Stop What You’re Doing and Read This Very Important Ranking of M&S Percy Pigs

With the introduction of potato pigs, fruit juice and ice cream in the Percy fam, as well as his milestone dirty 30 birthday next month, we thought it an appropriate (read: urgent) use of our time to compile a definitive ranking.

Be it their exquisite bakery section, top-tier meal deal choices or iconic Colin The Caterpillar birthday cake, it’s safe to say the M&S food hall has us in a chokehold, and we’re not mad about it. The latest in their viral moments taking TikTok by storm: the ever-growing collection of Percy Pig paraphernalia filling Marks and Spencer shelves everywhere, and inspiring pig-filled hauls countrywide. They say you have one great love in your lifetime, and let it be known ours is Sir Percy Pig. 

With the introduction of potato pigs, fruit juice and ice cream in the Percy fam, as well as his milestone dirty 30 birthday next month, we thought it an appropriate (read: urgent) use of our time to compile a definitive ranking of the elite to the ignore-worthy Percy products so you have all the necessary information to make an informed purchase next time you stop by M&S. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it…

Whilst we’re here, we may as well get in early: Happy birthday Percy, mate. Thanks for making us happier than a pig in mud. Here’s to the next 30 years of being a hoofed legend. 

M&S OG Percy Pigs


The classic, the OG, the gold standard, the unbeatable don’t-mess-with-me hoofed hero. At this point, it’s unclear what’s so iconic about the original PP but there’s simply nothing quite like them on the market. The fruity flavour that isn’t too artificial combined with the different textures of the face and ears make him one of the best confectionaries for car journeys and beyond. Getting a full house of top scores from all, the much-loved OG Percy Pig sweets are made with real fruit juice, no artificial colours or flavourings and were frankly delicious as always. Never change, Percy. 

M&S Percy Pig Fruity Chews


Shaped like the cherished Percy Pig in miniature size, these adorable fruit-flavoured chewy sweets come in a variety of colours and flavours. Collectively described by the team as “nice but nothing special”, the Fruity Chews are perhaps a great option if you’re seeking some variety in your snack repertoire, but we’re gonna be honest, they don’t slap like the original Percy.  

M&S Percy Pig Goes Globetrotting Fruit Gums


Percy’s on vacay! These soft fruit flavoured gums are made without gelatine and shaped like the beloved Percy Pig, alongside other animals from across the globe, including mango flavoured tigers and blackcurrant-flavoured pandas- cute! The vibes and textures may be the same, but can you beat Percy’s original flavour? The Globetrotting format is super fun for the summer and perfect for car journeys at the start of your own holiday adventure, all the flavours didn’t blow us away, but it was nice to mix Percy in with a bit of variation!

M&S Percy Pig Party Time Fruit Gums


Colour lovers rejoice, Percy’s embracing maximalism! Made with real fruit juice, this celebration fruit flavoured gums are shaped like Percy Pigs but with a colourful twist and the result is truly beautiful. Foamy and fluffy as a cloud in texture, the rainbow-coloured pigs that fill this bag are a joy to snaffle from start to finish. Maintaining the original flavour Percy is known and loved for, party Percy is indeed one you can rely on for a good time. 

M&S Percy Pig Phizzy Chew Fruit Gums 


Another showstopper, these soft and delicious fruit flavoured fizzy chewy sweets are shaped like the cherished Percy Pig but in miniature size. With a variety of colours and flavours inside, and a fizzy tang to finish off, opt for Percy’s Phizzy Chews if it’s a crowd pleaser you’re seeking. Chewier than your classic PP and with a variety of flavours, there’s something different, tangy and delicious for everyone. 

M&S Percy Pig Phizzy Pigtails 


Soft and delicious sour fruit flavoured gums shaped like pigtails (adorable) and finished with a coating of sugar, these real fruit juice phizzy pigtails are a certified hit. The variation of shape, addition of sugar coating and the perfect balance of sweet and sour combine to make the pigtails a moreish treat the team were reaching back for more of again and again. Haribo Tangfastics fans, this one’s for you. 

M&S Percy Pig Fruit Juice Drink


Mixed reviews here for Percy’s juice, if you’re looking for blended PP then you’ll likely be disappointed, but if you’re happy with a refreshing fruity drink in a cute AF juice box, you’ll definitely be satisfied. The grape, raspberry and apple juice drink is delicious, and will no doubt make the perfect addition to picnics, BBQs and your pig-themed party this summer- you never know. With our main man Percy front and centre on the box, it would be rude to say no…

M&S Percy Pig Ice Cream 


Say hello to creamy vanilla ice cream, raspberry ripple swirl and a Percy-Pig flavoured centre topped with marshmallows- your late-night snack choices just got an upgrade. Delicious served alone, or as part of a Percy-tastic sundae finished with fresh berries and Percy sweets, the velvety smooth vanilla ice cream was of particular note when devouring a bowl full of this freezer delight. The strawberry segment received less positive reviews, but on the whole the fruity sauce, soft marshmallows and ultra-creamy ice cream were the perfect combination for a summer treat you’ll come back to again and again.   

M&S Percy Pig Dessert Sauce 


The Percy Pig dessert sauce is “packed full of all the flavours of our signature Percy sweets, with a mix of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and grape”, this sauce is perfect for adding to ice cream, cupcakes, pancakes, milkshakes and more. Team Zoella think this is definitely one for the kids who prefer a sweeter sauce as it was a little bit too sweet for us! Definitely, a fun addition if you’re having an ice cream night and your little’uns will probably love.

Percy Pig Sponge Roll 


Pig afternoon tea anyone? Despite being a beautiful addition to the Percy range and a delight to serve at any birthday party or summer soiree, the Percy sponge roll was our least favourite product of the PP range. Described as “everything you could want from a sweet cake treat, but with Percy’s unmistakable twist of all things pink and delicious”, Team Zoella we’re not as convinced by Percy’s take on the classic, maybe we’re just old-fashioned! Whilst the cake had a nice consistency and the buttercream was smooth as could be, the sugar rush was real. Maybe reserve this one for kids’ parties only (as long as you’re not the ones looking after them!) 

Percy Pig Potato Shapes


The only savoury addition in the Percy range, these fluffy potatoes are lightly fried and shaped into adorable Percy Pig faces, fitting somewhere between a potato smiley and hash brown. Sounds like perfection. Despite being cooked for longer than the recommended time, the potatoes remained a little doughy in the centre despite a golden, crispy exterior. Irrespective of requiring a little more substance to hold their piggy shape, the interior was creamy and almost of a mashed potato consistency. Simply add some ketchup on the side and consider your newest lazy day snack sorted. 


Chunky Sandals To Stomp Into Holiday Season In

From jorts to Crocs, gilets to oversized everything, this summer we're stanning practical over pretty and embracing the 'ugly' fashion trends making a comeback.

From jorts to Crocs, gilets to oversized everything, this summer we’re stanning practical over pretty and embracing the ‘ugly’ fashion trends making a comeback. The rule of thumb seems to be: if you wouldn’t be seen dead in it during year 9, it’s cool now. Fashion can be confusing, eh?

Haters gonna hate, but Internet fashion legends such as Leandra Medine Cohen of Man Repeller (RIP) made it cool to embrace self-expression in all of its forms. Her and other self confessed man repellers helped create a culture of irreverence in which zany, out-there and downright ugly clothing suddenly became cool, and we love the Man Repeller legacy to this day.

In a world in which FaceTune and blur filters are the norm, sometimes putting on a knitted vest and pair of Birkenstocks may feel like the most refreshing choice you can make. Stomp on!

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‘No Makeup, Makeup’ You Say? Our First Impressions of Jones Road by Bobbi Brown

From the glow-giving Shimmer Face Oil to the hugely hyped Miracle Balm and the Lip and Cheek Stick, keep reading to read the team’s first impressions of the Jones Road collection. 

