Transitional Fashion Picks Perfect For Entering Your Hygge Era

Today Team Zoella are sharing their favourite high-street fashion picks as we welcome the new term feeling that comes with the month of September, as we prepare to fully enter our hygge eras.

All the products on this page have been selected by our editorial team however some are ad-affiliate links.

Cosy girlies rejoice, September is upon us and the season for hibernation is near. Think darker evenings, cool mornings, hot coffees over iced and the return of the jackets that have been stowed at the back of your wardrobe for, well, forever now.

As we prepare to hunker down and adjust our self-care routines to include rest, recuperation and a healthy dose of pumpkin spice, your wardrobe is likely in need of a similar shakeup as it finally cools down enough to wear more than linen and linen alone.

Today Team Zoella are sharing their favourite high-street fashion picks as we welcome the new term feeling that comes with the month of September, as we prepare to fully enter our hygge eras.

Lareese’s Picks…

I LOVE this time of year. As soon as there’s a slight bite in the air, I’m ready for trench coats and layers. I just feel so much more put together (read: grown up) when there’s an outer layer involved! True to form, I’ve picked out a structured trench from NA-KD to pair with white jeans, a tank top – so I can peel off the layers if the sun makes an appearance, and flats for the perfect low-key, between-the-seasons outfit. All in 50 shades of beige of course…

Arket, Wool Tank Top, £35
H&M, Wide High Jeans, £24.99
Na-Kd, Structured Trenchcoat, £111
Na-Kd, Basic Squared Sunglasses, £11.95
Birkenstock, Boston Soft Footbed, £120

Liv’s Picks…

Give me all the layers!! This is honestly my favourite time of year for fashion. I love layering oversized shirts with a classic trench (this one has a little bit of a twist) and a chunky boot so I don’t have to worry about puddles. Sunglasses are always needed for those end-of-summer golden hours.

ASOS, ASOS DESIGN check trench coat in stone, £66
H&M, Oversized cotton shirt, £17.99
& Other Stories, Elasticated Leather Chelsea Boots, £135

Charlotte’s Picks…

It’s no secret that I’m a summer girly through and through and the prospect of the cooler weather is not exactly filling me with joy, but whilst it’s still warm enough to not be wearing tights I can cope! I love a bit of layering as a way to keep my summer items wearable but warm as the seasons change and this plisse top from Warehouse is perfect for popping under oversized t-shirts and dresses. I’ve also wanted a trench coat forever but have never been able to find the perfect one so it’s my mission for this upcoming A/W! Add in a few staples like neutral jumpers and skirts and I’ll mentally start saying goodbye to summer beach days, Aperol and Crocs weather. Cries

Weekday, Blue Printed Plisse Long Sleeve Top, £32
Stradivarius, Long flowing trench coat, £49.99
Nasty Gal, Colour Block Satin Long Sleeve Shirt, £35
& Other Stories, Mock Neck Knit Jumper, £85
H&M, Mini skirt, £17.99

Danielle’s Picks…

My top transitional piece right now would have to be a blazer. Great to throw on if it’s feeling a little chilly and one with this tweed kind of texture will see you right through to the end of Winter (with a coat added of course!). I pretty much live in knitwear until May and I love the shape of this one, I think it would look great with skirts/jeans/trousers too. This little leather skirt can be worn now and will look so nice with thick black tights and a jumper. And as for the boots, who doesn’t need to invest in some cowboy boots right now?!

H&M, Single-breasted blazer, £34.99
H&M, Oversized jacquard-knit jumper, £24.99
H&M, Mini skirt, £17.99
Mango, Leather cowboy ankle boots, £129

Lily’s Picks…

Cosy, casual and transitional weather-ready! Absolutely obsessed with this time of year – I’m an autumn lover through and through! This look is my usual transitional staple. I love a brown blazer/coat with some white jeans and a t-shirt. Featuring golden accents from the chain sunglasses to dress the look up a little. With this outfit, I would also pair some golden jewellery – specifically, ring stacking and necklace layering. To get even cosier, pop in a long woolly scarf!

Weekday, Luciana Wool Blazer, £85
Nasty Gal, Round Tinted Sunglasses, £8
H&M, Wide High Jeans, £24.99
Arket, Heavyweight T-Shirt, £25
Arket, New Balance 327 Trainers, £105

Darcey’s Picks…

I love transitional pieces, Autumn fashion is my calling! Black jeans are a go-to when the cold weather starts to come in, Weekday jeans are such good quality and reasonably priced. I love a big cardigan for Autumn too when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat but you need a little extra layer. Gilets are also perfect for this kind of weather too, run don’t walk for this black gilet from H&M! Black trousers and a baggy sweatshirt are also great transitional pieces and work interchangeably with each other and all the other pieces I’ve linked above.

Weekday, Leyla Oversized Cardigan, £55
Weekday, Rowe Extra High Straight Jeans, £40
H&M, Puffer gilet, £29.99
H&M, Wide trousers, £14.99
Future Self, Capsule Sweatshirt in Forest Green, £55

All the products on this page have been selected by our editorial team however some are ad-affiliate links.


32 Bewildering Things We Find Hot… But We Don’t Know Why

Sometimes it's the characteristics you can’t quite put your finger on that are the most captivating of all, and the combination of any more than two together is guaranteed to have you catching feelings…

The heatwave might be over, but keep reading and you’ll be feeling the heat through the screen…

When it comes to those that are of the top-tier sexy category, there are certain things that may appear mundane in your day-to-day life that are suddenly catapulted into the too-hot-to-handle section as soon as you’re feeling the butterflies for that certain someone. A cool outfit, a smoooooth voice and good manners might be considered typically attractive, but what about the weird and wacky things that are hot AF but a *little* off-piste? Sometimes it’s the characteristics you can’t quite put your finger on that are the most captivating of all, and the combination of any more than two together is guaranteed to have you catching feelings…

