The Little Miss Guide to Managing your Money, with Revolut

Keep reading for our definitive guide to all things Revolut and how this super-app can help you get to grips with your money. Sinking fund, here you come...

AD this article is par of a paid partnership with Revolut. This promotion is no longer available.

What is Revolut?

Revolut is the free financial super-app used by 20M+ people around the world. You’re probably already familiar with their top-tier currency exchange services (truly a chef’s kiss feature when you’re abroad) but we’re here to enlighten you on all the other benefits of the App, of which, dear reader, there are many!

In addition to being the one-stop app for all your travel money needs, Revolut is your way into all things money from everyday spending to saving and investing. It helps you make the most of every aspect of your finances, not just your holiday fund.

So, what can Revolut do for you on a day-to-day basis to make managing your finances a breeze? You’ll see. From everyday spending, saving and exclusive rewards, the app integrates seamlessly into your daily life, offering a feature that appeals to every type of person.

Keep reading for our definitive guide to all things Revolut and how this super-app can help you get to grips with your money. Sinking fund, here you come…

Little Miss Kris Jenner

You’re the CEO of group fun aren’t you? Forever in charge of organising Christmas dos, bottomless brunches and gigs, you are the chosen one, charged with rounding up the troops and working out the dreaded bill. Well, now you won’t have to keep track of who owes what since Revolut makes it easy to split the bill and request money from your friends (even the most conveniently forgetful ones). Eradicate that awkward ‘btw, you still owe me £20’ text by sending a reminder straight from Revolut instead. In the unlikely event that you owe them, you can send and receive money hassle-free with no pesky hidden fees, leaving you to concentrate 100% of your energy on party planning. Kris Jenner, who?

Hassle free – There’s no rates involved in sending money to friends. Fine to keep ‘no pesky hidden fees’

Little Miss Rainy Day Fund

If your love language is gifts (cough, to self, cough), Vaults were made for you! Whether you’re hoping to make a start on home renovations, get away on that dream holiday or invest in a new car, you can stash the cash in 30+ currencies, making it easier than ever to save towards your financial goals. Start small by scheduling spare change round-ups for your Revolut purchases and make your daily coffee habit go further. You can also open a Group Vault with family and friends, making it easy for multiple people to contribute towards a shared goal, put money aside effortlessly and reach your goals faster. You can then earn up to 1.4% annual interest paid daily and withdraw instantly whenever you want with the Premium Plan

{Earn up to 1.4% AER on GBP with the Premium Plan Up to 1.67% AER on GBP with the Metal Plan. Terms & conditions apply}.

Little Miss Shopaholic

Black Friday will not be wasted on you, ASOS queen, but wouldn’t it be better if you could *save* as you spend? With up to 30% off your favourite brands including ASOS, Adidas and Nike, you can get more from the brands you love with insider offers, discounts and cashback with your Revolut card. Savvy, huh!

Little Miss Spreadsheet

If you dream in rows and columns, count Excel as a hobby and love a good stat, you’ll thoroughly enjoy taking a deep dive into your spending with Revolut’s weekly insights. You can get a clear view of your spending habits with the use of smart analytics, categorised by merchants, countries and more, meaning you can see exactly where your wages are going (Starbucks and Love Honey have us in a chokehold). Set limits to help you stick to your budget and get all your money ducks in a row.

Little Miss Globetrotter

One thing everyone needs to know about you is that you holiday five times a year and have a meticulous in-flight skincare routine. You have been known to unashamedly sit on a plane in your LED mask, causing innocent passengers to choke on their Pringles. Well, Revolut must have extraordinary psychic powers because when you see what glorious amenities they have to offer, it’s as if they already knew you were onboard!

Why pay bank fees when you don’t have to? With your Revolut Visa card, you can spend abroad without any hidden fees, exchange currency in the App at the real exchange rate or simply use your Revolut Visa card and Revolut will automatically convert it to the appropriate currency (oioi duty-free), with no fees and at the best possible exchange rate. You can also make full use of free international ATM withdrawals (within your plan allowance).

Switch between currencies at the click of a button – a very handy feature for sending any money you owe to your besties back home in the UK when you’re OOO sunning it up in California – and make and receive instant free payments to other Revolut accounts across the UK, Europe, the US, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

{Currency exchange in 30+ currencies with no fees Monday-Friday, within plan allowance. For best rates, only exchange currencies on weekdays}.

With Revolut Rewards, you can also earn money as you hit the road with discounts and cash-back offers with brands such as Avis and Omio. Happy jet setting!

Little Miss Subscription

Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Audible, you’ve got them all, but with so many subscriptions to your name, it can be hard to keep tabs on your outgoings. Enter Revolut, making everyday spending a breeze with all things money in one place. You can organise all your scheduled payments, track your spending and even see where you can save. If you’ve signed up for a free trial, Revolut will detect when this is due to end and alert you ahead of time so you can decide if you’d like to cancel. What’s more, Revolut also offers disposable virtual cards you can only use once, after which the card number changes! Great for signing up to free trials or one-month subscriptions without the fear of forgetting to cancel. No more unnecessary charges – praise be. Little Miss Subscription can sleep soundly tonight.

Little Miss Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

If you thought your oven wasn’t getting much use before, consider it officially in its early retirement era now that you can save up to 30% off your fave restaurants with Revolut. What can we say, Gourmet Burger Kitchen – it’s a genre. And that’s not all, with Revolut Rewards, you can get juicy insider discounts on everything from Grind Coffee (forever getting the Zoella office through the afternoon slump) to Tinder Gold. How’s that for a pick me up?