The brief is no makeup, makeup and Bobbi Brown understood the assignment. We’d expect nothing less from the woman who pretty much invented the movement. 

Enter Jones Road, a tightly-edited range of uncomplicated makeup products designed for every age, skin type and skin tone by renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown. 

This is the beauty mogul’s first foray back into cosmetics since leaving her self-titled brand in 2016 and you bet, she’s come back with the goods. Supercharged with a lifetime of beauty expertise and designed with a pared-back approach to cosmetics, the clean, high-grade formulations deliver a modern ‘no-makeup makeup’ finish, ideal for anyone looking to simplify their everyday routine.  

Developed for both ease of use and performance, Jones Road products are strategic staples made from a combination of natural ingredients and synthetics that have been vetted for safety and effectiveness. Bobbi’s clean ethos means that all Jones Road products adhere to even more stringent standards than those set by the European Union, eliminating over 2,700 potentially toxic ingredients, including parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, cyclic silicones, BPA, and EDTA.

I created my original brand in the 90s. Things are different today. Women shop differently; there is a new definition of what beauty is. Imperfect is beautiful. Jones Road celebrates that. It’s the ultimate no-makeup makeup.

Bobbi Brown

Cool, clean, no-makeup makeup that feels as good as it looks and champions real skin? *So, this is love*

From the glow-giving Shimmer Face Oil to the hugely hyped Miracle Balm and the Lip and Cheek Stick, keep reading to read the team’s first impressions of the Jones Road collection. 

Lareese says…

Barely-there makeup will forever have me in a chokehold so there was only one way this was going to go. Let’s be real! As someone with fair, thin, crepe-like skin (haha, I do like myself sometimes I swear), I gravitate towards glow-giving, breathable formulas that enhance rather than hide my real skin, so the Jones Road collection is right up my street.

The Shimmer Oil was first on my list of things to try from the collection and it did not disappoint. For the sake of transparency, I’m wearing nothing on my skin but the Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Pink Opal and the Lip and Cheek Stick in the shade Rosy Brown in these photos – no foundation, concealer or even moisturiser as I wanted to really put its ‘no makeup, makeup’ powers to the test and wear it how I would IRL. Honestly, it’s like bare-faced but better. Bare-faced but with a side of health and good light karma. I went in with three pumps of the Shimmer Oil but two is more than enough, as I am giving just-did-a-park-run here but I love that glass skin finish, so the dewier the better IMO. It also looks a lot dewier than it feels on the skin (in a good way), I thought it felt quite dry on the back of my hands when testing but when I smothered it on my face it absorbed beautifully and felt weightless on the skin. It’s perfect for days when you don’t want to bother with makeup but want something to boost your complexion and give you that ‘Clean Girl’ aesthetic. I then used a few dabs of the Lip and Cheek stick on the apples of my cheeks and across my lips. The creamy formula is great if you’re wary of blush as it’s super buildable and natural, with a just-enough pigment that creates that ‘fresh air’ glow. Think granny’s just pinched your cheeks. I’m so impressed by the collection so far and can’t wait to see what other products Bobbi adds to the ever-growing collection. Consider me a Jones Road stan from here on out!

Danielle says…

I tried out the Jones Road Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Cool Rose. As my complexion leans a little pinker I was worried this would bring this out more and I usually stick to more bronzey products but I was still looking forward to giving this a go. I love that this product has so many different uses, and it’s kind of up to you how you want to apply it, which is a trend you can see a lot more of these days, instead of buying 10 different things for different areas, like using your lipstick as a blush. I decided I wanted to apply this under my foundation to give me that “glowing from within” look!

I was a bit apprehensive about the fact this is called an oil and the texture of the product came out quite runny however when I applied it to my face it was much creamier than oily. I’ll admit that using the product alone all over my face gave me a bit of a tin man vibe, but I trusted the process and as soon as I put a bit of foundation over top I was glowing in the best possible way! After I applied my full face I put a touch more on my cheekbones to bring them out a bit and I was really pleased with the results! I think this product would be lovely used sparingly on its own after showering in the summer months (especially on holiday) and I also think it would be gorgeous on your shoulders and collar bones for an event.

Maddie says…

I am a big Bobbi Brown fan, who isn’t?! She’s a legend. Since selling her business, the whole industry has been waiting for her next move and Jones Road has certainly made waves already (if TikTok is anything to go by anyway).

I tried the lip and cheek stick in the colour tawny nude as I’m always drawn to a quick multi-purpose product. Like the majority of the products within this range, it’s designed to be very lightweight but buildable and leaves a lovely natural wash of colour. I’d definitely need to try more to give a full review but I think if her history is anything to go by coupled with the ethos of the brand, Jones Road will be a huge success.

Charlotte says…

I haven’t tried much Bobbi Brown make-up in my time but I’ve seen so much hype around Jones Road on TikTok (particularly that foundation video) that I was really excited to give it a whirl. ‘Clean’ beauty and make-up looks are having a real moment right now (another TikTok hole I’ve ended up down), and with JR branded as ‘cool, clean, make-up’ it feels like they’re really on the money with tapping into that trend.

The first product I tried was the The Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Bronze which is described as “subtle glow in a bottle”- yes please! Although it looks super pigmented when it comes out, it blended into my skin really easily and gave the perfect glow for summer. To me this product would be perfect for summer holidays, when you’re getting ready for dinner in the evenings and you want something super lightweight and wearable that makes your skin look truly radiant. I love these makeup–skin care hybrid products, and the Shimmer Face Oil is blended with 9 nourishing oils that gave my skin a lovely boost of moisture without feeling heavy.

Next up I tried the Hippie Stick which is a “universal balm that melts onto face, body, hair”. I very irresponsibly got quite sunburnt the other day after sitting on the beach for a couple of hours, and despite how uncomfortable this was it actually made for the perfect opportunity to use this product! It has a super large circumference so was actually ideal for going over the worst areas on my legs, and really did add a buttery, moisturised feeling to my skin. This is the perfect product to throw in your bag for a trip as I feel like there’s so many uses for it and it left my skin feeling lovely and hydrated afterwards. An essential in the summer months after days in the sun when skin is feeling tight!

Darcey says…

Jones Road really radiates cool energy! Off the bat, I am obsessed with the packaging and the aesthetic of the brand overall. Clean beauty seems to be having a real moment and tbh i’m here for it.

I tried out The Shimmer Face Oil in the shade Bronze, I used to wear a liquid highlighter way back at university under my foundation, I used a Nars one and it really did up the foundation look. It just gave the foundation a dewier look in my opinion with a soft glow. I tried this Shimmer Face Oil under my usual everyday makeup and really love the look, it definitely gave my face an extra glow which looked especially flawless in the sunshine. However, as a super oily gal, my makeup was sliding off my face by the end of the day. This is a ‘me problem’ not a product problem, but just a heads up for any other oily people out there thinking of giving this a go! I think in future I’ll use it on no makeup days to highlight and add a bit of dimension to my face.

I also gave the Cool Gloss in Gold Shimmer a whirl and I really love this a lot. It feels super moisturising and not sticky AT ALL. The gold shimmer gives your lips a lovely sparkle, but not too much that you are giving year 6 disco (although I am slightly feeling those vibes anyway). The shimmer seemed to almost absorb into my lips in the end, leaving them looking plump and soft. Would recommend!


8 Times Emma Chamberlain Convinced Us Low-Key Styling Is the Only Way to Dress

From micro-mini skirts to itty bitty crop tops, puffer coats and ironic graphic tees, keep scrolling for the ultimate rundown of Emma-approved wardrobe essentials.

