me find super unique and special items that no one else has, and I love the individuality Depop encourages. 

I’m normally a bit of a hoarder when it comes to selling my own clothes and keep a lot of items ‘just in case’ but I actually feel incredibly free when I finally let something go and leave space in my wardrobe for something new and more ‘me’. It can be hard to part with items that have a sentimental value, but it feels really fulfilling being able to give them a new lease of life with someone new and helps me feel like I’m doing my part in helping clothes have a longer lifespan. 

Lareese’s Wardrobe

I’ve recently rediscovered the magic of Depop after signing up for a personal account years ago. I’m excited to clear some space in the wardrobe, safe in the knowledge that these items will continue on with their journey, passing from person to person just as it should be. 

I’ve still got a lot of love for these clothes, some of which I’ve barely had the chance to wear but in the interest of streamlining the wardrobe for an autumn spruce up, I’m begrudgingly rehoming them, so they’re guaranteed to get the wear they deserve. The leopard print dress from Zara is such an easy dress to throw on with Converse for workwear and layer up with tights, a leather jacket and boots in winter. The H&M check shacket is also a firm fave for in-between-the seasons dressing but with various lookalike prints in my possession (when I like something, I tend to really overdo it), I need to part ways with at least one of them. Depop to the rescue! It feels incredibly satisfying to upload your bits and bobs knowing it’s going to land straight in the hands of someone who will love and enjoy it all over again. Landfill: 0, Planet: 1.

Darcey’s Wardrobe

I’ve been using Depop for a really long time and have always loved it for selling clothes I no longer wear/can fit in! I’m selling a handful of bits which range in price, mainly all of it doesn’t fit me anymore but is such great quality still so deserves a loving home. I find dresses are my worst offenders for wearing once and never again, so I thought I’d list a few of those on here and see if it takes anybody’s fancy!

Danielle’s Wardrobe

I’m a complete Depop novice so I’m really excited to see how the platform operates and start a new secondhand journey with my wardrobe! I’ve always found vintage shopping harder as a size 20, but I’ve already found tons of garments that look great on the app already

I’m selling a few bits I’ve bought new and never worn because they just didn’t suit me, a brand new leopard print peplum top I love and keep thinking it might fit me one day, spoiler alert: it won’t! A light pink silk shirt I’ve loved for a while that I think deserves a new home, and a dress I’ve worn so many times for Christmas and New Year parties that I’m hoping will fund this year’s dress of the season!

Shop the Team Zoella Wardrobe here!


6 Skincare Routines to Inspire Your Next Beauty Haul

From dry to acne-prone and oily to combination, there's a range of routines, cult products and must-haves amongst us large enough to occupy a small Boots store- our Advantage Points are truly off the charts.

Here at Zoella HQ, we are skincare fiends- face mask fanatics, cleanser crazed, oil obsessors, and there’s little we love more than a thorough and relaxing skincare routine at the end of a long day at work (read: wondering how we can reintroduce Regé-Jean Page into our content calendar). From dry to acne-prone and oily to combination, there’s a range of routines, cult products and must-haves amongst us large enough to occupy a small Boots store- our Advantage Points are truly off the charts.

Honourable mentions go to CeraVe, Glossier (pink pouch crew unite) and La Roche-Posay who hold a special place in our hearts as ‘can do no wrong’ brands that always have our back when our complexion is feeling chaotic. 2020’s lockdown saw little reason for us to spend our £££ (current bank balance can no longer relate) and many of us turned to skincare as both a mindful self-care activity and a means to fill those long, drawn-out evenings. As such many of us have nailed our routines and found the ride or die products that are simply chef’s kiss- that’s one good thing to come out of lockdown, eh!

Keep scrolling to shop the skincare essentials we would be lost without.


I’ve been absolutely loving the “then I met you” cleansing balm and am almost done with my second tub! I usually like to use a balm to remove makeup or SPF and then I’ll go in for a second cleanse with my Oskia renaissance cleansing gel which has been a firm favourite for years. I tend to mix up my serums and toners but I’m currently loving “heroine” by PSA for my toner. A solid re-purchase every time I run out is the Peter Thomas Roth water drench hyaluronic cloud gel eye patches which are so refreshing and hydrating! I keep them in my fridge.