Little Miss Fomo

So, you’re yet to turn 18 but you want to learn to budget and start taking responsibility for your money right now. You go Glen Coco! Oh, and you just so happen to take your personal brand very seriously. We don’t mean to be dramatic but the Revolut < 18 account will be your bff.

Designed for everyone between the ages of 6-17, and downloadable for free with parent or guardian approval, you can design your card your way with text of your choice and even your favourite emojis, track your money and save towards your goals. Keep the money you can spend separate from your savings so there’s no danger of dipping into your uni fund accidentally. See ya, fomo!

Little Miss Upgrade

You’re always thinking about your next move and more is always more where your finances are concerned. If you’re a sucker for an upgrade, check out the Revolut Premium Plan to access even more daily benefits, including refund protection, theft & accident coverage on your purchases, ticket & event protection and 1.4% annual interest paid daily on your savings.

With Premium Plan, you’ll also enjoy FREE travel insurance including overseas medical insurance, lost baggage & delayed flight insurance and free airport lounge access with SmartDelay. And we’re not done yet! You can also earn 5% cashback on accommodation bookings through Revolut’s in-app feature, Stays. Little Miss Globetrotter has entered the chat…

{Insurance T&Cs apply}

*Valid until 28/11/2022, Terms and conditions apply
AD this article is part of a paid partnership with Revolut.


Staying Home But Make It Sexy: Your Ultimate Autumn Lingerie Updates

From Boux Avenue to Bluebella, & Other Stories to Calvin Klein, prepare to transcend to ungodly levels of sexy with any of these sets in your repertoire.

All the products on this page have been selected by our editorial team however some are ad-affiliate links.

Hello mid October, it’s nice to see ya. Hibernation season is well and truly upon us, which means long weekend lie ins, cosy Saturdays in front of Strictly and exhaling a sigh of relief when your Wednesday night dinner plans get cancelled. Introverts, it’s your time to thrive. 

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited for the cold months ahead, consider hunkering down under a warm duvet with your S/O or FWB, whiling away an unknown stretch of time feeling nothing but good vibes, another reason to be truly thrilled about the arrival of autumn. Halloween isn’t the only night to expect freaky things to be on the cards…

Whether you’re coupled up or fancy updating your underwear collection to feel your best for you and you only, a lingerie set that makes you feel 11/10 is always a purchase well made. From Boux Avenue to Bluebella, & Other Stories to Calvin Klein, prepare to transcend to ungodly levels of sexy with any of these sets in your repertoire.


The Ultimate Rainy Day Comfort Food Roundup

Consider these TikTok* recipes the ultimate additions to this category, from goats cheese and veggie orzo to loaded nachos (with an extra helping of guac, please), add these to your saved folder and revisit in time for your next weekly shop…

Let’s face it, the motivation for doing quite frankly anything other than the bare minimum seriously subsides when the cold weather hits, and cooking might feel like one task too many at the end of a cold, long day. But despite the pull to cosy up in bed with the Deliveroo app and yet another episode of Married At First Sight UK, the benefits of a home-cooked meal that provides a well-needed dose of comfort cannot be underestimated. Food is healing, and having a repertoire of go-to dinners that bring a welcome sense of ease on a rainy day is a self-care hack you’ll be forever grateful for. 

Consider these TikTok* recipes the ultimate additions to this category, from goats cheese and veggie orzo to loaded nachos (with an extra helping of guac, please), add these to your saved folder and revisit in time for your next weekly shop…

*Ps. Did you know Zoella is now on TikTok?! Follow us at @zoella and enjoy our Brighton hidden gem recommendations, delicious recipes, fashion and beauty shares and more of our regular lifestyle content in video form. See you there!

Tomato Soup and The Ultimate Cheese Toastie

Is it even autumn if you’re not eating soup for at least 3 out of 5 of your weekday office lunches? Didn’t think so. Tomato soup may feel like the vanilla ice cream of the lunch world, but watch this video literally once and tell us you don’t want to devour it immediately. It’s not possible. Garlicky, herby and packed with flavour, the only way this soup could level up is with the addition of a cheesetastic toastie to wipe your bowl clean with- oh wait, it includes that as well! Nice.  Simple but delicious comfort food is our autumn meal inspiration this cosy season.  

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Autumn, consider it completed once you’ve made these caramel apple cinnamon rolls of dreams. Gooey, fluffy and quite frankly a sweet tooth lover’s wet dream, they’re easy to make and bound to wow your friends/family/partner/colleagues. Sharp apple perfectly balances the sweetness of the irresistible caramel drizzle, creating the perfect Sunday snack for movie marathons, afternoons in bed or rainy days that require a sugary pick-me-up.

Autumn Harvest Salad

Thought salads were just for summer? You thought wrong. This perfectly seasonal salad is the epitome of autumn in a bowl, combining all the most delicious parts of this season’s produce to create a meal that ticks both the healthy and fulfilling boxes. It’s a win-win! Combining caramelised squash, quinoa, feta, sweet pecans and an apple cider vinaigrette, this is the dish to make if you’re struggling to get into the autumn spirit.  

Creamy Tomato Rigatoni

‘Tis the season for indulging in all of your favourite things, and a big ol’ bowl of pasta is surely high on the list of foods that deliver a serious dose of dopamine and fast. Striking the perfect balance of spice (thanks to the hit of chilli) with a creamy, moreish sauce, this recipe is so simple yet satisfying that it’s sure to become a new staple in your weekly meal rotation. Bellissimo!  

