The Ultimate Christmas Day Pudding: Crumbs & Doilies Mighty Ferrero Rocher Showstopper Cake

With eight layers of chocolate and hazelnut sponge, filled with smooth buttercream, lashings of Nutella and hazelnut, and iced with decadent chocolate ganache, gold splattered meringues and more hazelnuts, you’ll be the family favourite quicker than you can say son of a nutcracker with this pudd up your sleeve. 

Searching for a next-level festive showstopper to wow the family with this year? Look no further than this festive Ferrero Rocher showstopper recipe from the iconic London bakery, Crumbs & Doilies. Move over sticky toffee pudding!

With eight layers of chocolate and hazelnut sponge, filled with smooth buttercream, lashings of Nutella and hazelnut, and iced with decadent chocolate ganache, gold splattered meringues and more hazelnuts, you’ll be the family favourite quicker than you can say son of a nutcracker with this pudd up your sleeve. 

Keep reading for the recipe of dreams and be sure to snap up the first recipe book from Cupcake Jemma and the Crumbs & Doilies team. With over 90 mouth-watering bakes to try, it’s the perfect gift-to-self or a foodie friend this Christmas. 

Now, let’s bake!




Spread the nuts over one or two baking trays and roast them in the oven for 5–8 minutes, then remove.

You’ll want to remove the skin as much as you can before you put them in the blender. The best way to do this is to tip the warm nuts into the middle of a clean tea towel, gather up the corners to create a little bag, then use your other hand to rub and squish the nuts against each other. The skins will come away from the nuts and stop the nut butter from taking on their bitter flavour.

Let the nuts cool so that they’re slightly warm, then tip them into a food processor and blitz for 10–15 minutes. The change the nuts go through is really interesting. Everything starts off really dry, then clumpy and crumbly, then as more of the oils are released it almost liquefies, becoming a smooth, sometimes runny, paste that you can use wherever a recipe asks for a nut butter or paste.

Add salt or even sugar if you like, to season. Nut butter will keep for up to 4 weeks in an airtight container in the fridge, or up to 1 week at room temperature.


In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment or a medium mixing bowl, beat the butter and salt together on a high speed for at least 5 minutes until the butter has turned a very pale yellow and the texture is smooth and whippy.

Add half of the icing sugar and bring together on a slow speed to avoid plumes of sugar jumping out of the bowl, then beat vigorously for a few minutes before repeating with the remaining icing sugar. Beat until you have a pale, almost white, fluffy mixture. You’re looking for a smooth, whippy buttercream that has a spreadable consistency and holds its shape. 


I’m afraid you’re going to be reading a lot about poops in this recipe. We have always called meringue kisses ‘poops’ at C&D and it’s one of those labels that has stuck, so apologies in advance if you aren’t into the whole ‘poop’ thing! 

This is a really straightforward recipe that results in crispy, slightly chewy meringues that you can use in loads of ways. Whipping the egg whites can take up to 15 minutes or more, so having a stand mixer will make your life a whole lot easier. 

You always want twice the weight of sugar to egg whites, so the recipe below is just a guide, based on 2 large egg whites. 

Preheat your oven to 120°C (100°C fan) and line one or two baking sheets with greaseproof paper. Firstly, make sure all of your equipment is clean and free from grease by rubbing it all with a little vinegar or lemon juice. Grease is the killer of fluffy, voluminous meringues. 

Place the egg whites in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the balloon whisk attachment or a mixing bowl. Get it mixing on a low–medium speed. Once big bubbles start to form, you can add the cream of tartar and turn the mixer up to a medium– high speed. 

Within a couple of minutes, the bubbles should be a lot smaller and tighter and if you were to pull the whisk out, the peaks would be soft and a bit floppy. Keep the mixer going on the same speed and begin to add the sugar a tablespoon at a time. 

When all of the sugar has been added, keep whisking until you can no longer feel grains of sugar when you rub some of the mixture between your thumb and forefinger. This can take 10–15 minutes, sometimes more if you’re making a big batch. Towards the end, add the salt and vanilla and whisk to combine. 

When you have a white, glossy, grain-free meringue mixture, dab a few spots of it under each corner of the greaseproof paper to stop it flapping about in the oven and ruining the shape of your meringues. 

Once the baking time is up, turn the oven off and allow the meringues to cool in the oven. 


Make the Hazelnut Butter, Hazelnut Buttercream and Meringue Poops, and set aside. 


Preheat your oven to 190°C (170°C fan) and grease four 20cm/8in round sandwich tins.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, cocoa, bicarb and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, cooled coffee, buttermilk and oil until well combined. Add the dry ingredients to the bowl of wet ingredients and whisk to combine completely.

Divide the batter between two of the prepared tins and bake for 24–30 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the middle of each sponge comes out clean.

Leave to cool for 15–20 minutes before removing from the tins and allowing to cool completely.


Meanwhile, in a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, or a mixing bowl, beat the sugar, butter, oil and salt on a medium speed for a couple of minutes until pale and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat well after each addition. Sift the flour directly into the bowl and begin folding on the lowest speed of the stand mixer or using a large metal spoon or a spatula. When there is still some flour left to be incorporated, add the milk and hazelnut butter and fold gently to combine everything.

Divide the batter between the two remaining tins, levelling the tops with a palette knife.

Bake for 22–24 minutes, or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.

 Leave to cool for 15–20 minutes before removing from the tins and allowing to cool completely.


Melt the chocolate chips. Get a wide, shallow bowl of chopped hazelnuts ready. Line a baking sheet with a silpat or greaseproof paper.

Dip each meringue into the melted chocolate so that it reaches about a third of the way up the sides. Remove the chocolate from the bottoms by wiping it on the edge of the bowl. Cover the chocolate-covered sides of the poops in chopped hazelnuts. Try to avoid getting the nuts on the underside of the poops, so that they can be placed level on top of the cake. Leave to set on the baking sheet. Keep the remaining hazelnuts for decorating.

As an extra touch, spray or splatter the poops with some edible gold lustre.


Melt the chocolate and butter together in a small bowl, either over a bain-marie or in the microwave in 15-second bursts, stirring in between. Remove from the heat and pour in the cream, stirring with a spatula until combined. Leave to cool at room temperature, stirring every 10 minutes until it is a spreadable consistency. It is now ready to be spread all over your cake. You can also use it to crumb-coat your cake first, for maximum smoothness. 


Start by making the Buttery Ganache Icing as directed above, to give it time to set to a spreadable consistency.

Level and trim the sponges and use a cake leveller, or a long serrated bread knife, to split each layer through the middle so that you have 8 thin layers in total. These will be fragile so handle them very carefully. Stick a layer of chocolate sponge onto a cake board or a large, flat plate using a small blob of buttercream. Top with a generous even layer of the hazelnut buttercream and sprinkle all over with some of the chopped hazelnuts.