Queen of the at-home vlog, lo-fi photo dump and getting a ‘love ya’ out of Jack Harlow at the top of the Met Steps (*faints*), Emma Chamberlain is Internet royalty at its finest. Transitioning from challenge videos and vlogs with friends to becoming synonymous with iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton, Emma has done a 180 in cementing herself as a style A-lister who can pull off a floor-length gown at the Oscars, or slay just as hard in a casual denim short and vest look. Combining Y2k aesthetics, dopamine dressing, and a mix of indie and high fashion brands, her style is eclectic, playful and effortlessly cool at its core.

From micro-mini skirts to itty bitty crop tops, puffer coats and ironic graphic tees, keep scrolling for the ultimate rundown of Emma-approved wardrobe essentials you need in your wardrobe if channelling Gen-Z cool is your aim…

The Rich Coastal Auntie Look

You’ve heard of the Coastal Grandma trend, but if Rich Coastal Auntie were a thing, you’d find this photo next to the dictionary definition. Channelling the ultimate French Riviera vibes, Emma makes a case for the 60s hair scarf and sunnies combo, and looks effortlessly cool whilst doing it. All that’s needed to complete the look is a red convertible Ford Mustang, a winding seaside road and a certain mysterious man at the wheel. We can dream, right? 

Justice for the Jort!

No one does denim like Emma. A staple in most of our wardrobes, there’s something about denim on Ms Chamberlain that just hits different. Styled simply for the summer months with white vests, bikini tops and minimal accessories, turns out Jorts aren’t an ick after all! Jorts might be synonymous with the early noughties and less-than lovely trends we’d rather not revisit, but with Emma’s expert guidance, they work perfectly styled with more form-fitting silhouettes and relaxed beachy looks. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! 

The Ironic Noughties Vest Top 

The backdrop is possibly the most beautiful view on earth but are we still just looking at Emma? Yes, yes we are. Slaying as hard in a thrift shop tee as she does in Louis Vuitton, graphic tees may have had their heyday in the 2000s, but once again we’re heading straight to Google to recreate this look, stat. The 2022 revival of ironic ‘meme’ worthy tops originally inspired by celebs like Britney Spears wearing the iconic “Dump Him” shirt, or Paris Hilton in her famous “STOP BEING DESPERATE” tank top is here to stay, and Etsy, Depop and thrift or vintage stores are the place to go in securing your own Internet approved version.

All Hail The Micro Mini Skirt

Micro skirt, maximum impact. Bare leg weather is here (if the British weather got the memo) and Emma certainly makes a case for the ultra mini-skirt trend. The Y2K aesthetic that has consistently been taking the fashion world by storm over the past 12 months is here to stay, with brands such as Miu Miu at the forefront of the mini-mission. Grab yourself a matching barely-there top and follow in Emma’s footsteps with a seriously leggy ‘fit that serves serious wow factor.

Dad Vest, But Make It Cool

Giving BDE (Big Dad Energy), have you ever seen a gilet and linen pants look cooler? Us neither. A more mature look for autumn in ‘Pah-ree’, the combination of the yellow tinted lenses and neutral garms is the ultimate in chic streetwear that’s both practical and looks divine. A different vibe for Emma who is more commonly seen sporting a playful vibe, it seems there’s simply nothing she can’t pull off. Dad dressers unite! 

The Ultimate In Loungewear Lovin’

Now whilst 2020 might feel like a (somewhat) distant memory, our love for loungewear is one part of lockdown living we have gladly carried over – what is the meaning of life if not to be comfy?  In the same way that Emma so effortlessly nails Met Gala and red carpet looks like a pro, it seems the off-duty model aesthetic is one that comes to her similarly easily. A white tank, grey joggers and classic Emma visor shades are giving COMFYchella in the best way. Proof once more that basics done right can look chic as ever. 

A Gen Z Love Story: Tucker + Emma + *The* Black Puffer

The internet imploded after Emma’s cameo in boyfriend Tucker Pillsbury’s (known professionally as Role Model) music video for neverletyougo, and the one-shot magic that showed the pair walking through city streets in matching black vinyl puffer coats- a work of art. Emma has long since loved a puffer jacket, from styling them with her classic ultra mini skirts or a laid-back pair of straight-leg jeans, the queen of layering strikes again providing all the inspiration for easy-breezy looks that are both stylish and practical. Get a girl who can do both!  

A 90s Itty Bitty Top Resurgence

Finally, it wouldn’t be an Emma Chamberlain style roundup without mention of her crop top collection and her less is more approach to styling. The 90s style influences are most evident when looking at Emma’s itty bitty tops- we’re talking Beyonce, Britney and Jennifer on the red carpet vibes-  and although we may have been reluctant to see low rise fashion make a comeback, Emma makes a strong case for its resurgence.   


An Appreciation Post for the Darling Dads of the World

We’re celebrating just some of their weird and wonderful ways - the idiosyncrasies, sayings, unique rituals and precious personality traits that make dads who they are.

On the Day of the Dads, aka Father’s Day, we can think of no better gift for the man who’s notoriously hard to buy for than some loving words that sum up the history of dadness. 

We’re celebrating just some of their weird and wonderful ways – the idiosyncrasies, sayings, unique rituals and precious personality traits that make dads who they are. From the way they tolerate spiders (and our bullshit tbf) and their questionable SPF application to their obsession with basic car maintenance, airport timings and *dramatic* sneezing, let’s hear it for the darling DIY-loving dads who rule our world!

The thumbs-up emoji is his preferred and often only form of communication. Likes ginger beer. On great terms with Siri. “Have you got enough petrol?” Obsessed with the bin days. Lawn care is his self-care. Must shake food before eating. Usually nuts. Takes the BBQ very seriously. Must get to the airport 10 hours early just because… he’d rather get there early. Insists on telling the taxi driver the fastest route. Aggressively RUNS ahead of you in his cargo shorts, because his airport mode has been *activated*. Refuses to sit down. Owns a dedicated folder for holiday insurance, boarding passes and all other miscellaneous airport admin. Loves a National Trust day out. Your personal taxi. And biggest hype man. B&Q’s most valuable player. Bumps into someone he knows everywhere you go. DIY is his love language. Passionate about basic vehicle maintenance. Deeply and spiritually connected to the thermostat. Crocs? Oh, they’re into them. Deals with spiders so you don’t have to. Inhales food. Owns the biggest bunch of keys you’ve ever seen. Applies sun cream with reckless abandon. Obsessed with the family dog, you know, the one he didn’t want. Can build anything. Has only *one* volume for sneezing, coughing and snoring. Dad decibels simply cannot be matched. Loves car boots. Rubs his head when stressed. Sensible birthday present requests? He doesn’t know them. Strangely protective over the fire. Will likely always have a measuring tape on him, just in case. Has a degree in reverse parking. Endless dad jokes. Terrible dad dancing. Utterly perplexed by your ripped jeans. Always a phone call away. Will always have change in his pocket. Drops an inspirational quote whenever you need to hear it. Always remembers the things you loved 10 years ago. Uses the one finger tap on all devices. Sings weird old songs. Wears the same 5 t-shirts on repeat but won’t get rid of anything. TK Maxx is his entire personality. Prefers to do the food shop in person. Tells you to be sensible whenever you go out. “Don’t drink too much”. Never sleeping, only resting his eyes. Still asks you to pull his finger after all these years. Gives the best hugs. 

Basically,  love you dad.


Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Bikini Wax For The First Time

If the only thing holding you back from being a silky smooth seal for summer is fear of the unknown, let us demystify the experience once and for all!

Hello hot girl summer, it’s nice to see you again. Summer is well and truly underway, and with that comes beach trips, making eyes with the floppy-haired guy across the pub garden and last-minute sun-soaked getaways. It’s a great time to be alive. If you’re partial to hair removal in the summer months when high-rise bikinis become part of your weekly wardrobe, consider this your 101 for all things waxing. Offering a longer-lasting, smoother finish, with fewer ingrowns and finer regrowth than shaving, waxing can be a great option if your preference is no hair down there and you’re looking for long-lasting results.  