French Onion Soup

Café de Flore, who? Fancy channelling Parisian vibes from the comfort of your own home? This French Onion Soup is as comforting as it gets for the autumn season ahead, and a guaranteed winner when coming in from a rainy, cold day- the copious amounts of onion and cheese may have something to do with its appeal…

For those who struggle with organisation or love a weekend batch cooking session, prepare a big portion of this recipe at the start of the season and relish in the fact you have a go-to dinner ready to be defrosted for up to 3 months afterwards. Simply add fresh bread to your bowl when serving and voila, that midweek lull of meal inspiration just vanished.   

Chilli Garlic Noodles


Finals Week #ComfortFood : Chili Garlic Noodles made the way I like it

♬ Title – Meghan Trainor

POV: you’re sad and food is your love language. Add some heat to an otherwise cold week and revel in the joy that is a steaming bowl of deliciousness when life feels hard with this quick and easy chilli, garlic noodle dish. Sure it takes a little more effort than some beans on toast, but the satisfaction that comes from practising self-care even when you don’t feel like it might be motivation enough for you to rescue the Udon noodles currently collecting dust in your cupboard…

Vegan Green Chilli

If the cost of living means a takeaway is off the cards, consider this green vegan curry your new go-to. Made with a creamy coconut base, crispy tofu and moreish noodles, it’s the perfect balance of healthy, delicious and simple, aka the ideal combo for your meat free Monday meal. 

Korean Comfort Bowl

Any dish with sticky rice is a winner for us, and this Korean comfort bowl is the true definition of a winter warmer. For the airfryer kings and queens out there, this recipe makes for the perfect opportunity to crisp your tofu to God tier status, and further the debate of whether you realistically ever need to use your oven ever again… 

The peak of vegan food made easy!

Moroccan Loubia

For the days when the motivation to get in the kitchen is somewhat more present, grab your biggest pan and prepare for your home to be filled with the delicious aromas of Moroccan Loubia. This traditional dish is based around the humble white bean which creates the base for the dish, typically seasoned with cumin, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, making it perfect for the autumn/winter season. Enjoy!  

Vegan Sausage and Lentils

If your go-to bangers and mash is serving 0/10 excitement this autumn, consider this one pot dish the ultimate level up. Start with your veggie or meat sausages depending on your preference, add lentils and potato to a flavoursome tomato base and devour with as much crispy bread as you desire. Heads up- don’t wear white whilst eating. 

Orange Chicken and Sticky Rice


Panda Express’ Famous Orange Chicken but homemade and even better 🤍 #lifestyle #pandaexpress #foodtiktok #fyp #foryou #recipe

♬ So Fine – Trees and Lucy

Panda Express has made its way into your kitchen thanks to this easy, addictive Orange Chicken recipe that will leave you questioning if it’s socially acceptable to eat the same meal 5 days in a row…

Sweet, sticky and tangy, this is one of the easier Chinese style takeout dishes to recreate at home, and is sure to be a hit whether you’re cooking for one or need a recipe guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. 

Goats Cheese and Grilled Vegetable Orzo 

It’s simply not possible to get bored of pasta, but if by some miracle you’re feeling like changing things up then consider this your reminder to add some orzo to your next weekly shop. This creamy dish combines flavours of sweet, grilled vegetables, tangy goats cheese and warm toasty, nutty brown butter and fresh basil, for a meal that’s both satisfying and includes multiple of your 5 a day- it’s a win-win!

The Ultimate Loaded Nachos


10 Minute Dinner Loaded Veggie Nachos 🧀 £1.52 per portion. Recipe and printable shopping list linkedin myprofile! #aldi #recipes #mealplanning #mealplan #moneysaving

♬ original sound – Sarah – Taming Twins

The ultimate in ‘can’t be bothered to cook but still craving a hot meal’ recipes, you can’t go far wrong with a bowl of loaded nachos in the world of comfort food. The main requirements of a successful loaded nacho dish undoubtedly include a plentiful serving of cheese and guacamole, but ultimately can be customised with whichever toppings take your fancy. Bon appétit! 

Creamy Mushroom Toast

Mushroom haters, prepare to be converted. This creamy, 5 ingredient mushroom toast is fast food made healthy, making it the perfect go-to for time crunch moments, or occasions when you’re bordering on the hangry end of the hunger spectrum- it’s not a fun place to be. Opt for sourdough for the ultimate crunch factor and say hello to your new obsession! 

Which recipe is on top of your ‘to try’ list this autumn? 


This Is Why We Have Big Feelings for Autumn 

Here we chat to Mariel Witmond, Founder of Mindful Sonder - an uplifting community of yogis - to find out why autumn has such a profound effect on us. 

We can all just about tolerate spring, summer has bugs, winter is a menace to our society, our minds and our scalps, but autumn? Autumn is supreme. 

For many of us, it’s our entire INFP personality but beyond the Meg Ryan aesthetic, Gilmore Girls, PSL and books, there’s a deep psychological reason why we’re so drawn to this time of year. As nature takes a breath, we’re reminded that it’s ok for us to do the same, looking to the seasons as a true sign that rest is always productive and that nothing in nature blooms all year round.

Here we chat to Mariel Witmond, Founder of Mindful Sonder – an uplifting community of yogis – to find out why autumn has such a profound effect on us. 