Next, place a layer of hazelnut sponge on top and apply a thick layer of hazelnut buttercream. Using a palette knife, remove some of the buttercream to create a shallow divot in the middle, about 2.5cm/1in from the edge, then fill the gap with Nutella (warming it a little makes it easier to spread).

Repeat the two previous steps, alternating the sponges and the fillings as you build the cake up. To see how we do it, head to the QR codes on page 210. Finish with the final layer upside down for a neat top, then chill for 20 minutes.

Neaten up the chilled cake by cutting any lumps and bumps off the edges with a serrated knife. Use the buttery ganache to crumb-coat the trimmed cake (see page 210), then chill the cake again for at least 30 minutes, or until the ganache has set.

Give the chilled cake a final top coat of the buttery ganache, and use a palette knife to add some texture to the sides. Using your hands, scoop up the remaining chopped hazelnuts and gently press them into the sides around the bottom half of the cake to create a band of nutty nibs.


Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl. In a small saucepan, heat the cream over a low–medium heat until it is steaming but not boiling, then pour the hot cream over the chocolate and let sit without stirring for about 1 minute. After this time, the cream will have melted the chocolate and you will be able to stir the two together to become one smooth, silky ganache.

Once cooled ,transfer to a piping bag. Pipe a drip around the edges. Fill in the middle with the remaining ganache and spread it over the top of the cake with a palette knife. Chill for 15 minutes until set.

Put the remaining buttercream into a large piping bag fitted with a star-shaped nozzle and pipe rosettes all around the top of the cake, about 1cm/1⁄2in apart.

Place the jazzy meringue poops on top of each rosette, pressing down a little, to complete the cake!


36 Gifts Your Beau Is Sure To Be Truly Obsessed With This Christmas

Practical, sentimental, stylish or thoughtful, consider this selection of gifts from affordable to wow-worthy a fail-safe list. Say goodbye to the fear of gift hunting, and hello to nailing a prezzie both you and your S/O will remember. Merry Christmas!

If your love language falls into the category of either giving or receiving gifts but you’re uncharacteristically lacking in the inspiration department this year, allow our ‘Gift Guide for Them’ to get the ideas flowing like a sweet glass of negroni sbagliato, with Prosecco in it. 

Whether you feel like the yin to your significant other’s yang, or you know their very specific Subway order by heart (extra garlic mayo, please!), choosing a gift for the one you love can be surprisingly hard no matter how in sync you are.

What if you’ve suddenly blanked on which books sit on their living room shelves and now are zooming in on old photos to make sure you don’t double purchase the latest it-book taking Instagram by storm?
Or what if despite living for being comfortable, they’re secretly not on board with the Uggs revival and hate the ultra minis you’ve hunted down across 5 different stores.

It’s safe to say overthinking is rife when shopping for your beau, old or new, so allow us to help you out…

Practical, sentimental, stylish or thoughtful, consider this selection of gifts from affordable to wow-worthy a fail-safe list. Say goodbye to the fear of gift hunting, and hello to nailing a prezzie both you and your S/O will remember. Merry Christmas!

All the products on this page have been selected by our editorial team however some are ad-affiliate links.

Under £20

£50 and Under

£100 and Under

Over £100


Black Friday Coming In Hot: The Unmissable Beauty Deals from CurrentBody

As the go-to destination for premium, home-use health and beauty tech, CurrentBody makes keeping up with your beauty admin a truly effortless experience by delivering salon-worthy results without so much as having to leave your living room.

This article is part of a paid partnership with CurrentBody.

Beauty device experts CurrentBody are not playing around with their Black Friday sale this year, with juicy discounts of up to 20% across their best-selling cult favourite products and up to 60% off other brands such as Foreo, Cloud Nine and Braun.

As the go-to destination for premium, home-use health and beauty tech, CurrentBody makes keeping up with your beauty admin a truly effortless experience by delivering salon-worthy results without so much as having to leave your living room. No last-minute appointments required. 

From the iconic LED Mask you’ve seen glowing up all over Instagram (it’s not a want, it’s a need) to the stand-out IPL device on everyone’s beauty wishlist ahead of party season, here’s a look at the best Black Friday beauty deals CurrentBody has to offer for ‘22… 

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask 

Was £279, now £223.20 with code ZOELLACB

Are you even serious about your skincare routine if you don’t have an LED mask in your repertoire? This iconic anti-ageing light therapy mask uses two combinations of light therapy to rejuvenate your complexion and improve the appearance of your skin in just 4 weeks. 

Alongside its anti-ageing benefits, it targets a variety of skin concerns including breakouts, pigmentation, rosacea and scarring. The red LED light stimulates cell renewal, which boosts the production of new collagen, whilst Near-Infrared light stimulates the wound healing cells in the skin, causing new, fresh skin to form. Penetrating deep into the skin’s surface, it boosts circulation, improves blood flow, and increases oxygen to the skin’s cells, resulting in healthier, radiant looking skin all round. 

Unlike alternative hard plastic masks, this one’s made from flexible, wipe-clean silicone, meaning it wraps perfectly around your face for ultimate comfort. Simply charge the power pack, secure the mask with the velcro straps and relax. 

Use 3 – 5 times per week for 10 minutes on cleansed, exfoliated skin et voila! Smoother, brighter, more energised skin in a flash. 

SmoothSkin Pure Fit 

Was £279, now £179 with code SSZOELLA

If you’re in the market for painless, fuss-free hair removal, look no further than SmoothSkin Pure Fit from the world’s #1 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal brand. It has all the power and speed of the original device, now with a handy detachable precision head for use on smaller areas like the lip, bikini line, toes and more. 

With 3 different settings including power mode for the highest energy output, speed mode for larger areas and top ups, and gentle mode for those sensitive areas, the device makes it easy to personalise your hair removal experience. It also boasts an Intelligent Smart Skin sensor that automatically selects the light intensity best suited to your skin tone, taking the guesswork out of your at-home treatment. 

Across 3,000 clinical treatments, 86% saw less hair in under a month – with stats like that, you’ll be smooth as a Sphynx come Christmas. Shaving? We don’t know her.

Use once a week for 12 weeks, then top up every 1-2 months. 

LED Eye Perfector

Was £199, now £159.20 with code ZOELLACB

There’s nothing wrong with characterful crow’s feet but if you want a helping hand to rejuvenate tired-looking eyes in time for party season, then the LED Eye Perfector is just the thing. 

This magical gadget combines 4 LED wavelengths – amber, red, deep red and near-infrared – to stimulate collagen production, triggering skin cells to regenerate and repair. Focusing on the delicate area around your eyes, it diminishes dark circles, eye bags, crow’s feet, brow furrows and 11 lines aka frown lines. Top tip: pop on a Hydrogel Face Mask under the device to enhance light penetration and supercharge your results. 