*Cult Beauty, THEN I MET YOU Living Cleansing Balm, £37 | *Cult Beauty, EMBRYOLISSE LABORATORIES Lait-Creme, £20 | *Allies, HEROINE MANDELIC & LICORICE SUPERFOOD TONER, £28 | *Cult Beauty, PETER THOMAS ROTH Hydra-Gel Eye Patches, £45 | *Cult Beauty, OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel, £36


I haven’t refreshed my makeup in months, my brushes are balding and you wouldn’t want to smell my spoolie, let me tell you. I’m hitting pan on everything, squeezing out the final blobs of my foundation but skincare – skincare is a different story. Unlike doing my makeup, I look forward to my skincare routine, especially in the evening. There’s nothing a double cleanse and a good twilight pamper can’t fix. Right now, I’ve got some faithful favourites on the go like the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser (I love this stuff) and the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum which I repurchase as soon as I’m out. Then after reading good reviews, I caved and bought the Sunday Riley CEO Glow because I feel like my face needs some vitamin c right now and the Khiel’s activating treatment which is v refreshing in the morn.

*Cult Beauty, KATE SOMERVILLE Goat Milk Cleanser, £34 | *Space NK, CAUDALIE VINOPERFECT RADIANCE SERUM, £46 | *Feel Unique, Kiehl’s Iris Extract Essence, £39.50 | *Feel Unique, Bondi Sands Coconut Body Moisturiser, £4.45 | *Glossier, Futuredew oil serum hybrid, £23 | Boots, Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème, £33 | *Cult Beauty, SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Glow, £34


This is currently what my morning routine looks like, I decided to try out some more reasonable priced serums as I find a roll through them quite quickly and I’m more likely to use it every day if I don’t feel like I’m pouring money down the drain, or into my pores in this case. I kick things off with the Cerave hyaluronic acid cleanser, always a good staple! I then blast on toner with cotton wool to have me feeling extra clean, highly recommend Scientia products and their tonic is so satisfying to squirt out. I’ll then use The Ordinary Buffet and The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid, no particular order, so feel free to tell me if one should go before the other. I recently purchased this moisturiser from Paula’s Choice as I liked what it offered and enjoy a pump, and I have to say I’m really enjoying the silky feeling it leaves on my skin without being sticky. I finish with some tanning water every other morning, especially while it’s sunny, so my face matches the tan on my body. My absolute fave is he Jamie Genevieve Utan CBD tanning water, the lavender scent brings a sense of calm to my skin.

*ASOS, CeraVe hydrating hyaluronic acid cleanser, £9.50 | *Cult Beauty, SCIENTIA Pure Clarity Purifying PHA Skin Tonic, £34 | *Cult Beauty, THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid Serum, £5.99 | *Cult Beauty, THE ORDINARY ‘Buffet’, £12.70 | *Cult Beauty, PAULA’S CHOICE Omega+ Complex Moisturizer, £32 | *Beauty Bay, UTAN UTAN X JAMIE GENEVIEVE CBD TANNING WATER, £18


My makeup routine stays very much the same throughout the year but skincare is the part of my routine in which I go to town and tend to switch things up. I’ve repurchased the La Roche Posay Serozinc spray a couple of times now and although I can’t say I notice a crazy difference when using it or not, I really enjoy how refreshing it is (especially during the summer) and love using it after a hot shower. The Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser is a bit of a cult classic and is probably my favourite make-up removing cleanser at the end of a long day- it leaves my skin feeling super duper clean and hydrated. Highly recommend!

I was introduced to Scienta Beauty via Zoella and their Rescue Mask is one of the best I’ve ever used. I love trying CBD skincare and I would repurchase this one in a flash. Finally, this serum from Beauty Bay’s own range is surprisingly great and so affordable. I really want to try more of their range!

*Glossier, Milky Jelly Cleanser, £15 | Scientia, CBD VEGI-TOX™ RESCUE MASK, £26 | Boots, La Roche-Posay Serozinc Face Toner Mist, £10 | *Beauty Bay, BY BEAUTY BAY SKINHIT HYDRATING SERUM, £5.95


I LOVE skincare and I really have tried everything, so my firm faves have been really put to the test. Cerave foaming cleanser for oily skin is so good and if there are any other fellow oily people out there looking for something new, you need to try this! Cerave’s moisturiser is fantastic as well, it can be used on your face and body too. The Inkey List Vitamin C serum is the best one I have tried so far, but it’s strong so if you have sensitive skin use carefully as it will tingle! Mallows Beauty Enzyme Peel Mask is vegan and SO GOOD, if you have acne honestly give this a go it has such amazing results and has been really great for acne scarring especially for me. Lastly, I had to include my fave SPF the La-Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50, I wear it all year round due to using a lot of acids/exfoliants etc on my face which means I need to protect it every day (we should all wear SPF on our face every day though reallyyyy), also sits well under makeup!