Could it be the changes in colours, making vibrant displays of art wherever you see nature transitioning as it turns flowers into leaves?Mariel Witmond

Have you ever wondered why everyone loves autumn so much? Is it the spiced drinks, a love of layering, the cosiness of candles and fires, or the build-up to the festive season? Could it be the changes in colours, making vibrant displays of art wherever you see nature transitioning as it turns flowers into leaves? Or maybe it’s that we finally feel permitted to slow down? And yet, at the same time, there’s that “fresh start” feeling that is often associated with the new year. Perhaps we see autumn as the end of our carefree summer days – a time many of us take off for holiday – or we associate it with the beginning of a new school year. Regardless, it’s a time that draws us back to structure and routine as we embrace new opportunities and experiences. 

There is a degree of nostalgia associated with Fall, with memories of traditions that give us a sense of comfort and safety. Mariel Witmond

There is a degree of nostalgia associated with Fall, with memories of traditions that give us a sense of comfort and safety. There’s the excuse to get dressed up for Halloween or eat until you’re about to burst at Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). Plus, there’s plenty on tap for introverts and extroverts alike, be it human hibernation as you cuddle up with a good book and a hot cocoa or swinging to the other end of the pendulum as you dive into “party season”. And there are both scientific and astrological associations with Fall that, though subtle, add to why we love this time of year, such as the Fall Equinox that teaches us of balance as we experience day and night in equal measure, officially marking the beginning of autumn. 

But then, do you ever feel like this time of year is fleeting and ephemeral in its nature, here one minute and gone the next, without being fully present to enjoy the benefits of its transformative energy?

Seasons create moments that stand out in time, also known as temporal landmarks, by which we perceive life passing by. These markers in time can help to boost behaviour when taken advantage of. By anticipating the coming of a new season we can learn to make the most of a time we love by encouraging aspirational habits and maximising the mental health benefits. Autumn marks a time of reflection and winding down as we prepare for the excitement of the end of year – and perhaps also the psychological challenges that winter brings (such as shorter, colder days), which is why now is a great time to take seasonal inventory on where you are at (mentally, physically, emotionally) and where you want to be going. It is a chance to focus on the things that lift your spirits and nurture your wellbeing, without feeling like you are adding to the exhaustive aftermath of previous months. 

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 

How to Live Seasonally: 5 Practises to Take Into Autumn 

So, how can we adapt to the movement of change and harness this season of both grounding and bustling activity?

Learn to align the way you live with the world around you as you lean in to the gifts of this time of year. Here are 5 practices to add to your routine for fall that will help you feel balanced, nourished and rooted in the present moment.

1. Practice Meditation & Mindfulness

There is a lot we cannot control, but we do have agency over our minds. Autumn is a great time for a mental refresh as we look to clear the mental clutter. How our mind perceives this time of year can impact how we experience it as we attach beliefs to the seasons we are in. Instead of seeing this as the end of summer, consider looking at this time as the beginning of something new. As is the case with all beginnings, they bring with them exciting possibilities and opportunities. Autumn is a period for us to reassess what we want and to reset our mindset in order to achieve it. Getting ready for the last few months of the year can create a lot of anxiety for many, which is why focusing on tools for the right frame of mind matters to avoid unnecessary stress and burnout. 

Consider mindfulness practices such as meditation as part of your daily routine. Meditating on the senses, by closing your eyes and noticing what you hear, smell, taste and feel, is a great way to acclimate to the season. Or consider gazing at the flame of a candle, following its movements as you allow your monkey mind to settle. Meditation helps us to pay attention to our thoughts and our inner realities that inform our outer experiences. Don’t get discouraged if your mind wanders, just focus on being aware of what is happening. Remember that our minds are malleable. The beauty of neuroplasticity is that we can change the way we think and behave – with awareness. Our life literally changes when we learn to change the way we think. Having a clear sense of identity stems from having a healthy mind and creates the foundations from which we can build a meaningful life.

2. Learn from Nature

By walking around the changing trees this time of year we can learn to stand firmly grounded, unphased by our falling leaves as unobstructed views give us renewed perspective on things we may have previously missed or forgotten. When we learn to live in tune with nature, we can start to move more freely through the inevitable changes that both life and each season bring. Autumn is a season of transformation; a time of letting go, surrender. Surrender is what happens when we let go of the notion that we “should” be able to manage and control our situation. It happens when we release the belief that things should be any different to how they are. We let go of our thoughts of the future and allow ourselves to be fully rooted in the present moment. 

To many, surrender is a sign of vulnerability when in fact it takes a lot of strength and courage for us to truly surrender, and this does not mean giving up. Quite the contrary. Surrender teaches us to be present, to process, to allow what we cannot control, or change, to be – and through this, we regain our power, propelling us to action. Being with nature allows us to embrace the vulnerability of the season. 

3. Explore Softer Forms of Movement

With the pressure of a “summer body” behind us, Fall not only calls for a new wardrobe, it allows us to be more at ease with how we look, encouraging us to stop being so hard on ourselves as we consider softer forms of physical activity. Yin yoga is a slower and more meditative type of yoga that targets our deep connective tissues, such as the fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. This gentle practice gives us the space to draw energy inwards and tune into both our mind and the physical sensations of our body. It can help us to navigate through layers of awareness that hide our true Selves. By holding postures several minutes, we further encourage the body (and subtle body) to surrender and let go, offering us an opportunity to spend time in stillness and introspection. 

You can also use this time of introspection to cultivate a practice of gratitude. There is abundance in gratitude and always more to be found when we are grateful, and that’s what we create for our future – a mindset of abundance. 