To use, clean the skin and pat dry. Apply a pea-sized amount of the CurrentBody Green Tea Eye Cream around your eyes (also included), pop the LED Eye Protector over the eyes and switch on. Run for 3 minutes at which point it’ll turn off automatically. Follow up with another application of the Green Tea Eye Cream and you’re done. 

For best results, repeat 6 times a week. 

LED Lip Perfector 

Was £299, now £269.10 with code ZOELLA10

Once again harnessing the power of LED light therapy, the Lip Perfector targets fine lines, thinness, smile lines, faded lips and nasal-labial lines, delivering a plumper, fuller pout that’s guaranteed to elevate your makeup looks for mistletoe and wine season. 

As the first ever wearable LED treatment of its kind, it provides a painless and innovative way to enhance your pout without injectables, combining 4 unique LED light wavelengths in just the right amount to give the biggest impact in just 3 minutes. If you have lip filler, this is also the perfect at-home treatment to enhance your results.

Use the LED Lip Perfector for 3 minutes per day, for full results in 8 weeks. Mwah!

Nira Laser

Was £299, now £269.10 with code ZOELLA10

They say beauty is pain but with the Nira Laser on your side, pain, redness and downtime are a thing of the past. 

As we age, the body’s natural collagen production begins to slow, causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. Enter the Nira. A favourite amongst dermatologists, the precision laser visibly reverses the impact of ageing in just 60 days. Using non-fractional (on the entire surface area) laser technology, it gently heats the dermis of the skin, kick-starting the natural production of collagen without damaging the upper layers and rejuvenating your complexion from the inside out. It’s safe to use all over your face but it’s particularly effective at targeting the eye and mouth area. 

With the treatment taking up just 2 minutes of your day, it’s easy to fit in a cheeky lunch hour laser session, all from the comfort of your own living room. What a time to be alive. 

NuFace Mini Facial Toner

Was £175, now £99 with code ZOELLA5

Petite, portable and powerful, this mini facial toning gadget will supercharge your skincare routine with as little as 5 minutes use per day. 

Dubbed the five-minute workout for your face, the NuFace Mini Facial Toner harnesses gentle microcurrent technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and repair skin. By mimicking your body’s natural current, it encourages your muscles to contract and release, helping to tone, lift and contour. As we age, the body’s natural current slows down, leading to sagging skin, muscle laxity, loss of contour and increased wrinkles. The NuFace Mini improves muscle tone, decreases skin wrinkling and increases the skin’s microcirculation to boost skin radiance and promote a more toned and lifted complexion. 

To use, simply cleanse the skin with an oil-free cleanser to remove any makeup and impurities. Then apply the Hydrating Aqua Gel primer in a good mask-like layer – this is needed in order for the current to penetrate the skin effectively. Turn on the device and select the intensity. Working from the front to the back of the neck, glide it onto the skin until the device beeps. Repeat 3 times. Repeat the process across the jawline, cheek and forehead, being sure to add the primer to each area before treatment. Et voila! Pain-free results within 2 months. 

Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer

Was £329, now £296.10 with code ZOELLA10

Say ta-ta to split ends, frizz and breakage! Drying your hair needn’t be damaging with the infrared light and cool air-powered Zuvi. Dry your hair naturally at lower temperatures thanks to the patented LightCare technology that dries the surface of your hair whilst protecting its internal moisture for shinier, softer and healthier locks. As for anyone with colour-treated hair, you can enjoy your fresh colour for longer since the Zuvi’s lower temps help to prevent colour fading. It’s also 5 X more energy efficient than the average hair dryer, so you can rest assured you’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Hair wash day with the Zuvi > hair wash day with an average hair dryer. 

Clarisonic Mia Prima 

Was £89, now £74 with code ZOELLACLARI

Love the clean girl aesthetic but simply not cut out for the maintenance? Because same. Enter the fuss-free Clarisonic Mia, aka a lazy girl’s bestie. Designed for simple cleansing, the Mia Prima works with the skin’s natural elasticity to effectively remove dirt, oil, impurities, sunscreen and even long-wear makeup – the perfect companion for the season of glitz and glamour. The sonic cleansing brush is 6 X more effective than hands alone, improving skin’s radiance while refining pores and allowing products to absorb deeper in the skin dermis. Spa-level cleansing from the comfort of your own home, in 60 seconds? The flannel will quite literally never be seen again. 

Dermaflash Luxe Facial Exfoliation and Peach Fuzz Removal Device 

Was £180, now £162 with code ZOELLA10

For superior exfoliation and a painless peach fuzz removal experience, look no further than the Dermaflash Luxe. Recommended by leading dermatologists, this handy device enables your skincare to work harder for you by removing the top layer of dull skin and peach fuzz, taking away the barrier to product penetration. Contrary to popular myth, your peach fuzz won’t return with a vengeance, get darker or thicker. In fact, it is clinically proven that it will not grow back any differently than it did prior to using the Dermaflash. Radiant, smooth, glowing skin for Black Friday? We’re sold. 


5 Tips to Help you Bo$$ your Christmas Budget

Christmas is a time that many look forward to but it can actually provoke fear, guilt and overwhelm in many too. The pressure to conform to the Christmas ideology of buying in abundance is very real, but it doesn’t have to be that way...

This is a guest post written by Financielle, for content pitches please email

As the dark nights draw in, many are turning their minds to a much lighter topic: Christmas. A time for festivities, family, food and gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. 

Christmas is a time that many look forward to but it can actually provoke fear, guilt and overwhelm in many too. The pressure to conform to the Christmas ideology of buying in abundance is very real, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you look more closely how much of this pressure comes from within yourself? How much is tied to what you think you should be doing? Certain times of year can trigger habits to please others and Christmas is a prime example of this. 

Many of us have been fortunate enough to have received some unforgettable Christmas gifts over the years, millennial highlights being gifts such as a Post Office, a Sega Mega Drive and a Girls World – but think about this, it is usually one meaningful gift as opposed to mountains of things to wrap that get lost in the moment.

With the last couple of years being a relatively quiet year for most, this year we can predict that “The Joneses” will go bigger and harder than ever before. Christmas tends to bring out all of the things we feel particularly guilty about, not seeing a friend or relative, not being able to take our children on holiday or not knowing what this year’s trendy gifts are. Let’s just take a pause and use this as an opportunity to have the kind of Christmas done on your own terms. 

So how do we prepare ourselves to have a loving, enjoyable, affordable and stress-free Christmas?

1. Create a budget and stick to it

Create a set amount that will be safely ring-fenced allowing you to create a realistic budget to stick to.

Easier said than done? If you don’t know where to start with budgeting you can create one now in The Financielle App

If you have no money set aside for Christmas yet, then perhaps you have one pay day to go where you can create one?

2. Focus on mindful spending

Create a specific Christmas gift list and stick to it, where you are mindfully searching for a gift that your loved one will appreciate. This is where gift-giving can truly come into its own!