*Beauty Bay, CERAVE FOAMING CLEANSER, £14.95 | *Beauty Bay, CERAVE MOISTURISING CREAM, £8.95 | *Cult Beauty, THE INKEY LIST Vitamin C Serum, £7.99 | Mallows Beauty, Pineapple & Mango Enzyme Peel Mask, £17.95 | *Look Fantastic, La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50+ Sun Cream 50ml, £18


I recently left my whole makeup bag in Cornwall and insisted I could cope without it for a few weeks… Skincare is a whole other thing and there are a couple of products that I genuinely NEED. The first one being my eye cream. Estee Lauder advance night repair eye is a repeat x10 product for me and I honestly have never found another eye product that comes close to it. I would probably look 500 years old without it. A good cleanser is also essential and I have a couple that I really rate, Cerave hydrating cleanser is my current favourite, it works so nicely and is so affordable which is great for a wash-off product. I have a couple of treatment products that really help protect my skin which I’m becoming more and more conscious about, the Allies of Skin Peptides & Antioxidants firming treatment and the body shop SPF 50 I would also include in my essentials.

*The Body Shop, Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++, £22 | *Beauty Bay, CERAVE HYDRATING CLEANSER, £9.50 | *Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex, £48 | *Cult Beauty, ALLIES OF SKIN Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment, £105


The Only Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake Recipe That Matters This Autumn

If you’re looking for Sunday baking inspo or you want to have a go at whipping up a showstopper for a Halloween party, this freakishly good Jane’s Patisserie recipe is all you need in your life.

PSL in cake form you say? Hold my Starbucks.

Someone let Paul Hollywood and the gang know that the GBBO tent can be packed away this year because this pumpkin spice latte cake wins.

Creamy, comforting and moist (sorry, it had to be said), putting your feet up with a cuppa, watching Hocus Pocus and getting stuck into a slice of this on a cosy autumnal afternoon is the only way to spend a rainy day.

If you’re looking for Sunday baking inspo or you want to have a go at whipping up a showstopper for a Halloween party, this freakishly good Jane’s Patisserie recipe is all you need in your life.

SERVES 10-14


  1. Heat the oven to 180C/160C Fan and line three 20cm/8inch cake tins with baking parchment – leave to the side.
  2. In a stand mixer, beat together the butter and light brown sugar until light and fluffy.
  3. Dissolve the Instant Coffee in 2tbsp of Boiling Water.
  4. Add in the flour, pumpkin spice, eggs, and coffee and beat again briefly till combined. Try not to over beat the mixture!
  5. Divide the mixture between the three tins and smooth it over – bake for 25-30 minutes until a skewer comes out clean when poked, and when the cake springs back.
  6. Once baked, leave the cake to cool in the tin for 10 minutes, and then remove and leave to cool fully on a wire rack. If the cake has domed slightly, leave the cake to cool upside down to flatten it slightly.


  1. Beat the Butter on its own in a stand mixer or bowl for a couple of minutes so it’s really supple and soft.
  2. Add in the Pumpkin Spice Mix, and the Vanilla, and beat again.
  3. Gradually add in the Icing Sugar until all of it is combined and beat for a good few minutes.
  4. If it’s still really stiff, add one tablespoon of boiling water at a time, until its pipeable.


  1. For each layer of the Cake, add a sponge, and slather on some of the Buttercream.
  2. Repeat again with the next layer, and then the final layer.
  3. Spread and smooth some buttercream around the top and sides of the cake – personally I find it easier to do a very thin coat first to seal in the crumbs, put the cake in the fridge for 20 minutes, and then do a thicker layer for the final coat.
  4. Set the cake in the fridge again for 20 minutes.
  5. Melt your dark chocolate carefully until smooth, and stir through 1-2tbsps of oil to loosen slightly – some dark chocolate doesn’t need this as it’s thinner, but some dark chocolate cake be a little thick and hard to use for a drip.
  6. Carefully drip the chocolate down the sides of the cake with a small disposable piping bag and then cover the top with the rest of the chocolate. Leave the chocolate to sit for a few minutes, and then pipe on some swirls of buttercream.
  7. Sprinkle on your favourite sprinkles and add some spooky marshmallows!