  1. These may be in no particular order but a hand on the back of the headrest whilst reversing takes the number one spot regardless.
  2. Veins. 
  3. Accents. All of ‘em.
  4. … But especially Irish. Look no further than Paul Mescal in Normal People
  5. It’s 2022 and therefore a moustache and a mullet will take you far.
  6. When they’re attentive and remember small things about you. Honestly the bar is so low.
  7. If they’re into reading they just got 200+ attractive points. It’s not hard to be hot!
  8. Not just being clean, but smelling GOOD. A memorable, lingering scent goes a long way. 
  9. Straight out of the shower, wet hair and in nothing but a towel- does it get better?
  10. Has houseplants. That’s it, that’s the tweet.
  11. When they’re a Swiftie- sorry we don’t make the rules! 
  12. If their sleeves are rolled up- especially when wearing a shirt at the end of the day- consider us a goner. 
  13. A strong backhand in tennis is peak ‘would die 4 u’ territory. 
  14. A clenched jaw. 
  15. If they’re good with kids, consider us ready for marriage.
  16. The tiny bit of neck where a guy’s hair meets his skin. Hot. 
  17. Taking off a belt. The sound, the motion, the connotations.
  18. Dimples.
  19. They have a favourite Harry Styles song.
  20. A bit of sweat, not in an OTT way but in a pheromones-making-us-hot-under-the-collar kind of way.
  21. Messy bedhead hair.
  22. Speaking passionately about something = instant turn-on.
  23. Smile lines.
  24. When they talk about their feelings- emotional vulnerability is sexy, people!
  25. If they can speak more than one language they’re getting it.
  26. When they text to make sure you got home safe. 
  27. They appreciate the finer things in life, aka a good romcom. 
  28. They’re not on social media. Hypocritical? Yes. Hot? Also yes.
  29. Knows their love language.
  30. Can cook a mean roast dinner.
  31. They say hello to dogs in the street. 
  32. They make time to see their grandparents regularly. 

Zoe Reflects on Her First Year of Motherhood & the Lessons She’s Learned Along the Way

As Ottilie turns one, Zoe’s reflecting on her first year of motherhood from muddling through the sleep-deprived newborn days to finding her way with weaning and letting go of perfection, here’s everything she learned in her first year of becoming Ottilie’s mama.

For those who’ve been there, done it and got a seriously impressive knowledge of poo to show for it, you’ll know that the first year of motherhood is a beautiful blur of wild highs and lows. The sleepless nights, the milestones (s/o to all those who dared to embark on that first solo trip out of the house), night feeds, nappy changes, first-times and cuddles. So many cuddles. 

Google is both a hero and a villain in all this, but ultimately you know there’s only so much reading you can do to prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ride that is becoming a parent for the first time. Having a tiny human and taking care of them for the rest of their life really is bananas!

As Ottilie turns one, Zoe’s reflecting on her first year of motherhood from muddling through the sleep-deprived newborn days to finding her way with weaning and letting go of perfection, here’s everything she learned in her first year of becoming Ottilie’s mama.

​​Q: First up, how are you doing?! How is motherhood treating you?

I’m good! Motherhood is honestly the wildest ride full of ups and downs and inside outs. I feel very lucky I get to watch Ottilie growing every single day.

Q: Cast your mind back to when you first got home from the hospital. What did it feel like to be bringing Ottilie home for the very first time?

One of my favourite memories that has gone immediately into the “core memory” vault. I remember feeling so happy to be home (I’m such a homebody, especially when I’m not feeling 100% so I was really looking forward to hibernating) and it was such an overwhelming feeling of pure joy that we got to keep Ottie and it was the start of forever. It sounds cheesy but that’s exactly where my thoughts went. I just kept thinking, “this is her home now too, she just doesn’t know it yet!”. I was also very excited for my family to meet her (they came over around 2 hours after we got back – and they brought Nando’s haha).

Q: On a scale of 1 – 10, how tired are you, ha?

In those early newborn days I think I just muddled through on adrenaline and snacks and my sleep was all over the place, but these days the tiredness comes more from the mental side of it. Just trying to remember all the things, and be all the things, and do all the things. I’m surprised my brain is still functioning some days.

Q: What has surprised you the most about motherhood, so far?

Girls wee when you take their nappies off too. I always thought this was just a boy baby thing, Haha! On a more serious note though, a LOT has surprised me. I feel like I am constantly surprised by even the smallest things as I’m obviously learning a lot day by day. How quickly each phase passes in this first year is probably a big one. It feels like they take forever to give you their first smile, and then you blink and they’re toddling around shouting actual words.

Q: Watching Ottilie grow into her own little person must be both heart-warming and hilarious. What’s your favourite memory from the last 12 months? (Impossible to pick, we know!)

Oh my gosh, I have so many. She recently became obsessed with our piano and will now stand at it dancing around waiting for the music to play out of it. She also loves putting things up to her ear and shouting “HELLO?” Like Dom Joly.

Q: How has motherhood changed you?

I know it has, but I feel like it’s one of things where I’m so deep into it I don’t know how it’s changed me yet! I certainly have a lot less time to give others now I have Ottie which I always feel very guilty about. I do think it’s made me relax a lot more about the slightly more trivial things I’d worry about before. I have definitely learnt to be more present and in the moment.

Q: Let’s talk parenting ideals! Was there ever something you heard or read that you thought ‘yep, I’m definitely going to do that’ but that went right out the window once Ottilie was here?

SO MANY THINGS. You sort of fill your metaphorical tool belt with ALL THE THINGS that worked for everyone else and you go through them until you find something that works for you and your baby. This also means so many of these tips, tricks and gadgets don’t make the cut, but could be someone else’s holy grail! Just goes to show you that all babies are so different.

Q: Has your experience of becoming a mum differed from your expectations? Give us the expectations vs reality, the motherhood edition!

Yes and no. I feel like I soaked in a lot of stories before having Ottie, the good, the bad and the ugly, so I feel like Alfie and I had a very varied idea of what becoming parents and having a newborn MIGHT be. Having said that, living it yourself is very different and there were certainly highs and lows along the way!

Q: How would you describe your style, has it changed since becoming a mum?

I don’t know whether it’s changed necessarily but there are certainly styles I gravitate to a little less than before. I also find that to save time I tend to grab the same couple of outfits on rotation instead of exploring my wardrobe a bit more.

Q: The most random thing you’ve found yourself doing /saying because #MumLife….

Honestly, my most used word right now is “Careful…”

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge or learning curve thus far?

Learning how to juggle mum-life with work-life, friend-life, partner life and me time. I still don’t think I’ve found the right balance and I’m definitely winging it but hoping it becomes a little easier with time and practice. Haha!

Q: How is Ottilie and what’s the best thing about being her mama?

Ottilie is amazing. Every day that she grows older, we start to see her little personality develop more and more and I’m obsessed with her. I love her so much!

Q: Mum guilt is tough isn’t it – how do you deal with those rollercoaster emotions?

I send 30 minute long voice notes to my friends of pure waffle! A brain dump and a listening, non- judgemental ear always helps.

Q: The best thing about seeing Alfie become a dad?

Just how incredible he is with her. He’s so patient and doting and it melts my heart. He always gets the biggest laughs too!