Retailers will bombard you with emails, prompt you with “too good to miss” offers and as we all know, we are likely to face massive influencer persuasion on social media this Christmas shopping period. Be prepared for this and be mindful!

3. Try to focus on supporting Independents

Large retailers generally dominate during the Christmas period, specifically online retailers like Amazon. Why not research local or independent retailers that expertly make amazing Christmas gifts?

The feel-good factor will support your mental well-being as well as supporting a small business!

Golden chocolate coins

4. Be honest and create boundaries

We’ve all been there when you look at the ever-growing list of people you buy presents for at Christmas. Second aunties, third cousins, old neighbours, teachers – the list is endless.

Take a good long look at your list, are you buying presents because you really want to or because you feel like you have to? Are you ready to swallow your pride and start the conversation about gift giving? Find our helpful guide on how to say “We’re not doing gifts this year” here.

Some families decide that Christmas should be about the children and only buy for children – adults then are relieved not to have to buy presents for each other any more. People could have spent years tearing their hair out wondering what to buy each other when all that time people were feeling resentful of the situation wishing somebody would speak up and call out the madness that buying Christmas gifts brings.

Many also get around this with a Secret Santa concept also – a creative way to put focus and energy into gift giving without it being about the value, but the thought!

Whether you have a Christmas strategy or not – the buying season is well upon us, so be prepared and remember what the festive period is all about.

5. Get ahead for next year

If you’d like to get a head start on next year’s festive period, January is the perfect time to set up a Christmas sinking fund.

Sinking funds are pots of money set aside for an expected expense for example if you plan to spend £1200 next Christmas (gifts, food and activities) from the 1st of January you would put aside £100 each month.

If you want to learn more about the power of sinking funds head to The Financielle App now.


How to Combat the Self-Ick of Self-Pleasure

We all deserve sexual pleasure, no matter our relationship status. So why do we get this ick feeling in the first place? And how can we get over it and fully embrace our bodies and sexuality?

This is a guest post written Emjoy, the female-founded audio app helping over 400,000 women to prioritise their sexual well-being. Illustrations by Beatrise Birina.

Do you feel queasy when you hear the term ‘self-pleasure’? Maybe you agree that masturbation is fine, or at least not bad… for other people. But for yourself, you can’t fight the feeling that touching yourself is embarrassing, dirty even. The thing is… none of that’s true. We all deserve sexual pleasure, no matter our relationship status. So why do we get this ick feeling in the first place? And how can we get over it and fully embrace our bodies and sexuality? Read on to find out. 

Why we get the ‘ick’ feeling

You’re not alone if self-pleasure makes you feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed. Some of us have been brought up by families who’ve taught us, directly or indirectly, that masturbation is shameful or simply not allowed. Many of us have also grown up in religions, cultures or societies which shame us for wanting to discover our bodies and explore our sexuality.

Even the few of us who grew up in sex-positive households and received excellent sex education haven’t escaped sexual shame. Body-shaming and negative messages about our sexuality and right to pleasure are everywhere: TV, the music we listen to, advertising and more. 


These messages of shame are so pervasive that we can feel guilt, disgust and self-loathing just thinking about our sexual desires and fantasies. 

Women are shamed more than men

Sexual shame is particularly weaponised against women. Just think of all the times female victims of sexual assualt are asked what they were wearing when the crime took place. Or of how many successful women are accused of and judged for using their body and sexuality to progress in their careers. These are just a few examples, but you can see how women end up internalising the idea that their bodies are sexual objects, which they can be shamed for. No wonder so many of us feel the need to strictly monitor and control our bodies and sexuality, to avoid being labelled “sluts” or “whores” who are “begging for it”.

So while it’s more or less accepted that men masturbate, and even celebrated as a sign of masculinity, a woman who admits to doing the same could be considered “sex-obsessed” or “dirty”. Evidently, mainstream society believes there’s something abnormal or even dangerous about a woman taking her pleasure, quite literally, into her own hands. 

Image courtesy of Emjoy, illustrated by Beatrise Birina

Why shame is pleasure’s enemy

If you’re feeling sexual shame about what you do with your body or even just what your fantasising about, are you going to feel relaxed and receptive to pleasure? No way. It’s going to send your orgasms running for the hills. Pleasure is about delight, enjoyment, relaxation and surrender. But if shame joins the party, all those good vibes will be dampened by guilty thoughts of “I shouldn’t be doing this”, “This is wrong”, “Am I dirty?”.

But we deserve to enjoy our bodies and sexuality and reap all the rewards of masturbation, of which there are many. 

The benefits of masturbation

Now that we’ve seen why we can feel icky when it comes to self-pleasure, we’re in a better position to start overcoming that feeling. But first, here’s a quick reminder of why it’s important to make time for self-pleasure in the first place. 

Image courtesy of Emjoy, illustrated by Beatrise Birina


Let’s start with one of the fundamentals – self-knowledge. Exploring your own body and finding out where you like to be touched is incredibly empowering and helps you to discover your likes, dislikes and new sources of pleasure. And unlike partnered sex, you’re in no rush and under absolutely no pressure to act or look a certain way in the process. 

More orgasms

Solo-play and the resulting self-knowledge is also the key to more orgasms. Sometimes partnered sex can be accompanied by performance anxiety, worries about body image, and other insecurities. But solo sex is free of these obstacles to orgasm. It’s uncomplicated. And when you’re relaxed, you’re more likely to have an orgasm. In fact, one study found that women who masturbated experienced more orgasms than women who only had partnered sex. Considering the giant, gaping orgasm gap between men and women, this isn’t surprising. And it also gives hope to women who’ve never had an orgasm before and want to.

Stronger relationships

Not only does the self-knowledge from masturbation help you enjoy more pleasure in solo-sex, it can also improve partnered sex and strengthen your relationship. After all, we can’t expect our partners to be mind readers, and while some things have to be learnt through trial and error, most people appreciate getting a few pointers on how to make the sex A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Not only will it make them feel like a rockstar in bed, your sex will be better, making you want to do it more often. 

Higher Sex Drive, Improved Sleep and More

Your libido, just like your home, car, and body, needs regular TLC to keep it in good shape, and masturbation is a powerful libido booster. That’s because every time you orgasm, your body releases testosterone, the hormone responsible for your sex drive. One 2011 study actually found that even just having sexual fantasies releases testosterone. So whether you’re masturbating or arousing your mind with a sexy story (even without orgasming) you’ll be pleased to know you’re keeping your libido in good health. 

What’s more, masturbation has been proven to improve sleep, relieve menstrual cramps,  reduce stress, improve your mood, and much more. As you can see, masturbation is a powerful tool for boosting your overall well being. So don’t let shame get in the way of all those yummy benefits. And by the way, if you discover that you don’t like masturbating, you should know that’s also okay. It’s up to you to decide how and when your body is touched.  So with all that in mind, let’s learn how to combat the self-ick of self-pleasure and start to fully enjoy our bodies and sexuality.  