When it comes to actually making an appointment and showing your *bits* to a total stranger though- that part takes a little more courage. If the only thing holding you back from being a silky smooth seal for summer is fear of the unknown, let us demystify the experience once and for all. We spoke to Trish Coulton, Australia’s ‘hair removal queen’ and founder of Bondi Body, London’s premier waxing and hair removal studio, to find out everything you need to know before getting your first bikini wax…

“Before making any appointment do a little due diligence on the clinic. You want to make sure they are clean and sanitised. By reading reviews, you can gauge the consumer experience and feel confident booking an appointment and getting prepared for your first visit. 

“Ideally make the first appointment in person, either by walking in or calling on the phone so that you can ask any questions at the same time.”

If you say that it is your first appointment, then you should be automatically made to feel welcome and walked though what you need to prep and what to expect.

Trish Coulton

“I can’t speak for all salons, but at Bondi Body, you will be greeted, welcomed and with every new client we ask about your body hair history, if you have been waxed before, discuss any skin conditions such as eczema or skin tags you may have, sensitivity and see what the best direction is for you. All appointments should be tailored to you, and by that, I mean ensuring they treat your body as yours and not the same as the previous client. 

Although you are naked, you will have some paper roll to cover your most intimate areas.Trish Coulton

“You’ll then move into the treatment room where you’ll be given a minute to freshen up and to remove all the lower section of clothing before hopping onto the table. Now although you are naked, you will have some paper roll to cover your most intimate areas. This is a question I get asked a lot- “Will I have my bits on show?” Of course, we need to get to the area as much as possible, but you are covered. It’s a bit like wearing a G-string kitchen roll.

Side note:  If the treatment room is in any way dirty. Leave. Hygiene is paramount.

“Your hair needs to be longer than 1cm for your appointment, as the wax needs to be able to grab hold of the hair and get a good grip on the root. Do not trim.

“It’s also worth remembering that if this is your first wax, your hair root will be quite large meaning the first wax you ever have will be the most painful. From then onwards, the root of the hair reduces and it will become much less painful after a few sessions.

You will be talked through your treatment from start to finish. We want you to learn about your body and feel 100% confident for every future visit. Trish Coulton

“Before commencing the wax, especially to clients who are new to intimate waxing, we check the temperature of the wax. If you feel the wax is too hot, then you should make the therapist aware. Wax should not be hot! You will be talked through your treatment from start to finish. We want you to learn about your body and feel 100% confident for every future visit. The first appointment is always daunting, but the hope is to leave you feeling super confident so that any doubts will have disappeared in time for your next session. 

“So how do we wax your intimate area? Starting at the top of the bikini line we work our way down and around. Both legs are flat in the position of a V shape. Then we bend one knee out, away from the body, keeping the opposite leg straight. Repeat on the other leg. To work on the back area, we then bend the knee to the shoulder and work on the area behind. This is done whilst all the time moving the paper roll around the area we are waxing to keep you covered and feeling comfortable. 

“Aside from the obvious discomfort, not many of us enjoy taking their underwear off for a complete stranger …. let alone get into awkward positions. It is worth knowing that the treatment is super quick from the time you take your clothes off to pop them back on, it takes just 15 minutes!

“Post-treatment – we recommend having a cool shower and absolutely no hot baths. Do not use anything perfumed or chemical on the area and stick to natural unscented moisturisers and soaps. If you feel a little tender, then we recommend Sudocrem. Any concerns then reach out to your waxer directly. 

A little side tip – try to wax the week directly after your period- it’s the least sensitive part of your monthly cycle for hair removal.

The Different Types of Wax

Feeling more confident already? Good! Next up is deciding on which waxing style is right for you…

The Bikini Line Touch Up

If you’re not sure how much hair you’d like removed but fancy a little more of a manicured look, a bikini line touch up might be the one for you. The perfect option if you’d like to keep things a little more natural but fancy some definition on the edges, hair will be removed from anywhere outside of the modest knicker line. 

Full Bikini

A step up from the above, the full bikini wax usually refers to the standard bikini line and waxing some hair on top to make a more defined ‘triangle’ area, while trimming down leftover hair. If you still want to keep some hair but want more definition and hair removed deeper into the bikini line, this is the wax for you.


If you want down there to be smooth and have a significant amount of hair removed without feeling too bare, French is the way to go.Your aesthetician will take off most of your pubic hair in the front—leaving a small, rectangular strip (aka a ‘landing strip’)—and all of your hair in the intimate middle area. It’s worth noting that the French bikini wax does not include any hair removal in the back!


A Brazilian wax removes all the hair from your bikini area (top, sides,and front), and the hard-to-reach spots in the back you never quite get to. FYI- they’re one of the most popular options when it comes to hair removal down there! Unlike the French version, when you go Brazilian they take the hair off the top and sides of the bikini line, but also all the way under and around the back, too. 


Goodbye hair. The Hollywood wax removes all pubic hair, from the front, between the legs, and between the buttocks. If you’re looking for a total hair removal solution, this is it…

We all have different preferences when it comes to body hair, from keeping it natural to slightly more manicured, but remember that feeling confident and like your best self this summer is all about doing what you feel most comfortable with!


Meet Biird, the Pleasure Positive Brand Behind the Award-Winning Evii Sex Toy 

We caught up with Co-Founder Andrea Rey de Viñas to find out everything there is to know about designing one of the best sex toys on the market, aka the main character in the SheSpot X Zoella box. 

In an interview with Biird – the female-led, sex-positive brand on a mission to dispel the taboo around pleasure – we caught up with Co-Founder Andrea Rey de Viñas to find out everything there is to know about designing one of the best sex toys on the market, aka the main character in the SheSpot X Zoella box. 

We are of course talking about Evii, the one and only! The exquisite, whisper-quiet external vibrator for clitoral stimulation. It even comes complete with its own wireless charging tray, designed to house your jewellery and other precious trinkets whilst refuelling your vibe! What a time to be alive. As for the Evii toy itself, incognito mode is her middle name, with unsuspecting guests guaranteed to think she’s prime to blast out Harry’s House or blend out their blush… Joke’s on them. 

After working with industry-leading pleasure brands for more than 20 years, Biird has come to know the restrictions and barriers placed on sex toys all too well, so designing a product range that is first and foremost about delivering pleasure while being beautiful, powerful, and challenging the status quo is at the forefront of everything they do as a brand. 

From clit-led toys to breaking taboos, here’s a look at everything Biird bring to the bedside table… 

Q: Why did you start the company and what’s the story behind the brand?

We started Biird now over 2 years ago as we felt there was room for products that were a bit more playful, colourful and most importantly, more relaxed about sexuality. When we looked at what was available, we often saw other products portraying sexuality and self-pleasure as this perfect thing, this darker and mysterious feel around self-pleasure with a lot of lace and lingerie. We believe in a broader approach to self-pleasure. Is it nice to sometimes really put in effort, wear lingerie, play music and light some candles? Absolutely! But there are times when you just want some alone time to relax and just simply have a quick fun moment! Biird is there for all these situations. 

Q: What does the average day look like in the Biird office?

Haha. Working at Biird is indeed a bit different than working for a company in a more traditional industry. We get to bring pleasure to people and that really gives a special feeling. Everything we do is geared towards the users and every day we ask ourselves, what can we do that would truly make a difference? But it’s not like all kinds of wild things happen in the office. We still work with spreadsheets, have product development meetings and have to show up for a full day of work. 

Q: What gets you out of bed every day?

We’re definitely an a-typical company. We make products people love and getting to work on those products and with our users, every day is just such an incredible feeling. We often hear heartwarming stories from our users and that’s not something you get at many other companies. 