Q: What’s one piece of invaluable advice you’ve received?


Q: How about one thing nobody told you but you WISH they had…

That an epidural means you have NO control over your farts and you can’t tell if you’re holding them in or not.

Q: Has becoming a mother yourself changed your relationship with your own mum?

I have a whole new sense of admiration and appreciation for her! And the fact that she had two under two!! (How!)

Q: Your proudest moment over the last year?

I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud. I was very proud of myself for growing and birthing Ottie, but I’m mostly just so proud of all the little things she learns to do. She recently started taking her first steps and pride was BEAMING out of me.

Q: Your ultimate mum fail…

I recently turned my back on Ottie when she was playing with the sudocrem tub…you can imagine what she looked like when I turned back round. How do babies do things so quickly?

Q: What pearls of wisdom have you got for any new mums out there about to embark on this wild and wonderful journey?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, take it easy, go at your own pace and utilise the help of your family and friends if they have offered it! Remember that every first time parent is learning on the job and that nobody expects you to be an expert from day one. Just as your baby is learning each day, so are you!

Q: Your can’t-live-withouts from the past year! Go-to brands, meals, toys, snacks, activities!

White noise machine (hatch), Felt flap books, Teletubbies, Silver nipple cups (for me), Zip up baby sleep suits, Angelcare Bath seat, Tommy tippee squeaky eggs, matchstick monkey teethers, Nappy Caddy, Huckleberry app for tracking those first feeds and naps!

Q: What have you got planned for Ottie’s 1st birthday?

We’re having some of our friends and family over and we’ll just eat food, cut some cake and celebrate the little lady we’ve all watched grow over the past year! I think I’m more excited for her birthday than my own!


Moving House? These are The Essentials to Get You Started

Whether you're moving into university halls, into your first shared home with your S/O or have achieved the ultimate in unachievable millennial goals and bought a house (share your secrets), consider this your ground zero of essentials to get you started.

The new chapter that comes with moving house is as fresh as it gets in fresh start feelings, but amongst the excitement and Pinterest boards, there will likely be a whole lot of anxiety, stress and overwhelm as the prospect of packing up your life becomes a reality. Bet you’re regretting the 15 variations of floral midi dresses hanging on your clothes rail now, aren’t you?

Whether you’re moving into university halls, into your first shared home with your S/O or have achieved the ultimate in unachievable millennial goals and bought a house (share your secrets), consider this your ground zero of essentials to get you started. From bedding so comfy you might just forget your mattress is on the floor for approximately 2 weeks, to a fresh set of towels ready to lovingly display in your shiny new bathroom, your postman is going to be 10/10 busy delivering your new home, new-in essentials. 



Kitchen and Living


*This post contains ad-affiliate links


Everything You Need To Know About Adult Braces

Our smiles- wonky, gappy and all- form an integral part of our identity, and for those who would rather avoid looking at theirs, adult braces or retainers are likely something that’s cropped up in your Google searches a handful of times over the years.

For those who have ever felt self-conscious of their teeth, everyday activities such as smiling for a photo or wearing a statement red lipstick can feel like a battle against insecurity. Our smiles- wonky, gappy and all- form an integral part of our identity, and for those who would rather avoid looking at theirs, adult braces or retainers are likely something that’s cropped up in your Google searches a handful of times over the years. But what’s really involved in the process, how long will it take to give you a smile you feel truly proud of, and possibly more pressingly, how much will it actually cost? We spoke to SmileDirectClub– pioneers in the world of dentist-directed, dentist-prescribed at-home clear aligner orthodontic therapy- as well as deep diving into your other adult brace options to get the lowdown you need before taking the plunge….

What types of braces are available?

Metal Braces:

The more traditional type of braces, but used less so in adulthood, metal braces or ‘train tracks’ are fixed to the teeth and use constant, gentle pressure to move the teeth over time. The process works by brackets- a piece of ceramic or metal placed on each tooth- that are connected by an arch wire that threads through and is bent to suit your ideal bite. The arch wire applies pressure on one side of your mouth, and with time the tooth moves and a new bone tissue grows in behind it. Although not used in every case, sometimes small rubber band ties are used to help keep the arch wire fixed to the brackets.

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces however use clear or tooth-colored brackets as opposed to grey or metallic silver brackets and wires. As a result they tend to be preferable for adult patients, however do tend to be more expensive.

Lingual Braces:

Sometimes called ‘hidden braces’, lingual braces are the same as traditional braces except they are fitted to the inside of the teeth rather than the front, making them practically invisible. Sadly, not everyone is suitable for this type of brace, particularly those with a deep underbite.

Clear Aligners:

Aligners are thin, clear, removable trays made to fit your teeth and are often preferred as a result of being less noticeable than metal braces. They also require less upkeep or dental appointments as the process is typically much simpler. Aligners work in a similar way, creating micro-movements of each tooth; however this is achieved by a series of aligner trays that are worn for a particular period before upgrading to the next tray within the process. 

Despite the individual needs of each patient impacting their specific treatment choice, it’s clear that the adult braces industry is booming, with a 2018 report from the British Orthodontic Society finding that 80% of members were seeing an increase in adult patients, up from 75% in 2016. 

If you’re thinking about starting your own journey with adult braces and are considering the route of clear aligners, bookmark this Q&A with SmileDirectClub for all you need to know before taking the plunge…

Q: First things first, does it hurt? Be honest!

“Like muscle soreness after a good workout, wearing new aligners may cause short-term tooth soreness. This is perfectly normal. It is a sign that the aligners are working by moving teeth into a straighter position. Your aligners have to put pressure on your teeth to get them moving, and that can feel uncomfortable. They’ll need some time to relax into wearing clear aligners.  

If things feel really awkward, or even painful, you might take some dental wax to the aligners, so they shift smoothly over your gums.”

Q: How far in advance should someone think about getting aligners for something like a wedding or big event in which they want to look their best?

“On average, SmileDirectClub treatment takes between 4-6 months, depending on the treatment plan and severity of a patient’s teeth. However, patients generally tend to see a difference in their smile within 60 days.”

Q: Are aligners an option for everyone or will some people’s teeth not be suitable for this process?

“SDC clear aligners are best suited for those with mild to moderate crowding and spacing issues with a minimum age of 12 years old. On some occasions, the affiliated network of UK registered dentists or orthodontists will determine clear aligners are not the best option for a patient because their case is too complex for teledentistry. In those instances, we’ll refer customers to a treating dentist in the traditional setting who is convenient to the patient. ”

Q: What are the benefits of clear aligners vs traditional braces? Is the process quicker, longer or the same?