Identify your sources of shame

The first step to overcoming the self-ick of self-pleasure is to understand where your sexual shame originates. Get started by answering the questions below. You can answer in your head if you like, but a lot of people find it helpful to write their answers down. Try to be honest with yourself and be as specific as possible. 

  • What are your earliest memories related to sex?
  • What messages did you receive about your and other people’s bodies and sexual behaviour?
  • What did your parents teach you about sexuality? 
  • If your family never talked about sex, what lesson did that teach you? 
  • What messages did you receive from teachers, past lovers, and friends? 
  • What lessons did you learn from films, books, music, and political or religious beliefs?

Once you’ve identified the type of messages you’ve received and where your sexual shame comes from, you have a choice: Will you continue believing these messages of shame, or can you let them go?

Of course, just because you identify where your shame comes from, it doesn’t mean it will go away overnight. Messages of shame are everywhere. So resolve to be vigilant about noticing messages when they come up and make this a lifelong practice. You always have the choice to listen to them or not.   

Image courtesy of Emjoy, illustrated by Beatrise Birina

Get rid of ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’

Messages of shame create ideas of what we “should” and “shouldn’t” do. So here’s a life hack: pay less attention to “should” and “shouldn’t”. These words are usually accompanied with pressure to comply with other people’s expectations.

Acknowledge your true desires, identify what you like and dislike, set boundaries, ask for what you want, and express yourself authentically.Emjoy

Listening to these two words can make it difficult to acknowledge your true desires, identify what you like and dislike, set boundaries, ask for what you want, and express yourself authentically. It can even cause feelings of self-loathing when your desires don’t match up with your shoulds and should nots – a major roadblock to self-pleasure. But the truth is, there’s no one way you “should” or “shouldn’t” feel, look, desire or express your sexuality. So instead of asking yourself what you should or shouldn’t do, ask yourself what you want to do and make room for more fun and enjoyment.

Enjoy daily pleasures

There are tonnes of ways you can add more pleasure to your daily life and they don’t have to be related to sex. Maybe you could treat yourself to a food you really like, dedicate more time to a hobby you enjoy, take a sexy selfie, spend time putting together an outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars… The possibilities are endless. 

So take a pen and paper, or your phone, and jot down at least one thing you could do every day of the week to add more pleasure to your life. This simple exercise is a great way to incorporate more enjoyment into your life and serves as a daily reminder that you deserve pleasure.

Re-educate yourself

Sexual shame often stems from misinformation. For example, as someone with a vagina, you may have been directly or indirectly taught that your value as a person is reduced once you’ve had vaginal sex. Or maybe you’ve been taught that masturbation is wrong and you’re a bad or dirty person if you do it. Fortunately, there are so many excellent resources out there to discover the truth and relearn false beliefs. 

And you don’t have to go back to school to give yourself a reality-based and empowering sex education.You can create your own curriculum with sex-positive books, blogs, podcasts, and sexual-wellbeing apps like Emjoy, which has over 800 audio sessions created especially for women by sex experts. Check it out to get the sex-positive education you never had, discover loads of masturbation ideas, increase your libido with erotic stories, and much more.

Knowledge is power!

Image courtesy of Emjoy, illustrated by Beatrise Birina

Make masturbation part of your self-care routine

Whether it’s working out, meditating, getting enough sleep or any other healthy habit, you know that it helps to make a schedule and stick to it. The same goes for self-pleasure. Remember all those benefits we talked about before: self-knowledge, more orgasms, stronger relationships, reduced stress… You can reap all those rewards and more by prioritising masturbation and making it part of your routine.

Schedule a sexy self-pleasure session some time when you won’t be disturbed and make a commitment to stick to it. Make it fun – light some candles, listen to an erotic story to get in the mood.Emjoy

And if you’re thinking that it’s not very sexy to schedule sex, we get where you’re coming from. But you know what’s less sexy than scheduling solo-sex? Not having it at all. You know how it is, you have the best intentions at first, but then you put it off and get busy with other things until you eventually forget about it altogether. So schedule a sexy self-pleasure session some time when you won’t be disturbed and make a commitment to stick to it. Make it fun – light some candles, listen to an erotic story to get in the mood, experiment with a sex toy This time’s for you, so do whatever your heart desires. If this is something you’re not used to doing, it might feel a little weird at first, but it’ll feel more natural with time, and who knows… before long it might just become the highlight of your week. 

Show yourself some compassion

Overcoming sexual shame is a lifelong task. There’s bound to be some ups and downs along the way, especially in the beginning. After all, it’s difficult to stop paying attention to shameful thoughts we’ve been thinking our entire lives. So when you find yourself feeling ashamed of your desires, fantasies or sexual activities, show yourself some compassion. If you find this difficult, imagine what you would tell a friend or a younger version of yourself. Would you try to shame them, tell them they were selfish or that they didn’t deserve self-pleasure? No. You’d reassure and encourage them. Show yourself that same compassion. 

To get more support working through sexual shame, check out this wellbeing collection created by the Emjoy team.


The Loveliest Gifts Guaranteed To Earn You Brownie Points This Christmas

From practical to design-led, cute to "omg you shouldn't have!", look no further for a selection of really bloomin' good gifts sure to win you smiles, brownie points and a truly magical gift exchange.

All the products on this page have been selected by our editorial team however some are ad-affiliate links.

With just over a month to go, the countdown to the most magical day of the year is officially on, and with that comes an almighty to-do list, and need for gift giving inspiration galore…

Whether you’ve been tasked with finding a present for the Auntie who has everything, or don’t know how to nail a gift for the best friend who deserves the world, gift giving can be equal parts overwhelming and rewarding, particularly when you throw a cost of living crisis into the mix. Can we seriously catch a break?

If you plan to be diving face first into carbs and mulled wine from 1st December and want your Christmas gifts wrapped and ready (both figuratively and literally) ahead of time, consider this budget to boujiee gift guide one that ticks all the boxes. 

From practical to design-led, cute to “omg you shouldn’t have!”, look no further for a selection of really bloomin’ good gifts sure to win you smiles, brownie points and a truly magical gift exchange.

Under £10

Under £20

£50 and Under

Under £100

Over £100


This Is What It’s Really Like to Go to An Ann Summers Sisterhood Party In 2022…

What does an Ann Summers Sisterhood event really entail in 2022, we hear you ask? Allow us to break it down…

This article is part of a paid partnership with Ann Summers.

Here at Zoella, sexual empowerment is kind of (read: definitely) our jam. Whether it be normalising female pleasure through reviewing the latest, most talked about sex toys, or curating edits of lingerie sets destined to turn up the heat, we’re passionate about being part of a conversation that knows the importance of, and prioritises pleasure. 