Q: Evii is the main character in our SheSpot X Zoella wellness box. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired this design and who you had in mind when creating this award-winning toy?

Evii came to be when we were looking to design an easy-to-approach vibrator. We went to the drawing board knowing we wanted to make something that would give off great vibrations. Not only from a literal vibration standpoint but also the whole experience connected to using Evii. We looked for shapes that would be comfortable to hold in hand, as well as feel great when using it on your body. That’s how our pear/avocado shape came to be. From there we added the ribs and the crease to create different zones on Evii that would invite the user to explore their body and find what works best for them. There’s no real “right” way of using Evii, we want users to use it however feels right for them. We’ve also added the wireless charging base that doubles as a jewellery tray so that Evii could sort of become part of your room decoration. Looking at Evii it doesn’t immediately become apparent it’s a pleasure toy so you can just place Evii on your nightstand and always have it ready to go. As a cherry on top, we’ve just won 2 of the biggest design awards this year, an iF Design Award and an A’ Design Award, which goes to show that our design philosophy is being appreciated.

Q: The jewellery tray design for Evii is *chef’s kiss* How much does your mission to dispel the taboos around pleasure and open up conversations play a part in the work you / inform the designs and the creative process?

The jewellery tray absolutely plays a big role in this. Every time we design a product we go back to the very basics of what brings pleasure and how. And a big part of our time designing is spent on how do we make this product truly accessible to a large audience. We’re often asked if Evii is a good toy for “beginners” or if it’s more for “experienced” users but we don’t really look at that in those terms. If as a user, you look at Evii and you think, “Hey, this looks cool. I think I could have some fun with this”, then Evii is a toy for you. No matter your “experience”. We’re also always looking to add a little bit of humour, a little bit of food for thought, and that’s why we create products which have this extra use case. In Evii’s case, that’s the jewellery base. This way you don’t have to hide your product in a dark drawer and can have it ready for action any time.

Q: What’s the designing and testing process like – How long does it take from concept to completion to create a toy?

Designing a new product takes quite some time! Evii took us nearly a year. We started with the basic idea of vibrations and then added layers of requirements around that cuteness, squishiness, versatility, ease of use,… We then experiment with shapes, modelling them through the use of 3D printing. This helps us to narrow down to a handful of design options as seeing something on a screen and being able to hold it in your hand are still two very different experiences. Once we have narrowed down the design options enough we start testing the different vibration feelings we can add as well as the silicone feel. We have a panel of testers who’ll give us feedback on every last little detail of the product. The process up to here takes about half a year. Then we start looking into what is needed to manufacture this at scale. The materials, the moulds for all the different parts. More finetuning of the product design as well as the features and then after nearly a year, Eviis start rolling out of our production facility. Looking back at this process is always mesmerising. Seeing the very first drawings and comparing those to the final product, seeing how far the design has come, never ceases to amaze.

Q: What materials do you use to create your sex toys?

We use medical-grade, body-safe silicone and specifically go looking for manufacturing processes which reduce the odour of the silicone to the minimum and we all love squishy silicone here so we usually add an extra thick layer of silicone to our products. It adds this nice texture that most other products don’t have. 

Q: How do you compare to other sex toy brands on the market, what’s your USP?

Biird is really more like a passion project for us. So when we’re creating a product we look at it and constantly ask ourselves: can we make this material better? Can we add something that would benefit the user? And that’s the opposite philosophy that many other companies use. We really aim to create products we can be proud of ourselves. 

Your favourite toy to design so far…

Haha. That’s like asking which of your children is your favourite. We love them all equally. And we mean that!

Q: We’ve just seen you’ve launched a brand new toy, the Namii. Tell us why we need this in our lives and the inspiration behind the newest addition to the Biird family!

Namii is a clitoral suction toy and a vibrator in one. You can expect the same Biird hallmarks as in our previous toys: Super quiet, squishy, great build quality, a wireless charging base that this time doubles as a mood light. And of course, Namii feels great. You can use it hand free thanks to its unique shape and you can even use the vibrations and the suction at the same time. That feeling… it gets intense.

Q: What’s the best thing about working in the sexual wellness space? 

Hearing the feedback from customers. How using one of our products helped them to discover or rediscover self-pleasure, how it helped them to discover their body or become more self-confident. How they introduced a pleasure product in their relationship… Those stories and hearing from the people who use our products, that’s really something unique.

Q: And the worst…. 

There are no real downsides to working in our industry. Sure there can be stress like in any other job and some weeks feel longer than others but overall, working in our industry is great! Telling others what we do for a living can sometimes be a bit challenging. You never know how they’ll react but in general, the reactions are great!

Q: What changes would you like to see happen in the sexual wellness space to help combat the pleasure gap and de-stigmatise female pleasure more specifically?

We’ve come a long way already. Just a few years ago, there was a much bigger stigma around self-pleasure. Every year, we’re moving in the right direction. But there still is room for improvement. One of the main areas would be how the social media platforms police posts about sexuality. There is still a very big gap there. It’s clear that these rules were written through a male gaze on sexuality. Scantily clad women advertising a service is allowed but when talking about pleasure, be it sharing your experience with self-pleasure or even sexual educational content, then suddenly a line is crossed and you risk having your post taken down or worse, getting your account banned. 

We’ve created a petition and a page with more information about this here, so those that are interested in learning more about the topic should definitely check it out. 

Q: What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love is such a broad topic. For me it goes much further than sexual pleasure. It’s about being happy. About taking care of yourself in a way that brings you joy. Not thinking about what others will think of you, but doing things that make you happy or relaxed or feel pleasure. That’s eating that ice-cream you really want, that’s splurging on that dinner, that’s going to yoga, that’s masturbating when you feel like it without feeling guilty… 

Q: Where do you think sex toys will go from here?

Having been in the sex toy industry for so many years, I start to see a shift of a sextoy world being dominated by men to one where more and more women are starting their own pleasure product companies. So we’re starting to see more and more products designed by women for women. There will definitely be new technologies coming up, new products, new materials and it’s a future I’m very much looking forward to!

Q: What’s next for Biird?!

We’ve got a few products in development so that’s exciting. I can’t share much yet so definitely keep an eye on our Instagram. And we’ll keep on working on demystifying and de-stigmatizing self-pleasure through our products and our campaigns. 


Safe, Sane & Consensual: Your Everything Guide to BDSM

BDSM isn’t a monolith for rough, deviant sex, rather it encompasses a whole spectrum of experiences from the vanilla through to the alternative and the downright artistic - no two BDSM relationships look the same!

Fifty Shades of Grey may have catapulted BDSM into the mainstream, opening up conversations about dominance and submission, but was it an accurate representation of how the experience goes down in real life? Hardly. In fact, most players (BDSM practitioners) would consider E.L. James’s depiction to be woefully inaccurate, especially where Christian Grey’s character is concerned. Despite the stigma and stereotypes attached to the BDSM community, there is nothing inherently wrong with people if they’re into it – you don’t need to have had a ‘dark’ or sexually abusive past to get off on dominance and submission. Beyond the cliches and misconceptions, there’s a world of Safe, Sane and Consensual sex, and this is the cornerstone of any BDSM encounter. 

There’s so much more to the lifestyle than just Red Rooms and nipple clamps. In reality, BDSM, which stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism, covers a range of practices, including but not limited to bondage (handcuffs, blindfolds, rope), impact play (spanking, caning) and role-play, all of which rely upon emotional connection,pre-determined boundaries and consent. 

BDSM isn’t a monolith for rough, deviant sex, rather it encompasses a whole spectrum of experiences from the vanilla through to the alternative and the downright artistic – no two BDSM relationships look the same!

From how to introduce BDSM in your relationship to safe words and aftercare, We spoke to Lohani Noor, renowned relational psychotherapist with a specialism in psychosexual therapies and author of 12 Steps to Sexual Connection, to find out everything you need to know about BDSM.