“SmileDirectClub straightens smiles for 60% less than traditional straightening methods and the average treatment plan works 3X faster than braces. This model eliminates the need for customers to go into the office for time consuming checkups!”

Q: How do the aligners actually work?

“Each aligner is designed to gently and gradually guide your teeth into their desired position in accordance  with what you and your treating dentist or orthodontist have determined is best for you and your treatment goals. You’ll begin wearing a new set of aligners as prescribed, (usually you change to a new aligner every 1-2 weeks) advancing you through your smile journey. 

“After customers have completed treatment with SDC clear aligners, retainers are needed to maintain the smile you love. We recommend you purchase a new retainer every 6 months to keep your teeth in the desired position.”

Q: Let’s talk pricing. What is the cost of opting for aligners later in life?

“Customers have the option of paying a one-off price of £1639, or they can spread the cost over 25 months at £69.43 per month, with a £69.44 deposit.”

Q: Should those who have sensitive teeth be more wary?

“We recommend everyone have a check up with a dentist before undergoing treatment, to assess whether your teeth are healthy and suitable for teeth straightening. Customers with sensitive teeth may find the first week of wear more painful than expected, but this is perfectly normal as your teeth start to shift position.”

Q: Are aligners an option for everyone or will some people’s teeth not be suitable for this process?

“SDC clear aligners are best suited for those with mild to moderate crowding and spacing issues with a minimum age of 12 years old. On some occasions, the affiliated network of UK registered dentists or orthodontists will determine clear aligners are not the best option for a patient because their case is too complex for teledentistry. In those instances, we’ll refer customers to a treating dentist in the traditional setting who is convenient to the patient.”

Happy smiling!


Plot Twist: One of Us Thinks Stranger Things Is Overrated! Here’s What’s Hot In The Office this Week

In this week's instalment of salacious gossip (AKA Hot in The Office) we're selecting which Friends character would be our bestie, the biggest misconceptions about our personalities, all the TV shows people loved that we hated and what we're getting up to this Bank Holiday Weekend!


Everything Coming to Netflix This September

The weather may still be warm, but as we look towards September, the prospect of a day lounging on the sofa after lighting a new candle and throwing on Netflix sounds positively dreamy.

Summer, you’ve been great, but you know what sounds really appealing right about now? Sleeping, without a fan on. Drinking hot coffee. Popping on a jumper. Have a cosy day indoors. Does anyone remember what these things felt like?

The weather may still be warm, but as we look towards September and the autumn months ahead, the prospect of a day lounging on the sofa after lighting a new Homesense candle whilst delving into a cinnamon-covered snack sounds positively dreamy.

If you too are fantasising about time at home after possibly the most sociable summer of your life, may we suggest some addictive new watches to fill your alone time with? From Marilyn Monroe-inspired Blonde, to edge-of-your-seat series like The Thai Cave Rescues,  Netflix really did understand the assignment when it came to their September releases. Check out the below new titles hitting ‘Flix throughout the month, and get ready to cancel your plans…

Love In The Villa, 1st September. 

Although it somewhat sounds like a reworked title of Love Island, Love In The Villa is in fact a fictional tale that’s basically rom-com heaven. The film follows a young woman who takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy, after a breakup, only to find that the villa she reserved was double-booked, and she’ll have to share her vacation with a cynical (and very good-looking) British man. Although IRL this sounds pretty terrible and like a formal complaint email in the making, in the world of romantic movies it’s the perfect setting for an inevitable love story to blossom.

Featuring The Umbrella Academy‘s Tom Hopper and The Vampire Diaries‘ Kat Graham, save this watch for a rainy September day when a serotonin boost is top of your ‘need’ list. 

Off the Hook, 1st September

Netflix Originals hit different, and with the Stranger Things shaped hole in our heart that’s only got bigger since the Season 4 finale has been and gone, it’s time to welcome a new obsession into our lives. 

Off the Hook follows roommates Lea and Manon after realising their relationship with the Internet is getting seriously toxic before deciding to abandon devices for a full 30 days. The romantic comedy provides a much needed dose of light relief in what feels like a very intense world, and dropping on the 1st of September, the series can help you can shake your end of festival season and heatwave blues. 

Dated and Related, 2nd September

The category is *sounds gross but will press play anyway*. Netflix’s new reality TV show is a spin on the traditional dating show, this time involving siblings- get your mind out of the gutter people, not like that! The show sees 16 single contestants – all pairs of siblings – enter a villa in the South of France before going on a series of dates in front of their brothers and sisters. It’s a niche concept, but someone’s gotta do it …

The show’s title is purposefully provocative, but since Love Island wrapped at the beginning of the month the floor is open for a dating show that’s not prepared to ruffle feathers and spark some trending tweets. Drama- we’re ready for you. 

Do Revenge, 16th September

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke aka two of Netflix’s existing golden girls (we’re talking Riverdale and Stranger Things) make a powerful duo in this dark comedy landing mid month. The film follows Drea (played by Camila) and Eleanor (Maya) as the two set out on a quest to get revenge on those that have wronged one another after following a series of unforgivable decisions made by their fellow classmates. From a leaked intimate video to a summer camp bully that needs to be put in her place, Do Revenge is a tale of female allyship through a Gen Z lens that sits somewhere between Heathers and Mean Girls

Directed by Someone Great writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and her collaborator, Celeste Ballard it’s set to include a killer soundtrack thanks to help from Gossip Girl music supervisor Rob Lowry and eldest Haim sister, Este Haim. We love! 

Patton Oswalt: We All Scream, 20th September

More light relief incoming thanks to this Netflix Original Stand-up Special with Patton Oswalt, covering everything from the hazards of ageing, who he could have been had he just followed the list he created during the lockdown and more. Filmed at Paramount Theatre in Denver Colorado, this is Patton’s directorial debut and his fourth comedy special. Add to your list when you’re in need of some serious feel-good energy and get ready to LOL, literally.

Thai Cave Rescue, 22nd September

Inspiring, heartfelt and emotional, the 2018Tham Luang cave rescue that captured the attention of the world is coming to Netflix on the 22nd of September, and it’s set to be intense. 

The story follows the real life tale of a dozen boys and their football coach who became trapped in a cave after it flooded during a sudden monsoon in Northern Thailand in 2018. The incident sparked an international rescue effort as TV crews from across the world documented the unbelievable two weeks during which the boys were trapped in limestone caves near Chiang Rai. Filmed entirely in Thailand by an international group of filmmakers, the series unravels the boys’ stories, and those of their families, over the course of six episodes. 