13 Questions With Jade Bowler

Jade started her YouTube career in the StudyTube niche after realising how little there was out there for people wanting tips, tricks and support when studying for exams. Since then her channel has grown with her, and this year she even launched her own book 'The Only Study Guide You'll Ever Need'!

First off, how are you and how is your 2021 going?

Honestly? Right at this very moment, I could be better! I found out today that my bike was stolen – not my top highlight of 2021! But other than that, it’s been such a wonderful, chaotic and rewarding year.

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel Unjaded Jade?

I was the last person that any of my friends thought would become a YouTuber! I fell into it out of what felt like necessity.

I loved school, but when I was 16, I found my GCSE exams incredibly stressful. For exams that would apparently “determine my whole life”, I was confused why we were never taught how to revise for them. I started researching the science of learning and teaching myself effective study methods which helped me somehow come out with all A*s.

When I reached sixth form, I knew I needed to share what I’d learned with other students who might be equally stressed, which is why I started my channel. This went on to pioneer an online niche called StudyTube where students shared helpful study techniques and inspired others to look after their mental wellbeing.

Can you tell us about the content you create on your channel?

My channel has evolved over the years as my life has changed, but it has followed my educational journey from school, to my gap year, to now at University. I discuss helpful study techniques, productivity tips, and why I love learning. I also make vlogs about living a life with more gratitude and intention!

We love that so many of your videos concentrate on forming habits for your mental health, what has had the biggest effect on you this year?

Thank you so much. Mental health is often overlooked in the narrative around studying and productivity! Two things have been especially important for me this year: meditation and journaling. My Mum is a yoga teacher so I grew up very resistant to anything in the mindfulness space, but as soon as I tried meditation, it changed my life. I often overthink things, so it helps me to ground myself. I also love journaling to reflect on my life, set goals and remind myself to express gratitude!

Tell us about your book ‘The Only Study Guide You’ll Ever Need

This is the book I wish I had when I was 16. The first half is focused on how to study based on the science of memory, from revision techniques to building a timetable. The second half is more holistic and sees the student not just as a grade-producing machine, but as someone who also needs to prioritise their own wellbeing. I discuss perfectionism, the academic system, my own mental health during school and what helped me to have the right mindset before an exam.

How did you find the differences between creating video content and writing?

Both feel incredibly personal, but writing allows a depth which you can’t always reach in a video. When people watch a video, you have no idea how much they already know about studying and it can be hard to level it right. With a book, the assumption is that the reader is investing time in the topic, so I could build on frameworks and cross-reference ideas throughout the book to further explain why things work! Another main difference was that I would often write in the middle of the night in my dressing gown.

What are some of your most popular videos our audience should check out?

I love the video on my revision technique ‘Blurting’. It’s changed so many students’ lives! I also recommend watching my ‘Study With Me’s if you’re looking for real-time motivation to get work done and stay off your phone!

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently studying Cognitive Neuroscience with a minor in Business Development (oh, so different! Can you tell I’m indecisive and love learning?) so most of my time is preoccupied with Uni, but I’m also building a mindfulness app in my free time for fun!

Do you have any favourite follows for people to be inspired by online?

So many! Ali Abdaal is amazing for productivity advice, Jack Edwards always inspires me to read more books, and Vee Kativhu is amazing for educational empowerment.

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Waking up early in nature, doing yoga and meditation, making porridge, drinking tea and reading books. I’d then spend the weekend hiking with friends!

What do you always carry with you?

A hairband. My curls can be exhausting.

What would your last ever meal be?

My Mum’s vegan lasagne.

What is one positive piece of advice you could give to our audience?

You are enough. Whether you get the grade or not, get into your dream uni or not, woke up early today or not, you are enough, exactly as you are. The internet tells you a million ways of how to be and how to live. While it’s important to grow and learn, we don’t give the present version of ourselves enough credit!

Follow Jade on YouTube here, and keep up with her on Instagram here!