What is BDSM?

“Many of you will have heard of the term BDSM, even if you are not aware of exactly what it is. The letters themselves have multiple meanings. The ‘B’ and ‘D’ traditionally stand for bondage and discipline, which includes activities related to restraining and feeling extreme sensations in the form of punishment meted out by a partner. The ‘D’ and ‘S’ stand for dominance and submission and refers to the psychological aspects of control in which one person hands over authority to the other.

This often takes place with a written social contract, and this contract may outline protocols, expectations, limits and boundaries. The ‘S’ and ‘M’ stands for sadism and masochism, more commonly referred to as SM or sadomasochism, which is the giving or receiving of pleasure, often sexual, from acts involving the infliction or receiving (or both) of pain and/or humiliation. Finally, the ‘M’ and ‘S’ stands for master and slave. This relates to a relationship dynamic between two consenting adults, where one assumes authority, power and responsibility over a willing partner. 

Physical activities included in BDSM may include bondage, spanking (otherwise known as percussive practices), penetration, and obedience and/or service to a master or mistress or dominant partner. Fantasy and role play are an intrinsic part of these practices.

Lohani Noor

“When people engage in BDSM, they refer to it as ‘playing’ or having a ‘scene’, and while many people practise BDSM in private, others prefer public spaces such as dungeons or BDSM clubs or parties, either for reasons of exhibitionism or for safety when playing with a new or unknown partner. The activities represented by BDSM fall along a continuum ranging from mutual sensation play, represented by bondage and domination, to total authority exchange, as in the master-slave relationship, which may or may not include sensation play or fetishist activities.

Classes and events are held across the country by BDSM support groups who teach these skillsLohani Noor

“Many BDSM practices require great skill and knowledge, making each activity a unique craft that must be learned, honed and developed so it can be practised safely and without permanent damage or unintended consequences. Classes and events are held across the country by BDSM support groups who teach these skills, and if you are interested to explore further, an internet search for your area should throw up some good leads.”

How to Know If BDSM Is For You

For newcomers, BDSM can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. The key is communication and education. Discover what elements of BDSM make you tick and talk at length with a partner about your boundaries and expectations before any encounters. 

Lohani says, “You might want to take a moment to think about any activities you and your partner have introduced into your sex life that are outside of what is known as ‘vanilla’ sex.”

• Do you like your partner to dominate in certain scenarios? 

• Do you like to be dominant? 

• What kinds of fantasies have you had? 

• Have you ever broached these with your partner? 

• Does the idea of being restrained appeal to you?

• How about extreme sensations or role play?

• Perhaps you secretly want to submit to another person but want to feel safe in doing so?

“These are just a few questions to consider in determining your sexual orientation. Many people who participate in a BDSM lifestyle claim that aspects of BDSM represent their sexuality and are not a choice but defined in their DNA much like the sexual desires of the heteronormative.

“If you just have an interest in sexual play, you may be inclined to act out some low-level fetishistic behaviours with a willing partner. However, people who consider BDSM as a part of their personal and sexual identity are more likely to identify and affiliate with a common BDSM community and frequently practise BDSM activities. 

The BDSM Test offers a great online test to help you determine what kind of kink suits you best.Lohani Noor

“A bit of self-knowledge is key. The BDSM Test offers a great online test to help you determine what kind of kink suits you best: are you dominant or submissive? Are you more likely to want to role play as a furry, or are you really looking for a little extreme sensation, pain even? If you are looking for a variety of quizzes regarding sex and intimacy, head to for a selection of fun and useful resources.”

Talking to Your Partner About Your Fantasies 

“If you feel okay to do so, simply ask your partner what they like in the bedroom – ask if they have ever had any fantasies. Their preference may not always be about acting out a fantasy scene; sometimes it’s about a little physical stimulation – perhaps one of you would like to bite or nibble the other? Or perhaps you like it when you are scratched or spanked? 

“I would open up the conversation away from the bedroom and, if it feels good and you are on the same page, go ahead and try out some of these sensory experiences, communicating all the time during new interactions to be sure that you are both okay with the intensity. You will hear me say this time and time again… if you can’t say the words, should you really be doing the deed?”

Introducing BDSM Into Your Relationship 

“It’s worth noting that fantasy means it is not real, and so some fantasies are best kept as a fantasy. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t act out some fantasies, so long as you remember to ensure you and your partner are okay. If you harbour a rape fantasy, acting it out involves pretending with a consenting adult with predetermined limits and a safe word. It doesn’t mean raping your partner. 

Role play is a great way to start exploring kink, as you get to act out being someone else, so you can defer some of the anxiety of doing the things you secretly want to do.Lohani Noor

“If you have never tried anything diverse, you might just want to start with simple sensation experiences. Agree to be more conscious in your next sexual encounter. Don’t drink or take drugs or do anything at all to alter your alertness. Give yourself permission to see your partner and be seen. Role play is a great way to start exploring kink, as you get to act out being someone else, so you can defer some of the anxiety of doing the things you secretly want to do.”

Some examples of role-play would be

• Being a stripper – male or female.

• Being paid or paying for sex. 

• Being a police officer, vicar or teacher, where the sex is essentially off-limits but a person is eventually seduced.

• Being a complete stranger.

• Having sex with a superhero or heroine.

• Animalistic sex, with one or both of you being the animal.

• Master-slave sex.

“If you would like to take your sexual experience up a notch and try out a BDSM scene, then all the communication skills you’ve learned to date will be really important. My advice is to talk, talk and then talk some more. Plan as you would do any sexual encounter, but be even more mindful that you have built trust in your relationship. If you are unsure about boundaries or the experience itself, think about visiting a sex-positive therapist who is confident and informed on all things sexual, look online for videos, or join a BDSM forum or community who can guide you. Remember, you and your partner must set limits, and determine a safe word before beginning.”

It’s Ok If Your Wants & Needs Change 

“Many couples engage in some form of BDSM, even if they don’t recognise it as such. Tying each other to the bed, using handcuffs, or spanking all form part of the BDSM repertoire and, nowadays, these activities are considered relatively mainstream. Walk into any high street sex shop and it will sell a range of BDSM paraphernalia, whether it’s a riding crop, leather gloves or a collar and lead. 

Our sexual sense of ourselves changes constantly as does our sense of ourselves in the world. Lohani Noor

Our sexual sense of ourselves changes constantly as does our sense of ourselves in the world. We progress through developmental life stages and as such it’s ok to let ourselves change our lifestyles, wants and needs to account for our developing self. Hold your idea of your sexual self loosely, what is ok today may not be tomorrow, and visa versa.  As such, check in with yourself often and check in with your partner too. Is the sex you are having reflective of where you are at in your life. Do you need anything to be different? Keep talking and keep practising bringing more of your authentic self to the sexual dynamic, whatever it may look like.”

Myths & Misconceptions: Everything BDSM Is NOT

“BDSM is an emerging phenomenon in mainstream society and is becoming more prevalent in the media. However, the publication of material like Fifty Shades of Grey is one example of how unreliable sources lead to profound confusion and controversy. In the novel, the main character, Christian Grey, exerts power over Anastasia Steele and, at times, subjugates her against her will and with manipulation. However, as I’ve discussed, BDSM is not about this. It is about the collaboration of two or more people to create a mutual experience where each person maintains their power, only one or more may choose to temporarily hand over authority to the other within agreed settings. 

Please be warned: similar media messages about BDSM as a device to ‘liven up your sex life’ may lead to experimenting with an alternative sexuality without much forethought or understanding of essential concepts relating to your own, or your partner’s, psychological and physical safety. For this reason, I want you to be very clear on the difference between SM and abuse. Abuse is any violent or aggressive behaviour within the home or between a couple, often involving abuse of an intimate partner, spouse or individual unable to care for themselves (for example, a dependent elder). Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour, actions or threats of actions that influence another person in any relationship that is intimate or sexual in nature, and is used by one partner to gain and/or maintain power and control over another. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, economical or psychological.”