“I am very proud to have this opportunity to tell the stories behind the faces and names we have come to know well over the course of this world-famous rescue operation.” says Co-Director Baz Poonpiriya. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat from start to finish. 

A Jazzman’s Blues, 23rd September

An investigation into an unsolved murder unveils a story full of forbidden love, deceit and secrets, meaning this Netflix Original film has all the ingredients for a juicy, enticing watch worth setting reminders for. 

Soundtracked by juke joint blues, its story is set in post-World War II South where a young Black jazz singer leaves his rural town in search of fame. Although we don’t know much more about the plot ahead of its release, it’s set to be a memorable one having been in the works in one way or another for over 2 decades! The film was the first screenplay that director Tyler Perry ever wrote 26 years ago, with Netflix finally snapping it up and creating the perfect partnership to bring its tale to the screen. 

Blonde, 28th September

You have been warned, this Netflix film is almost definitely going to be your September obsession…

Blonde aka the adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 novel of the same name is debuting on Netflix on the 23rd September, offering a fictionalised chronicle of the life of Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s and 60s, and it’s set to be a corker. Following Monroe from her traumatic earlier life to her move to Hollywood and the glamour, exploitation and tribulations that came with it all, the film provides a look into the world of the pop culture icon who defined blonde for so long.  Directed by Andrew Dominik and starring No Time To Die star Ana de Armas, the highly anticipated biopic is set to be one for the history books. It’s worth noting that although Blonde is centred around Marilyn’s life and career, much like the book it is based upon, the story is considered to be a ‘reimagining’, including added creativity and fantasy for that extra bit of *spice*. And spicy it sounds, thanks to its 18+ rating and reportedly graphic sex scenes, the film is not one to watch on your commute home…

Premiering at Venice Film Festival before dropping on Netflix on 28th September, block out your diary and get a Domino’s on speed dial for this one. 

And If all that wasn’t enough, you can also catch all of the below!

1st September

Snow White and The Huntsman

This Is 40

Fast and Feel Love

2nd September

Devil in Ohio

You’re Nothing Special 

The Festival of Troubadours

9th September

Cobra Kai, Season 5.

14th September

Heartbreak High (Season 1)

16th September

Drifting Home

The Brave Ones


21st September

Designing Miami

Fortune Seller (A TV Scam) 

23rd September



The Girls at the Back

28th September

Too Hot To Handle (Brazil)


Three Day Weekend: Activated  ~ A Love Letter to Bank Holidays 

We’ve obviously gone all F. Scott Fitzgerald on you and penned a modern-day love letter for the occasion...

The weather forecast has you in a chokehold, the Girls’ WhatsApp group is abuzz with chaotic mentions of prosexy and sunshine and you’ve fully accepted that your bank holiday weekend will burn you in many, many ways. The bank? We don’t know her. 

Grab a friend (or a friend of a friend) with a Soho House membership and your floatiest, waft-worthy gingham dress for crying out loud, the August bank holiday is finally here. And we’ve obviously gone all F. Scott Fitzgerald on you and penned a modern-day love letter for the occasion. If it doesn’t feel like McDonald’s and BeReal, we don’t want it. 

Lay-ins. Day drinks. Peaking too early. Sunburnt shoulders. Do you want me to do your back? Booking beer gardens. Looks a bit overcast. Last-minute road trips. Carefree. Arms flung around necks. Bellowing ‘I love yous’. Immaculate outfit vibes. Making a 5L jug of Pimm’s. Blue Doritos and dip. Eating out. Truffle fries. Live music drifting through the streets. Group pic everyone! All the seasons in one weekend? Yeah, sounds like a British bank holiday. Seventeen spenny brunches later and not one of them will you remember. Wait, was that rain? *puts hand out to feel* Panic buying a paddling pool, just in case. Fry ups with all the trimmings. Does anyone have a portable speaker? Picnic in the park. Cider? May as well. Ransacking Tesco of all its tinnies. And its umbrellas. Oh, quick my BeReal’s going off. Pringles, Pringles everywhere. Impromptu bbqs. Cracking playlists. Balmy beach days. The wine fuzzies. Break My Soul on repeat. Potato salad with every meal. Obligatory family walks. Cleaning the whole house so you’ve got something to show for the weekend. Floaty dresses. Ripping into a pack of cocktail sausages. Getting all deep with your besties. Might even slop wine all over them a little bit. Sunday rolls into a sleepy Monday.Snoozing in the garden. The stories recounted over multiple croaky voice notes. The lost property pile at someone’s house. A shoe. A vape. A bracelet. Inky stamp stains on wrists. McDonald’s? Obviously. 


Snog, Marry, Avoid: ‘The One About Books’ 

Here we cover the highs and lows of the reading experience, from the books we’ll never stop recommending to the ones that gave us no choice but to download Bumble again out of sheer boredom. 

A strange feeling comes over you when you spot a stranger reading your favourite book. Your walk gets quicker, your upper lip might even develop a certain sheen and you find yourself peering over their shoulder, desperate for them to peel their eyes away from the page for long enough for you to start a conversation about *that* book. 

Excitable indistinct squawks ensue. 

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, A Little Life, The Book Thief, White Teeth, Normal People, Everything I Know About Love, The Secret History – we are living in the golden era of contemporary fiction; an age when Sally Rooney has us in a mumblecore chokehold and whatever Dolly Alderton writes is blindly added to our baskets without so much as giving the blurb a once over.  

Bibliophiles will understand the term book hangover to mean the feeling you get when a good book ends and moving on to your next read is considered an act of violence. You don’t know if you’ll ever love read again. However hard you try, you just can’t get over them. Personally, we’re still trying to fill the Atlas Corrigan-shaped void. Suggestions on a postcard, please. 

There are certain authors whose work is guaranteed to leave you high, dry and hanging. Colleen Hoover, Sally Rooney (obviously) and Margaret Atwood, we’re looking at you – they are millennial catnip. 

Amongst the page-turners and the Tik Tok crowd pleasers, every so often a book you thought you’d love somehow misses the mark and off to the DNF graveyard they go, leaving you feeling cheated of the 5-star read you were expecting. Are these the proverbial Hard Times Dickens warned us about? Probably. 

Here we cover the highs and lows of the reading experience, from the books we’ll never stop recommending to the ones that gave us no choice but to download Bumble again out of sheer boredom. 

Let’s get stuck into Snog, Marry, Avoid: The Book Round!  