4. Nourish Your Body

Adapting our diets to the seasons is something we see in Ayurveda, a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing from India. According to Ayurveda, we are entering a time of transition from the Pitta months of summer and early autumn to the Vata months of late autumn and winter. These body types or “doshas” relate both to us as individuals and the seasons – each with a unique set of characteristics because each dosha corresponds to 2 out of the 5 elements of nature (in the case of Vata – air and ether). Food is essential to how we feel and you can eat foods according to each dosha/season. 

In order to balance Vata and counter the effects of Autumn, Ayurveda suggests foods that have opposite elements and characteristics to airy Vata, meaning warm cooked foods that include fruits like apples, pears, and bananas, and steamed vegetables like pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes. Mushy, soft foods with spices and hearty grains that nurture are great for keeping us grounded. Eating right for our energy type encourages mindfulness and can help to boost our overall health and wellbeing. Other things that support Vata include creating daily routines that help us set the tone for the months ahead. 

5. Make New-School-Year Resolutions

Take a moment to embrace those new-school-year vibes to make some resolutions. Consider what it is you want to accomplish and prioritise your list of goals. Then ask yourself, is this really the end result I am looking for? In other words, consider what the goal beneath your goal might be. Often we think we want something, but it is really just a means to another end. What will you have when you accomplish that goal? Be curious and honest with your answers and set a clear intention. Then consider whether your goals stem from a deep personal yearning or a sense of external obligation, because goals chosen for the wrong reason are less likely to last. What tangible milestones (call them projects) can you set to accomplish your goals? How will you reward yourself each time you finish a project? Lastly, on a piece of paper write all of the things you can do differently to attain your goals – but instead of writing I CAN, write I WILL. 

If you struggle with what it is you truly want, why not start journaling to become better acquainted with your innermost desires? Enjoy this process of committing to yourself and your well-being. You have the ability to create your reality, you just need to believe in yourself and take action! 

Transformation and change are naturally occurring, as nature and its seasons regularly remind us. We are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. After all, this cycle is currently taking nature (and us) into a state of supposed hibernation. 

In the midst of everything we love about this time of year and how many of us see it as a time of seasonal joy, it is also important to remember that there are those who find the closer we get to the “festive season” the deeper our struggles become as we navigate hardships such as loss, loneliness and burnout. Autumn teaches us that we cannot control the things that happen to us any more than we can control the changing seasons, but we can control how we think about and respond to it all.

Get inspired to turn a new page by enjoying time in nature, focusing on what you want to achieve, setting goals to help you achieve it, and doing things that nourish your body and nurture your mind. Offset any weight of the season with the right coping skills to find the resilience and mental clarity needed to ward off those winter blues and finish the year on a high. 


Recipe: The Life-Changing Magic of French Toast Crumpets aka Frumpets

For the uninitiated, the Frumpet (utterly deserving of a big F btw) is the love child of two foodie greats: French toast and crumpets.

From cronuts to cruffins and townies to cretzels, there’s something about half-and-half food hybrids that just gets the people going. Case in point: Frumpets. 

For the uninitiated, the Frumpet (utterly deserving of a big F btw) is the love child of two foodie greats: French toast and crumpets. Some say they’re what the French call, les in-crump-etents – and *that* was a measly copywriting attempt to make a Home Alone reference fit into a Frumpet recipe. What, you mean to say Kevin McCallister doesn’t strike you as a Frumpet eater? See. The tenuous quote uttered by Kevin’s sister stays. 

Combining the sweetness of French toast with the texture of a pillowy crumpet, they’re truly a dish made for lazy autumn days at home… or when you could really do with facing your trypophobia fears once and for all. 

Now, it wouldn’t be a french toast crumpet post without mentioning our friends at Oeuf Cafe – home to Brighton’s (and probably the world’s) best Frumpets. If it weren’t for them and their famous creations, we wouldn’t have felt so inspired to have a go at making our very own. From apple crumble to Tiramisu and melted cheddar, bacon and caramelised onions, it’s worth having a day trip to Brighton for this place alone. 

Without further ado, here’s our quick and easy Frumpet recipe, perfect for all those times you want the best of both worlds for ya breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or just, whenever you feel like eating. Alexa, play Send Me On My Way. 


For the Compote:

  1. Chop strawberries into quarters.
  2. Pop all your fruit into a pan, along with the granulated sugar.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil over a medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. This will take about 5 minutes
  4. Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium. Mash the fruit with a serving fork until it reaches your desired consistency.

For the crumble topping:

  1. Rub the butter into the flour to make a light breadcrumb texture, being careful not to overwork it or the crumble will become heavy.
  2. Add in the demerara sugar until combined.

For the frumpets:

  1. Whisk your two eggs together.
  2. Take the two crumpets and immerse in the spiced egg mixture coating really well.
  3. Pop the frumpets into a pre-heated pan and cook through.
  4. Whip up your double cream with a hand whisk until it reaches your desired consistency.
  5. Plate up and spoon over your berry compote, crumble topping and cream.
  6. Inhale like a villain.


50 Dates to Take Yourself On If You’re Single This Cuffing Season

If you’re entering cuffing season with no plans to couple up for the foreseeable, bookmark this post for when your weekend calendar is looking dry, or you fancy treating yourself to an activity or moment outside of your normal routine, no matter big or small. 