If there was ever a high-street brand that aligned with these values, it would surely be Ann Summers. Run by women for women, the business was founded nearly 50 years ago, and with 86 stores, a strong online presence and over 7,000 enthusiastic ambassadors, it is thriving more than ever. 

With such a rich history on the British highstreet, Ann Summers parties have been sparking conversations and creating memories that last for the past 50 years. In 2022, the brand’s Sisterhood parties continue to create empowering and safe spaces for women and their best girlfriends, creating the perfect occassion to discuss, buy and learn about their best-selling sex toys, lingerie, dress up and more!

Team Zoella are a close-knit group, discussing everything from what we’re having for dinner to our dating highs and lows, which means hosting an Ann Summers Sisterhood Party as colleagues felt as normal as asking if anyone fancies a 3pm cuppa- there was no chance of a hump day slump with this scheduled in our calendar.

But what does an Ann Summers Sisterhood event really entail in 2022, we hear you ask? Allow us to break it down…

Our wonderful Ann Summers ambassador, Jules, arrived ahead of our scheduled party time, adorned with AS bags and with a palpable, infectious excitement before setting up a beautiful display of products- we’re talking lingerie, toys, lube and everything in between- and handing out glasses of prosecco and Nozeco into our appreciative hands. The next 2 hours were filled with giggles and gossip (there’s nothing quite like a sex toy demonstration amongst friends to prompt conversation), along with a healthy dose of education and discussion surrounding pleasure that was nothing short of 10/10 empowering. 

Tempted? Here are 10 things to expect from attending or hosting your own Ann Summers party:

  1. You’ll find yourself getting very comfortable talking about your clitoris. We’re all friends here, right?
  2. Testing the vibrational pattern of sex toys on the tip of your nose will suddenly feel quite normal.
  3. You will immediately feel drawn to trying on a sexy air hostess outfit even if the desire has never previously crossed your mind.
  4. The question of ‘how many toys is too many toys’ will most definitely crop up, and the answer is: the limit does not exist. 
  5. If *that* toy is meant to emulate oral sex we’ve definitely been the recipients of terrible oral sex.
  6. The ‘one in, one out’ rule doesn’t apply to roleplay outfits, right?
  7. The temptation to wear sheer tops for the foreseeable future to show off the beauty that is a new Ann Summers bra will most definitely arise as the party progresses.
  8. The most difficult decision of your evening will be; is wet look or lace lingerie sexier?
  9. … and settling on the idea of ordering both sets is surely the most sensible outcome in this conundrum. 
  10. You’ll come away feeling more comfortable, confident and empowered to ensure sexual pleasure and wellness is at the forefront of your priorities. What more could you ask for?! 
Prepare for some seriously sexy party games guaranteed to have you and your guests feeling ramped up and ready to go

Whether your friends live conveniently on the same tube line or your IRL time is few and far between, Ann Summers Sisterhood events bring alive the magic of feeling like your most empowered self, both in person and digitally. From hen-dos to Christmas parties, birthdays to ‘just because’ quality time with friends, an Ann Summers event is one that guarantees fun and connection with those closest to you. Prepare for some seriously sexy party games guaranteed to have you and your guests feeling ramped up and ready to go, and get your shopping lists poised as the time to place an order comes around. 

“Over the last 50 years, Ann Summers parties have evolved with the modern world and the introduction of technology,  enabling our ambassadors, hosts and customers to party and shop their way. This can be on and offline, from the comfort of their own homes with a glass of wine via zoom or in person at our party Hosts chosen location.” says Jacqueline Gold CBE, Exec Chair at Ann Summers.

“While the way we do business may have adapted, the passion we see for women wanting to get together to have fun in a safe space to discuss sex and exploring their pleasure preferences has not. We currently have over 7,000 independent brand ambassadors and are deeply proud as a business to have given financial independence to hundreds of thousands of female entrepreneurs.”

Fancy hosting your own party? There are benefits aplenty to becoming an Ann Summer ambassador, from earning up to 35% commission from every sale, to the opportunity for bonuses as you build your own team- the fun isn’t just for guests of the party!

Beyond this, many women stay with the brand because of the social impact it has on them – the ability to meet new people and to change peoples lives through product. It can empower women and really grow their confidence

 Jacqueline Gold CBE, Exec Chair at Ann Summers

To throw your own Ann Summers party, or to learn more about becoming an ambassador yourself, head to (find relevant landing page from the team) and bring a passion for pleasure into the homes of women across the country.  

This article is part of a paid partnership with Ann Summers.


The Netflix Christmas Line-Up: What to Watch this Winter

If you fancy getting into the Christmas spirit ahead of the crowd, or are planning a foolproof itinerary of back-to-back festivities once December hits, bookmark this list of Netflix’s new Christmas additions.

Hibernation season- we see you! As the nights draw darker and temperatures drop, the temptation to cancel plans and stay indoors is truly growing by the day. Although the Scrooge’s of the world may deem mid November too early for a little Christmas spirit, we’re of the opinion that once Halloween is done and dusted, the appropriate time for all things Mariah, mulled wine and devouring every Malteser from a box of Celebrations is here.

If you fancy getting into the Christmas spirit ahead of the crowd, or are planning a foolproof itinerary of back-to-back festivities once December hits, bookmark this list of Netflix’s new Christmas additions, plus the old classics still available to stream for nights when a little yuletide magic is just what the doctor ordered. 

The Claus Family 2 

Following the release of The Claus Family in 2020, the second instalment of this magical Belgian production is here! During the first film we learnt that, similarly to royal responsibilities, the role of Santa was passed through the male Claus bloodline, and in the wake of his son’s untimely death, we saw Grandpa Noel tell his teen grandson Jules about the Christmas legacy he was soon to inherit. 

The second instalment to the Claus Family picks up some time later, with Jules about to take the reins of Christmas for the first time, before receiving a young girl’s letter with a special holiday wish. A wholesome pick perfect for times when easy watching is top of the agenda, if you love Arthur Christmas or Fred Claus, this one’s for you! 

Out now!

Falling for Christmas

Lindsay Lohan is BACK, and with the perfect measure of holiday-cheer and feel-good magic, Falling For Christmas is about to become 2022s most iconic Christmas release. 

Sierra Belmont (aka Lindsay) is a wealthy, beautiful heiress who seems to have it all, with plans to spend a snow-blanketed Christmas at her father’s exclusive ski resort with her new fiance, Tad Fairchild. But although it seems as though life couldn’t be more dreamy, a mountainside fall leaves Sierra with a concussion and severe amnesia, finding herself being taken in by a passerby and widowed single dad Jake Russell. A story that perfectly balances vulnerability, humour and of course a dose of Christmastime cheer, Falling for Christmas is a beautiful look at second chances and the transformation that comes from finding new and surprising perspectives. Lindsay, we love you! 

Out now!  