Lareese says…

Snog: The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams

I love a book with echoes of Daphne Du Maurier and this one had me at hello with its strange title. Set in a crumbling Victorian mansion, it tells the tale of two estranged elderly sisters, Ginny the reclusive moth expert and Vivien who left the family home some 50 years ago. Upon her return to the house, the sisters revisit the tragedies of the past, uncovering deeply buried resentments and family secrets that may destroy their relationship forever. Strange, unsettling and atmospheric, it’s a great rainy day autumn read!

Marry – Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.”
Urgh, will I ever recover from this book? Not likely. The nature-infused descriptions of the marsh, the imagery, the plot, this book has all the ingredients of a 10/10 page-turner. At once a coming-of-age murder mystery and a love song to the natural world, it’s got a little bit of everything that I love. Kya, the protagonist, known as Marsh Girl, is a reclusive young woman who has been abandoned by her family and must learn to survive alone, in the wilds of the North Carolina marsh. When she becomes entangled in the murder of her ex-lover Chase Andews, a juicy plot twist unfurls, and Kya must once again fight for survival. With its stunning sense of place and exquisite storytelling, I’m jealous of anyone who’s yet to read it. All aboard the hype train.

Avoid – Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan

Fyi, I’m a huge fan of character-driven plotless books and after all the Sally Rooney comparisons, I thought I’d love Exciting Times but it just didn’t grab me. There were elements I enjoyed, particularly Naoirse Dolan’s writing which is so irrefutably brilliant and emotionally aware, but for all its insightful observations on modern twentysomething love, it proved a little too slow to excite this disgruntled reader.

Charlotte says…

Snog – The No-Show by Beth O’Leary

Fave book of the year alert! I laughed, I cried (in public) and have recommended it to everyone I know, The No-Show by Beth O’Leary is a masterpiece if I ever did see one. A genius plot that keeps you guessing until the very end, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with Beth’s always endearing and beautiful characters and become invested in their lives from the off. I’m a sucker for a romance and this unconventional story of love, loss, heartbreak and friendship is my definition of the perfect holiday read. Everything Beth creates is a work of art but the seamless overlapping plots of the book’s three protagonists was executed what felt like such ease that it may just have made its way into my top O’Leary spot!

Marry – Manifest by Roxie Nafousi

This book = life-changing. I’d seen it all over social media before I got my hands on it and let’s just say the hype is real. I’d always been interested in manifesting and knew the basics of it but this book was the deep dive I needed to really start putting it into practice in my daily life- it’s basically a manifesting bible that you’ll find yourself referring back to again.

I loved the emphasis Roxie placed on self-worth practices and the importance of these in successfully manifesting your dreams, and learnt so much from her wisdom about flipping the script and transforming your life and the belief that truly anything is possible! If you’re in a rut, in need of some serious motivation or are freaking out about a milestone birthday, this book will see you through it all.

Avoid – Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

Controversial, I know. I adore the Call Me By Your Name movie but something about the book just didn’t do it for me. I actually read it a few years before seeing the film and I can’t put my finger on what didn’t click for me, but it certainly didn’t have the same impact as the cinematography and storytelling in the film which left me in a haze of Italian summer love for days. I’m definitely the odd one out in not loving this iconic love story, but I will stand by this unpopular opinion and choose the movie adaptation any day.

Maddie says…

Snog – The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

I am a huge self-proclaimed greek mythology nerd. I find the stories fascinating and for me, this is the ultimate greek fantasy novel. That being said, I assure you, you don’t need to be a mythology expert to enjoy this book. It tells the story of friendship between Achilles and his best friend Patroclus which eventually turns into a really beautiful story of love. I was immediately hooked and think about reading it again all the time which is always a sign of a book that’s captured my heart.

Marry – One Day by David Nicholls

I absolutely loved this book, the way it’s written whereby each chapter falls on St Swithens day for 20 years is pure genius. I couldn’t put it down and much like real life, some chapters (days), you wish would continue forever and some days you wish had never happened. The characters evolve so brilliantly through the years both with their ups and downs, by the end I loved both of them.

Avoid – Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

This is going to be a very unpopular opinion based on good reads general consensus and the amount of hype this book had when it came out. It just really wasn’t for me and i couldn’t get to the end of it, which probably makes this quite an unfair choice as the end could have turned it around…i guess i’ll never know!

Danielle says…

Snog – Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney

Even though this book had mixed reviews from Sally Rooney stans (how can you ever compare after the normal people show came out) I really enjoyed this book. I got really stuck into the character’s situationships and Rooney always manages to build that sexual desire between them SO well. It also tackles so many different subjects through the letters the two female protagonists write each other, that it really makes you ponder life!

Marry – Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This book needs no introduction. What a powerhouse of a novel. I read this book later in life after I’d watched about 3 different iterations in movie form and it’s just such a beautiful story. I love the characters with all my heart and the way Alcott describes homey comforts and seasonal delights never fails to make me feel cosy. You can probably pick this book up in a charity shop, highly recommend for when it starts to get colder and darker outside.

Avoid – I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max

Probably quite an unknown book for the Zoella audience but believe it or not, this book was on the NY times bestseller list every year at the end of the 00s and has sold over a million copies! I read this book on a holiday in 2009 (when I was 18) and took it as a lighthearted man’s narration of sexcapades and drinking to excess. But when I look back at it now I have to say it would not age well at all! Privileged white guy drinking through his insanely expensive University life, taking advantage of women (whom he had little respect for) and basically doing whatever the f*ck he wanted at all times. CRINGE.

Liv says…

Snog – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I got gifted The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by a friend for my birthday and I was obsessed! And when I say I am excited for the film, I AM EXCITED. The old Hollywood glamour, the characters, the twist! It is such a visual book so I can’t wait to see it come to life on screen. I did manage to guess the twist but it didn’t change the build-up that this book creates and I would read it again.

Marry – The Guest List and The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

I love a thriller and both these books delivered on the thrill level. They are both similar in style, you switch between different characters’ POV and the timelines jump from past to present so it does keep you on your toes. They are nicely complex so it keeps you guessing right until the end. I found myself looking forward to my commute so I could continue reading these books and I can’t wait to read the Paris Apartment.