Here’s a useful list of BDSM scenarios versus abusive scenarios to illustrate the difference:

• A BDSM scene is controlled. 

• Abuse is out of control.

• Negotiation occurs before a scene to determine what will or will not happen. 

• Abuse is when one person determines what will happen.

• Knowledgeable consent is given by all parties. 

• Abuse happens when no consent is requested or given.          

• The ‘bottom or submissive’ has a safe word that allows him or her to stop the scene at any time for any reason. 

• Abuse is when the person being abused cannot stop what is happening. 

• Everyone involved in an SM scene is concerned about the needs, desires and limits of others. 

• Abuse happens when no concern is given to the needs, desires and/or limits of the person being abused. 

• People in a BDSM scene ensure they are not impaired by alcohol or drugs during a scene. 

• Abuse often happens when alcohol or drugs are used before and/or after abuse. 

• After a BDSM scene, the people involved feel good. 

• After an episode of abuse, the people involved feel bad. 

“So, the key elements in BDSM dynamics are those of control and informed, consensually negotiated situations, where everyone involved cares about each other’s needs and limits. Specifically, informed consent requires that all parties are fully aware of the impact of the specific type or method of play that will take place during a scene or relationship and the skill or level of ability needed. By contrast, abusive relationships are out-of-control, non-consensual situations where there are no agreements in place, or any concern about meeting each other’s needs or limits. Abusive situations lack meaning – for example, they lack the ritual or community involvement that I’ve talked about. Most importantly, after a consensual SM scene, the people involved feel good. It is well documented that, afterwards, individuals experience a reduction in the physiological stress hormone cortisol and report feeling closer to their partner or group. 

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the more rules there are in the bedroom, the more freedom you can experience.Lohani Noor

“It may sound counter-intuitive, but the more rules there are in the bedroom, the more freedom you can experience. Communication is key to understanding each other’s boundaries, and this can lead to great pleasure. Core values generally considered by many BDSM communities to nourish healthy relationships include honour, mutual respect, integrity and responsibility. Healthy BDSM relationships demonstrate trust, care, and an ongoing commitment to mutual growth, which are also all valid indicators of any positive mainstream relationship.

“Community support is essential to healthy BDSM relationships; not only to learn safe techniques but also to combat shame. BDSM communities are known to devote a great deal of time and effort to educational workshops and community forums for people to engage, learn, build community, and find support with one another. These core values, principles and social frameworks all indicate that the practice of BDSM operates within safe and ethical limits. As such, it is defined and upheld by the individuals in the relationship and agreed limits of the community. Generally speaking, safety involves not inflicting permanent damage or unexpected/unintended outcomes. This involves the participants knowing the limits of their capabilities with any given scene, ritual, or play. 

“As I mentioned, in long-term BDSM relationships, there are often contracts that involve considerable negotiation and forethought. Therefore, people who practise BDSM tend to be more introspective and thoughtful regarding what is important to them: what they want, and what they do not want. To negotiate a sexual scene related to their fantasies, they require strong, intact personal boundaries. As it happens, a recent finding from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom survey found that people who practise BDSM generally tend to have a higher level of self-esteem, are healthier than the average person, and have better than average communication skills, imagination, and self-awareness. 

Many people perceive the submissive as utterly powerless, but this is not true.Lohani Noor

“There are also many misconceptions around dominant and submissive play. Many people perceive the submissive as utterly powerless, but this is not true. Although passive, the submissive actually holds significant power. He or she negotiates terms with the dominant and, at any time during the activity, can stop proceedings by using a predetermined safe word.”

Kink vs BDSM 

“Kink comes under the umbrella of BDSM, it is a broad colloquial term for non-normative sexual behaviour. These general behaviours may include fetishistic interests – for example, an intense sexualised interest in feet or hair or some other body part. Then there are fetishes that may include wearing rubber, or animal role play.

For instance, people who might identify as ‘furries’ escape into a world where animals are anthropomorphised, be it a wolf or a cartoonish character such as Mickey Mouse. Dressage Involves equine role play, and puppy play draws on a similar theme, only with participants taking on the persona of a young dog. Leather-sex culture and age play includes ‘little play’ where one or both partners play the role of someone not their own age.”

The Dos and Don’ts of BDSM Parties

Some general rules applied at BDSM parties are:

  • Don’t touch anyone or anything (such as another person’s toys) without permission.
  • Don’t assume that anyone you meet is single or available.
  • Don’t interrupt anyone else’s “scene.”
  • Don’t perform acts of “play” or nudity, except in designated areas.
  • Guns or illegal drugs are not permitted.
  • Don’t take pictures or videos unless you know it’s allowed.
  • Don’t smoke unless it’s a designated smoking area.
  • Don’t open closed doors. They may be off limits.
  • Don’t engage in sexual penetration of any kind.
  • Don’t discuss details of the party after it’s over. A good rule of thumb: “What happens at a play party stays at a play party.”
  • Follow the dress code (if there is one).
  • Negotiate your role in a scene before entering it.
  • Make sure play is safe and consensual.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Follow any additional rules that the organiser specifies or posts.
  • Thank the host before you leave.
  • Be polite to everyone you encounter.
  • If you choose to play, observe designated safe words.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) offers guidelines to help protect hosts who choose to organize BDSM events. Political activists, religious extremists, or law enforcement officials can sometimes disrupt a planned gathering.

For larger events, the NCSF recommends the following:

  • Before the party, contact law enforcement and alert them about the upcoming event. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about specific laws that guests will need to observe at the party.
  • Be careful about what you post online. Many hosts choose to password protect their websites, so only those who have registered and paid can gain access to information about the event.
  • Designate an event spokesperson who can speak to your community on behalf of your group (if needed).
  • Protect your event by keeping it private. That means only registered attendees can enter at the door.
  • Observe a strict age policy. Many groups require that attendees be 21 or older.
  • Enact a “no photography” policy at the event.
  • If your event is targeted by religious or political groups, post a blurb on your website so that the media can contact the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom for more information.

How to Deal With Kink-Shamers and Judgement 

“Contrary to some beliefs, research does not support the notion that clients with BDSM have a greater history of past abuse or trauma that predisposes them to this form of sexual or relationship expression. 

Do speak up, if it is safe to do so, challenge the person attempting to shame you. Ask them to explain their thinking.Lohani Noor

“Talk about kink-shaming experiences with someone you can trust. Doing this will help you process the situation and find a safe and effective way to deal with it. Do speak up, if it is safe to do so, challenge the person attempting to shame you. Ask them to explain their thinking. This will hopefully stop the person attempting to shame you from progressing their hurtful narrative. Look after yourself always and be sure to keep good emotional boundaries. You don’t have to disclose anything at all about yourself or explain your behaviours to anyone.” 