Christmas With You

We might be more familiar with Bill Nigh as the popstar of our previous Christmastime viewing, but Christmas With You is about to give him a run for his money, as we follow singer Angelina whose career may be on the line if she doesn’t nail a Christmas hit sure to see her command the charts.  

When Angelina sees a young fan named Christina performing one of her songs on social media and hoping to meet her for Christmas, the two unite. Before long it’s revealed that Christina’s (single!) father is a music teacher, and the journey to co-writing the perfect Christmas hit begins… 

Will the pair create the festive chart-topper Angelina needs to skyrocket her career, and are those the only sparks destined to fly between the two of them? Inspiring and feel-good at its core, Christmas With You is one destined to trigger a happy tear or two. 

Released 17th November. 

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays

Deck the halls with all things sweet and delicious because The Great British Baking Show: Holidays is BACK, and with it comes a serious dose of serotonin! Featuring the iconic lineup that is Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Sandi Toksvig, Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas,  plus a selection of talented bakers, the show follows a selection of challenging yet perfectly festive yuletide baking challenges, with the classic GBBO humour and family friendly fun. 

We can’t wait!

Released November 18th.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

Look up the dictionary definition of ‘wholesome’ and you’ll likely find Christmas at Mistletoe Farm. After inheriting a farm at Christmas time, a widowed father makes a bumpy adjustment to village life, while his (adorable) children hatch a plan to stay there forever. A tale of new beginnings, unexpected lessons and the unbreakable bond of a family in times of struggle, this Hallmark-esque classic is feel-good at its core. 

Released 23rd November.

Christmas Full of Grace

Anything but calming, but possibly a more realistic look at the chaos of a family Christmas, this Brazilian rom-com is sure to brighten a rainy December day. Meet Carlinhos- he’s about to have a Christmas nightmare. After finding out that his girlfriend has been cheating on him on Christmas Eve, he finds himself in the predicament of having no-one to accompany him to his family dinner, when suddenly he meets mysterious Grace, who agrees to join him as his fake girlfriend. 

What initially feels like relief soon turns into chaos, as the reality of bringing a stranger to dinner suddenly sinks in. Guaranteed to bring laughs aplenty, grab a bowl of popcorn and settle in for a night of escapism from your own inevitable Christmas family drama… 

Released 30th November. 

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

This supernatural, time-travelling, musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’s cult Christmas story brings a fresh look to the traditional tale. The OG Christmas hater Ebenezer Scrooge (voiced by The Pembrokeshire Murders and Hollywood actor Luke Evans) is joined by the icons including Olivia Colman as The Ghost of Christmas Past, and Johnny Flynn as Bob Cratchit, and features re-imagined songs from the original musical,Scrooge! written by Oscar and Grammy award-winning composer Leslie Bricusse. It’s sure to be a hit!

Released December 2nd. 

I Hate Christmas

If you prefer the fun of a series over a film, look no further than this festive new addition to Netflix, perfect for rainy evenings at home or to accompany a day of wrapping gifts and decorating. I Hate Christmas follows a nurse on a mission to find a boyfriend, after lying to her family about being single ahead of the big day. The problem is, it’s less than 24 hours away…

Released 7th December. 

How to Ruin Christmas: The Baby Shower

Following its two previous instalments- How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding and How To Ruin Christmas: The Funeral– which received critical acclaim, the series continues, and we can’t wait!

With a healthy number of mishaps and secrets set to be exposed, the series follows The Sellos and Twalas families once more as they prepare for the imminent arrival of Beauty (Thando Thabethe) and Sbu’s (Sandile Mahlangu) tiny bundle of joy. Catch up on the first and second series and prepare for laughs and drama aplenty from its newest instalment.  

Released December 16th. 

Fonder of a classic? Here’s all the existing Christmas viewing you can find on Netflix to fill your December diary… 

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Home Alone 3
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special 
Home Alone 4 
Beauty & The Beast: Enchanted Christmas
The Christmas Star
Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas 
Ernest Saves Christmas
Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas
Disney’s A Christmas Carol
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
Jingle All The Way 2
The Santa Clause
Babes in Toyland
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Snowball Express
Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!
I’ll be home for Christmas
The Ultimate Christmas Present
One Magic Christmas
Grumpy Christmas
48 Christmas Wishes
Christmas Flow
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
Smart Christmas
The App That Stole Christmas
A New York Christmas Wedding
Christmas Inheritance
Father Christmas Is Back
Holiday In The Wild
Christmas Under Wraps
Christmas With The Coopers
A Christmas Miracle For Daisy
Let It Snow
Nigella: At My Table

The Search for Santa Paws
Santa’s Workshop
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups
Mickey & Minnie Wish Upon a Christmas
12 Dates of Christmas
Winnie the pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year
Santa Buddies
A Muppets Christmas Carol
A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa
Frozen 1
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
Frozen 2
Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish
Just Another Christmas
Home Alone
Die Hard
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
The Mistle-Tones
Dash and Lily
Merry, Happy, Whatever
Trolls Holiday
Sugar Rush Christmas
Cinderella Story, Christmas Wish
Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square
El Camino Christmas
Christmas Wedding Planner
The Knight Before Christmas
Midnight at the Magnolia
1000 Miles From Christmas
Operation Christmas Drop


Sexual Pleasure Isn’t Just For Christmas! The Best Sex Toys To Add To Basket This Winter

A destination for all things self-pleasure and high-quality sex toys, VUSH create products for anyone seeking to improve their sexual wellness experience, be it newbies or pros, the nervous, the curious, and the brave alike.

This article is part of a paid partnership with VUSH.

Sexual wellness is cool. Whether it be unapologetically communicating your needs during intimacy with a partner, or prioritising pleasure as part of your routine when alone, the benefits of feeling satisfied in the bedroom are unmatched for both your mind and body. Research shows that getting hot under the collar has more benefits than simply reaching a state of 10/10 relaxation, with a study from Aussie self-pleasure brand VUSH finding that participants of their I Come First 30 day masturbation challenge (sounds right up our street…) saw their motivation increase from 46% to 88% in just one week. If that wasn’t incentive enough to lean into pleasure as a pillar of your self-care, 25% of participants also said it helped them know their body better and understood their response to sexual pleasure. What more motivation could one need to dim the lights and reach for your bedside drawer…?

Wellness includes that of sexual pleasure, and feeling good should never be surrounded by stigma. 

A destination for all things self-pleasure and high-quality sex toys, VUSH create products for anyone seeking to improve their sexual wellness experience, be it newbies or pros, the nervous, the curious, and the brave alike. Wellness includes that of sexual pleasure, and feeling good should never be surrounded by stigma. If the world of masturbation feels overwhelming, consider VUSH’s Muse the perfect vibrator to indulge your body in the pleasure it deserves. The rabbit-style vibrator has 8 pleasure-optimised patterns, and 5 levels of intensity for incredible blended orgasms that hit every spot you could dream of. The pretty-in-pink design will look right at home in your space (let’s just say you’ll want it close to hand after trying it even once…), and with easy magnetic USB charging, you can rely on it to come through whenever you desire.