Let’s face it, there’s never a bad time to focus your energy inward and offer yourself up a slice of self-love, but as the inevitable relationship soft launches make their way onto Instagram this cosy season with an elbow here and a tattooed hand there, prioritising yourself may feel even more necessary than usual…

Spoiler: you don’t need a romantic partner to enjoy date-like activities. There are no pastimes or pleasures exclusively available to those in relationships. 

You are no less deserving of special, memorable moments because you are doing them alone, and there are endless ways you can honour your desires when you take time to actively prioritise ‘you’! It may not come naturally to carve out time for yourself that feels full of indulgent joy, but you are deserving of love whether you believe it or not, and we’re here to remind you of that.  

If you’re entering cuffing season with no plans to couple up for the foreseeable, bookmark this post for when your weekend calendar is looking dry, or you fancy treating yourself to an activity or moment outside of your normal routine, no matter big or small. 

  1. Head to Waterstones and treat yourself to a new book before tucking into a chapter or two in their cafe with a slice of cake. You don’t choose the grandma life, the grandma life chooses you…
  1. Pick up a supermarket pizza base and create your perfect dinner for a fraction of the price of a Domino’s. There’s a cost of living crisis and feeling good need not cost the world.
  1. Book a massage and treat yourself to an hour of pure uninterrupted ‘you’ time. Self-care isn’t always bubbles and face masks, except sometimes it is.
  1. Brunch is calling- there’s little that a portion of French Toast and an Oat Latte can’t heal, and a morning of introspection and time to yourself makes for the perfect start to your day.
  1. You don’t need company to enjoy a drink at your favourite bar- that will be a Sauvignon Blanc and a bowl of olives for one, merci!
  1. Be a tourist in your own town and explore the hidden gems you normally pass by. Think charity shops off the beaten track, the cute cafe with the menu you’ve admired on Instagram for months, and the florist with the beautiful bouquets you can never normally justify purchasing. 
  1. Take yourself to the theatre to see a show you’ve never heard of and enjoy an overpriced glass of Prosecco whilst you’re at it.  
  1. Treat yourself to a crisp new notebook or take your old favourite out for sake of tradition and finish a walk in nature by answering a series of self-love journal prompts that really get you thinking. Go to Pinterest for inspo!  
  1. Have a ‘my favourite things’ day and pack in as many joyful moments as possible doing the things you love for your pleasure only! 
  1. Fancy splashing the cash? Take yourself away for a night to a nearby town you love or explore somewhere new before enjoying a full 9 hours sleep in a heavenly hotel bed before enjoying an entire basket of pastries. It’s called self-care, look it up!
  1. Prepare a charcuterie board with a minimum of 4 different types of cheeses before devouring it in bed whilst completing a New Girl marathon. Try not to regret the inevitable cracker remnants that will linger in your sheets afterwards. 
  1. Seeking some main character energy? Head to an art gallery or museum and admire an exhibition that leaves you feeling truly inspired.  
  1. Listen, a date with your favourite sex toy literally never disappoints, just saying.
  1. Plan a digital detox day or weekend and lean in to truly spending time with yourself without distraction.
  1. Book onto a hot yoga class and 1) feel warm without having to put your own heating on and 2) soak in those delicious post exercise feelings that simply cannot be beaten. 
  1. Go to the cinema to see Don’t Worry Darling and enjoy 2 hours of Harry Styles on the big screen. Therapy right there.
  1. Head out in time for sunset with a banging playlist and lap up the beauty that is mother nature at her best.
  1. Showing yourself love might mean doing the things past ‘you’ have avoided, and a brain dump on a blank page might be just what you need to carve out some clarity and peace in your life.
  1. Find a local National Trust park or property you haven’t visited before and explore some history and heritage, accompanied by a visit to the cafe (obvs). 
  1. Head to TikTok and find a cocktail recipe that makes you drool through the screen, before sipping away with a dreamy album in the background. We recommend Midnights by Taylor Swift anytime after 21st October. 
  1. Not brave enough for an IRL comedy show alone? Head to Netflix and find something sure to make your face hurt from laughing whilst wearing your comfiest loungewear, obviously. 
  1. Go to a local farmers market and treat yourself to some chutney/cheese/wine/baked goods that feel way more indulgent than your usual supermarket shop- sometimes retail therapy is better than real therapy. 
  1. Book yourself in for a mani/pedi, because life might not always be rosy, but it definitely feels better when your gel polish is looking 10/10. 
  1. Food is often the way to the heart, and loving yourself is no different! Head to the supermarket and grab the ingredients for your favourite starter, main course and dessert before preparing your ultimate candle-lit dinner for one. A garlic pizza bread all to yourself sounds like a win-win to us. 
  1. Take yourself on a hike and channel your inner LA influencer. 
  1. Find a local lido or calm area of water for an outdoor swim and soak in the peace that comes with cold water exposure. 
  1. Get nostalgic and watch your favourite childhood film or TV show, with the appropriate trimmings, aka chicken nuggets, potato smileys and baked beans. It has to be done. 
  1. Enjoy a jazz playlist on Spotify whilst baking something delicious (but not too challenging) and feel like you’re winning at this whole romanticising your life thing. 
  1. Get yourself down to Lush and grab the most indulgent bubble bar you can find before dimming the lights and breathing in the sweet relief of pure relaxation.  
  1. Feeling spontaneous? A new piercing or tiny tattoo could just be the most fun (albeit permanent) self-dating idea for those who aren’t afraid of commitment … or pain. 
  1. Paint and sip evenings are taking over TikTok as the latest wholesome AF activity to help you spend some quality time off your phone. Grab some watercolours and a glass of your favourite beverage and channel your inner Monet for some serious tactile relaxation. 
  1. Go through your phone and print off all the photos you’ve been meaning to immortalise in physical form before filling a new photo album or scrapbook with your favourite memories of the year so far.  Don’t forget to leave space at the end for the gems that are sure to come from the festive season!
  1. Hit up the best thrifting spots in your area and reap the rewards of finding one-of-a-kind items that add a certain je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe. 
  1. Summer may be behind us, but a day spent outside is still on the cards- just remember your layers! Find a pretty botanical or walled garden and enjoy the benefits that come with spending time in nature and a welcome dose of fresh air. 
  1. If a French minibreak isn’t on the cards, consider bringing the magic of the land of wine and cheese into your home. Press play on a perfectly Parisian playlist, enjoy a generous portion of French onion soup before hunkering down in front of Ratatouille for good measure. Bon appétit!
  1. Listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR on from start to finish whilst quietly moseying around your home, marvelling in the peace that can be found in time alone and the perfection of a no-skip album. 
  1. Pay a visit to a nearby flower market and live out your most Pinterest worthy morning IRL. 
  1. Find a local puppy yoga class and decide it’s now an essential part of your self-care routine. 
  1. Watch your favourite band or artist on YouTube and enjoy the magic of live music without the overpriced venue drinks. 
  1. Self-dates don’t always have to be evening affairs- why not start your day with a serving of ‘me-time’ and grab a takeaway smoothie or juice before embarking on a Hot Girl Walk for a serious dose of motivation to see you through the day. 
  1. Book in at that boujee hair salon that will undoubtedly take up a giant chunk of your paycheck but will be totally worth it when you see your new fun and fresh honey blonde highlights in the reflection. 
  1. Find an independent magazine shop and enjoy the simple pleasure that is flicking through copy after copy of beautifully curated photography and art direction in each- plus the smell of freshly printed pages cannot be beaten.  
  1. Visit a photobooth and start a tradition of taking a yearly solo shot before writing a quote or lesson you’re currently living by on the back to revisit next year.  
  1. Take yourself to a pottery painting workshop and create a unique ceramic item you’ll treasure for years to come. 
  1. Got that one space or room in your house that never really got finished? Commit to creating a space that feels truly *you* and treat yourself to a Homesense or Zara Home spree that means you can finally complete your ‘still needs attention’ space. A solo shopping trip possesses magical qualities. 
  1. Head to the stables for a horse riding lesson or hack that lets you leave the struggles of your day-to-day behind, and perhaps even discover a hobby that becomes part of your regular routine. It’s never too late to be a beginner! 
  1. Blast your favourite playlist and head for a drive to nowhere in particular, but undoubtedly feel better for it afterwards. 
  1. If you’re living a life sans pet, call up your friends/colleagues/family members and borrow a willing pooch to take for an autumn beach walk that ends with a decadent hot chocolate for you and delicious puppuccino for them. 
  1. Make a list of things you’ve achieved in the past year and take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come. You’re doing great, bestie!  
  1. Book a long weekend cabin getaway and use it as an excuse to unplug, catch up on sleep, eat comfort food and race through the books that have been sitting on your ‘to-read’ pile for months. It’s got digital detox written all over it. 