6 Tips for Beginners:

  • Communication is absolutely key for any BDSM activity. 
  • Educate yourself, the world of BDSM is detailed and nuanced, give it the respect it (and you) deserves by understanding its limits.
  • Use a safe word and absolutely honour it. Safety is not just about the physical but also the emotional and psychological, so if your partner uses the safe word honour it, you might not be able to see what your partner is experiencing psychologically or emotionally.
  • Don’t rush, there is plenty of time to experience all your desires. As you gain confidence and learn to communicate, your capacity to experience will get deeper and deeper.  
  • Understand consent. According to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, consent is an informed, voluntary agreement by two or more people to engage in a particular BDSM activity or to enter into a BDSM, dominant-submissive or master-slave relationship. In the realm of BDSM, consent can also only be given between adults at or above the legal age of consent, which in the UK is 16. In practice, it is not coerced or fanatical and is revocable, which means it can be withdrawn, by any party, at any time during the activity. No legal court will uphold BDSM lifestyle contracts, and so maintenance of these contracts requires the continued consent of the submissive, be it throughout a shorter experience or a longer-term agreement. Claiming that the submissive consented is not a viable excuse to abuse another person. The boundary is simply adhering to the communicated and agreed experience. However, let’s be clear: maintaining a submissive role for extended periods of time could detrimentally affect your internal sense of self. In other words, your beliefs about your actual freedoms and what you can and can’t do might blur.
  • After care is such a key part of the BDSM experience. Take time to process the experience, talk about the details, what you both felt, when and how. The verbal intimacy and vulnerability expressed after the BDSM experience will strengthen the bond you have with your partner

Your BDSM Starter Kit

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Season 4 of Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s most iconic original shows, dropped on May 20th, and it’s safe to say the Internet has been awash with Kate Bush, Steve Harrington and Jopper (that’s Joyce and Hopper, duh) edits ever since. What a wonderful time to have a Twitter account.

If you’re not quite up to date, let’s set the scene. The year is 1986, hair is getting bigger and fashion is getting bolder. Season 4 is split between instantly recognisable Hawkins, Indiana, and the brighter, warmer and all round more sunshiny backdrop of California, as the Byers and Eleven make the move away from their troubled pasts. Or so they think.

The show’s costume designer Amy Parris had to work hard to combine these two worlds, creating a different aesthetic for viewers to differentiate between. “There’s a lot more plaid and more autumn colors on the Hawkins people, so they stand out against the sun-bleached, bright colors of California,” Parris says. “Hawkins, Indiana, is a little more drab, a little bit more old-fashioned — in California, you see the surfer style and the skater style.” 

If finishing S4 Volume 1 isn’t enough to fulfil the 80s fire now ignited inside of you, then look no further for a selection of wearable yet retro inspired clothing pieces nodding to the 80s era in a way that doesn’t scream leg warmers and spandex. Think more along the lines of oversized blazer dresses, statement bow blouses and athleisure cycling shorts and bingo, the 80s just had a 2022 makeover.

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15 HairTok Videos To Bookmark For Days When You Want To Add a Little *Spice* 

We’re rounding up 15 dreamy ‘must recreate immediately’ hairstyles that we instantly added to our saved folder and will be seeing us through a summer of bottomless brunches, festivals and mini-breaks galore.

Does anyone else feel like they should be paying rent to TikTok because it’s basically home at this point? *Raises hand*. From potato recipes that have us convinced it’s surely the only food group we need in our diet, to book recommendations that have us crying, laughing and just about every emotion in between, there’s simply nothing the app can’t provide in the way of entertainment, education and recommendations you may even trust more than Google…

Latest on Team Zoella’s FYP: HairTok. Doing pretty much what it says on the tin, HairTok is the corner of the app where you’ll find content surrounding all things heatless hair styling, DIY colour tips, festival styling and maybe even some dodgy fringe cuts thrown into the mix for good measure too. 

Courtesy of the side of HairTok we trust, today we’re rounding up 15 dreamy ‘must recreate immediately’ hairstyles that we instantly added to our saved folder and will be seeing us through a summer of bottomless brunches, festivals and mini-breaks galore.

A hairstyle that takes less than a minute to perfect? Sold! Claw clips have had a major resurgence in 2022 and if you’re seeking a new way to get some use out of a no doubt ever growing collection, look no further than this tutorial. Easy to achieve and getting your hair out of your face whilst still looking stylish AF, consider this your new go-to… 

Another that even the most inexperienced hair stylists amongst us should be able to nail, if you’ve got knowledge of a simple plait, you’re good to go. A fun variation of a classic ponytail, this look is perfect for in-between hair wash days and times when feeling comfortable is the number one priority. Got an important deadline coming up? Get that hair off your face and serve Parisian chic with this look.  

5 braid styles in one video, these easy yet elevated ways to style existing braids are perfect for warm summer days and adding a certain je ne se quois to your look. Which are you trying first?

Does anyone else get flashbacks to 2020 at the sight of curtain bangs and hair rollers? *Shivers*. If you can put the lockdown memories out of your mind then this style is one to save for the short hair girlies looking for new ways to style their more limited locks. Sleek, glam and sexy- tick! 

Another style where all you need is knowledge of a basic braid, this half up, half down look is perfect for later in your hair wash cycle when your hair isn’t feeling its freshest and needs a little helping hand. Grab some small elastics next time you’re in Boots to help achieve the neatest plaits! 

Long haired ladies, this one’s for you. If you’re partial to emulating Rachel Green’s ‘90s ‘fits then let us introduce the most ‘90s hairstyle of all. Medusa but make it chic, all this look needs is a black slip dress, red lip and a date at the fanciest cocktail bar in town for you to feel a million bucks! 

Who doesn’t love a hairstyle that looks far more impressive than it actually was to create?! *Raises hand*. This braided updo is the perfect style to bookmark for summer weddings, Pinterest inspired picnics and for all the cottagecore lovers who plan to spend the next 3 months frolicking through nature in floral smock dresses. 

If you’re in a time crunch (always) but need to look effortlessly put together, this simple braided look will always have your back. For a little extra volume, plait your entire head of hair whilst still damp before bed and undo the next day for super cute crimped locks.

Another one for the claw clip lovers, this style was made for long days at the beach, sundrenched skin, hot afternoons that draw into warm evenings in a haze of salty hair and skin. Cute on both long and short hair, it’s giving Pinterest IRL. 

The first look in this video is giving the ultimate 2022 Clean Girl aesthetic, whilst also letting its ‘90s influences shine through. Ideal for times when you want your outfit or make-up to do the talking, this simple updo is so chic you can guarantee it will never go out of style. 


Had to recreate @melissafrusco curly hairstyle! This looked so good on her! What do you guys think? #curlyhairtutorial #curlyhairstyle #curlyhair

♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

Curly girls, this one’s for you. Complete in under 5 minutes, this style is perfect for days when you want to show off your gorgeous curls whilst still getting the majority of hair out of your face. Would also look cute finished as a bun!  

Glasto called, it wants its festival styling back. Whether you plan to live it up at Latitude or scream along to ‘good 4 u’ at Olivia Rodrigo’s gig in Brixton this summer, this super nostalgic bubble ponytail look screams Gen Z cool. Get yourself down to Claire’s for a selection of adorable butterfly clips and consider this your go-to style of the season. 


Been doing this hairstyle on my daughter and I a lot 😍 #hairtutorial #braids

♬ Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth

Faux thickness? We’re sold. This two layer pony adds some serious length and the appearance of thickness, making it perfect for days when low maintenance but high impact is the aim. Save for an airport style that will leave you looking hot to trot as soon as you touch down. 


I love going from my stick straight hair to this volume! My haircut yesterday helped SO much so shoutout to @hairby_maddyp 🤍 FrunktheBeat #hairstyle #goodmorning #hairtutorial #hairtok #hairstyleinspo✨ #crimpertutorial #curlyhairtutorial #fyp #fypシ #grwm #getreadywithme

♬ original sound – __blastfromthepast__

The perfect beachy waves don’t exi … never mind. This look might require two different heated tools, but who said perfection was easy? Beautifully undone and proof that the prettiest styles don’t have to require waist length hair, this look is one we’ll be attempting to recreate, stat! 


to my curly girls.. do this hairstyle when you are tired of your regular wash and go! It’s so cute 🥰 #curlyhair #hairstyle #fyp

♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

Side fringe, but make it cool. This easy breezy, half up half down look is a simple way to switch things up if you’re someone that’s loyal to a classic middle part, adding a new option to your weekly rotation of styles, and taking less than 5 minutes to perfect!