If you’re coupled up this winter, consider pleasure a mutual exchange thanks to VUSH’s latest launch- the ORB.  A pleasure ring designed as the perfect couples beginner toy with a vulva-centric approach, the ORB has 10 pleasure settings and 100% waterproof design, with longer-lasting sustained pleasure for penis owners and targeted clitoral stimulation for vulva owners. Yes please!

Need a helping hand in setting the mood? VUSH’s Curiosity Cue Cards have been created for these exact moments, with their set of 50 cards having been created to prompt discussions about sex with a partner, whether it be reintroducing the notion of play or opening up the idea of trying something new. Embrace the awkwardness and silliness and enjoy the pleasure together. 

In the mood for gift giving (because sometimes giving is as good as receiving)? As the weather cools and the temptation to stay in bed grows, VUSH’s SOL might be just the toy to add to your couples pleasure repertoire, designed as part of a mission to destigmatise sex toys for penises.  Perfect for first-time users and ideal for spicing things up during foreplay, the internally ribbed device provides extra stimulation, with flexible wings that accommodate any shaft size. The open-ended design is perfect for multi-use fun, and like ORB, comes with 10 pleasure settings and is 100% waterproof, meaning sharing a shower just got 10x more fun. 

New to toys or nervous about introducing them into your sex life? VUSH have identified that lack of confidence is the main factor holding back couples exploration, with their latest Destination: Play sex toy range and campaign having been designed to convey the notion of play in the bedroom. “Sex is not perfect, in fact it’s often clunky, imperfect, messy but fun” says the team at VUSH.  “We’re not meant to get it right every time.” 

We wanted to hero the messiness, clunkiness and playfulness of pleasure and sex. Why does it have to be so serious all the time? Considering the brand that VUSH is, we found a really great opportunity to have a bit of fun around this campaign, to relate to the everyday person and their sex life.”


Whether you plan to up your self-pleasure this cosy season, or want to take charge of partnered fun with the ORB and SOL in tow, explore VUSH’s best-selling vibrators, and await incredible orgasms to come. 

Self love is an art, and practice makes perfect. If you’re feeling inspired to bring pleasure to the top of your to-do list, look no further than VUSH’s selection of inclusive, empowering, high-quality, fun to use, and aesthetically beautiful toys.

Get 40% off every product in the Couples Play category on VUSH, plus some of their iconic vibrators with the code ZOELLA40.

Big O Bundle £218
Empress 2 £130

This article is part of a paid partnership with VUSH.


​​Category Is: Festive Winter-Themed Baby Names

From the rare gems and out-there options to the names rising in popularity and the cool but wearable monikers, here’s a list of names that embody this time of year beautifully.  

Looking for the perfect name for your bundle of joy? If you’re due in December, or just so happen to love festive, winter-themed baby names, this unique list is made for you, mama-to-be!

From the rare gems and out-there options to the names rising in popularity and the cool but wearable monikers, here’s a list of names that embody this time of year beautifully.  


A Greek naming meaning fresh and sparkling, bringing to mind snowy scenes and picture perfect Christmases. It’s also the name of a trumpet-shaped flower relating to the lily family. White amaryllis in particular symbolises children and hope, a touching idea for anyone who has spent years wishing and waiting for their little one. 


This angelic name is the perfect moniker for a winter baby. 


This beautiful, rare name means ‘the warmth of the sun in winter’, encapsulating the essence of that new-born baby joy.  


Referring to the Roman God meaning ‘north wind’, Aquilo was said to blow winter across earth with his breath. 


If you’re a fan of the nature names trend, Aspen could be one to add to your notes. A great gender-neutral option that pays homage to mother nature and the heart shaped leaves of this delicate tree. 


A beautiful long boy’s name with the stand-out ‘z’ – immediately cool whilst giving a gentle nod to the three wise men. 


A vintage, snowy-themed baby name meaning ‘white’. 


Meaning ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’, Bodhi comes from the Buddhist holiday in December. 


A popular Christmas tipple and a cute sounding name for your little girl. 


A diminutive of Candace meaning white, pure or sincere. It’s also reminiscent of the sweet Christmas treat we enjoy at this time of year. 


A heavenly baby name, perfect for a festive arrival. 


Winter’s answer to August – December is a beautiful name for a baby born in the month of Christmas. 


A gender-neutral name meaning ‘snow’ as well as ‘fair’ and ‘blessed’. 


A gender-neutral name that embodies the true hygge of the season. Think crackling fires and glowing embers. A great nature-themed name! 


A female name of English origin that means Revelatory Manifestation of a Divine Being. Known as Epiphany, or the 12th Day of Christmas, The Feast of the Epiphany is a Christian feast day that commemorates how a star led the Magi, or the three wise men, to the baby Jesus. Epiphany also happens to be a 5* Taylor Swift song. 


Along the same lines as the popular boy’s name Finley, Finton means white flame or fair flame and has that surname-as-first-name trendy twist. 


A name of Welsh origin meaning both ‘white’ and ‘blessed snow’.


A fitting tribute to *the* G.O.A.T Christmas movie if you ask us. 


A great first or middle name for a winter baby. 


Synonymous with the festive season, the name Joy radiates positivity and yuletide cheer. 


A cute Finnish name simply meaning snow. Just gorgeous!


A beautiful, whimsical middle or first name, imbued with the twinkly connotations of the festive season. 


Primarily a female name of Greek origin meaning ancient spice. It’s along the same lines as sage and thyme, great for anyone looking for a warm, earthy name that works as both a first and middle option. 


A super wearable, festive winter name meaning ‘Christmas’ in French. 


Another common Finnish name meaning ‘bear’. Perfectly apt for hibernation mode.

Robin / Robyn 

The classic red-breasted bird has spiritual connections and is often sighted at this time of year. 


Rudy for short – cute! We can see why this one is rising up the name trend lists. 


A short and snappy seasonal name that looks gorgeous on paper and sounds pretty poetic, too. 


Winter solstice on 21st December marks the shortest day of the year when the sun travels the shortest path through the sky. 


A pretty diminutive of the December birthstone ‘Tanzanite’ – a breath-taking indigo coloured gem, known for balancing energy, and only found in one part of the world: Tanzania, its motherland. 


Short and sweet, Velo is both a girls’ and boys’ name of Finnish origin meaning ‘light’. 


Meaning white field – a great boy’s name. 


Looking for floral names that’s not Holly or Ivy? Winica, meaning Christmas orchid, could make for a beautiful alternative.  


Perfect for any little ones born in the winter months and easily abbreviated to Winnie. You can also opt for the ‘Wynter’ spelling if you prefer.