30 Devilishly Good Halloween Manicures 

Whether you’re thinking all black with a side of Morticia Addams energy, bats, spider webs or ghosts, these season appropriate manis will give you all the inspo you need just in time for fright night. 

POV: it’s Halloween and your manicure *is* the moment. 

The ultimate in Halloween accessories, there’s nothing quite like a sh*t-hot set to elevate your cat ears, but when the designs are this good, you needn’t bother with the hassle of finding a fancy-dress outfit.  

Whether you’re thinking all black with a side of Morticia Addams energy, bats, spider webs or ghosts, these season appropriate manis will give you all the inspo you need just in time for fright night. 

Here’s 30 Halloween manicures with straight up Hocus Pocus vibes. 

1. Cats, pumpkins and ghosts for Little Miss Indecisive. 

2. A bit of commotion for the tips. 

3. A supernatural set to get you in the spirit of things. 

4. A monochrome mood for the minimalist witches. 

5. It’s the cat for us.  

6. Simply manicure ghouls.

7. It’s giving black flame candle.  

8. Pink is the moment. 

9. Category is: subtle and celestial. 

10. Orange tips for anyone still in their PSL era. 

11. It’s called black magic Karen, look it up. 

12. Blood but make it chic. 

13. A Halloween set that’ll see you through to Nov ‘cos #costofliving

14. Quite literally, out of this world.  

15. Cat got your tongue?

16. A set to get you in the spirit of things. 

17. Swamp green? Sign us up. 

18. Halloween but make it Legally Blonde

19. If this isn’t a set *made* for a Hocus Pocus 2 viewing, we don’t know what is. Come sisters, we fly buy. 

20. Smiley faces a la Harry Styles coming in hot. 

21. Black Friday, the prelude. 

22. Teeny tiny monsters. Cute! 

23. Witchy but wearable, black glitter polish is an excellent choice. 

24. Midnight hues and Cinderella-worthy gourds. 

25. Just a girl who loves Halloween but won’t watch *any* scary movies.

26. Black lace for the corpse bride. 

27. Cruella de Vil would love these puppies. 

28. Go grunge green for the occasion.   

29. We hear vampires are allergic to CHANEL. 

30. Hand-painted evil eyes to ward off all those walking talking red flags.  


5 Halloween Outfits Bound To Score You Compliments This Spooky Szn

If you plan on taking Halloween seriously this year à la Kylie Jenner and co, consider these 5 outfits the blueprint for hair-raisingly hot impact, securing you the perfect Instagram post and compliments galore.