Avoid – The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

LOTR fans please don’t come for me. I absolutely love all things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit but I just found this book a really hard read. I have the utmost respect for J. R. R. Tolkien and the world he was able to create for us all to enjoy but I personally preferred the films… I’m sorry…

Darcey says…

Snog – Wahala by Nikki May

This book was so, so good! I loved following the lives of Ronke, Simi and boo, three friends in London who all equally have some kind of personal issues that they are trying to work through. I particularly felt a real connection to Ronke, who was dating a guy her friends didn’t really like and so desperately wanted him to be the devoted boyfriend she quite frankly deserves! I also really enjoyed getting to learn more about Nigerian culture, especially the food which sounds bloody delicious! What made me not marry this book is I didn’t really enjoy the thriller side of it, it was compared to a “Sex and The City but with a thriller twist” but I think this was such a disservice to the book, as these three women are actually way more relatable than 4 wealthy women living in New York. I also disliked Isobel and think the book could have done without all her drama and the crazy ending which was pretty unrealistic, I actually think I would have married this book if it just followed Ronke, Simi and Boo’s lives with no crazy ending or twists.

Marry – My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

TW: sexual abuse, paedophilia and suicide. I absolutely adored this book, I wish I could erase my memory of it and read it all over again, this book moved me in so many ways and Elizabeth Russell is an extraordinary writer. My Dark Vanessa covers a lot of really difficult topics such as sexual abuse, paedophilia and suicide, but it is all narrated by the victim who is struggling to come to terms with the abuse she experienced as a teen at the hands of her English teacher. It follows her exploring their relationship as an adult and coming to terms with the realisation that in fact, it was not a loving and consensual relationship between two adults. This book is stomach-churning, you want to close the book on multiple occasions feeling unable to read any more of its disturbing content, but you continue as you want so badly for Vanessa to find justice after the awful things she was subjected to. Would really recommend this to anyone who feels they are in the right head-space to read this book.

Avoid – Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyers

I wanted to love this book so much as I am a massive Twilight fan, but I unfortunately just didn’t get along with it! I don’t know if it was the book being from Edward’s perspective and not from Bella’s, but I just didn’t enjoy the narration. I did find it interesting at points being inside Edward’s mind and I have always been Team Edward (weren’t we all really lol?) but this book just did not hit the spot for me.

Lily says…

Snog – The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

It all started when my friend said “have you read The Summer I Turned Pretty…” and well, this book now lives very close to my heart. It is a warm, funny, heartbreaking, coming-of-age story. Providing its reader with a beautiful conflicting love story, and of family and friendships! It speaks to all who remember that one year when you notice how much your body changed from a child to a teen, and growing up officially kicks in…

I am not always a romance/coming-of-age book kinda gal, however, this was the book that swayed me!! It made me giggle, cry, fall in love-then out-then back again… IT’S A MUST READ (if you haven’t already).

Marry – 1st To Die by James Patterson (Women’s Murder Club Collection)

I AM OBSESSED! I am a sucker for crime, drama and thriller and James Patterson never disappoints. The collection is still going as well, which is music to my ears!! The chapters are short but filled with suspense and incredible writing that making this an absolute page-turner. It is based around the only female homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer and is set in San Francisco. When faced with gruesome murders Boxer turns to her friends (aka the Women’s Murder Club) Claire, who is a leading coroner, Cindy a journalist and Jill, a top attorney for help!

Avoid – Autobiographies

None in particular, but I’m just not drawn to autobiography books! I just don’t choose to pick them up and read – although I’ll happily listen to my parents tell different anecdotes from some juicy sections!


“I’ve Randomly Got the Ick from My Bf of 5 Years!”: This Month’s Between You & Me

The Ick. That loaded three letter word pertaining to the horrendous feeling you get when you’re suddenly repulsed by a love interest. Usually a cis heterosexual male (just saying)....

The Ick. That loaded three letter word pertaining to the horrendous feeling you get when you’re suddenly repulsed by a love interest. Usually a cis heterosexual male (just saying)….

Not to be confused with red flags, icks are usually innocuous and irrational turn-offs but also, ya know, perfectly valid – a biological response you can’t shake once you’ve ‘caught’ it. 

In Urban Dictionary terms, the ick is when ‘You THINK you like them but then you suddenly catch ‘The Ick’. From then on you can’t look at the person in the same way, you just progressively get more and more turned off by them, weirdly & maybe for no reason in particular grossed out by them. You’ll cringeeeeee at the thought of you and them together. Nothing will be the same, you won’t be able to do it any longer and eventually have to cut it off.’

Maybe he uses too many emojis where words would suffice. Or he has the fingernails of an unruly wizard. Or maybe, you feel violently ill at the way his arms swing wildly when he’s walking up a hill… put them by your side at once, sir. Let your legs get to work, for crying out loud. 

Turkish veneers, can’t parallel park for shit, no Spotify Premium > new icks unlocked. Another honourable mention: meal prep. It’s all fairly surface-level stuff but what happens when you catch the proverbial ick in a long-term relationship? Does it have the gravitas to put you off them for life and prompt a breakup? Team Zoella are getting stuck into this very dilemma in this month’s BYAM, where we’ve also got a case of never have I ever… had an orgasm, to which we say let us introduce you to the entire contents of our sex and health section! It’s a pleasure to be of service. 

For the team’s take on all of the above and more, keep reading August’s Between You and Me! 

Darcey says…

Hey Anon! If I’m being totally honest, I don’t think anyone really shows their true self on a first date, a mix of nerves and wanting to make a good impression means we are all a bit different to say how we’d act with an old friend. Of course, it’s best to be as much yourself as poss on a first date, but actually, if your bubbly personality started to show more by date 2 or 3 that’s probably something that would be quite endearing to the other person, it would show you are coming out of your shell and people like that! I don’t think you should put yourself down about this, to me it sounds totally normal. I’m definitely not 100% me on a first date so I really do relate to you, some people are just naturally more confident and can be more themselves, but that’s just not the case for everyone (and I’d say for more people than you think!).

Liv says…

Firstly, you should always be proud to be who you are! It’s definitely easier said than done and I think most of us have done this at some point in our lives. The first date feels a little bit like a first interview, they’ve seen your CV (dating profile) and want to get to know you a little better off paper (or phone screen) and you feel like you want to be what they are looking for so it’s easy to slip into putting on a facade. If you feel more confident and comfortable putting out this version of yourself that’s absolutely fine. Most people come out of their shell more on the second date anyway. But if you are wanting to get more of your bubbly personality out there don’t be afraid to do that either! At the end of the day, you want to be going on a second date with someone who likes you for who you really are.

Danielle says…

Don’t feel sad! Your body works! My best advice is to get REALLY good at cumming on your own first, before worrying about it during sex. Get to know your body and what you like and don’t like and then try and replicate that when you’re with someone else. A huge percentage of women don’t cum during penetrative sex and only get there through clitoral stimulation, so you may need to face the fact that you’re one of many, which is nothing to be ashamed of! Do whatever you can to relax and feel comfortable, and as hard as it is to do, try not to worry about it. Godspeed!