All the products on this page have been selected by our editorial team however some are ad-affiliate links.

‘Tis the season to feel sPoOky! The countdown to the scariest night of the year (nope, not the evening before going back to work after annual leave) is nearly upon us, and for those who wish to avoid the classic cat/devil/witch trope, planning your Halloween look means serious business. 

If you plan on taking Halloween seriously this year à la Kylie Jenner and co, consider these 5 outfits the blueprint for hair-raisingly hot impact, securing you the perfect Instagram post and compliments galore. Thank us later!

Mia from the Princess Diaries

Alice from Don’t Worry Darling

Cassie from Euphoria

Max Mayfield from Stranger Things

The Little Mermaid


“Feeling Homesick Is Completely Normal” ~ How to Look After Yourself at University

If you’re currently battling the ups and downs that come with adjusting to your first or subsequent years of study, know that you’re not alone in this struggle and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If ever there were a time when expectations vs reality felt most applicable, it may well be in the case of the humble university experience *insert “the best years of your life” claims from family members, films and social media highlight reels everywhere.*

Whilst some thrive at university – with its 1pm starts and 3 for £10 Jagerbombs – it’s fair to say the lack of routine, Super Noodle dinners and homesickness can take its toll on your mental and physical wellbeing, resulting in feeling demotivated at best and downright overwhelmed at worst. If you’re currently battling the ups and downs that come with adjusting to your first or subsequent years of study, know that you’re not alone in this struggle and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and whichever aspect of university living you’re most concerned about, know that there’s support available to make the experience all the more smooth, enjoyable and perhaps even create some of those core memories you’ve been promised. 

“University can be the first time in a lot of people’s lives when they don’t have a rota to live by,” says Ruki Heritage, Director of Student Experience at the University of Bedfordshire.  

“At school, you know where to be, at what time and where to eat. At university you will have a lot more freedom and this can cause some people to feel unsettled, but it’s also an exciting time to develop your new routine, try new things and create a structure that works for you. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break. Most people will start to settle in after a few weeks and the feelings of homesickness will pass over time.  Feeling homesick is completely normal.” 

Struggling with your mental health- be it a diagnosed condition or low mood- can be difficult to manage when you’re away from your usual support system and home comforts, but knowing where you can turn for a dose of comfort, help and guidance may be the reassurance you need in times of panic. 

“Universities provide a really supportive environment and there are usually a lot of services available from counselling to mental health support, as well as support for students with additional needs.  

If you are struggling or if you’ve arrived at university with a mental health condition, make sure you contact the Student Support team. Ruki Heritage

“If you are struggling or if you’ve arrived at university with a mental health condition, make sure you contact the Student Support team. Don’t suffer in silence – universities will offer counselling, mental health support and support for additional support needs, including specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) or chronic health conditions. There will be a team of experts on hand to advise and guide you through the processes and the support available to you.

“Most universities will offer counselling or mental health support, or both. This will be free and confidential, so it won’t be shared with your family, your tutors or with anyone else without your consent. You will normally be able to see a university counsellor significantly quicker than via your GP. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and want support, I would strongly advise reaching out to the university’s support teams.”

A study by Young Minds, a charity for young people and their parents, conducted research which found that one third (33%) of students surveyed felt lonely often or all of the time,  and over three quarters (75.6%) of students hid their mental health symptoms from friends. If university life is making you feel overwhelmed, anxious and unhappy, you are not alone, and things can get better! 

You may benefit from bringing a few items from home to university to give you a feeling of closeness to your familyRuki Heritage

“If you’re worried about being homesick, you may benefit from bringing a few items from home to university to give you a feeling of closeness to your family,” says Ruki. “Technology can also act as a major help with staying in contact with family and friends from back home. There are lots of ways to stay in touch from social media to video calls. I’d advise not calling every day as you want to give yourself space to meet new people, but regular contact often helps in reassuring or providing a sense of familiarity.”    

Maintaining a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle’ is often said to be one of the best ways to manage your mental health, especially during those milestone moments like a move to university, but it’s worth noting that it’s often easier said than done to adopt this approach when life feels hectic. Yes, eating a veggie stir fry and drinking 2L of water a day is definitely going to help fuel your brain and combat Freshers Flu, but at times when it feels like your brain is working against you, the basics of self-care may feel out of reach. In instances like this, practising self compassion is key, creating a safe space for you to feel the spectrum of emotions that come with new chapters and not judging yourself for it. 

Reminders if you’re struggling at university:

  • This feeling is not permanent.
  • I am safe to experience new things.
  • I’m ready and capable of handling all that life throws at me.
  • I take things one day at a time.
  • I have survived my anxiety before. I can survive it now.
  • It is safe to let go of controlling outcomes.
  • I deserve to take care of myself.
  • I am qualified to be here and deserving of the space to grow.
  • It is okay to take things at my own pace.

For support at university, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local wellbeing team, and remember you are worthy of seeking support. The charity Student Minds is a wonderful resource for finding support for yourself, friends or even parents of those at university, including peer support programmes, advice for exam season and tips on transitioning into university for the first time. 


Love Languages & Shower Thoughts: Here’s What’s Hot In The Office This Week

Small talk? We Don’t know her. Not in this week’s HITO, anyway!