Lareese says…

Oh babes, please don’t be sad. This is SO common and nothing you should feel bad, sad or ashamed about. I don’t know the details of what kind of sex you’re having and with whom but I just want you to know, you’re not on your own. Women put so much pressure on themselves to cum during sex when actually, if you’re enjoying it then why should orgasm always be the measure of a great sexual experience? In an ideal world, we’d all be cumming together like the movies would have us believe but real life simply won’t allow for a cinematic shag like that.

As someone who doesn’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone (which is presumably what we’re talking about here), I would say never skip foreplay and introduce toys into the mix. You can then enjoy longer sessions that are equally satisfying for both partners, and hey if you don’t orgasm then so be it. Enjoy the pleasure for what it is and the intimacy of being with a partner or yourself! If you’ve never experienced orgasm during self-sex aka self-pleasure, can I be so bold to give you the task of experimenting with what feels good for you? I feel like you owe it to yourself to find out what makes you tick and hopefully, then you’ll be more comfortable with communicating your wants and needs during partnered sex, or pleasuring yourself and involving a partner (always fun). In the meantime, have a read of these articles – How to Close the Pleasure Gap and Get the Finish You Deserve & Let’s Talk About Clitoral Orgasms!

Maddie says…

Sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time with your friend. If it gives you any comfort I will say that this is incredibly common, especially when a really good friend gets into a new relationship it’s natural to feel a bit jealous. They go from talking to you and seeing you all the time to wanting to spend all of their time with this new person. They’re likely experiencing what is known as the “honeymoon period” and the good news for you is it won’t last forever. Unfortunately, you’ve got to let your friend go a little bit during this time. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you anymore, they’ve just gone a bit tunnel vision for their boyfriend. Soon enough you’ll probably be the person she’s moaning to about said boyfriend and things will feel back to normal again. Try not to take it too personally and instead spend lots of time doing fun things with your other friends, she’ll soon realise that the best of both worlds is much more fun in the long run.

Liv says…

This is such a tricky situation to be in and so many people find themselves in it. It’s amazing that you have a friend so close to you that you miss them being in your life so much, she obviously means a lot to you. When people get in relationships it’s so easy to get swept up in the whirlwind of it and focus a lot of your attention on it as it’s so new and exciting. But sadly this means that you sometimes stop spending as much time with the people you did before, it doesn’t mean that they mean any less to you. I know you say that you keep on arguing over it and that isn’t a nice situation to be in and I can imagine it’s making it more difficult. If I was you, I’d get some friend dates in the diary, find out their availability and book in to do some things that you love doing together. Also, try and fill the time that you feel like you’re missing with things for yourself, do things for yourself and spend time with other people that are in your life. I’m sure you both mean a lot to each other and it’s just a change that you can make work for both of you.

Darcey says…

On the surface, I don’t think this is particularly bad as you are both consenting adults and I don’t see why you couldn’t sleep together, however, I do question why you think your friend would be annoyed and why he doesn’t want her to know either, do they have some sort of history? Or is it because he thinks it could make things awkward? I’m sure secretly sleeping with him is probably quite exciting, but maybe if you think it would upset your friend if she found out it’s best to stop. I think if you were all open and honest about the situation it would be okay, because if they have no history why can’t you sleep together if it’s not hurting anyone else, but the secrecy is making it seem to me like you both know you shouldn’t be doing this and there must be a reason for that. I’d say either stop completely or be honest with your friend about what’s going on but speak to the flatmate first, I really don’t think you two sleeping together is a big deal but the secrecy could make it a big deal!

Lily says…

Hello! Uh Ohhh, not the ick!! We have ALL been there :/

First things first though, what’s the ick that you have with your partner?? I ask because it might be something that you could get past over time… is it something that’s bugged you for the entire relationship or only recently? Although, I will point out, that by what you’ve said (and for raising this) it sounds like you’ve made up your mind already. But either way, speak to your s/o about how you’re feeling, as after 5 years you owe it to one another to speak about how you’re truly feeling – however, awkward or sad it feels. It’s the uncomfortable conversations that are the ones to be had. Sending you lots of support, its a tricky situation but you have to trust your gut and go with how you truly feel!!

Lareese says…

Oh no, not the dreaded ick! The team were talking the other day about ‘the ick’ and how it seems to be dominating conversations at the moment. It’s an unexplainable phenomenon that plagues millions and it seems the general consensus is there’s no coming back from it once you’ve caught it. Five years deep, is tough though and I can totally understand the feelings of guilt you might have around that, especially as it seemingly came out of nowhere for you. If we forget that the ick even exists for a second and strip it back, I think it’s just a sign that there’s a disconnect between you and your bf and only you will know if that’s a temporary or long-term thing, and if your relationship can move past it.

Is it surface-level stuff or is it deeper than that? Is it something minor that’s irritating you right now but will likely fade or is it a total deal-breaker you can’t recover from? Take stock of where this ick came from and why you’re feeling this way at this point in your relationship. It might be that your relationship has just run its course and you’re different people, but if you feel physically repulsed or cringed out by your partner, I think it’s fair to say they’re not the one for you, as hurtful as it is after 5 years of loving him. Ultimately, it is a gut reaction by another name and that’s pretty hard to shake! I’ve gotta s/o my pal Anna’s book here, The Little Book of Ick – it might be the laugh-out-loud read you need at a time like this. Sending you love and hoping that whatever happens from here, you both enjoy a happy, ick-less life, whether that’s together or apart <3

Danielle says…

It sounds like your partner has some pretty extreme views when it comes to climate change, and there’s nothing wrong with that but I think to be in a relationship with someone like that, you have to be on the same page. If getting married and trying to have a biological child are non-negotiables for you (which you are absolutely entitled to have them be) and the opposite is true for him, then it sounds like you’re just not compatible. There’s only so much compromise a couple can do without totally giving up to much of their wants or needs. If I was in your position I’d bite the bullet and find someone whose life goals align with yours. Sending love and strength x

Maddie says…

This is a really tough one and I think it comes down to what both of you are and what you aren’t willing to compromise on. If getting married and having your own biological child are non-negotiables for you, and by the way that is completely fine and justifiable if that’s the case. Then it sounds like your partner may not be the one for you. I think you need to be really honest with your partner and let them know how serious these things are to you and work out whether or not you both see your futures the same way. I really hope you can work through these things but try and be really honest with yourself and be strong when it comes to the things that really matter to you.